Monday, 2013-04-08

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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master da1ab81 davsclaus: #45: Initial spike of Camel profile view.08:20
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davsclausi guess we have a bit humor on the fabric plugin09:10
davsclausthe icon for number of active comtainsers is a cargo truck09:11
jstrachandavsclaus btw just starting on a camel editor; if you run hawtio and click on http://localhost:8080/hawtio/#/wiki/view/fabric/profiles/camel-widget09:31
jstrachanyou should be able to open it by clicking on the camel.xml09:31
jstrachandoesn't do much yet mind you!:) other than show a tree09:31
jstrachanworking on adding tabs / diagram / editor / property stuff at the moment09:31
davsclausoh cool09:31
jstrachanthe wiki exposes the XML namespaces in the XML doc now; so its easier on the client side to know if there should be a custom editor for an xml file09:32
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 25e77b4 davsclaus: #233: Fixed karaf plugin may have undefined values for old and new values causing errors in the console.09:50
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iocaneljstrachan, ping10:42
jstrachaniocanel hey!10:42
iocaneljstrachan, hey James. I am having an issue I needed some help. Have u ever encountered with the problem of using route parameters that container slashes in angularjs?10:43
jstrachanah yeah :(10:43
jstrachanthe wiki has that issue - I added a really dirty hack for now10:43
iocanelcan u point me to the hack?10:44
jstrachanits meant to be fixed in future angular versions (and am desperate to remove the hack)10:44
jstrachanthen in a controller to get the path back
jstrachanreally fugly!10:44
iocaneljstrachan, hmmm the problem in my cause is that it screws up routing10:46
iocaneljstrachan, so I am not sure if I can use that hack10:46
jstrachanah there's catch all parameters now in 1.1.3
iocaneleven if I do some url encoding to the link, it seems that the routing still fails for me10:46
jstrachanlemme try switch to 1.1.4 and see if things break - if so we can move to using * for catch-all10:47
jstrachanjust testing it on the wiki plugin; if it works I'll push...10:54
jstrachaniocanel awesome think it works!10:56
jstrachanjust doing a few more tests to make sure10:56
jstrachanits mostly working - just doing one more quick test for matching after the *foo10:59
jstrachanyay works great11:02
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jstrachangimme 5 mins and I'll push and show a sample11:02
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master c760640 James Strachan: upgraded to the latest greatest angularjs so we can avoid the hacks in the wiki plugin to perform $route mapping to paths with slash in them thanks to the 1.1.3 change to support *foo patterns11:04
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jstrachaniocanel ok if you pull you should be able to do stuff like this
jstrachani.e. use *path to map any path with slashes inside11:05
jstrachanyou can map stuff after that path too if you like - e.g.
jstrachanthough you have to be a little careful of whether you use a trailing / or not11:05
jstrachandavsclaus ooh - just seen the profile view - hawt! :)11:08
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davsclausthe unit tests for hawti-web now fails12:10
davsclaus[INFO] --- exec-maven-plugin:1.2.1:exec (PhantomJS Unit Testing) @ hawtio-web ---12:10
davsclausTypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'j.module')12:10
davsclausand a bumch of .js errors12:10
davsclausrebase on master12:11
jstrachanlemme have a look - I might have bust it with the angular change...12:11
jstrachanglad we have tests to break now btw :)12:14
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davsclaushmm still fails, wonder if something wrong here12:27
davsclausi did a12:28
davsclausmvn clean install12:28
davsclausfrom the root12:28
jstrachanah lemme try a build from root...12:29
jstrachanhmm worked here12:31
jstrachanyou did pull right?12:31
davsclausdavsclaus:~/workspace/hawtio$ git pull --rebase12:32
davsclausCurrent branch master is up to date.12:32
jstrachanI pushed a fix 18 mins ago
jstrachanlets see if the CI build fails too…
jstrachanah - wonder if phantomjs isn't being loaded for you maybe?12:33
jstrachanah - thats normal it seems "TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'j.module')"12:33
