Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 5531b98 James Strachan: fixed bug in edit which sometimes would not remove the old value04:42
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 5c6010d James Strachan: attempted fix for #22 to try avoid jetty locking the files which breaks "mvn -Pwatch" on windows04:43
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master ec7fb71 James Strachan: added building notes around #203 and also added details on how to run the unit tests05:03
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davidbosGood morning all! I have a question, possibly a stupid one...08:15
davidbosAnyone know how to actually kick off the Jasmine tests? E.g. the LogsSpec.js test?08:16
jstrachandavidbos hey08:18
jstrachanI just happened to have doc'd that this morning :)08:18
davidbosjstrachan: hi :)08:18
davidbosoooh, good timing :)08:18
davidbosyay! Thanks James - that's what I needed08:20
jstrachanits really nice to be able to run unit tests in the browser & debug etc08:20
jstrachanwish we'd have got that sorted before we wrote any code; we'd probably have way more unit tests by now :)08:20
jstrachanthough its often hard to test stuff when using jolokia / angular from a unit test; integration tests tend to be easier08:21
davidbosYeah, it depends on what you're doing08:21
davidbosI'm about to write some parsing logic that I really like to develop test-first08:21
davidbosits just a bunch of functions08:21
davidbosno GUI or backend interaction08:21
davidbosIt would be nice if we could run this thing from a standard maven run…08:22
davidbosDo you know whether there is an integration for it?08:22
jstrachanguess there's this?
jstrachanhaven't tried it yet mind you :)08:23
davidbosI can take a look08:23
jstrachanyay thx!08:23
davidbosno probs, I like tests. Make me sleep better at night ;)08:24
jstrachanyeah me too :)08:24
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davidbos1jstrachan: that jasmine-maven-plugin seems to work well for small projects09:36
jstrachanyay - or does it not work too well for hawtio? :)09:37
davidbos1but I can't get it to behave for us,09:37
jstrachanah damn09:37
davidbos1org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.ScriptException: Exceeded maximum stack depth (script in http://localhost:58905/ from (89, 34) to (2689, 12)#1818)09:37
jstrachanwonder if using a real browser helps?09:37
davidbos1when I run it in interactive mode it doesn't work either09:37
jstrachanrather than the htmlunit thigy09:37
davidbos1It finds the tests, but doesn't execute them09:37
davidbos1that is in the browser09:37
davidbos1I can send you my pom, maybe you have an idea09:38
jstrachanif you commit it does it fail the test?09:38
davidbos1with that maximum stack depth issue09:39
jstrachanhow about you commit, commenting out the <goals> part09:39
jstrachanat least we should then be able to run "mvn jasmine:bdd"  I guess?09:39
davidbos1Or I can commit it on my branch?09:39
davidbos1Yeah I tried that,09:40
jstrachanor maybe pop it onto a profile thats inactive by default?09:40
davidbos1the jasmine:bdd does bring up the jasmine runner09:41
davidbos1but it seems to crash every test run09:41
davidbos1My current changes are too ugly for on master IMHO09:41
davidbos1I copied every include from the SpecRunner.html09:41
davidbos1so it's a very long list09:41
jstrachanhere's another approach I just found googling btw
davidbos1was hoping to use some wildcarding when I got it to work...09:41
jstrachanseems to use phantomjs executable09:41
jstrachanah ok09:41
jstrachanseems there's a few plugins around
davidbos1jstrachan: that PhantomJS is interesting, because its very similar to what you already have running in SpecRunner.html09:42
davidbos1whereas the jasmin-maven-plugin requires to duplicate all that in the pom09:42
davidbos1ok - let me have a play with those other approaches...09:43
jstrachanlets park the jasmin-mavenplugin and see if there's a better way09:43
* davidbos1 looking a bit more09:43
jstrachanwonder if this works
davidbos1that looks interesting as well09:46
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 5 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 195961b James Strachan: fix typo10:24
githubhawtio/master 042acdd James Strachan: fix occasional exception10:24
githubhawtio/master 839826d James Strachan: added missing jquery-datatable constant - and renamed file to correct typescript naming conventions10:24
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jstrachanslewis gimme a shout when you've had coffee & are awake :)10:42
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master ee2fbf1 James Strachan: add phantomjs via npm install so we can start to use it for unit tests / integration tests more easily11:14
