Thursday, 2013-04-04

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davsclausjstrachan i wonder if we should expose a counter++ in camel jmx mbeans for the processors / (maybe on route too) so we have a way to know the ordering of which they were postiioned in the routes07:45
davsclausto make it easier for tooling07:45
davsclauseg today you would need to traverse the route definitons to find the order07:45
jstrachangood idea07:45
davsclauseg i have an use-case wher ei get07:45
davsclausthe mbeans out of order07:45
davsclausyeah let me add that its just a little new attribute07:45
davsclausalso i though about having an attribute for the +/- delta for the last processor time07:46
davsclausjust going 1 back07:46
davsclausthat makes it easier to show a +2 +3 in a route diagram / tool07:46
davsclausif it went a bit up down since last message07:47
davsclausand wonder if people use the reset method to reset the stats07:47
davsclausif so we could have a timestamp when it was reset07:47
davsclausso you know that07:47
jstrachanbtw next time you pull; try navigating into routes in hawtio; we can now show partial source/diagram of a branch of a route07:49
jstrachanwe've nearly got a Properties tab going with the new hawtSpot stuff; needs a bit of work; but it soon should show something like the Properties UI in IDE07:49
davsclauswoot - this sounds cool07:52
jstrachangonna start on the code generation of json schema for camel endpoints soon...07:55
jstrachanonce I"ve nailed the generation of the EIP stuff as json schema07:56
davsclausyeah then its the same schema for both dsl and comppnents07:56
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 88d4447 James Strachan: latest generated json schema for camels model08:03
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master b195c6d James Strachan: added latest generated json schema for camel model; has extends and marshal data formats now09:27
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master b84a38e James Strachan: support schema inheritence for json schema so we can infer parent type properties re #22310:17
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jstrachandavsclaus yay, the expression sub-form isn't quite working, but the forms now show some actual data ;)10:42
jstrachanslowly catching up to IDE ;)10:42
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davsclausjstrachan you are on a roll10:56
davsclausjstrachan maybe we should try to get jolokia to support retrieving optional attributes10:58
davsclausand ignore if they do not exists10:58
davsclauseg to better support different camel versions and whatnot10:59
davsclauskinda like a "?foo", "bar"10:59
davsclauseg where foo is optional10:59
jstrachanyeah, hoping that comes soon10:59
davsclausalso with different tomcat versions and whatnot10:59
is-mwHi, im wondering if it makes sense to add features for hawtio to connect nagios/icinga to it ?!?11:01
jstrachanfor hawtio to connect to nagios or the other way around? either sounds good though ;)11:02
is-mweg having a rest api which provides informations in json format. for example one can use http://server:8181/hawtio/activemq-queue/myque to get queue metrics like consumer count, queue size or sth like that.11:02
jstrachanoh you want json/REST for access by nagios right?11:04
jstrachanif so - jolokia already does that really11:04
is-mwjstrachan: really? very interesting.. but maybe there could be also active checks by hawtio which are triggered to nagios ?11:05
jstrachane.g. if you're running hawtio, then use http://localhost:8080/hawtio/jolokia/list/org.apache.activemq to get all the mbeans you can query11:05
is-mwthere already is that health plugin which could do that job ?11:06
jstrachanhawtio is just using the REST API for jmx via jolokia for most of its functionality11:06
jstrachansee the docs here - there's basic operations like "list", "search", "read", "exec" etc which take mbeans / domains / wildcards / method names / attribute names etc11:07
jstrachanso the health mbeans are all available via the same REST API too11:07
jstrachanif what you're asking is you'd like something to raise nagios alerts if guages are too high or some health mbean has a certain state; then yeah we could do that in hawtio11:08
is-mwjstrachan: ahh, ok.. thank you very much11:08
jstrachanthough we're doing similar things in the fuse fabric project; to gather metrics and report them - its a small next step to do alarms as well11:08
is-mwjstrachan: yes that was some kind I was thinking about11:08
is-mwjstrachan: would be cool11:09
jstrachanfolks often use Hyperic or RHQ/JON for doing that kinda thing too (which is an OSS monitoring/alerting system)11:09
jstrachanbut I think we'll end up adding alerting to the "Fuse Insight" project - which right now dumps logs  / metrics (and soon camel messages) into ElasticSearch for searching etc11:09
is-mwyes I know hyperic.. have used it some times already.. but most of our customers already have some nagios / icinga11:09
jstrachanI hear you ;) so I think in the 'insight" project we'll add a kind of alarm plugin; which could auto-detect health mbeans or perform periodic checks on any mbean attribute etc11:11
is-mwjstrachan: that sounds very good ;-)11:11
jstrachanwe'd like to support different back ends for collecting metrics (e.g. ganglia / graphite or ElasticSearch and one day cassandra), logs (though ElasticSearch seems pretty decent really), messages and alarms11:12