davsclauswell i remember all those tsts used to say OK further below12:34
davsclauswell what i first saw was12:34
davsclausOSGi: 0 of 11 expectations passed.12:34
davsclausRunner Finished.12:34
davsclaus[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------12:34
davsclaus[INFO] BUILD FAILURE12:34
davsclaus[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------12:34
jstrachanso they passed for me12:34
davsclausand hence ... darn OSGi again ... but i guess its something else12:34
davsclausmvn -X only shows12:35
davsclausCaused by: org.apache.commons.exec.ExecuteException: Process exited with an error: 1 (Exit value: 1)12:35
davsclausat org.apache.commons.exec.DefaultExecutor.executeInternal(
davsclausat org.apache.commons.exec.DefaultExecutor.execute(
davsclausat org.codehaus.mojo.exec.ExecMojo.executeCommandLine(
davsclausat org.codehaus.mojo.exec.ExecMojo.execute(
davsclaus... 21 more12:35
davsclausi disabled the jasmine tests12:36
davsclausso i can build now12:36
jstrachansorry about that - I'll try figure out whats wrong...12:36
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davsclausdarn the web console dont work - must be somethign more wrong on my end or whatever12:39
davsclausGET http://localhost:8080/hawtio/lib/angular-1.1.4.min.js 404 (Not Found) localhost:9412:39
davsclausUncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'module' of undefined angular-bootstrap.min.js:612:39
davsclausUncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'module' of undefined angular-resource.min.js:612:39
davsclausUncaught ReferenceError: angular is not defined ng-grid-1.6.3.debug.js:1912:39
davsclausUncaught ReferenceError: angular is not defined angular-ui.js:912:39
davsclausUncaught ReferenceError: angular is not defined ui-bootstrap-tpls-0.1.0.min.js:112:39
davsclausUncaught ReferenceError: angular is not defined12:39
davsclausempty page with just hawio12:39
davsclausand then errors in teh console12:39
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jstrachanmy bad - missed a file to checkin :)12:41
jstrachan(I'd added a hide of *-min.js" in IDEA which catches me out now and again :)12:41
davsclausphew that has been know to fix stuff in the past :)12:41
jstrachansorry - pushing shortly...12:42
jstrachanok try a pull :)12:43
jstrachansorry about that! :)12:43
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 8522fed James Strachan: added missing angular file - whoops :)12:43
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jstrachanyay, CI worked too12:47
hanijstrachan: where tf is 1.1!12:47
* jstrachan hides12:47
jstrachanhani just waiting mostly on a release of 1 dependent library really12:48
jstrachanhani so should be soon….12:48
haniso wont happen in the next 15 mins?12:48
hani(I have a release to make)12:48
haniwas hoping to sneak it in12:48
jstrachanunfortunately not12:48
davsclausyay it works now - thanks12:48
jstrachanlemme doublle check...12:48
jstrachangnodet is 2 +1's enough to release blueprint-web?12:49
davsclaushani you dont have any leverage anymore - not writing the bile blog12:49
gnodetjstrachan: no12:49
haniyeah I know12:49
haniI'm just a random peon now12:49
davsclausso ppl dont fear being on the frong page :)12:49
hanian unwashed mass12:49
davsclausi guess the story is, its OSS, so build the code and call it 1.1-hani as verson12:50
hanithat argument only works for people who dont value their time12:50
haniI could alternatively do nothing for a few days12:50
haniand magically 1.1 will happen!12:50
davsclausbut yeah we should do more releases12:50
haniif jstrachan doesn't discover a new language or something in the interim and moves on12:50
davsclausbut i guess ihawtio is still in very very active develpment12:50
davsclausyeah i guess he went for M$ and chose TS12:51
davsclausjstrachan are we short on +1 for aries release?12:52
jstrachanjust realised I'm a committer :)
hanijstrachan: so you're over scala?12:52
davsclausyeah but i guess its PMC votes12:52
jstrachanhani I still use it - but tend to do most new dev in TypeScript these days ;) - or Java to keep dependencies minimial really12:53
jstrachanhani the binary thing - huge fat dependency + dependency recompile hell on each scala release - is a bit of a turn off to be honest12:53
jstrachanwish java 8 bytecode worked on 7!12:54
haniI wish java 7 bytecode worked on 612:54
hanicant believe so many banks are still on 612:55