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github[hawtio] bosschaert pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 465c558 David Bosschaert: Allow Jasmine unit tests to be run from the Maven build...11:59
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davidbosjstrachan: thx for the stuff to pull in phantomjs, do you think we should run these unit tests in the default profile?12:00
davidbosI personally don't really see an issue, they're quite quick right now...12:00
jstrachanyeah, lets go for it!12:01
davidbosOk - I'll have a look at enabling it...12:02
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jstrachandavidbos love the new 'test' in the maven build! :)12:40
jstrachanits awesome!12:40
jstrachandavidbos I guess to get continuous integration, we just open the test case in a browser using the LiveReload plugin!12:44
davidbosjstrachan: haven't tried that yet but that would be near!12:45
* davidbos back to where I started this morning, writing some actual tests :)12:46
jstrachanyay :)12:55
jstrachandamn - seems LiveReload doesn't work with the unit test script; not quite sure why yet12:55
davidbosjstrachan: Could it be that it doesn't monitor the test subdir tree?12:56
davidbosAt least I don't see any activity on the console when I change my test12:56
jstrachanwas hoping whenever the app.js is regenerated it'd rerun the tests12:56
davidbosBut I guess these tests aren't in app.js?12:57
davidbosWould be a waste if they were..12:57
jstrachanyeah - though was just trying at first to get source code changing -> new test run (then could look at watching more later)12:57
davidbosyeah, would simply hitting refresh not work in that case?12:58
jstrachanhere's the watch btw
jstrachanits odd that the browser seems to connect - and the watch shell sees the connection -but the browser then ever seems to think its really enabled livereload12:58
slewisjstrachan: hey!  Am here but just starting the coffee, so your results may vary :-)13:00
jstrachanslewis no worries - figured out a hack :) but good to have you back! have a good coffee or two...13:00
slewisk...  just a quick look, we could add an array of callback functions that plugins could push init stuff into so that we can have pre-angular bootstrapping initializiation13:01
jstrachanyeah, that'd be nice13:05
jstrachanthough I guess the callback on the loader is kinda that?13:05
jstrachanit would be nice to get the injection crack from angular mind you13:05
slewisI guess though you really can't have that until you've bootstrapped angular13:06
slewiswell, no worries, maybe it's something to tackle if we need to do it for more than one plugin13:07
jstrachanits so far only for lazy load of tree nodes really13:08
jstrachanI guess the livereload for unit test issue is due to loading the html from disk rather than through a http proxy or something13:15
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jstrachanyay got live reload to reload tests on source change!13:19
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jstrachandavidbos yay got live reload to reload tests on source change!13:20
davidbosjstrachan: very nice! How?13:21
jstrachanjust tested it works with 2 browsers; one using livereload developing the app and the other using the test html - and they both reload nicely!13:24
jstrachanjust needed to add the live reload html into the test html13:24
davidbosAh that's cool. I was running the -Pwatch and then simply hit 'reload' on the test page13:24
davidbosautomatic is better :)13:26
slewisyeah, it's amazing how tedious hitting that refresh button gets13:27
slewisafter months of doing it developing FMC I don't miss it at all13:27
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 3 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master aeefe9d James Strachan: enable livereload in the unit tests13:31
githubhawtio/master a774e8a James Strachan: added documentation on how to use LiveReload with the unit tests13:31
githubhawtio/master 971a9ac James Strachan: improved docs for running unit tests via maven, or via the HTML or via LiveReload13:31
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jstrachanjust pushed updated docs:
jstrachandavidbos slewis  if you pull then you should be able to get LiveReload to rerun unit tests and the app in 2 browser windows13:33
jstrachanwhat would be even hawter would be a growl plugin to report when things start or stop failing; so you can get alerted when things changed (without having to keep looking at the test window ;)13:33
slewiswow, that's hawt13:35
slewiswell, when you mess something up, you certainly see it in the test window13:35
slewisthe tests don't look too bad to write either13:37
jstrachanslewis I love that "mvn test" runs them too :) and they show up in the junit report stuff13:37
davidbosyep, the test livereload works for me too - very cool13:41
slewiswonder if we could use this to mock some stuff ->
jstrachanyeah; not sure how useful mocking is really - its usually easier to just run the real app and test it :)13:43
