Tuesday, 2013-03-26

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githubhawtio/gh-pages 430f616 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository00:14
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/CVKoxg08:54
githubhawtio/master 3ebf595 James Strachan: use separate asynchronous factory bean to create the MavenIndexerFacade - and use a Timer to avoid the WAR blocking on startup of the indexer as the indexer can take a while to start08:54
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davsclausjstrachan on the hawtio welcome page, we list a number of techs supported08:57
davsclausi think we should add Apache Tomcat to that list08:57
davsclausand wonder if we can find a link to OSGi08:57
davsclausso its not the only one without a link08:57
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davsclauslet me try to find that page and add tomcat08:59
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davsclausnot sure about the osgi link09:04
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vYc27w09:04
githubhawtio/master ebe2c06 davsclaus: Added tomcat and servicemix to overview doc page09:04
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jstrachandavsclaus I guess we could link to the osgi.org thingy09:21
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jstrachandavsclaus I was wondering about removing those links on the welcome page and just linking to the plugins page btw09:26
davsclausyeah if the list gets to big09:28
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/ELtHSA09:37
githubhawtio/master e4ffc7d davsclaus: Fixed tomcat plugin to update web page asap when showing applications and sessions pages.09:37
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/mr2tkw09:41
githubhawtio/master f1f4897 davsclaus: Added link to OSGi09:41
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/HhLX1A09:49
githubhawtio/master 4343f45 James Strachan: added disabled test that shows issue with text search when specifying a packaging/classifier kind09:49
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages: http://git.io/zecDDg10:03
githubhawtio/gh-pages 717234a FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository10:03
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/B7TP5Q10:11
githubhawtio/master 99b8b29 James Strachan: fixed the searchTextAndPackaging method so we can filter by kind of packaging/classifier and by text match properly (was missing the OR logic which wasn't immediately obvious how to do it until I stumbled on this stackoverflow answer http://stackoverflow.com/a/10032160/206821110:11
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davsclausjstrachan just a heads up the camel tracer with 2.11 SNAPSHOT seems to fail with a10:43
davsclausGET http://localhost:8080/hawtio/jolokia/exec/org.apache.camel%3Acontext%3Ddavs…r%2Cname%3DBacklogTracer/isEnabled?ignoreErrors=true&canonicalNaming=false 400 (Bad Request)10:43
davsclausthe mbean is there10:43
davsclausi am heading out for a camel talk later today10:44
davsclauswanna spin the hawtio a little bit10:44
jstrachanlooks a dodgy name10:44
davsclausah maybe that was the linkj10:44
davsclausjust copied it from console log10:44
jstrachanwonder if using that config to use localhost names rather than host names helps?10:45
jstrachanwill test it here btw...10:45
davsclauswell it seems it was able to enable it10:45
jstrachanthis kinda thing https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio/blob/master/hawtio-web/src/test/resources/applicationContext.xml#L5010:45
davsclausEnabled = true in the attributes jmx view10:45
jstrachanlemme try it here..10:46
davsclausah yeah10:46
davsclausi was trying out tomcay 7.0.2310:46
davsclauswith camel-example-servlet-tomcat10:46
davsclausfrom camel 2.1110:46
davsclausdeployed the .war by copying it to deploy in tomcat10:46
davsclausroute diagram works fine10:47
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davsclausand it has those message coiunter update in real time etc10:47
jstrachanyay - just added a profile for 2.11-SNAPSHOT: mvn test-compile exec:java -PcamelSnapshot10:48
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/zH17hw10:48
githubhawtio/master 7239ac6 James Strachan: added camel 2.11-SNAPSHOT profile10:48
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davsclausspeaking of backlog tracer10:49
davsclausi added more juice to it in 2.1110:49
davsclausyou can now associate a traceFilter10:49
davsclauswhich is a predicate using simple language by default10:49
davsclausthen you can trace only if it matches10:49
