Wednesday, 2013-05-01

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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 3483569 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository00:14
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master ab96ff1 James Strachan: viewing the message detail view now selects the current item so we can move/delete it from the detail view; also after move/delete we switch back to the table view as the selection usually disappears10:03
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davsclausjstrachan noticed that the move message fails with NPE if you type in a non existing queue name: eg like "foo"10:12
jstrachanah ok - will look very shortly - there's an issue right now with not being able to enter values not in the list - will fix soon...10:14
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 51517e4 James Strachan: use the detail pager when zooming into message detail10:15
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jstrachanawesome! the camel tracer now works with the detail view / pager (video controls)10:22
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 8f932e2 James Strachan: let camel tracing use the new detail pager so folks can step through message traces with the video player controls; while looking at the headers/body in a more natural way10:22
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jstrachandavsclaus have a try next time you pull at tracing - works much nicer now10:23
davsclausah sounds cool10:23
davsclauswonder if we can render some dottet lines or something when a new breadcrumb id starts10:23
davsclausmaybe to kinda show which messages belong together10:23
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 2ab1caa James Strachan: remove cruft10:24
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jstrachandavsclaus you can group by ID10:25
jstrachanclick the down arrow (top right of the table) and click the column icon next to ID10:25
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jstrachanreally happy with the new video controls for tracing (and cycling through messages on an endpoint or queue)10:28
jstrachanhoping slewis can figure out some nice transitions to slide between them, then it'll be perfect ;)10:28
jstrachane.g. its easy to look at the detail, skip a few rows in then move/delete where you are in the detail view without using the table view10:28
davsclausyeah see the controls when clicking on a msg10:33
davsclausseems like the body is not shown10:33
davsclausa grey text box all the time10:33
davsclauseg the timerToAMQ route10:33
davsclauswonder if we can have key assigned to the controls10:34
davsclausso you can navigate with keys?10:34
davsclausand if so which keys would ppl think is "default"10:34
jstrachanwe could default to gmail keys maybe?10:35
davsclausyeah possible10:36
davsclauswe would maybe need a "clear" button on the tracer10:40
jstrachandavsclaus you get no body on the timerToAMQ route - is that when tracing it - or when browsing the activemq:// queue?10:44
jstrachans/queue/endpoint I mean from the camel Browse endpoint UI10:44
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slewisjstrachan: did you make that detail view thingie a directive yet?11:55
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jstrachanslewis yeah - more a hawtio-pager directive12:02
jstrachanslewis so camel browse / trace and amq queue browse now use a grid and detail-view which has video controls on it to step through the table etc12:02
jstrachanwe could turn the show/hide of the table / detail into a directive maybe; though less sure about that bit to be honest12:03
jstrachanslewis pull & try browsing camel endpoints / amq queues and see what you think12:03
jstrachanno transition though yet ;)12:03
slewisyeah, think the detail view could be a separate directive12:04
slewiskinda like the hawtio-confirm-dialog one really12:04
slewiscool, I'll see what I can do with the pager and also create a directive for the detail view, 'cause I kinda want that to slide out12:05
jstrachanyeah :)12:06
jstrachansliding would be hawt12:06
slewisbtw, think the page might be better off in core rather than forms?12:07
slewispager even12:08
jstrachancould be - I wonder if we need another module to put ui stuff?12:08
jstrachane.g. core has quite a bit of stuff in it and this directive is pretty much just pure angular12:08
slewisyeah, that's true12:09
slewismaybe just a ui module12:09
slewisand we throw all the ui directives in there12:09
jstrachanplus core's kinda big & easy to miss stuff in there12:09
slewiswell, I'll kick off a ui module and we can slowly refactor existing stuff to go in there12:10
jstrachanI did wonder if we should move this function and the one below it into the directive/class thingy12:11
jstrachanas its kinda more to do with the underlying model / selection model and not really anything to do with the controller per se12:11
slewisyeah, maybe!  unless you have a case where you need to fetch the next row from a backend12:12
jstrachanso maybe that'd be a good thing to keep out of the pager (to keep it simple and gridOptions / ng-grid agnostic)12:12
jstrachanbut move into the table / detail viewer thingy12:12
