Thursday, 2013-04-25

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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 365d773 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository00:15
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is-mw2Hi,to use the hawt feature of hawtio to see the traces of camel routes fuse fabric has to be installed in osgi, right? is it easy possible to install it to smx 4.4.2?09:36
jstrachanno need for fuse fabric, just install the hawtio feature09:38
jstrachanworks in vanilla osgi containers09:38
jstrachanfeatures:addurl mvn:io.hawt/hawtio-karaf/1.1/xml/features09:39
jstrachanfeatures:install hawtio09:39
jstrachanshould do the trick in any karaf/smx/fuse esb09:39
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is-mw2jstrachan: hi, yes I already installed it, but on the camel route view I dont have the start tracing button09:45
jstrachanah gotcha - thats only available in camel 2.11 or the fuse distros of camel09:46
jstrachan(there's a tracing mbean thats required for it to function)09:46
is-mw2jstrachan ok, and no chance to install this to smx 4.4.2 ?09:46
jstrachanyeah, just use a more recent camel - you can use any camel version in smx09:47
jstrachanor switch to the fuse distro of smx ;)09:47
is-mw2jstrachan there is a bug in the recent version of smx why we cant use that09:48
jstrachanyou should at least get metrics on the routes though; even without the fuse distro / camel 2.1109:48
jstrachanah damn09:48
jstrachanis it any better in jboss fuse? :)09:49
is-mw2jstrachan: havent tried yet09:49
is-mw2jstrachan: btw: there seems to be a little bug in hawtio version 1.1 with smx 4.4.2. I get the following exception when switching to the camel route diagram view:
jstrachanah, we should probably eat that exception; as older camel releases won't have that API09:58
jstrachanlemme raise an issue for it09:59
is-mw2jstrachan ok10:04
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jstrachandavsclaus doh - just freaked myself out that tracing wasn't working using the test camel routes; as when tracing it shows all messages sent to any destination; not just the route being traced right now (so the UI fills with all the timer messages :)10:49
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davsclausyeah wonder if the UI should filter and only show for the diagram selected10:54
davsclausand i guess when we in the future can show multiple routes or something then we can do tracing from route -> route10:54
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dejanbjstrachan: hey … what's the easiet wat to reload current view11:23
jstrachancould you give me an example use case?11:23
jstrachanmost controllers have some kinda reload function inside them right now11:23
dejanbI deleted a message on browse11:23
dejanbso just wanna reload everything11:23
dejanbah .. so if I do populateTable that should work11:24
jstrachanbtw been trying to tweak the browse UI to use  nicer table widget thats easier to select stuff11:24
dejanblet me try it11:24
jstrachan2 ticks...11:24
jstrachantahts the thing which does the JMX query then populates the data11:24
jstrachanyou've pulled right? there's a new Move button - was gonna add a UI to let you move a message somewhere etc11:25
dejanbmoved this morning11:25
dejanbI don't see a button11:25
dejanbjust added delete button :)11:25
jstrachanah :)11:26
dejanblet me refresh11:26
jstrachanyou wanna push yours and I'll merge - hadn't pushed my move button :)11:26
jstrachanor vice versa?11:26
dejanbwhatever works better for you :)11:26
jstrachanok pushed11:27
jstrachanadded the filer & buttons aligned so just chuck any buttons you like around the move button11:27
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jstrachandejanb reckon we need a nice little 'queue picker' completer thingy we can use in camel endpoints & in a "move" dialog etc11:30
dejanbbtw. don't see your commit11:30
jstrachandoh ;)11:31
jstrachanclicked the wrong button in IDE :)11:31
jstrachanIDEA :)11:31
dejanbI still do my git from command line11:36
dejanbhm … it seems load table always get me one message too many11:43
jstrachantry set a breakpoint in populateTable() and have a look inside the array of messages; see if we're getting too much data back?11:44
dejanbnope data are good11:54
jstrachanis it obvious which message is duplicated (e.g. from the message id?)11:56
dejanblooks like it has problems just removing the last one11:57
dejanbwhen I changed11:59
dejanb        this.dataTable.fnClearTable(true);11:59
dejanbit worked now12:00
dejanbthere is some bug in it trying to update it12:00
dejanbwill push the delete msgs function … and then dig into this12:02
dejanbor should we juyst force clearing it all the time?12:02
jstrachanwhere did the this.dataTable.fnClearTable(true) go?12:04
jstrachanideally we'd be more clever and do delta updates of the underlying dataTable data12:04
dejanbyeah … that's what it's doing12:04
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jstrachanah the boolean is only to whether to redraw or not I think12:08
jstrachanwe could always just do dataTable.fnDraw() after the add?12:09
jstrachanwonder if that fixes it?12:09
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github[hawtio] dejanb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 304d610 Dejan Bosanac: addming message delete button12:09
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jstrachan        this.dataTable.fnDraw();12:09
jstrachanafter the line with fnAddData()?12:09
dejanblet me try it12:09
jstrachanor worst case lets just pass true to that function :) just wondered if it might cause flicker12:10
dejanbfndraw seems to work12:12
jstrachanam wondering on the selection stuff; wanna make it easier to select all / many etc12:13
dejanbyeah … just started looking at that :)12:14
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github[hawtio] dejanb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master fccd775 Dejan Bosanac: redraw table after adding data12:16
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jstrachans/wondering/working :)12:16
jstrachannot very happy with the current selection stuff to be honest12:17
jstrachanif we switched to ng-grid we get nice check boxes; but no expando + thingy going on12:17
jstrachanpondering about hacking the DataTable widget a bit to add nicer selection12:17
jstrachandejanb wanna try implement move? :)12:18
jstrachanhere's how to do modal dialogs if you wanna pop up a dialog to pick where to go