haniits horrifying12:55
davsclausis it WAS that is keeping them on 6 ?12:55
haniit's no reason at all12:56
haniits not being to justify a production change12:56
davsclausare they then buying that extened support to have it supported still ?12:56
hanithey dont buy it12:56
hanithey just think 'well 6 works, so lets not change anything'12:56
davsclausyeah its works vs it maybe works after the upgrade12:57
davsclausand to be sure, we need extensive testing and whatnot12:57
haniits stupid tbh12:57
haniupgrading jdk is one of the least riskiest things you could do12:57
haniits just recompile, check everything runs, deploy12:58
hanifar less risky than some random new feature that only a couple of people have tested12:58
davsclausyeah, we got soem random people to test camel :)12:58
haniits mostly because you have to get infrastructure people involved12:58
hanieg when upgrading camel or hawtio, I just modify a pom and nobody notices12:58
davsclausyeah self updating jvm would be cool12:59
hanior just have every app ship its own jvm!12:59
davsclausyeah those big monolotich servers i dont like12:59
hanithats what we do with servlet engine these days, have apps ship tomcat or jetty12:59
hanito avoid having to deal with infrastructure people or centralised IT12:59
haniat least most people arent dumb enougn nowadays to use WAS/WLS/jboss/etc13:00
davsclausyeah isnt jetty/tomcat gaining attention13:00
haniwell its a spring stack nowadays, so you just need a servlet container13:01
haniall the other crap plugs in13:01
davsclauseven for conservative organizations13:01
chirinohani: not really Java 7 has some SSL changes folks are running into.13:01
davsclausoh and yeah with j7 there is the jaxb 2.1 -> 2.2 change13:01
jstrachanhani could you wait a day or two before releasing? we may be close...13:01
davsclausseens some NPEs on earlier java 7 releases13:02
jstrachanguess we need java 8 lamda stuff on jdk6 ;)13:02
davsclauswith spring13:02
hanijstrachan: yeah there'll be another release in a few days anyway13:03
haniso no worries13:03
jstrachanah great13:03
jstrachanwill try get it sorted in the next few days13:03
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jstrachangnodet yay, I see the release!
gnodetit'll take a bit more time before reaching central though13:36
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iocaneljstrachan, so using just the * wildcard worked for me with no need to use the wiki pageId stuff13:49
jstrachaniocanel yeah13:50
jstrachaniocanel the wiki pageId stuff was the work around for pre angular 1.1.3 when they added the *13:50
jstrachaniocanel I upgraded to 1.1.4 of angular not long after you mentioned the issue :)13:50
jstrachaniocanel so that work around crap is no longer required13:50
jstrachaniocanel so is it all working ok now?13:51
iocanelyeah, I initially thought that a combination of upgrade and 1.1.4 was required13:51
iocanelI mean combination of 1.1.4 and workaround13:51
jstrachanah sorry for the confusion - that helper method can be removed now -13:51
iocaneljstrachan, yeap everything works fine13:51
jstrachanit now properly just makes the *foo appear as $routeParam["foo"] now13:51
jstrachaniocanel btw would be good to add the jclouds stuff into the sample WAR :)13:52
iocaneljstrachan, currently you can list apis, providers, services and for compute you can list nodes (start,stop, reboot etc), images, hardware, location etc13:52
iocanelI need to also add support for creating services and nodes and then hack some blobstore stuff13:53
jstrachansounds awesome :)13:53
jstrachanlemme know if you need any help on any UI / widget / angular stuff13:53
jstrachanwell help on anything really ;) though I know I can be of no real help on jclouds itself :)13:54
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davsclausyay seems like i got the self times caulcated for camel 2.10 apps14:44
davsclausjust need to have the data shown asap14:45
davsclausit kinda waits until that refresh 5 sec hits before showing the data14:46
davsclausi get tricked all the time with TS / JS not adding the numbers when using +14:47
davsclaus                accTotal += +data.self;14:47
davsclausbut if you prefix with + its regarded as numbers14:47
davsclausjstrachan btw do we have a helper function for parsing version numbers14:47
davsclauseg i kinda want to know if its < camel 2.11 etc14:48
jstrachanah not yet no am afraid14:48
davsclausmaybe some stuff in all your maven stuff14:48