is-mwHi. I was wondering if it would be possible and cool to extend hawtio in a way that it would be possible to see messages being processed in a camel route / context in real time10:49
jstrachanah cool10:49
jstrachanis-mw yeah, we've got the tracer that kinda does that10:50
is-mwso one could see how a message changes over the route and which way it takes (e.g. if you have content based routing)10:50
jstrachanis-mw then another thing we have is to copy all messaages sent at each step into ElasticSearch (enabling/disabling globally or per endpoint etc) so you can browse via a time window / endpoint / container / text filter messages10:50
jstrachanis-mw that sounds like message tracing - wanna try it today & see how it works for you?10:51
jstrachandavsclaus I just got: Jolokia request failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException : No operation browseAllMessagesAsXml found on MBean org.apache.camel:context=localhost/camel-1,name="route2",type=routes10:51
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davsclausthats only for browsable endpoints10:52
davsclausfor routes we have10:53
davsclaus    @ManagedOperation(description = "Dumps the route as XML")10:53
davsclaus    String dumpRouteAsXml() throws Exception;10:53
davsclauswhich is what we need to use for the profiler page10:53
jstrachanlemme debug10:53
davsclausi guess the browseAllMessagesAsXml is for the "messages view" of endpoints10:53
is-mwjstrachan: yes it is a kind of message tracing but I think about a more comfortable kind of tracing. Image you see the diagramm of a route but if a message goes through that route you see it visually and if you click on an endpoint (node of the diagram) you see the in- and out-message10:54
is-mwImage -> Imagine10:54
jstrachanis-mw yeah - we kinda tried to do that with the tracing view; though we just show a list of all the messages and as you click on a message it shows where it is in the route and as you cursor up/down it shows the path the message took (and the contents of the message)10:55
jstrachanthough it'd be easy to do the reverse - clicking a node filters the messages viewed by those at that point in the flow10:56
is-mwjstrachan: wow! didnt knew about this. Will try that out.10:56
jstrachanis-mw I'm so overdue a screencast showing how to use tracing with hawtio :)10:56
jstrachanis-mw plus I tend to use another tab in hawtio to send the messages into the first endpoint in the route - so you can interactively see things happen etc10:57
is-mwjstrachan yeah that would be cool10:57
davsclausjstrachan yeah btw if you have 2 routes then it would be nice with a combined view so you can trace a message crossing route 1 -> 210:57
jstrachanyeah :)10:57
davsclausand btw in camel 2.11 there is a option to turn dump messages on|off10:57
davsclausso it can keep the traced messages10:57
davsclausinstead of clear when you get the traced messages10:58
jstrachanI also really wanna use the route visualisation with the insight stuff in fabric/servicemix; so we can pick a time window or query messages to find one - then from a single message show the flow of that entire breadcrumb10:58
davsclausyeah something for 1.2 :)10:58
jstrachankinda like using the kibana UI to browse message logs; filter by time / message content / endpoint / whatever - then from a message -> the route diagram of that one transaction10:58
davsclausand then for 1.3 the visual debugger10:58
jstrachanthen basically have the same 'trace' UI - but just for 1 logical transaction at a time10:58
jstrachan(which can span any number of endpoints / routes)10:59
jstrachandavsclaus ah cool10:59
davsclausyeah that would be cool, with a timeline, so you can forward / revwind10:59
davsclausand maybe have the ui show a green line or line of the trace path11:00
davsclauseg like the yellow marker but keep highlighting the past11:00
is-mwexactly what I was dreaming about ;-)11:00
davsclausalso we should add a little + millis to the UI11:01
davsclausso you can see the delta time elasped11:01
jstrachanis-mw once the fuse project moves to ServiceMix, having the ElasticSearch based message audit log with a nice UI to enable/disable logging + browsing is pretty high on my list - should be a couple of months away tops11:01
davsclausand i guess some stats like - start time, end time, total elasped time, and then the detals in the steps11:01
is-mwdavsclaus from time to time I have the problem that a route is blocking and I dont know why. Maybe one could visualize that also in the diagram11:02
davsclausand possible if we have the absolute timestamp, we can possible have a way of juimping to the logs in that given "area"11:02
