Monday, 2013-05-20

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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 8a5d882 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository00:13
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 1c401d7 James Strachan: fix for broken canonical jmx names when connecting to remote jvm; turns out we were not passing the headers across ;)09:22
githubhawtio/master aed67d8 James Strachan: make sure we always turn off canonical names & properties09:22
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 039c0d4 James Strachan: default to activeOnly when viewing profiles; as it gives a better overview of whats running10:32
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master f8e1c6c James Strachan: show profiles by default as it gives a better overview of whats running10:36
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 3 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 641dd92 James Strachan: provide API to clear notifications to get rid of annoying loading notifications when we've loaded already11:03
githubhawtio/master c126634 James Strachan: fix clusters view on latest fabric11:03
githubhawtio/master 620dcd0 James Strachan: sort tables by default11:03
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jstrachandavsclaus btw snapshot of fabric / hawtio lets you edit the camel routes in the profile git repo & changes are applied on the fly via the hawtio camel editor - the 'example-camel-fabric' profile has a camel xml inside which you can view and then edit via the fabric profile ui11:04
davsclausah nice11:13
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slewisjstrachan: yeah, that apply profiles page got complicated fast when testing with containers running on different versions13:05
slewiscan look into re-working it a bit...  maybe selecting containers on the container list page is the way to go really13:05
slewisthough again, if you select containers on different versions it gets complicated13:05
jstrachanwas just looking at adding an add/remove UI to the container page too13:05
jstrachanmaybe we only allow selections on the same version?13:06
jstrachane.g. pick a version, see the containers - then select a bunch of 'em - then show the agregated profiles and add/remove13:06
jstrachanwould be super nice if we could highlight profiles that not all containers have, but some do13:06
jstrachanseen some UIs do that -kinda half-checked ;)13:06
slewiswas kinda thinking maybe a view of active versions/profiles/containers13:06
jstrachanmaybe the version -> container -> profile UI could be used to move containers to different versions too?13:07
jstrachane.g. select containers on a version; then either move versions, or add/remove profiles13:07
slewismight have to expirement a bit...  now that we can easily connect to a container we might not need to show too much information about each container in the list really13:08
slewisawesome stuff on editing camel blueprint files13:09
jstrachanI made the profiles UI active by default btw - with activeOnly enabled too - so its a nice easy way to see whats going on13:09
slewisyeah, that's cool...13:09
jstrachanstarting to think maybe we need 2 different profile UIs; a 'here's whats running now' view of profiles with count / min / max things - then maybe a wiki-style tree that you can navigate in a tree/wiki way through the tree13:10
jstrachanthe 'here's whats running now' or the 'here's all the profiles in one table' probably don't need the parent/child proifle fields on them - showing current / min / max / list of containers is maybe more relevant?13:11
jstrachanthen figured the tree/wiki style profile navgation would be more about the tree UI - and breadcrumbs would show the 'hierarchy'13:11
slewisyup, makes sense to me...13:11
slewisI've got some ideas in mind, let me see if I can make 'em work...13:13
slewishopefully fabric is in a good mood this morning :-)13:13
jstrachangood luck!13:13
jstrachanslewis will hack the container view a little - to add the add/remove UI on a single container - an easy change13:14
slewisokay, that's fine...  Think I'll do my messing on a new page so no worries13:14
slewisthen we can pick, kinda like the bundle-list vs the bundle table pages :-)13:14
jstrachanbtw have a play - I'm wondering what we should do about the Profile page too; for configuration I like the wiki view - wondering about adding more info to that UI (as it already shows the wiki docs too)13:15
jstrachanyeah ;)13:15
slewisyeah, I liked the wiki view as well13:15
slewisI'm definitely not wed to the current profile view13:15
jstrachanfor profiles view we maybe want to have a couple of views - wiki tree style or flat list (with active only or not filter on the table)13:15
jstrachanone thing about angular - I wish it was a little easier to reuse resource trees in different plugins :)13:16
jstrachane.g. 'reuse all the wiki, over here within the fabric/* tree'13:16