jstrachanits quite a challenge - especially as JVM folks - figuring out the best way to slice and dice things12:13
slewislol, yeah, there's lots of ways12:13
jstrachanI've been increasingly coming to the conclusion, flexibility at the template level outweighs a bit of copy/paste of a few functions - and if those few functions become too big, there can be a helper method to add those functions to a $scope12:14
jstrachane.g. with the pager I did ponder having a way to add content inside the div (e.g. the close button) - but then figured, sod it - keep it out, its more composable - just get the css (display:inline) stuff sorted so things can be outside the div and still look part of the same toolbar :)12:14
slewisyeah, exactly...  I usually figure somethings fine until it becomes smelly enough to warrant a refactor :-)12:14
slewisyeah, open/close should be owned by the slide-out directive12:15
jstrachanit should probably maintain selections too (e.g. moving in the detail view should update the selections automatically etc)12:16
slewisah yeah, probably...12:16
slewisthat could be done, but for ng-grid that requires calling a function to select the row by index12:16
davsclausjstrachan when tracing12:16
jstrachanyeah - I wonder if its maybe better for the table-detail directive to be given the gridOptions12:16
davsclausand looking at the message details12:17
davsclauseg about the no body12:17
slewishmmm, yeah could be...12:17
davsclausthere is an setBody("hellow world"(12:17
jstrachanslewis e.g. in the trace; after the selection's fired, we need to call the function thats in gridOptions.afterSelectionChanged()
davsclausthat ought to set the body to that value12:17
jstrachandavsclaus when tracing which route?12:17
jstrachanslewis so to simplify the configuration - maybe give the grid/detail thingy the gridOptions - as from that we know what the data is, we know what the selection list is - and we know what function to invoke after selections are updated (if present - gridOptions.afterSelectionChanged())12:18
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jstrachanslewis the 'row' and rowIndex can be set by the directive on its own scope & then used to render the detail view?12:19
slewisooh, in 2.0 they add a couple functions to gridOptions for you12:21
slewisone sec, looking it up12:22
jstrachandavsclaus debugging it - looks like there's no body returned from the xml12:22
slewisyou can select by index or by object if I recall12:22
jstrachandavsclaus looking a bit closer just in case its an XML parse issue...12:22
jstrachanslewis ah awesome!12:22
davsclausah the tracer operation has AFAIR an option to include / exclude the body12:22
jstrachanslewis I think building the grid / detail directive on the gridOptions sounds a nice simple approach12:22
slewisah, here it is -> search for "Row Selection Example"12:24
slewisthey add selectRow and selectItem functions to gridOptions that you can use to select rows on the fly12:24
slewisguess they had trouble doing a two-way binding with the selectedItems array12:24
davsclausah no its not that one12:25
jstrachanslewis hawt!12:25
jstrachanslewis yeah - finding objects in arrays can be a bit icky in JS :)12:25
slewisyeah :-)12:25
jstrachandavsclaus just gonna debug the XML that comes back to be sure...12:25
jstrachandavsclaus its an xml parsing bug in the JS :)12:33
jstrachandavsclaus just fixing...12:33
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master ce7e2b5 Stan Lewis: Kick off new hawtio-ui plugin to hold UI directives, move hawtio-confirm-dialog there12:37
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 8f8d815 James Strachan: better parsing of the trace exchange / message XML so we don't miss the message body12:49
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jstrachandavsclaus think I just fixed the payload issue12:49
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 5b78e89 Stan Lewis: Use common template path12:51
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hani_jstrachan: come on, admit it, camel code is horrible to look at13:04
hani_or step through13:04
jstrachanstep through is hard  - was just pondering the tweet for that13:04
hani_so we can agree in the safety and security of irc that that guy is an idiot13:04
jstrachanneeded to check if its still Pipline as the magic class to set your breakpoint in13:04
hani_if his idea of pleasure is looking at that turdy code13:04
jstrachanlol :)13:05
hani_its all async now, so you have to endlessly breakpoint in callbacks13:05
jstrachandamn async!13:05
hani_and get hopelessly lost about where you actually are, why you're there, or why you even chose camel13:05
hani_but then it magically works and you forget about how horrible it was to figure out why or how13:05
hani_and you hope nobody realises you have no idea how tf camel actually works13:05
jstrachanin the old days; when there wasn't async and there was no separation between the model/DSL and the code to do stuff it was easy13:05
jstrachanthe fact the DSL is a model rather than the 'code' makes it more complex tnough13:06
tjsnellhani_:  I agree!13:06
hani_its magic, not the good kind of IDEA magic, where you feel warm and fluffy and like someone is giving you a big hug13:06
jstrachanreally want a debugger though; that'd make things much simpler really13:06