davsclausyeah a live througput indication in the diagram11:02
davsclausand a way to figure out if a message is "stuck"11:03
davsclaussure some of the ideas here from hawtio11:03
davsclausinflunce camel11:03
davsclausso we can add functuonality for that11:03
davsclausi have been wanted to add logic to "detect" stuck messages for a while11:03
is-mwjstrachan what did you mean with the sentence: once the fuse project moves to ServiceMix ?11:04
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jstrachanis-mw the fuse project is moving to servicemix (hopefully, just waiting for legal)11:08
jstrachanie. fuse fabric and the associated plugins for camel / AMQ / smx / karaf11:08
jstrachanin particular the insight stuff https://github.com/fusesource/fuse/tree/master/insight does the logging of log messages / metrics to elasticsearch11:08
davsclausjstrachan got that error also with your new profile11:09
jstrachanand the camel audit logging https://github.com/fusesource/fuse/blob/master/bai/ReadMe.md (which has a dodgy name "BAI") will hopefully become insight-audit or something or other11:09
jstrachandavsclaus yeah - just trying to fix now...11:09
jstrachanyay fixed11:09
is-mwjstrachan ahh ok.. I thought there would be some moving from fusesource esb to servicemix (I mean the parts around esb like fuse ide and so on) as I was wondering that there seems to be no new versions of the free fuse esb since the project moved to redhat11:11
davsclausjstrachan you can probably hack up a profile page today already, its just this method11:11
davsclaus    @ManagedOperation(description = "Dumps the routes stats as XML")11:11
davsclaus    String dumpRouteStatsAsXml(boolean fullStats, boolean includeProcessors) throws Exception;11:11
davsclausthere is also this operation on the camel context mbean = for all the routes in 1 cmd11:11
jstrachanis-mw we're just about to ship the new fuse esb - jboss fuse btw11:11
jstrachanis-mw its just got rebranded from "fuse esb" to "jboss fuse" really - other than that we're releasing it all the time11:12
jstrachanis-mw fuse ide is a separate gitub project (like hawtio) but the runtime code is all moving to apache11:12
is-mwjstrachan: the last version of fuse esb is 4.4.1 from 11/20/201211:13
is-mwwhich still uses camel 2.811:13
is-mwjstrachan: ahh. now I got you I think.. it got a new name?11:15
jstrachanwe've had 7.x out for a year or so with a few releases11:15
jstrachanand there's jboss fuse coming out very soon - so tahts 3 major releases since 4.4.111:15
jstrachanjboss fuse 6.0 uses camel 2.10, version 6.1 will use 2.1111:15
is-mwjstrachan: but the 7.x was the enterprise version ?11:15
jstrachanyeah, still OSS though11:15
is-mwwhich is not free, is it11:15
jstrachanwas just a branding name really11:15
jstrachanjboss fuse is OSS too & free to use without a subscription etc11:16
davsclausyeah its free11:16
davsclausjust must download from redhat11:16
jstrachanthe esb / runtime has always been free - we temporarily had some tools that were subscriber only for a while (some add ons to Fuse IDE and the FMC console) but now everything's back to being all OSS11:16
is-mwdavsclaus Ok, then it is my fault.. I thought the enterprise version download is just a 30 day trial11:17
jstrachandavsclaus pushed a fix - not sure why github hasn't said yet :) - wanna pull and see if 2.11 works for you with tracing?11:17
jstrachandavsclaus kicking off the deploy too in case you need the war...11:17
davsclausis-mw - ah yeah the 30 day trail has been a little confusing11:18
davsclauswhen you download the products you get a free 30 day trial support11:18
davsclausso in those 30 days you get support like paid people would do11:19
davsclausbut you can keep using the product as long you want11:19
is-mwdavsclaus ahhhhh.. thats the trick !!11:19
davsclausand the free support is only for developer11:19
davsclausnot production11:19
davsclausyou just need to register to be able to download11:19
davsclausand then i guess you may get a marketing mails once in a while11:20
davsclausnot sure if there is a [x] dont send me stuff11:20
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is-mwdavsclaus I dont need payed support.. I have you ! ;-)11:20
is-mwdavsclaus just a joke11:20
* davsclaus thanks for all the $$$ btw :)11:20
davsclausops hope RH dont read this :)11:21
* davsclaus kidding of course11:21
davsclausyeah the communities is great11:21
davsclausjust that if your company want the option of having someone to yell at11:22
davsclausthen there is commercial companies out there11:22