slewisshould be a matter of turning re-useable stuff into a directive13:16
slewisand then declare the module as a dependency13:17
slewisreally directives should be the re-usable widget that you just pass some data to13:17
jstrachanon a per widget basis yes - but when you've say, 10 pages all combined together with links / routes / bookmarks / logic - its kinda hard to do that13:17
slewisah, yeah, fair enough :-)13:17
slewismaybe it'd be possible to decouple all that stuff into some higher-level reusable widgets?13:18
jstrachanwe're getting there though!13:18
slewisnot sure...13:18
slewisreally maybe some of the wiki stuff could go into ui and git13:18
jstrachanI think when the custom injection comes in with angular 2.0 we'll be fine then13:18
slewisah, okay13:18
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jstrachanas its kinda like we just wanna be able to inject a few different services at different URI patterns - but keep the core logic13:19
slewisdo this kinda stuff to this mbean and here are the operations you need to call13:19
jstrachantake a bunch of route patterns, and re-expose them at a different place with a different injected service or two13:19
jstrachanI think we'll be sorted once the custom injection thing kicks in!13:20
slewisyay, fabric built okay this morning, things are looking alright so far :-)13:21
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slewisyep, child container creation still borked13:25
slewishanging on install it looks like13:25
slewisactually spinning with some jetty stack trace13:26
jstrachanslewis yeah - iocanel  is aware of that - we need a karaf build on pax-web 13 it seems13:27
slewisah, okay13:27
slewisso only work with the root container then :-)  or maybe manually joined containers then13:27
jstrachanyeah :)13:28
slewisah, or if you can get it to stop looks like it works fine after it's been restarted13:28
slewisso there's that13:29
jstrachanyou mean stop the child then start it again & it works?13:29
slewisyeah, seems to here13:30
slewisah, that port service works great btw13:31
slewishm, profile view has something odd going on with it though..13:33
jstrachanthe double "loading" nofiication?13:33
jstrachanjust got a treble then ;)13:34
slewisyeah, that's been there, I think it's because the initialization code is getting called twice13:34
slewisbut no, it doesn't seem to actually load the table...13:34
jstrachanworks here - though active only is enabled, so only a few things show up by default13:35
jstrachanthis is #/fabric/profiles right?13:35
slewisah, looks like fabric hasn't returned data back13:36
slewisthough yeah, the call it's making returns back I think all of the profile data...  so that might be it :-)13:36
slewisso a more fine-grained view with more fine-grained operations might be in order anyway :-)13:37
iocaneljstrachan, slewis: I build the 7.2.x branch of karaf and then build fuse-fabric using: mvn clean install -Psnapshots and this worked for me (solved the child container installing forever issue).13:37
slewisah cool13:37
jstrachaniocanel yay, thx!13:37
slewisyeah, might have to try that...13:38
slewisokay, profile page loaded up, took about a minute and a half13:38
jstrachanslewis ouch - seems fine here13:38
slewischeck the "Network" tab in the javascript console13:38
jstrachanlordy - its doing lots of requests :)13:39
slewisyeah, it's one big one13:39
slewisbut now it seems to be taking way longer than it used to13:39
slewisbut again, it's fetching *all* of the profile data13:40
slewisincluding configs and whatnot13:40
slewisso just need a more fine-grained JMX operation...13:40
jstrachansounds like we might need a nicer JMX API :)13:40
slewisor one where the view can kinda customize what's being returned13:40
jstrachanmaybe with a counter thingy so we know when things change & need to really reload13:40
slewiswas thinking of doing that for containers, and seems like profiles might be a good candidate too13:40
slewisyeah, thought about that too...13:41
slewismeans using a tree-watcher on the server-side I guess13:41
slewisguess I'll start with that then :-)13:41
slewiswell, hmm, I wonder if the profile data is in git how would we detect changes there...  I guess there's some way to be notified when a commit happens?13:42
jstrachanyeah; though right now we're using a git/zk bridge so we can reuse the same watcher stuff13:45
jstrachanthere isn't yet a pure git version of the ProfileConfigData thingy13:46
jstrachanbtw right now the fabric-git-hawtio bundle is used in the default profile; we probably wanna move that to a 'fmc' profile laster - and get fmc to use the remote JVM which has that bundle - to avoid every container having a write-able git repo checked out13:47
slewisah, yeah, probably13:51
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master abab54e James Strachan: implement the remove profiles button on the container page17:56
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