jstrachanwe do that in the camel editor for example on the Add action12:19
jstrachane.g. click "Add"12:19
jstrachan(top right)12:19
jstrachanthen we'd just need a picker of queues in the popup12:19
jstrachanoh I should mention how it works :)12:19
dejanbwill bother you accordingly :)12:20
jstrachanin here the "showAddDialog" is a $scope.showAddDialog = true / false12:21
jstrachanto decide when to show/hide it12:21
jstrachansearch for 'showAddDialog' in that file to see how its used12:21
jstrachanthe Move action would then just set the flag to true - the closeMoveDialog() would set it false; then the move button in the dialog would do the move, then closeMoveDialog() etc12:22
jstrachanthe trickiest bit is gonna be grabbing the workspace.tree and finding the queues in there to fill a tree/table thingy12:22
jstrachan(could add a text filter maybe too)12:22
jstrachanto help quickly find the queue to move to etc12:23
dejanbyeah … btw we probably need modal confirmation for deleting messages too12:23
dejanbcan we select multiple items?12:24
jstrachanyeah - could add a confirm model in similar way to above12:24
jstrachandejanb I'll get multiple selection working; its a table widget issue really - but yes - I"ll sort that bit12:24
jstrachanwill add a way to select all / none etc12:25
* dejanb bbiab12:25
is-mw2jstrachan: found another little bug. when I stop a camel context I get the following exception:
jstrachanhmm - does that mbean still exist? or did something else kill it first/13:05
jstrachanor is it more a refresh issue; that it goes away again before the UI refreshes?13:06
is-mw2jstrachan: it seems the mbean doesnt exists anymore. If I stop my context and it is the only context I have in smx the camel menu item disappears13:07
jstrachanyeah - thats expected13:07
jstrachani.e. the menus are only around while you've camel stuff deployed; it appears/disappears as you add/remove stuff13:07
jstrachanI think there's a bug in the Camel tab not correctly reloading on a jmx tree change though13:08
is-mw2so if I stop a context I will not be able to start it again, will I? so the button start is not very useful, is it13:08
jstrachanit works fine in the ActiveMQ tree for example - if you create/delete (in any way you like) a new queue, the JMX and ActiveMQ views update dynamically13:08
jstrachanstopping a context is pretty serious; you can't do anything with it again once you've stopped it13:09
jstrachanthats a camel thing really - not much hawtio can do other than not let you do it :)13:09
jstrachanstarting/stopping routes is much safer though13:09
jstrachanthough hawtio should maybe add a huge warning - maybe even call it 'destroy' rather than stop or something13:09
davsclausyou can suspend a camel context, then it suspends all its routes, and the mbeans is kept around13:10
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jstrachandavsclaus wonder if we should use suspend rather than really stop in hawtio?13:11
is-mw2davsclaus yes. maybe hawtio should not have a stop button but only a suspend button. If someone really wants to stop the context, he could use the stop operation on the context13:12
jstrachanor maybe rename "Stop" as "destroy" or something which implies it can't start again13:12
is-mw2then he would execute the mbean operation and is aware of that13:12
davsclausyeah in the UI of hawtio we can have a destroy button / icon with some confirm dialog13:18
davsclausand let people use the suspend for "stopping camel for a bit"13:18
davsclausand btw its called stop because the 1st commit named it stop :)13:19
davsclauswe got all that javadoc and whatnot telling ya calling stop on camel context is shutting it totally down13:19
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jstrachandejanb am experimenting with ditching the + expando so we can use ng-grid for its nice multi-select - which is a bit cleaner - then using a modal dialog to popup the message detail13:57
jstrachanthink I like ti better now - lemme push and see what folks think13:58
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jstrachandejanb you pushed your delete changes?15:27
jstrachanwas the delete button on the detail view right?15:28
jstrachanwas gonna add something on the toolbar with the Move?15:28
jstrachanso you could delete a bunch of messages15:28
dejanbyeah, was planning to that that as well15:29
jstrachanlemme do it now - I"ve been tinkering and added multi-select15:29
jstrachanor you wanna do it - your call :)15:29
jstrachanbtw just pushed the dialog for viewing the detail15:29
jstrachannow if you click on the message ID a modal pops up showing headers/body15:30
jstrachanfeels a bit nicer I think15:30
dejanbgo ahead with delete15:30
dejanblet me pull15:30
dejanbwrong button again? :D15:31
jstrachanyou use IDEA?15:31
jstrachansplat-T does the trick15:32
jstrachan(be sure to click 'rebase' the first time you see the update dialog appear)15:32
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dejanbjstrachan: still don't see you push15:43
jstrachandoh :)15:44
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master a6ee9b5 James Strachan: use a modal dialog to show headers/payload so the UI is a bit cleaner and we can use checkboxes for mulit-selection15:44
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jstrachanalmost got the delete + dialog thingy in15:44
dejanbI progressed a bit with move dialog … but won't be finished today, so won't commit15:46
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jstrachanok no worries15:49
dejanbit definitely looks better with dialog15:51
dejanband checkboxes15:51
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master d41d4b9 James Strachan: added the delete button, a confirm dialog - and allow multiple selection16:01
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jstrachandejanb ok delete button / confirm dialog in16:01
jstrachanjust tidying layout & messages a littel16:01
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 0615911 James Strachan: nicer formatting of the toolbar16:18
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master e3c5817 davsclaus: #289: use width 30/70 in jmx attributes table.17:40
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 102dc81 davsclaus: #287: Rename button to destroy for stopping Camel.18:00
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 5f73467 davsclaus: #285: Camel diagram do not show error if route stats mbean is not avail due old Camel release.18:05
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