is-mwdavsclaus Ohh I already payed you by buying your book :-P11:22
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davsclausyeah that is a good way to support my coffeee biils11:22
is-mwdavsclaus btw we want to have a inhouse training.. would that be possible by you or so. else in germany?11:23
is-mwdavsclaus I already asked Christian Schneider but am not sure if talend is the right for us..11:24
davsclausyeah if you want on-site and german speaking then not sure who we have11:25
davsclausstill new in RH11:25
davsclausbut for sure we have a lot of german emploeeys11:25
davsclausnot sure if they are fuse experts yet11:25
davsclausthere is virtual training also11:25
davsclausnot sure what we really have now as RH11:26
davsclausyou can of course contact some vendors and hear what they offer11:26
davsclausthere may also be independent consultants who offer training sometimes11:26
is-mwwe would like to have a special training for best practises and topics we need to get better with camel. Like testing expecially in osgi)11:26
davsclausand can travel etc11:26
davsclausyeah testing is a bit different with osgi11:27
davsclauseg if you want integration testing in the container11:27
davsclauspax-exam is usuallty the answer11:27
davsclausbut not so easy to get started with11:27
is-mwyeah already had a look at pax-exam but like you said its not easy to get started with11:28
davsclauswhich reminds me we should get that stuff we got in camel tests polished11:29
davsclausand made end-user faced11:29
davsclauscurrently its internal only11:29
davsclausbut we should do like we did with camel-test-blueprint11:29
davsclausthere is a JIRA ticket11:29
is-mwone of my really biggest problems is also the monitoring of the routes11:29
is-mwand while the training I want to figure out how such problems could be solved11:29
is-mwmy first routes / contexts are so complex, hard to understand cause I tried to handle everything by camel routes11:30
davsclausyep avoid the "big hammer"11:31
davsclaussometimes its easier to write 10-100 lines of java code in a bean11:31
davsclausthan trying to solution in routes only11:31
davsclausand also avoid bg routes11:31
davsclauslike big methods11:31
is-mwdavsclaus yeah.. thats exaclty what we are doing now11:31
davsclausand from a java bean you can still call a camel route11:32
davsclauswith the procuer / consumer templates11:32
is-mwor separate logic in osgi-services11:32
davsclausor hide it behind interfaces11:32
is-mwyes.. we have become better with that11:33
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jstrachandavsclaus anything else you need for tonights demo? everything's working here I think12:50
jstrachandavsclaus you've tried the maven tab right?12:50
jstrachan(finally fixed the search for artifacts and text)12:51
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davsclausi think there is still some error when hawtio startup12:51
jstrachandavsclaus though be aware it takes a while to startup up the maven indexer mbean12:51
davsclausabout some fabric / maven issue12:51
davsclausthough let me rebuild12:51
davsclausi guess i can just demo from the mvn exec:java12:52
davsclausthough i have a tomcat running also12:52
davsclausbut yeah it works fine12:52
davsclausonly the tracing12:52
jstrachanthe new blueprint stuff caused a temporary issue; but the new blueprint.web snapshot works great now12:53
jstrachan(we use a single servlet context listener now to boot up all the META-INF/blueprint.xml in each jar now - for hawtio-git / hawtio-maven-indexer  / insight-log4j et al so its easy to add in whatever server side plugins you need in a WAR12:54
davsclausARN  | io.hawt.sample.Main.main() | Could not load the AetherFacade; only available in snapshots for now: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.fusesource.insight.maven.aether.AetherFacade12:54
davsclausjava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.fusesource.insight.maven.aether.AetherFacade12:54
davsclausat java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:366)12:54
jstrachanah yeah, thats known issue12:54
jstrachanI mostly left it there to generate an error to view in the logs for the stack trace stuff :)12:54
jstrachanI should maybe remove that12:54
davsclausah okay12:54
davsclausyeah its downloading the index12:55
jstrachanyeah - I hacked it so that the webapp should startup immediately really - then asynchronously download the mvn index (as it can take a while)12:55
jstrachanyou may need a refresh when its done all that - then the Maven tab appears12:55
davsclausah the source download from log view - download form central repo12:57