hani_its like voodoo dirty magic where there's a big fat black sweaty woman who fondles your genitalia and sniggers at it but eventually you get what you came for13:07
jstrachandebugging any async messaging kinda app is kinda hairy though; its not like camel is taking something really easy and making it much much harder13:07
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jstrachanbut I totally agree, there should be a proper debugger thingy to make it really easy to step through stuff13:08
hanior at least a guide13:08
hanithat says 'here's how you step through a route'13:08
jstrachana quick hack - add an interceptor - then add a breakpoint there13:08
hanithats not how it should work!13:09
jstrachanhave seen lots of folks add a Processor in the middle of a route to add a breakpoint there13:09
hanithats what I end up doing13:09
haniand I rue the day I use any built in stuff rather than a processor13:09
hanieg if you use beanRef, simple, or anything that is out of the box rather than custom processor13:09
jstrachanif there was a standard place where you could put a breakpoint before a predicate / expression / processor is invoked, would that help?13:10
jstrachanso at least there's 1 place to step through without worrying too much about the async stuff?13:10
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master c6fde0e Stan Lewis: Add ui test page/controller as a sandbox for ui stuff13:12
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hanijstrachan: yeah that'd help13:13
haniif it was mentioned on
hanibasically, I should be able to debug a route without having to write code13:13
hanicode could make it easier, but it shouldnt be required13:14
jstrachanyou tried using the debugger API? looks like it should do what you need (once enabled)13:39
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davsclaushani for the 100th time see
davsclauswe could also just take out all the async code, and then ppl would complain that it does support non blocking async callbacks etc14:00
davsclausor use a 3rd party library for the ascync delegation such as ????14:00
davsclaushawt disptach14:00
davsclausor whatever14:00
davsclausbut then ppl complain about JAR dependency in core etc14:00
davsclausbut nice to see a glimpse of the old hani14:00
davsclausyou can also go commerical and use mule esb and complain about its non community, and using old lbirariries14:01
davsclausor go dark and use the SI project and have spring everywhere14:01
davsclausbut agree the static processor chains got too long in camel14:01
haninow now, no need to get all antsy14:02
haniI still use camel and mostly like it, nothing wrong with admitting its shitty for debugging14:02
davsclausbut set a breakpoint in APH14:03
haniits still an overall win14:03
davsclausthat guy is sort  a good place for debugging14:03
davsclausand yeah jstrachan PipelineProcessor and its sister MulticastProcessor is the 2 center pieces also14:03
davsclausbut that guy ^^^^ is sorta where its invoked before the next step14:03
davsclausto support the async non blocking callback code14:04
davsclausthat unfortunately has to be daisy chained all the way14:04
davsclausif there is a weak link then the chain breaks and it cant be fully non blocking14:04
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davsclaushani and in old days with EJB then IDEA or JBuilder would have special debugger support14:04
davsclausso you could step into a EJB remote call14:05
davsclauswithout all that dark generated code14:05
jstrachanwe need a proper IDEA debugger for camel :)14:05
davsclauswould be nice in some way to have @StepOver annotations or some way to do debugging on higher level14:05
davsclausand tell the tooling14:05
davsclausyeah just step over this its a lot of internal code dont mind it14:06
davsclausoh jstrachan we should have a route "stacktrace"14:08
davsclausso at any point you can print out like a stacktrace where the message has been routed14:08
davsclausand in case of exception, we can output that also14:09
davsclausthat may help find that the exception occurred at14:09
davsclaus-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-14:09
jstrachanyeah - the UnitOfWork stuff is kinda a stack trace I guess14:09
jstrachantoo scared to go anywhere near the eclipse debugger APIs; reckon its time for a hawtio debugger - though the only downside will be no way to set breakpoints in java code though14:10
jstrachanrhuss slewis  changing the subject a bit - rhuss have you ever thought of adding a jolokia proxy servlet for redirecting from the current JVM to a remote JVM thats got jolokia inside (i.e. using HTTP / JSON with no JSR 160 when proxying?)14:13
jstrachanrhuss slewis  more detail here:
jstrachanrhuss I was wondering about adding a proxy servlet that just forwards all the HTTP requests in the current JVM to a remote JVM (if we know its got jolokia inside) and missing out the JSR 160 stuff (e.g. for nice batching and avoiding connection pooling issues etc)14:14
jstrachanas right now we can't connect to remote Fuse ESB's running jolokia as its secured & we tend to get lots of JS errors14:15
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 8375d87 James Strachan: fixes #306 so we can send custom message headers when sending messages14:26