is-mwjstrachan: yeah.. for fexibility it could use logstash11:16
jstrachanif folks are using fuse fabric we don't really need logstash really; JVMs can just log direct to ES11:17
jstrachanbut yeah, it could be a separate plugin to go via ActiveMQ / redis to ES11:17
is-mwbut logstash could filter / grok messages and send them to ... whatever redis/ES/file/....11:18
is-mwthere is also a nagios output plugin for logstash11:18
jstrachanyeah; or we coudl add the filtering into the each JVM11:18
jstrachanno need to send a message to some remote process only for it to parse it and filter it out when we could do that in the JVM :)11:19
is-mwjstrachan: but wouldn't you reimplement what logstash is already able to do (reinvent the wheel)11:19
jstrachanmostly logstash is a combination of redist / rabbitmq / ES - other than that there's not that much there really; we've already the plugin to log to ES - whether there's AMQ / rabbit / reddis in there or not is kinda more a config thing than actual code really11:19
is-mwjstrachan: ahh ok11:20
jstrachanfabric has a feature for running the kibana web app on the data from ElasticSearch for example11:21
jstrachan(with the back end ported to a servlet to avoid the rails dependency)11:22
is-mwjstrachan: really.. wasnt aware of11:22
jstrachanits kinda new :)11:22
is-mwahh, ok11:23
slewisjstrachan: might go through and push some issues marked for 1.1 to 1.2, what do ya think?  might be good to poop out a 1.1 before too long11:28
jstrachanquite a few stuff are more long term stuff11:29
slewisyeah, that's what I'm thinking...11:29
slewisI guess though we're still waiting for 6.0 aren't we...11:30
jstrachanmostly I'm waiting for blueprint-web to be released11:30
jstrachanbut I guess we may as well depend on fuse 6 too11:30
slewisah, k...11:30
slewiswell, will have a look through the list anyhow11:30
jstrachan(not that hawtio itself depends on much in it really - apart from insight-log4j in hawtio-default.war11:30
jstrachanslewis nearly got forms viewing nicely btw...11:30
jstrachan(for camel)11:30
slewisI'll take a look...11:30
jstrachanat least now we've a monster json schema to play with ;)11:31
jstrachanif you fancy tinkering with a union, we've the type "marshal" which has a "dataFormatType" which maps to one of many types
jstrachanI've kept most of the java types in there; so we can more easily default things like required or not and sizes etc11:38
jstrachane.g. java.lang.Boolean is optional versus boolean is mandatory et11:39
jstrachanplus figured we'd got lots of those kinds of type names from introspecting jackson / jolokia etc11:39
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slewislol, that model is sick indeed :-)11:52
slewisbut yeah, we'll need to just deal with java types all the time thanks to working with JMX anyway11:53
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slewisjstrachan: didn't you implement this one ->
jstrachannot yet :) there's the code in insight-maven though :?)12:05
jstrachandid try to port it to use eclipse's aether + Java but couldn't get it to work - should port it to Java at least so its a easier to consume12:06
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slewisah okay....  I'll just push it to a later version :-)12:14
slewisbtw, working on the form tab thing, then was gonna add a proper object mapping12:39
jstrachanactually been hacking the object stuff…12:40
jstrachan2 ticks will push...12:40
jstrachanslewis just pushed - am done hacking for now :) - so the When form, has an expression property which is-a ExpressionDef which has 2 properties inside - for now we just expand nested objects in place12:42
jstrachan(we could group them later on)12:42
jstrachanto differentiate from 'array' which is a nested table of 0..many12:42
slewisoh okay cool...12:43
jstrachanI guess for optional nested objects we may need a kinda add/remove type thing12:43
slewisem, depends I guess...12:43
jstrachanbut just wanted something simple so we could display expressions in camel forms12:43
jstrachanI guess we could define whatever groupings we want separate to the structure of the data12:43
slewisI figure an object in form terms is kind of a logical grouping of feilds12:43
jstrachanbtw if we can get camel's forms working, FMC should be a relative piece of cake with its relatively simple forms :)12:44
jstrachane.g. here's "when"
slewisbut yeah, if you're expanding the object properties in place then that's pretty much what I was going to do :-)12:44
slewisyeah, definitely12:44
jstrachanits got an expression property which is a complex type; then it inherits the usual list of stuff (id / desc)12:44
jstrachanah ok! :)12:44
jstrachanI figure we could use names "expression.language" or "expression.*" to group the nested properties into a tab / group / column etc12:45
slewisall we need is a way to get all the CreateContainerOptions definitions pulled in12:45
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 9dc139b FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository13:31
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github[hawtio] bosschaert pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 3ce2615 David Bosschaert: Do a little less OSGi manifest parsing...13:54
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jstrachandavsclaus you an aries committer? if so could you review/vote on the blueprint-noosgi / blueprint-web vote please?