davsclausjust gotta not clikc the redhat camel / amq version12:57
davsclauseg i clicked a jetty log and it works12:57
jstrachanyeah - the source should be there for fuse releases too really12:57
davsclausthe 020 is in the /ea repo12:58
jstrachananother demo tip - don't do a clean when running it; to avoid it having to re-download all the nexus indices again :)12:58
jstrachaneven after download it can take a few mins of processing before the nexus indexer comes online12:59
davsclausyay i can see the source now12:59
jstrachananother demo tip - cheat and click the links first before the demo - then your local mvn repo has them :)12:59
jstrachanonce your maven tab appears - try out the http://localhost:8080/hawtio/#/maven/search13:00
jstrachane.g. try searching for karaf features with 'camel' text - or mvn archeytpes or whatnot13:01
jstrachanfor jars you can then click on the JavaDoc / Source links on the right13:01
davsclausthe pom.xml file is not shown sometimes13:01
davsclauseg camel-ognl13:01
davsclaus2.10.4 version13:01
jstrachanthere's something odd with the expando thing and codemirror source viewer - its a PITA13:02
davsclausthe javadoc is lovely13:02
davsclausi guess some ways with selecting versions is needed13:02
jstrachanalso notice when viewing source from anywhere (e.g. log -> source or via maven search -> source) the tab lets you navigate to any package; then see all the code at that package or below - and text filter at the top13:02
davsclausso you can choose 2.10.213:02
davsclausah neat13:03
jstrachanwanna stack frame text -> linked HTML -> source code where if there's no maven coords in the log / stack trace we can pick the version & it'll link to the source that way13:03
jstrachanalso Source has a JavaDoc link :)13:03
jstrachan(for java files)13:03
jstrachandavsclaus you played with the hawtSpot stuff yet btw?13:04
jstrachantry http://localhost:8080/hawtio/#/wiki/view/wiki/forms13:05
jstrachanthen navigate into foo and click on a file13:05
jstrachanhttp://localhost:8080/hawtio/#/wiki/view/wiki/forms/foo/1.json?form=%2Fwiki%2Fforms%2Ffoo.form shows a form generated from a form definition (which is in the wiki too)13:05
jstrachanthis is the form definition http://localhost:8080/hawtio/#/wiki/view/wiki/forms/foo.form13:05
davsclausah neat13:06
jstrachanits the prototype of the 'fabric widget' stuff - so we can define a model & have a UI to create/edit/view/search instances13:06
davsclausyeah that thought springs to my mind13:06
davsclausgreat start13:06
*** kearls <kearls!~textual@209-6-50-13.c3-0.smr-ubr1.sbo-smr.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #hawtio13:08
jstrachan(there's a source tab if you ever wanna really see the JSON source file underneath :)13:08
davsclausyay 1 line of code13:08
jstrachanwe should be able to make a visual editor UI for the model definition too13:08
jstrachankinda MS Access / Lotus Notes stylee13:09
jstrachanbut using git :)13:09
is-mwdavsclaus sorry for bothering you again. just one short question. I wanted to try the actual fuseesb version and I cannot find the default ssh user/password. Neither karaf/karaf smx/smx nor fuseesb/fuseesb is working ?13:10
slewisyou've got to edit etc/users.properties and add one13:10
slewisout of the box there's no default user13:11
is-mwslewis ahh ok, thank you13:11
jstrachanis-mw there's a line you can uncomment in etc/users.properties to add admin/admin13:12
davsclausyeah and another one for jmx user as well13:17
davsclauseg its securiy reasons13:17
davsclausto not have default admin users enabled13:17
davsclausits actaully documented in the relese notes13:18
is-mwdavsclaus ok, thank you very much13:18
davsclausalso when you create a fabric there is password you need to tell for the zookeeper13:18
davsclausso it may ask you for that on the shell13:18
davsclausisnt there a little hint about this in some README file also?13:19
davsclauswe can always improve13:19
davsclausyou will not be the first one hit with this13:19
davsclauseg that we have default users enabled in the past13:19
davsclausand now no longer13:19
slewisyeah, it's in the readme in the root of the install13:19
slewisand probably in the install or configuration guide I think13:20
slewisbut most importantly in the readme that's in the install13:21
slewismaybe we should change the name from "readme" to "read1st" or "heyyou!"13:21
davsclausjstrachan i guess the diagram tab on the messaging pljugin is broken13:30
davsclausi get a stacktrace13:30
davsclausi guess some mbean names was changed13:30
jstrachandamn I need to fix that; it shoudl work, think there's a gremlin in with mbean names...13:31