githubhawtio/master 3ed2497 James Strachan: Merge branch 'master' of
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slewisyeah, we've gotta get on that...  wonder, if we come up with a nice simple implementation maybe we can submit a pull request to jolokia?14:26
jstrachanyeah - I guess we could start with a servlet in hawtio & get it working; then when it works submit to jolokia?14:28
slewisyeah, I guess...  might be nice just to implement in jolokia straightaway...14:28
slewisthen we don't have to worry about shimming stuff that might have to change between impls14:28
jstrachangood point14:28
jstrachandavsclaus btw pushed a fix for Move on AMQ queues working with new queue names - though it doesn't yet work when you send to new made up endpoints on the camel browse endpoint / forward option...14:29
jstrachandavsclaus wonder if the sending to a new URI doesn't create the mbean for the newly created endpoint maybe?14:35
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages b5931d1 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository14:35
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davsclausjstrachan ah yeah - see14:36
davsclausConfiguring whether to register mbeans always, for new routes or just by default14:36
davsclausits only when adding new routes we register all the mbeans14:36
davsclauswhen adding new endpoint we dont14:37
davsclausas when ppl use dynamic uris14:37
davsclausit ends up creating a zillion of mbeans14:37
davsclausthough we can/maybe has jmx apii so you can force creating mbean for endpoint if not alreadt there14:37
davsclausif you set14:37
davsclausthen the mbeans will be created also for dynamic uris14:38
davsclausbut i guess we want hawtio to force creating that mbean14:38
jstrachanI guess hawtio coudl do a 'create endpoint' call first just in case14:38
jstrachancreating endpoints works fine it seems14:38
davsclausyeah but even so the jmx agent knows its not adding a new route and the mbean is not created14:38
davsclausor does it?14:39
davsclauswell we can for sure add some missing api if needed14:39
jstrachanthis is when we're doing sendStringBody / sendBodyAndHeaders on the CamelContextMBean14:39
jstrachanif we use a new URI its not by default creating mbeans14:39
davsclausbut there is an api to create new endpoint14:40
davsclauswe use that from fuse ide14:40
davsclausi remember14:40
jstrachangonna just call that14:40
jstrachanwe use the same API in hawtio already in the "Create Endpoint" UI14:40
jstrachandavsclaus yay, works like a charm!14:46
davsclausah great14:46
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 2c019a4 James Strachan: allow camel browse to forward messages to a new endpoint that doens't exist yet14:47
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jstrachanslewis btw thanks for fixing the typeahead thing appearing over the dialog window! much nicer14:48
slewislol, did I fix that?14:48
jstrachansomeone did :)14:48
slewishuh, yeah, hadn't gotten a chance to actually look at it, must have changed something related I guess14:49
jstrachanunless I fixed it by accident in changing the markup to support the detail / grid thing? :)14:49
slewisodd :-)14:49
slewisyeah, maybe?14:49
jstrachanmarking as fixed! :)14:49
slewisif it breaks again, we'll reopen!14:49
jstrachanyeah :)14:50
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 26fa9e6 James Strachan: better default ID generation when browsing camel messages15:12
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 37efd5d FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository15:20
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jstrachanrhuss slewis  I raised a jolokia issue for the http/json proxy idea for jolokia: i.e. to proxy to remote jolokia containers (without using JSR 160)16:31
slewisjstrachan: cool!16:32
slewisI can maybe take a look at it once I get these directives squared away...16:32
slewisI swear, sometimes I feel like a goldfish, flitting about from here to there :-)16:33
slewisguess just 'cause we've got lots to do :-)16:33
jstrachanslewis being able to connect to any JVM in fabric would totally rock!16:33
slewiswell, we *really* need that functionality16:33
slewisgrr, for some reason sometimes my browser is taking a minute or more to refresh16:38
slewismaybe just time for a chrome restart16:39
jstrachanI tend to use Canary chrome and kill it and restart it quite oftne :)16:39
jstrachanit often just hangs for no reason after heavy use in dev mode with LiveReload16:39
jstrachan(livereload also seems to kill my JVM now and again too)16:39
slewisyeah, think that's exactly what I'm seeing16:39
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 5d1ec30 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository19:20
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master f325655 Stan Lewis: Implement #31219:40
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 8426224 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository19:50
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 9bcef9c Stan Lewis: Move hawtio-pager to UI plugin19:57
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages c142664 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository20:05
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