Wednesday, 2013-05-29

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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages be4a008 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository00:14
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chm007Deploy hawtio feature (1.2-SNAPSHOT) on karaf 2.3.1. Deployment succeeded but this url http://localhost:8181/hawtio/index.btml does not display something in the browser (no errors in the log) - any idea is welcome ?09:55
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davidbosHi all, does anyone know how to construct a TabularData argument for a jolokia.request operation?10:04
davidbosI need to invoke the update() method in
davidbosjolokia docs are a bit fuzzy on this...10:05
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slewisdavidbos: did you figure it out?12:41
davidbosslewis: I checked on the jolokia forum and apparently version 1.1.2 supports this12:42
davidbosI'm just trying it out...12:42
slewisah okay...  cool!12:43
davidbosAre you aware of any other places where we do this?12:43
slewisno, I know I haven't had to use an operation that needs that as input12:48
slewisusually I just use a map :-)12:48
davidbosok, thx - I'll keep on experimenting then ;)12:49
slewismaybe if you can find another operation that returns a TabularData object it might help...12:49
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slewisdavidbos: I wonder if it's just
davidbosslewis: thx - I'll try that too!12:54
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davidbosslewis: you are also typically using fuse fabric to test hawtio with, right?13:51
davidbosDo you manage to build fabric in ?13:51
slewisusually a local build of master13:51
davidbosYeah, that's what I'm trying. Used to work13:52
slewisuh oh :-)13:52
davidbosnow failing with:13:52
davidbos[ERROR] Error building bundle org.fusesource.fabric:fabric-agent:bundle:99-master-SNAPSHOT : Unresolved references to [org.fusesource.fabric.maven.impl, org.sonatype.plexus.components.sec.dispatcher] by class(es) on the Bundle-Classpath[Jar:dot]: [org/fusesource/fabric/fab/MavenRepositorySystemSession.class, org/apache/maven/settings/crypto/DefaultSettingsDecrypter.class]13:52
davidbosany ideas?13:52
slewishmmm...  haven't seen that though I also haven't tried building today...13:53
slewislet me just try a quick build, one sec13:53
davidbosis there anything else I should build first?13:53
slewisare you building with -Psnapshots by any chance?13:53
davidbos and I'm up-to-date with git://
slewismaybe try that and see if it helps?13:54
davidbosjust mvn install13:54
davidbosI don't have a settings.xml btw13:54
davidbosshould I build from the root, or can I build just fabric?13:55
slewisI usually build from root to be on the safe side13:55
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slewisdavidbos: failed for me too btw14:14
davidbosslewis: crap14:14
davidboswell, at least it's not me then ;)14:14
slewisjust looking into it now...14:16
slewisdavidbos: think I have it fixed, pushing now...14:21
davidbosslewis: got it, building...14:22
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master ca72ff9 Stan Lewis: Set version & add profiles button added, fix up delete versiondialog14:24
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davidbosslewis: took a while, but fabric builds to completion now, thanks much!14:49
slewisdavidbos: so it builds, however fabric:create fails...  not needed if you're just doing osgi stuff but just a heads up14:53
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slewisdavidbos: pushed a more fixed fix :-)15:02
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages c4ab463 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository15:04
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davidbosslewis: ok, I'll pull15:04
slewisif you don't need to run fabric then at least you don't really need to rebuild...  just an FYI15:07
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davidbosslewis: just trying out my new fabric build out with hawtio, when I go to http://localhost:8181/hawtio15:31
davidbosit just hangs there...15:31
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davidbosI did do a features:install hawtio...15:31
davidbosslewis: any ideas?15:31
davidbosIt doesn't even ask me to log in...15:31
slewishmmm, so lately what I've been doing is running hawtio standalone15:32
slewisvia mvn exec:java15:32
slewisthen you can go to the "JVMs" tab15:32
slewisthen click on the "Local" tab under there15:32
slewisand if you've created your fabric you'll see the process listed with a URL15:32
slewisclick on that and a new tab will be opened and connected to your fabric.15:33