davsclausgotta run, have fun13:37
*** davsclaus <davsclaus!~davsclaus@78-72-73-107-no33.tbcn.telia.com> has quit IRC (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)13:37
slewisyeah, could they have made mbean naming more archaic really?13:37
slewisbtw fixing the operation and chart tab so they always load13:41
slewismaybe we should have defined a workspace.init() function that you pass your scope into so it always sets up the routeChangeSuccess/workspace.selection handlers :-)13:41
jstrachanah cool13:41
jstrachanyeah :)13:41
*** rhuss <rhuss!~jolokia@out-3.consol.de> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)13:42
slewisgrrr, xfwm crashing takes down my whole desktop...  again...13:44
*** rhuss <rhuss!~jolokia@out-2.consol.de> has joined #hawtio13:47
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/iHLwUQ13:51
githubhawtio/master 1f011b6 James Strachan: add a little helper method to load all the JSON files matching a file wildcard and containing the given text as a single blob of JSON for hawtSpot table viewing13:51
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has left #hawtio13:51
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/HMiRQA14:06
githubhawtio/master 970cbd3 Stan Lewis: Fix #20014:06
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has left #hawtio14:06
slewishuh, still can't save stuff in the wiki14:36
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has joined #hawtio14:37
github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/iivbHQ14:37
githubhawtio/master e577db5 Stan Lewis: Fix #210 and some other misc styling improvements14:37
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has left #hawtio14:37
slewistarted up those other toolbars btw14:37
slewisalso took those buttons out of the createPage.html in the toolbar and replaced the ng-disabled bit on "Create" with an ng-show14:40
slewisas apparently ng-disabled doesn't work that well with an anchor tag...14:41
jstrachanah cool yeah14:43
*** rhuss <rhuss!~jolokia@out-2.consol.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)14:43
jstrachanhave been finding ng-show is better than ng-disabled14:43
slewislol, yeah, why show the button/link if you can't click it :-)14:43
jstrachanyeah :)14:43
jstrachanthough sometimes its a clue to what you need to do to make it visible (but I guess so is showing & hiding :)14:43
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is-mwjstrachan: just tested the tracing of camel messages in hawtio. awesome.. great work.. this goes directly in the direction I was dreaming about14:53
jstrachanhopefully we can have an even better UI for doing historical viewing/searching/filtering from the message audit log in ElasticSearch :)14:54
jstrachanis-mw any ideas you have to improve things, just pop a new issue here: https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio/issues14:55
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slewisalmost have that read-only form directive done...15:18
slewisat least a first cut15:18
jstrachanalmost got the table UI done15:19
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has joined #hawtio15:20
github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 4 new commits to master: http://git.io/I8IAcA15:20
githubhawtio/master b87a24b James Strachan: avoid barf if there is a missing value for a row15:20
githubhawtio/master 492d25b James Strachan: tidied up javadoc15:20
githubhawtio/master 104181c James Strachan: first spike of the hawtSpot table UI for viewing/filtering json files in a table view for a hawt-form definition15:20
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has left #hawtio15:20
jstrachanjust about to add links from the table -> view / edit forms15:21
jstrachannot 100% sure cleanest way to do it yet but figure I'd do something and we can tweak it later (was gonna add a column with view/edit buttons)15:21
slewisyeah, that works15:22
slewisoh yeah, that's hawt...15:28
slewiswhen you get a chance, pull and check out #/forms/test, added a read-only form + a button to toggle editing15:29
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has joined #hawtio15:29
github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/UDANIA15:29
githubhawtio/master c44fb14 Stan Lewis: Add a read-only variant of the form, fixes #21415:29
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has left #hawtio15:29
jstrachancool, will do!15:33
slewisused a bit of inheritance so it didn't take much code to implement, which was kinda what I was looking for :-)15:34