jstrachannot yet no14:49
jstrachanI guess we need a helper function14:49
davsclausyeah i guess compare major + minor etc14:49
jstrachanversionString.spli(".") then turn it into an array of numbers - then have a compare14:49
davsclausits just that the maven version can have all kind of mumbo jumbo as prefix14:49
davsclausyeah with the split compare the [0] and [1]14:50
davsclausas numbers14:50
davsclausgood idea14:50
jstrachanis the version you care about coming from an mbean attribute?14:50
davsclausi have this helper14:50
jstrachanyeah, probably need a regex to find the numbers14:50
davsclaus  export function getCamelVersion(workspace: Workspace, jolokia) {14:50
davsclaus    var mbean = getSelectionCamelContextMBean(workspace);14:50
davsclaus    if (mbean) {14:50
davsclaus      return jolokia.getAttribute(mbean, "CamelVersion");14:50
davsclaus    } else {14:50
davsclaus      return null;14:50
davsclaus    }14:50
davsclaus  }14:50
jstrachansomething like this maybe
jstrachanr = /.*(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+).*/14:53
jstrachans = "camel-core-2.10.1"14:53
jstrachan["camel-core-2.10.1", "2", "10", "1"]14:53
jstrachan(just type that in the REPL in a browser)14:54
jstrachanneeds more regex work to deal with only 2 numbers14:54
jstrachanm = s.match(r)14:54
jstrachanversions = [m[1], m[2], m[3]]14:54
jstrachanhmm - odd14:57
jstrachanr3 = /.*(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+).*/14:57
jstrachanr2 = /.*(\d+)\.(\d+).*/14:57
jstrachan["camel-core-2.10.1", "2", "10", "1"]14:57
jstrachan["camel-core-2.10.1", "0", "1"]14:57
jstrachannot sure why r2 doesn't work when given "camel-core-2.10.1"14:57
jstrachanthough this works:14:58
jstrachanr2 = /.*\-(\d+)\.(\d+).*/14:58
jstrachan["camel-core-2.10.1", "2", "10"]14:58
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 6aa9c69 davsclaus: #45: Camel profile plugin - Calculcate total/self time for Camel 2.10 apps manually.15:14
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master edc8ccc James Strachan: added basic plumbing for showing diagram or properties UI in the camel editor16:03
githubhawtio/master c4a6c58 James Strachan: added a version number parsing helper function16:03
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jstrachanhaven't added a 'compare 2 N digit arrays of numbers' yet though16:03
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jstrachandavsclaus just adding a compare function16:16
davsclausseems failing for16:17
davsclaus    expect(Core.parseVersionNumbers("2.10.0.redhat-60023")).toEqual([2, 10, 0]);16:17
davsclausthat as a version16:17
davsclauseg for ASF numbers its just16:17
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 3d37290 James Strachan: added a compare version number helper method16:21
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jstrachandavsclaus here's some version compare stuff
jstrachanyeah - expects "foo-2.10"16:22
jstrachanso far16:22
jstrachanwould need to hack the regex to not be sensitive to prefixes16:22
davsclausokay i can add "camel-" and16:22
davsclauswell just as its on purpose16:22
iocaneljstrachan, ping16:26
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 211a6a0 davsclaus: #45: Camel route profile detect Camel version16:39
githubhawtio/master 97007c0 davsclaus: #45: Camel route profile detect Camel version16:39
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 8a78d8c davsclaus: Upgraded to perfectus 02416:45
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jstrachaniocanel pong16:54
iocaneljstrachan, I would like to have a tree with lazy loading.16:55
iocaneljstrachan, I am looking at the jmx stuff but not sure if we use something like this elsewhere, where the logic is more transferable16:56
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master abe02ec James Strachan: more flexible version number parser16:57
*** github <github!> has left #hawtio16:57
jstrachanyeah - I just added lazy loading tree to camel as it happens16:58
jstrachaniocanel its a bit hacky right now - but this adds lazy loading of tree
jstrachaniocanel though that example is more complex; we're adding lazy loading of the jmx tree there16:59
jstrachanits much simpler if you just create your own tree structure (like the integration / messaging / tomcat views do for example)16:59
jstrachanhere's how we wire in lazy loading by default
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