slewisyeah, true :-)13:43
jstrachanyou spend so much time trying to figure out what the json should be that jolokia returns; its easier to just use it :)13:43
slewislol, good point13:44
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages e8123e0 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository13:47
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 2aa16cc Stan Lewis: Implement the checkbox control14:09
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jstrachanslewis btw the main reason I"ve hacked in the lazy loading was so we get a tree of each node in the camel routes; so I can try out the hawtSpot stuff for viewing/editing the contents of a camel route14:14
slewisyeah, saw that in the tree...14:15
slewiskind of a nice way to see the route anyhow14:15
slewiswonder if another approach would be to register handlers for when you expand the tree in that spot14:15
jstrachanI tried that first actually :)14:16
slewisah, okay :-)14:16
jstrachanturns out there's nice lazy loading support in the tree widget; which shows a loading icon etc14:16
slewisbtw, saw that comment regarding mapping object to the table, you're right of course...14:17
slewisreally needs to be mapped to almost a nested group of controls really14:18
slewisnow that I think about it, shouldn't be too hard to do, basically it'd be the form control without adding the form/fieldset elements..14:19
jstrachancould do with a way to configure groups of fields into tabs at the moment - for example to make the schema editor look a bit less icky ;)14:19
slewisyeah, that'd be kinda nice...14:19
slewispeople run away from forms that scroll :-)14:19
jstrachanyeah :)14:19
jstrachanI remember your comment before about different directives - but my gut likes the idea of doing it all via the form registry thingy14:20
jstrachanthen we don't have loads of if/else crapola in the various UI stuff (e.g. wiki pages / camel editor etc etc)14:20
jstrachane.g. the camel editor / wiki stuff doens't know or care how the form lays itself out14:20
jstrachanits up to the type of the thing being editted to decide how to make the blob of html markup for the fields with tabs and/or groups and/or columns etc14:20
slewisah, you mean read-only vs. tabbed vs. regular?14:20
slewisyeah, think so...  actually I removed the read-only form directive14:21
jstrachanI mean when a form is viewed or editted - based on the type of the thing being viewed/editted we may use columns or tabs to arrange fields14:21
jstrachane.g. in camel - some patterns may not need tabs14:21
jstrachansome definitely will14:21
slewisyeah, think it should be do-able...14:22
jstrachan(there's some wacky unions in the camel EIPs for example - e.g. marshal/unmarshal - you have to pick the dataFormat; then each dataFormat kind has its own different mini-form)14:22
slewisyeah, guess really we need to just further nest the form config so you specify the tab name, and then what controls go in it...14:23
slewisI think doing tabbed forms should be easy really14:24
jstrachanwe could just enhance the json schema to add form related stuff in a form object or something14:24
slewisand yeah, we can do it in the one directive14:24
slewisyeah, there you go14:24
slewismaybe an extra "tabs" object or something14:25
slewisand you can list each tab and what controls go into which tab14:25
jstrachanform: { tabs: "one": { "name": "Cheese", "properties": ["name", "location", "description" ] etc14:25
jstrachanhaving tabs and order of fields (kinda same thing ;) - and being able to mark things as being textarea or input text - and having the usual number/date/email/min/max stuff - and we're 90% there on most forms I think :)14:26
slewisyeah, or could do (hold on am slower at typing this :-)14:26
slewisproperties: { 'key': { type: 'java.lang.String' }, description: 'some form', tabs: 'Tab 1': ['key'] }14:27
slewisthat way we can just look for the 'tabs' member to see if we need to worry about tabs before rendering he controls14:27
jstrachanyeah - though i think its gonna be easier to define a tab once and just list the property names rather than on each property object14:28
jstrachane.g. we can use wildcards and stuff14:28
jstrachaninclude/exclude type stuff at the type level rather than on each property etc14:29
slewisyeah, makes sense...14:31
jstrachanin camel's case for example one tab I"ll maybe list a few fields; then will use "*" in another tab14:31
jstrachanfor the 'rest'14:31
jstrachanhaving an exclude/hide list would be good too - so taking the json and converting that into the actual map of tabs -> list of properties etc14:31
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages de8a91a FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository14:46