slewisfunny though, in typescript apparently you can overwrite a parent function if it's private, but you can't call other private functions...  guess there's no protected...15:36
slewisso had to make a private function public just so I could call it from the derived class15:37
*** vijaykiran <vijaykiran!~user@> has joined #hawtio15:38
slewisback in a few, lunch!15:38
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/n9ph4g16:47
githubhawtio/master b2b8c0f James Strachan: avoid possible exceptions16:47
githubhawtio/master ef09723 James Strachan: swizzle the breadcrumb links to show the formTable links if using a form16:47
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has left #hawtio16:47
slewiswe need a channel topic...16:49
*** kearls <kearls!~textual@209-6-50-13.c3-0.smr-ubr1.sbo-smr.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #hawtio16:50
jstrachanslewis how wed are you to the 'desc' / 'args' names in the model definitions so far - I was wondering about making them a bit more json-schema-ish in name - as they seem similar to a few other things (e.g. the jboss meta model uses almost exactly the same names for things as json schema)16:51
jstrachanas I was gonna start hacking a visual form for the 'schema' part so wanted to kinda nail the model down so we can document it - and have model editing UIs etc16:51
slewisnot at all, just picked those as it's exactly what I get back from jolokia16:51
slewisbut really we can change it to anything16:51
jstrachanah gotcha16:52
slewisI figure worst case we can write simple transformer functions16:52
jstrachanit should be pretty trivial to swizzle between anything really16:52
slewisbut yeah, feel free to modify it as needed16:53
jstrachanawesome thanks16:53
jstrachanwas gonna go something more like http://json-schema.org/examples.html as its a bit cleaner - happy to hack a jolokia xform too16:53
jstrachane.g. using the id as the key for attribute names16:53
slewisyeah, that's perfect16:53
jstrachanfigured we could add functions to create view / edit widgets too if we wanted (for complex markup per attribute value etc)16:53
slewishonestly following a schema will help in the long run16:53
slewisas then we won't have to put in dirty hacks all over the place to work around some dodgy json16:54
jstrachanwanted to start doing master/detail stuff soon16:54
jstrachanfigure we take dodgy json, clean it into a nice simple model thats kinda documented already (json schema)16:54
slewisright exactly16:54
jstrachanthen we've less work to do ;)16:54
slewisyeah, in the directive itself, definitely16:54
slewismakes it much easier to design it properly16:54
jstrachanthis is just the model bit - there's gonna be lots of our own custom extensions to json schema for how to create the view / edit / create UI (so a superset)16:55
jstrachanbut json schema looks nice and easy to extend16:55
slewisyeah, it's pretty powerful looks like -> http://json-schema.org/example2.html16:56
jstrachanlove the links btw16:57
jstrachansearch http://json-schema.org/example2.html for $ref16:57
slewisthat's hawt16:57
slewisyeah, that's really nice16:57
slewisbtw, table is awesome16:59
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*** chirino_m is now known as chirino16:59
jstrachanslewis thx :)17:00
jstrachanjust fixed up the links now so once you're in formTable-land, things stay consistent - and there's always a source link too17:00
jstrachanonly thing right now - I'd kinda like to hide the form defintion form the listing and show a 'table' rather than directory in the listing17:00
jstrachanthough not sure exactly how to make it easy to view the source of the form in a non cludgy way17:00
slewisalso when I created an entry it created it a level up from that folder17:01
jstrachanI guess we could put a link somewhere on the formTable UI17:01
jstrachanyeah - creating a new file is a bit borked I think (and we need a create link on the formTable UI)17:01
slewisthere is one, unless I'm looking at the wrong page17:01
jstrachandoh yeah!17:02
jstrachanforgot that one :)17:02
jstrachanthe view / edit buttons look a bit dull :) I guess maybe Edit should be grene?17:02
slewisyeah, I guess...  though the buttons were a bit big in the toolbar17:02
slewiscan give the styling a bit of thought though...17:02
jstrachanoh sorry I mean the View / Edit on the rows in the formTable17:03
slewisalso, be cool if the "submit" button did the same action as "Create" when you're in the form17:03
jstrachanbut yeah, maybe Edit should be a bit coloured in the navbar17:03
slewisbut that's all simple stuff...  the concept is awesome and it's already working kinda nicely17:04