jstrachandavsclaus sorry wrong tab completion14:08
jstrachandavidbos you an aries committer? if so could you review/vote on the blueprint-noosgi / blueprint-web vote please?
jstrachandavsclaus though if you are an aries committer… :)14:08
davsclausjstrachan then the world would be upside down if i was14:08
davidbosjstrachan: yes I'm an Aries committer14:08
davsclausbut seriously apache aries need someone with a love for that project14:08
davsclausto make it more up to date and look after the jira etc14:09
davsclausand finish the docs on the web page14:09
davsclausit has a ton of TODO14:09
davidbosjstrachan: voted my +114:10
jstrachanyay, thx!14:10
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jstrachanslewis phew - now got a checkbox on the inherit error handler property (was a duff code generation typo :)15:01
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davsclausjstrachan okaty so there is a camel route profiler now in ASF code base for karaf commands15:16
davsclausi added a few more details and whatnot to the stats15:16
davsclausso i guess going forward when camel 2.11 its easier to show the stats as its just a dump of them15:17
davsclausbut for 2.10 or older we need to caluculate a bit ourselves15:17
davsclausbut since its a table structure i can possible figure out that for hawtio15:17
davsclausthe fancy diagram stuff is probably a guru needed15:18
jstrachanI can help on that bit :)15:18
jstrachanI guess for faithful profile view; we maybe want a tree/table?15:19
jstrachanunless we just use a table with a wide column which is tree-ish15:19
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davsclausyeah you can do a tree that is auto expanded15:20
jstrachanah the tree widget can do that
davsclausi guess one advantage with the web ui15:21
davsclausis that the route can be showin in the tree15:21
davsclauseg a CBR15:21
davsclaushas nodes for the whens15:21
davsclausi guess that is what we do in fuse ide15:21
jstrachanlooks like it just adds <span> elements for each column on the tree and uses CSS to make them look like a table
davsclausdo we have the tiny camel icons in hawtio ?15:21
jstrachanadded them to the tree UI when you navigate into a camel route15:22
davsclausah cool, as then we can do similar view as in fuse ide15:22
davsclauswhich is great15:22
davsclausand even the shady grey coloring and whatnot15:23
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jstrachanslewis btw gonna take a stab at the combo box - you've not started that right?15:24
slewisno, haven't touched the combo box yet15:25
slewisdefinitely needed15:25
jstrachanok gonna try now15:25
slewiscould have a couple variants, i.e. radio button group or drop-down select thingie15:25
jstrachanslewis btw Core.pathGet(someObject, "name.with.dots" or ["path", "as" "names"]) is very handy!15:26
jstrachanfor kinda doing foo?.bar?.whatnot type stuff15:26
jstrachanslewis yeah15:26
jstrachanfinding myself using it all the time - even for 1 navigation path (as it avoids the fugly null check on the someObejct as well :)15:27
slewisyeah, exactly...15:28
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jstrachanslewis can you remember what the boolean scope is for here
jstrachanam in a getInput() and could do with the scope and can't find it anywhere15:55
jstrachanjust wondering where to shove it :)15:56
jstrachanslewis no biggie - chucked it on the config object for now16:06
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slewisjstrachan: yeah, that's the "scope" parameter for the directive object returned back to angular16:19
slewisit's either "true" or an object that sets up binding...16:19
slewisputting the scope in config works too :-)16:19
jstrachanyay combo works for language name on camel form16:34
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jstrachanslewis calling it a night shortly (off to the pub tonight - yay!); not working on form tabs or unions or anything if you wanna play around with any of that; we're getting close to having most camel forms done already - wow ;)16:54
jstrachantook soooo long in eclipse to get that stuff to work16:54
slewislol, awesome!16:55
slewisyeah, tabs are coming along...16:55
slewisjust looking at the tabbable directive in angular-bootstrap.js, actually really helpful16:55
jstrachanah cool16:55
jstrachanI guess union types may be similar16:55
slewishopefully can use that to make the tab-iness easier16:55
slewisyeah, probably16:56
jstrachan(though I guess we need to try figure out which tab is valid based on the data which could be tricky)16:56
slewisunless the model also includes the type along with the values16:56
jstrachanwill hack tomorrow some more complex camel routes to test out some of the harder/scarier forms ;)16:56
slewisin which case it'd be easy for viewing16:56
jstrachanin camel the element names kinda map to the type; so it shouldn't be too hard16:57
slewishey, enjoy the pub!16:57
jstrachanthx - laters!16:57
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages f9f6a8a FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository17:53
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 79c26cc Stan Lewis: Add tab support to forms, example at #/forms/test18:28
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 40cc743 Stan Lewis: Let osgi bundle list popover use whatever width it needs to avoid overflow/wrapping20:05
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