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jstrachanslewis hey MrCss - wonder if we can have a nicer style than the green background & white text for osgi bundle names / package names? not a huge biggie but it does shout a little - wonder about maybe a greyish background?15:14
jstrachanblack text and a kinda feint rounded grey rectangle?15:15
slewisyeah, thought it was a bit bold myself15:16
davidbosjstrachan: I can turn the 'label' into a badge, which is a rounded rectangle (
davidbosatm I'm simply using the predefined colors from there, but if we can add more nice ones that would be nice!15:16
davidbosslewis: if you have the css-fu to do that, I'd love to use it :)15:17
jstrachanyeah - was just thinking it was a bit 'bright' - maybe '"Default" badge rahter than "Success" - but yeah, our resident MrCss tends to make things look lovely ;)15:17
davidbosWell, I did map the colors to the various bundle states :)15:17
jstrachansorry - that makes sense then15:18
* davidbos digging up what the mapping was again...15:18
slewisyeah, give me a few and I can muck around with it if you like15:18
slewisthink the style of the labels might look nicer15:19
slewisbedges might be a bit too rounded which doesn't fit in with the rest of the styling15:19
davidbosIf you look at Osgi.getStateStyle() in osgi/js/helpers.ts you see what the mapping is...15:20
slewisokay cool...15:20
slewisI'll have a look this afternoon then!15:21
davidbosslewis: just make sure that the INSTALLED state stands out and looks alarming, because this is the state that means the 'resolve' didn't work15:21
slewiscould make it flash yellow if you like :-)15:22
davidbosflash red with flames please15:22
* jstrachan misses <blink> :)15:24
slewislol, they have a new blink thanks to css3 animation stuff15:24
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tjsnellit's blink with more features15:24
jstrachan:) saw an awesome retro bootstrap css the other day…15:25
jstrachanthe awesome
jstrachanMc Hammer and everything!15:26
slewisthat's just awesome15:26
slewisit just nails the look15:26
davidboslol, love the counter at the bottom15:26
slewisthink we'll make that our new UI direction...15:28
slewislol, just kidding15:28
davidbosWe should all move off Chrome and install Mosaic15:29
jstrachanwonder if we can sneak in an McHammer easter egg...15:29
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master fea97f5 James Strachan: initial spike of #222 so we can view partial routes via navigating into a route via the tree UI16:15
githubhawtio/master 87d22f8 James Strachan: fixes #222 so we can view partial routes via navigating into a route via the tree UI16:15
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 1e1d85b FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository16:46
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iocaneljstrachan, slewis: I have an issue with the osgi-dev-mode. I am running it on vanilla karaf and the the hawtio page flickers and turns blank18:07
iocanelany ideas/clues?18:07
slewisiocanel: any particular page?18:09
iocanelslewis, all pages18:09
iocanelthe turn completely blank18:09
slewisI used the fabric distro here, created a fabric and then modified the hawtio profile to point to 1.1-SNAPSHOt18:09
slewisso no 404, just blank18:10
slewiswonder, any errors in the javascript console?18:10
iocanelslewis, yeap18:10
iocanelslewis, hmmm it seems it can't find jolokia18:10
slewisah, think maybe with the osgi one you actually have to install jolokia separately18:12
iocanelslewis, I got it working by changing the context from hawtio to hawtiodev and also installed hawtio so that I have jolokia under hawtio/jolokia which is expected18:14
slewisah cool...18:15
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jstrachaniocanel is the osgi-dev-mode stuff all ok now?18:47
jstrachanslewis btw gonna focus on the camel forms stuff for now; if you feel like hacking some tabs for the hawtSpot I'd be very grateful :) will get there eventually though if you're busy :)18:47
iocaneljstrachan, yeap and its working better than the non-osgi dev mode ever worked for me18:48
iocaneljstrachan, I started working on adding some pages for jclouds, but I've hit some issues with guava types so I'll need to go for dtos or something18:55
jstrachanneed any help?18:55
iocaneljstrachan, creating the dtos is not that hard18:56
iocanelas long as the rest of the jclouds folks are fond of adding dtos18:56
jstrachanwonder if we could avoid it - is it the core metadata objects in jclouds thats the issue - or guava colections/predicates/whatnot?18:56
jstrachanI guess the DTOs could be outside of jclouds in a hawtio module if folks are really anit-them18:57
jstrachanor you could just have mbean/jaxrs methods that uses jackson or whatnot to marshal things to json?18:57
jstrachanservlets even?18:57
iocaneljstrachan, guava collections the optional types etc. They don't look nice as json18:57