jstrachanplus we should be able to mimick this pretty easily on any REST back end really (e.g. vanilla ElasticSearch)17:04
slewisI mean worst case "submit" just does $.ajaxsubmit17:05
jstrachanthe ?form=foo is a little cludgy - i figure we may want a mapping of URIs -> forms maybe; but then there's the issue of when does the UI load that stuff etc17:05
slewisand the table data itself can be cobbled together from wherever17:05
slewiswell, why not just define the form right in a wiki page?17:05
slewis'cause the page itself is passed through angular, right?17:06
slewisso it should be possible to actually add a <div simple-form blah blah right into ReadMe.md for example17:06
slewiswe could actually add an additional source of form json data via URL...17:07
slewisthat way you could do <div simple-form data="#/wiki/data/form.json"></div>17:08
jstrachanI kinda feel bad that we're not using real URLs to access the form data btw :)17:10
jstrachantempted to actually write a Servlet - shock horror - so we can use real URLs to the json for the form17:10
jstrachanthen the form data could be anywhere17:11
slewisyeah, I think that's a great idea to be honest17:11
slewisthat way you can create some json in the wiki and then use that to create a form on a wiki page17:12
jstrachanwhile the ?form=someURI is a bit fugly in the wiki - it does mean anyone can create a form / table anywhere by just passing in the form17:12
jstrachanand we can separate where the form definitions live from where they are used17:12
jstrachane.g. store the form data inside a wiki page too :)17:12
slewisyeah, or pull the form data from some source17:12
slewislike it'd be good if it was also possible to pull the raw data from that table from a URL17:12
*** dejanb <dejanb!~dejanb@cable-178-148-5-192.dynamic.sbb.rs> has quit IRC (Quit: dejanb)17:12
slewisso you could see the data in the wiki right now as it's own table17:13
slewisor you could create a wiki page and use some directive that pulls in the json data17:13
slewisso you can format it how you want, or add some blah-de-blah around it17:14
slewisprobably be handy for other stuff anyway17:15
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has joined #hawtio17:20
github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/YAPbHA17:20
githubhawtio/master ca6fb7b James Strachan: fix bad create link on formTable view17:20
*** github <github!~github@router1-ext.rs.github.com> has left #hawtio17:20
jstrachanslewis ok so tomorrow I'll take a stab at moving the underlying 'schema' part of the model to use json schema & see if we can get most of it bound to the relevant angular UI stuff (thankfully html5 / json schema seems mostly aligned)17:21
jstrachanand I'll then try do a little master/detail - e.g. so we can edit with hawtSpot the model itself17:21
slewisyeah, sounds good!17:22
*** vijaykiran <vijaykiran!~user@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)17:22
slewisI'll be doing IDE testing this afternoon, so I won't be mucking with anything :-)17:22
jstrachanshould be fun adding connectors (e.g jolokia / jboss management REST API / jdbc / mongo / elasticsearch etc)17:23
jstrachanok :)17:23
jstrachanno worries!17:23
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages: http://git.io/Z0SVrg17:32
githubhawtio/gh-pages 7e269fc FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository17:32
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haniwhere's 1.1!19:27
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages: http://git.io/yn4QkQ19:32
githubhawtio/gh-pages ad78b8f FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository19:32
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Mark12345anyone here?21:22
Mark12345Having a small problem with getting started in hawtio21:23
Mark12345Keep getting a 404 error when I go to the url indicate by the getting started page.21:24
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Mark12345hmm can no one help me out?22:33
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slewisMark12345: can't stick around but if you're still having problems pop a new issue into our issue tracker with some logs and we'll try and help you out -> https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio/issues23:42
Mark12345I really doubt it's a new issue ^_^23:45
Mark12345I've bashed away at it for a while now23:45
Mark12345I think it has to do with my version of servicemix being too old...23:45
Mark12345...which would be a real kill joy because I'm forced to use this version by my company ¬_¬23:46

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