Tuesday, 2013-04-02

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githubhawtio/gh-pages 9b18784 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository00:19
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githubhawtio/master 33227c8 James Strachan: fix the remove update logic so that when we remove nested input table items the table updates08:09
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githubhawtio/master 5280163 James Strachan: hide object properties (i.e. nested objects) by default from the table views in hawtSpot08:17
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Guest24097hawtio/master 683ab18 James Strachan: added better support for "array" types and aliases09:36
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jstrachanslewis I think the add/remove should work now with latest pull & latest hawtio-config btw11:56
jstrachanits maybe a little flaky though still :)11:57
jstrachanwe need to pass quite a bit of state through the form -> directive -> input-table directive to grok where the data is coming from and whatnot - we can maybe optimise that later on11:57
jstrachanslewis I wasn't sure about the code here https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio/blob/master/hawtio-web/src/main/webapp/app/forms/js/simpleFormDirective.ts#L11112:54
jstrachanslewis as hitting issues with bad strings that are not xml valid12:55
jstrachanfigured the directives should maybe do this bit?12:55
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jstrachanslewis would be a bit easier if the registery/directive just made the correct html markup I guess?12:55
slewishmmm, wonder if maybe "value" or "key" just need to be html escaped12:56
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slewisalthough yeah, if "value" is an object and doesn't have a toString method (or javascript equiv) then you get [Object object] in the resulting string...12:57
jstrachanslewis it just felt a bit hacky copying all the stuff from the schema onto the html attribute12:57
jstrachanI guess its not such a biggie - will try html encode12:57
slewisah yeah, fair enough...  is basically how each child directive is getting configured, you know?12:58
slewisbut maybe there's a better way12:58
slewisactually, could probably create a new child scope, copy the attributes in that, create the directive and $compile() it now that I think about it12:59
jstrachaneverything gets compiled already btw - I figured each entry in the registry could decide what bits of the schema it needs on the markup12:59
slewisand then take the call to $compile out of the form input directives13:00
jstrachanthe form is compiled; so all markup inside it will be13:00
slewisyeah, but I found to actually get binding working I had to call $compile in each form control...13:00
slewiswas surprised myself :-)13:00
jstrachanreally? never did before?13:01
slewisyeah, like here -> https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio/blob/master/hawtio-web/src/main/webapp/app/forms/js/baseDirectives.ts#L6613:01
jstrachanguess there's an extra directive everywhere right now13:01
slewisif you replace that with a regular append then you don't see the values13:02
slewisjust the placeholder13:02
jstrachannot sure we need a directive wrapping every control btw - we could just create <input … ng-model="foo.bar"/> for example for simple fields13:02
slewisyeah could be...  seemed like this approach might be simpler but maybe not in the long run :-/13:03
jstrachanits a bit scope heavy I guess :)13:03
slewispart of the thing that's nice currently is that the forms are generated consistently with the right combination of bootstrap-friendly elements13:04
slewisi.e. a <div class="control-group"> with <div class="controls"> etc.13:04
slewisand then for a checkbox it's a slightly different layout13:04
slewiswhich I haven't filled in that directive yet13:05
slewisgot absolutely nothing done yesterday :-(13:05
jstrachanthough we could do the same code generation up front though - no need to have a directive to be a place holder for a factory to create some markup - we could just create some markup13:06
slewisyeah, like this I guess: -> http://jsfiddle.net/pkozlowski_opensource/aG8Zy/13:08
jstrachane.g. the registry could basically be a factory - whether its implemented with custom directives - or folks just register text or a function to return html markup for what the control should look like13:08
slewisjust add some templates for it13:08
jstrachanno biggie - both approaches are fine13:08
jstrachanhmm - whats the easiest way to html encode an attribute value in jquery/angular - my google fu isn't working well today13:08
slewissugarjs has escapeHTML()13:10
slewisI heart sugarjs btw13:10
slewisreally comes in handy though the typescript compiler seems to take issue with it's extensions on Object13:10
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slewishmmm, should really try the template cache thing now that I think about it...13:11
slewiseven for just coming up with the code the directives produce13:12
slewisit's probably faster than all that jquery13:12
jstrachannot sure a template cache is worth the effort really though for most stuff; as the content is dynamic13:13
jstrachani.e. if we're focussed on performance; then just making <input type="foo" ng-model="foo.bar"/> in a DOM thingy for each attribtue will probably be fastest13:13
