Thursday, 2013-03-28

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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 0e3924b FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository00:18
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 45b06cd James Strachan: use blueprint properties to configure gitfacade09:01
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master a390f1a James Strachan: initial spike of an input table directive for nested tables in forms11:29
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Guest4563[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
Guest4563hawtio/master f18e05c James Strachan: added handy pathGet and pathSet functions for walking tree structures and navigating paths lazily dealing with nulls; or lazily creating objects on the way12:17
Guest4563hawtio/master de79073 James Strachan: first spike of hawtio-input-table directive being used in the form (doesn't do much yet mind you ;)12:17
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slewisjstrachan: table looks good!12:49
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jstrachanslewis thx!13:47
jstrachanslewis it almost views too :)13:47
jstrachanshould have add/remove soon…13:47
slewisthat's awesome13:47
slewisit's gonna be hawt...13:48
jstrachanand just what we need for the camel editor too :)13:48
slewisyeah, exactly!13:48
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jstrachanslewis been musing a bit about how to configure things; kinda liking the idea of scoping things a little (e.g. you may want a form v table of a type; try scope the form stuff in a form object and table stuff in a table object inside the schema to avoid clashes and whatnot14:05
jstrachanits easy to have more concise versions and just generate the canonical blob of json for widgets; or combine some little bit of json with json schema or whatnot14:05
slewisyeah, that sounds good14:05
jstrachanlike the idea of generating a simple json schema from just an instance of json - so no schema is required ;)14:05
jstrachanslewis hmm - somehow the edit wiki page never gets the updated data from the codemirror thingy...14:10
slewisoh really?  That's when you edit a page and try and save it?14:11
slewisweird though, that stuff was working at one point...14:11
slewiswonder if there's an exception happening that's getting masked...14:11
jstrachanah nested page stuff14:12
jstrachanfixed :)14:12
jstrachanadded a level of indirection :)14:12
jstrachan$scope.entity.source :)14:13
jstrachanwhen including pages, seems good to have a nested scope object own all the fields14:13
slewisah yeah...14:14
slewisor go searching up the scope hierarchy :-)14:14
jstrachanyeah :)14:15
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jstrachanslewis wondering by default to disable 'reset' on forms14:30
jstrachanwe've cancel and edit14:30
jstrachanwe've cancel and save :)14:30
slewiswe could, though it's nice to have a way to clear all the fields...14:31
slewisbut yeah, had planned on adding toggles for those buttons anyways14:31
jstrachanmaybe it should be 'clear'14:31
slewisyeah, that'd work too14:31
jstrachanas reset I thought would reset changes - rather than clear14:31
slewisah...  maps to form.reset() really14:32
slewisso that's what the name came from, but we can change the default14:32
slewisthere's also already a way to change the button name too14:33
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jstrachanslewis wonder how best to do the pop up / modal / switch of forms when adding / editing a nested object?14:39
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slewiscould use an expander to slide out a new form14:42
slewisor I aren't we importing the bootstrap angular-ui stuff yet?  could then use a bootstrap modal14:42
jstrachanI guess data could be arbitrarily nested deep; so a form may contain a table which to add a new item we need to add a form which has a table...14:42
slewistrue that...14:42
slewisreally the expander thing might work alright...14:43
slewisprefer it to modals myself14:43
slewisassuming that we don't also continue to shift stuff to the right for some reason :-)14:43
jstrachanyeah :)14:44
slewisexpander would be cool too 'cause then you could also use it to insert rows in between existing rows easily14:45
slewisat least logically it would look like how it would work14:45
jstrachankinda like the expando thing in tables already right; adding a new kinda row to the table for the form?14:45
jstrachanyeah - though sometimes the form might be a bit bigger than the table I guess; I guess that could be configurable though14:46
slewisguess really the template for the expander would just contain the form directive + model14:46
jstrachanso folks could go modal if they want - or switch the table/forms14:46
slewisyeah, we could maybe tackle different cases as they come up14:46
jstrachanswitching the table / form could be one idea I guess14:47
slewisI think the expander will probably fit most cases14:47
slewisI mean, in some cases you'd want to maybe just use a separate page14:47
slewisbecause there's so much glup you've gotta enter in14:47
jstrachanhad a quick noodle of isis its kinda a wicket java version of hawtSpot (so in many ways nothing like it :) they seem to replace the entire form with the  new form whenever you add a nested object or whatnot14:48
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 8899368 James Strachan: pretty print json being saved via the wiki15:12
githubhawtio/master e4f4943 James Strachan: view the table whether its an array or an object with keyed values15:12
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jstrachanslewis its a bank holiday for the next 2 days, so I'll be taking a break from the forms stuff - mostly just need the add/edit buttons to do something ;)16:56
slewisno worries!16:56
slewisjust mucking around with possibly doing a $compile in the wiki view so you can put angular directives in a wiki page16:57
slewiscan have a play with those buttons later or tomorrow though...16:58
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jstrachanah cool :)17:01
jstrachanalmost got the remove button working...17:01
slewisyeah, so just got it working, basically just have to $compile the HTML that's being set17:02
jstrachanwould be nice to add a tabs object into the form object in the schema, to define which fields to put on what tab etc17:02
slewisso now you can embed a form on a wiki page just using the a directive17:02
slewisthat's kinda hawt actually, as now you could put whatever you want into wiki pages17:03
jstrachandirectives like dangle!17:05
slewisbasically make it a more customizable dashboard if you want17:06
slewisor for folks needing to organize some controls into a simple format for users17:06
slewisbig red button that says "Stop" potentially17:06
jstrachanperfect for custom 'happy pages'17:10
slewisyeah, exactly...17:10
jstrachanplus for extra wackiness - we should (once we've hacked $routeParam support in the dashboad thingy) be able to add wiki pages to the dashboard :)17:11
slewismight be worth doing up an example wiki page at some point I guess17:11
jstrachanchecking in what I have - its extra complex as the json scheam uses objects of objects - we often use arrays of objects -so trying to support either17:15
jstrachanpushing now17:16
jstrachanthis isn't quite working yet
jstrachannot sure if its a refresh/notify thing or not - seems to remove rows now (finally)17:16
jstrachanalso seems to submit the form too :)17:16
jstrachanor something like that17:18
jstrachanrighto gotta run - see you tuesday!17:18
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Mark12345Hmmm I think I might make a change to pretty quickly ^_^20:19
Mark12345I'm having trouble building it because I keep hitting test cases where it expects me to have internet connection.20:19
Mark12345Might create an environmental variable called "HAWTIO_DEV_NO_INTERNET" : P20:20
Mark12345or some switch like that20:21
slewisMark12345: go for it...  Also you can avoid running the tests via -Dtest=false -DfailIfNoTests=false20:24
Mark12345slewis: well it's turning out to be a good learning experience. Because we have to deploy without internet connection so... : P20:26
slewisno worries, but we'll welcome any pull requests...20:26
slewisseparate "offline" profile might be handy to have for example20:27
slewisanyhoo, gotta run, good luck!20:27
Mark12345okay thanks for the tip20:27
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