jstrachandoesn't have to be jolokia btw - any way to get hte data (xml / json) will do18:57
jstrachanthat reminds me - did I hack some DTOs in fuse for IDE...18:58
jstrachanmaybe not as we embed jclouds inside IDE I think…18:59
jstrachanjust had a wrapper for the cloud details (how to connect to the cloud etc) and then used ComputeMetadata directly inside a little facade thingy in IDE; nothing to reuse there am afraid :)19:03
jstrachaniocanel is there any jackson / jaxb stuff going on with things like ComputeMetadata in jclouds?19:03
iocaneljstrachan, no afair19:04
jstrachanok no worries19:04
jstrachanwonder if its worth chucking the objects like ComputeMetadata at jackson and seeing what comes out?19:08
jstrachanwe may be able to get away with some annotations on jclouds to avoid DTOs?19:08
jstrachan(or a custom ObjectMapper thingy in jackson land?)19:09
iocaneljstrachan, well I created annotations and converters that convert object directly to opentype, but they didn't like the idea19:10
iocaneljstrachan, it seems that they prefer dtos19:10
jstrachanah ok19:10
jstrachanthats fine too :)19:10
slewisjstrachan: playing with the OSGi page at the moment, after that I can look at adding the tab support if you haven't gotten to it...19:17
jstrachangonna be in camel - hawtSpot for a while yet I think...19:19
slewisyeah, no small task :-)19:19
jstrachanholy crap - I just got a form… :)19:22
jstrachanslewis is there a quick fudgy way to flick between view/edit modes right now btw? i.e. an easy way to add buttons - you mentioned it before but totally forgot19:23
slewishmm, between view and edit you'd have to modify the "mode" attribute19:24
slewisfor buttons you can do <a ng-href="" hawtio-submit="name-of-form">work</a>19:25
slewisto submit the form19:25
slewiswhere name-of-form comes from the "name" attribute you give the form19:25
jstrachanthe basic camel form stuff kinda works; need to hack the code generator to add support for 'extends' so we can add in all the base properties (id / description etc)19:41
jstrachanslewis if you pull then expand route2 and select the when node, there should be an (empty for now!) form appear in the Properties tab19:46
slewisone sec, I'll stash and pull19:47
jstrachanno biggie - its not very excliding - its 1 text field :)19:47
jstrachanthough a bit more code generation & json schema malarkey and we should get close to the basic UIs in IDE...19:47
slewiswell, I looked anyway, nice!19:48
slewisroutes look awesome in the tree btw19:49
jstrachanslightly dodgy icons :) but not too bad19:49
jstrachanthere's plenty for me to be getting on with (e.g. support 'extends' in the schema & dealing with nested types like Expressions etc)19:50
slewiswe can always fix up the icons...19:50
jstrachanFMC's create container stuff should be a doddle once I've got the basic camel properties working… :)19:50
jstrachanwould love a font-awesome style EIP palette!19:50
slewisyeah, was think will have to see if I can convert those to svg19:50
slewisat least the basic shape19:50
jstrachanslewis noticed you can now view partial diagrams/source? so if you've a massive route, you can pick a branch and just visualise that19:50
slewisoh nice!19:51
jstrachanthe real time metrics work even :)19:51
slewiswe'll have to get a couple releases out before camelone19:51
jstrachanshould have the web based editor going by then I'd have thought...19:52
slewisyeah, have quite awhile still!19:52
jstrachanthe whole iPaaS will probably be done by then :)19:52
slewishaven't decided if I like this idea I had for the OSGi page19:53
slewishey, what do you use for quick image sharing...19:54
jstrachanused to love skitch but now its all borked with damn evernote19:55
jstrachanchucking stuff on github issues is maybe easiest now (with the old skitch)19:55
slewisoh good idea19:55
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jstrachanah nice - like it19:58
slewisI kinda thought button-y looking things with indicator lights would look cool19:58
slewisbut now I've been staring at it so long I can't decide if I like it or not19:59
slewishave to tackle starting/stopping states, would really like flashing lights ala how FMC is at the moment19:59
jstrachanwonder if just a button/icon thingy next to the text might avoid that left hand kinda 'strip' thing20:00
jstrachanand showing a whole round green/blue/whatnot ball thingy?20:01
slewisyeah, could get rid of the strip thing20:01
jstrachanI do like the kinda glow/shade thing going on20:01
slewisyeah, it's all in css, didn't even change the code to use different classes20:01
jstrachanfeel iike I wanna see the whole ball though; so its a little more obvious20:01
jstrachanyay :)20:01
slewisyeah, maybe it shouldn't be peeping out from behind the surface of the button :-)20:01
slewisyeah, think I'll have to mess around with it more20:02
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