jstrachanthen only 1 real directive used (the core angular ones for non-nested stuff)13:13
jstrachanunless you mean the temaplte cache for the entire form?13:14
slewisah, I mean just using angular's template cache service13:15
slewiswe'd want to use it anyway for custom form elements13:15
slewisbut yeah, we could add our own form elements to the template cache for typical inputs...13:16
slewiswith the right layout, then it'd be a simple check to see if some other template was specified for a given form element.13:17
jstrachanwe typically wanna create new DOM nodes whatever we do on the form stuff though; so not really sure how useful the template cache is - since we'd be modifying it in some way (e.g. the binding to the underlying model)13:17
jstrachan$compile gets confused if you try reuse dom nodes across instances with different scopes and whatnot; so you typically always wanna clone whats in the template cache even if there's something cached - so not really sure how big a deal the template cache is really13:18
jstrachanplus we're talking a few controls per form created on startup of a form; its not that big a deal I don't think13:19
jstrachanwith tables with lots of rows and columns - then caching is super important - a form with tens of controls, its less of a worry I think13:19
slewisthink the cache just stores stuff as strings anyway, snippets of HTML13:19
slewisnot dom nodes13:19
jstrachanthough caching the entire form is worth a try13:19
jstrachanah ok :)13:19
slewismostly gives you a central lookup of a string to an HTML snippet13:19
slewisbasically using it would avoid all the code to generate the outer div, insert an inner div, a label and then the actual input element13:20
slewiswe'd just have a string of HTML in the run() method of the form plugin13:20
slewisand cut out a bunch of kinda gacky codee13:20
slewiscode even :-)13:20
jstrachanwhich divs do you mean btw?13:21
slewisone sec, I'll get you a link13:22
jstrachanones in simpleFormDirective.ts?13:22
slewisthis stuff -> https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio/blob/master/hawtio-web/src/main/webapp/app/forms/js/baseDirectives.ts#L60-L6513:23
slewisbtw, how do you get those links to the line number so quickly?13:24
slewisthat from IDEA?13:24
jstrachanopen in browser13:31
slewisyeah, found it...  that's awesome13:31
jstrachanyeah :)13:31
jstrachanI guess the form could create those divs too; though its maybe best left to the control I guess; as some things (nested tables etc) probably don't need them13:33
slewisyeah, should really live in the control...13:34
slewisI guess maybe we just see how it goes, if it gets smelly we can always clean it up :-)13:34
slewisthe nice thing is the model itself is well enough defined, so as long as we don't muck with that we won't be making big refactor jobs for ourselves in the future :-)13:35
jstrachanyeah :)13:36
slewiswe could though look into creating a new scope per input and setting those values in the new child scope rather than passing settings via attributes13:36
slewisthat might be a smarter way to do it honestly13:36
slewisbtw, like the "add" modal13:38
jstrachanslewis yeah13:41
jstrachanslewis I guess since the form is the top most scope, we could just use default names of things in the scope for things like the schema / entity name etc13:42
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slewisjstrachan: ok, going to start tidying up those buttons so they're not in your "Add" modal :-)14:18
jstrachanyay :)14:19
slewisgoing to keep the onSubmit handler and just get rid of the rest14:19
jstrachanslewis btw got a good suggestion for a better name than ".form" for file extensions of jsonschema?14:19
jstrachanwas leaning towards .jschema14:19
jstrachanI guess there's always .jsonschema14:19
slewisyeah, I like .jschema14:19
slewisalso am gonna rename simple-form to hawtio-form at some point.  maybe I'll just add a new directive handler so we don't have to change all our code :-)14:20
jstrachandon't worry about renaming - its only used in a few places :)14:20
jstrachanI was wondering renaming "forms" as the plugin to "spot" so we can refer to it as hawtSpot :)14:20
slewissure if you like :-)14:21
slewissounds more interesting honestly14:21
jstrachanslewis ok quick json schema question for you ;) wonder how you're meant to figure out the schema (properties) for the properties property https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio/blob/master/hawtio-web/src/main/webapp/app/forms/js/jsonschema.js#L108 :)14:32
jstrachanI guess "additionalProperties": { "$ref": "#" } means something14:32
jstrachanI guess I might have to read the damn spec now… :)14:33
jstrachanslewis background - trying to get the add property UI working when editing a json schema14:33
slewishmmm, wonder if '#' means 'any'?  :-)14:34
jstrachanyeah ;)14:35
jstrachanah so $ref is "JSON reference" http://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-pbryan-zyp-json-ref-03.html14:43
jstrachanand the "#" is a json pointer http://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-ietf-appsawg-json-pointer-07.html14:44
jstrachanI guess json schema + pointer + reference are nothing like the complexity of xsds :)14:44
jstrachanso "#" == the whole doc14:45
jstrachanyay - fudge-ahoy!14:55
jstrachanhave a form for each properties object; just gotta make it something non sucky now :)14:55
jstrachanits a bit wacky though; not sure how good the jsonschema schema really is ;); e.g. its got properties for everything in the schema which seems a bit odd to define on a property of a schema14:56
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/HGiDSA14:58
githubhawtio/master bef41b3 James Strachan: allow a json schema to have an add form for a property14:58
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ThirlanAnybody here right now?15:30
jstrachanThirlan hey!15:33
Thirlanthis is Mark12345 by the way15:33
jstrachanhey :)15:33
ThirlanJust decided to use my github name to help avoid confusion ^_^15:33
Thirlanthe change you made fixed the issue15:34
ThirlanI'm nearly done building everything but I just hit another issue15:34
Thirlanwanted to check if it really was an issue before posting it or if it was a mistake on my part15:35
Thirlanfor hawtio-karaf-itest project it seems to be having issues downloading the following dependency, org.apache.karaf:apache-karaf:tar.gz:2.3.115:36
jstrachanwonder if thats a windows thing too maybe15:36
jstrachangood to know the previous issue is fixed though!15:36
jstrachanThirlan so I can mark issue 219 closed right?15:37
ThirlanI looked at all the repos used and I can't find anything of that type however15:38
jstrachanthis one? http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/org/apache/karaf/apache-karaf/2.3.1/15:40
jstrachane.g. http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/org/apache/karaf/apache-karaf/2.3.1/apache-karaf-2.3.1.tar.gz15:41
jstrachanyou on a http proxy or something?15:41
jstrachanwonder what the URL was your shell tried to download from?15:41
jstrachanThirlan though I"d not worry too much to be honest about hawtio-karaf-itest - its an integration test to check the osgi things deploy OK - not essential if that bit doesn't work on windows - though we're so close now, it'd be nice to fix it too ;)15:41
Thirlanrepo2 is not in the parent pom ^_^15:42
jstrachanit shoudl try there as thats mvn central; didn't think we need to mention that one in the parent pom?15:43
Thirlanoh well... heh15:43
jstrachancould you pop your shell console into a gist? https://gist.github.com/15:43
ThirlanI've been moving this box back and forth between the proxy and the internet15:43
jstrachanmaybe on windows we have to add that repo too :)15:43
jstrachanah - could be some cached metadata maybe15:43
Thirlanso the proxy might be setup to use maven central and so my settings.xml might be configured for that15:44
jstrachantry the windows equivalent of rm -tf ~/.m2/repository/org/apache/karaf/apache-karaf/15:44
Thirlanthere "is" a central in t15:44
Thirlanwe've been having a tough time with our nexus repo because it times out on big files -_-15:44
Thirlank let me check15:45
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jstrachanThirlan though if its causing pain; lets just omit that module15:47
slewisyeah, I wouldn't mind moving it to a profile personally15:47
jstrachanThirlan if you do a build with any profile specified, it should disable that module15:47
ThirlanSooooo CLOSE 0_O15:47
jstrachane.g. mvn install -Pcheese15:47
jstrachanslewis its already in a profile :)15:47
slewisah, hawt15:48
jstrachanits in profile "itests" which is activeByDefault15:48
slewissorry, been awhile since I've actually looked in there :-)15:48
ThirlanWe do use servicemix so testing osgi would not be a bad thing for us : P15:48
jstrachanI love IDEA's open in browser! :)15:48
jstrachanThirlan understood :)15:48
jstrachanThirlan hopefully once you've got the karaf downloaded, it won't need to be again :)15:48
Thirlanthough I think once I do get it downloaded there will be a problem since it's a tar ball15:49
slewisthat would be a problem.15:49
jstrachanyou can untar in java though; but yeah maybe we need that stuff to detect windows and use the zop15:54
jstrachanzip even15:54
Thirlanoh right, also any reason where there are two different versions of pax-url-aether being used? There's a 1.5.2 version and a 1.4.0 verison?15:54
jstrachanwhere was the 1.4.015:55
jstrachanwe just used a recent one in the insight-log4j stuff15:55
Thirlan1.4.0 is in hawtio-karaf-itest15:56
Thirlanwill be right back...15:57
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githubhawtio/gh-pages a79e3e3 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository16:02
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/BilVWg17:00
githubhawtio/master 17fcb57 Stan Lewis: Remove default buttons and replace with hawtio-submit directive17:00
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slewisjstrachan: k, fixed up the buttons...17:00
slewisnow you just add an element with a hawtio-submit attribute17:00
slewisthe value is the target form that you'd like to submit17:00
slewisi.e. <form name="myForm">17:00
slewisthen <a ng-href="" class="btn" hawtio-submit="myForm">do something!</a>17:01
jstrachanah cool17:06
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githubhawtio/gh-pages e5d66c3 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository17:17
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/kItldw17:31
githubhawtio/master d55e1f2 Stan Lewis: Add a directive for resetting the form too17:31
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Thirlanjust popping back in to say I'm good now.17:47
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