slewisone thing, if you have particular mbeans they'd need to be installed on the target container...15:33
slewisthat's weird though, should work with hawtio running in fabric...  though to be honest I haven't tried it in a few weeks, so it could be totally broken :-/15:36
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davidbosI guess I need to install some extra bits if I want to play with hawtio/osgi that way?15:39
slewisyeah, possible...  isn't hawtio-osgi a separate feature?15:39
slewisor did I not set that up :-/15:40
slewismight just need to install that feature and not install the war15:40
slewisah, huh, looks like fabric still depends on an ancient hawtio version15:41
slewisdid you update that?15:41
davidboswell I added 1.2-snapshot to it15:42
slewisah, okay good15:42
davidbosSo I go to the JVMs page15:42
davidbosclick on my 'Karaf' VM (which I presume is fabric)15:42
davidbosConnect… and then click on the 'Agent URL'  link?15:43
davidbosIs it normal that the page then freezes?15:43
slewisshould open up a new tab :-/15:43
davidbosIt did, but the tab shows nothing15:44
davidbosThe URL looks like this: http://localhost:8080/hawtio/?url=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A49890%2Fjolokia%2F15:44
davidbosand the browser complains that the page is unresponsive ;)15:44
slewisyup, so that's the proxy kicking in15:44
slewishey, wait a tick, are you on a mac?15:44
davidbosjava 6 too15:45
slewisah, so maybe try using the "connect" tab15:45
slewisport should be 818115:45
slewisput in your fabric username/password (hopefully just admin/admin)15:45
slewispath and hostname should be the same15:45
slewisthink James was running into this kind of thing too15:45
slewishaven't seen it here on Linux and my mac just died this past weekend15:45
davidbosHmm, yeah that gives me a near empty hawtio screen. Only Dashboard, JMX and JVMs are on the modules list...15:47
slewisurg, and probably nothing in the jmx tab shows up I bet15:48
davidbosyep, total emptyness15:48
davidbosI guess I could crank up a Fedora VM...15:48
slewismight come to that honestly :-)15:49
slewisbe nice though to figure out what's going on...  are you going to be around later?  could maybe skype and figure it out15:49
slewisback in a few...15:50
davidbosslewis: later is going to be tricky. I have a meeting from 2am local time that I need to attend, so will try to get some sleep before that...15:50
davidbosI'll ping you when I'm back in normal timezones...15:50
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 992033c Stan Lewis: Link to existing detail pages17:13
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 7727ff0 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository17:34
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 17eca19 Stan Lewis: Enable deleting profiles too20:37
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zezikarohey slewis, i was just messing around with fabric + hawtio recently20:41
zezikaroWas just wondering if you knew how to deal with start up orders?20:41
zezikaroI was hoping to deploy my app first, then hawtio20:41
zezikaroBut it seemed to ignore my karaf features startup level20:41
zezikaroYou helped me getting hawtio to deploy in fabric a while ago, hoping you could help me out with this one too :P20:42
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slewiszezikaro: yeah, I think that fabric doesn't really honor startup levels...20:45
slewisyou could try mucking with a feature that installs your app and then hawtio I guess and see how that goes...20:47
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zezikaroaw that's a shame for sure20:50
zezikaroi was pretty impressed by fabric when you first showed me it :P20:51
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zezikaroIs there a way to get that FuseMC you showed me in jbossfuse at all?20:52
zezikaroi really liked that console20:52
zezikaroi've been doing everything just in the console :P20:52
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slewiszezikaro: yeah, just do container-add-profile fmc20:53
zezikaro[21:05] <slewis> you want to first create a fabric, so you run "fabric:create -p fmc r manualip -m localhost"...20:53
zezikarohaha good time20:54
zezikarojust pulled it from the logs20:54
zezikarocheers :)20:54
slewisor when you initially create the fabric you can do fabric:create -p fmc20:54
zezikarogood timing*20:54
zezikarothat's awesome then, cheers20:55
zezikaroAh, just one last silly question sorry, when you create fabric profiles, they all seem to have the default user.properties20:55
zezikarowith karaf=karaf,admin20:55
zezikarois there a way to change that at all?20:55
zezikaroi was hoping to be able to change that and add a bunch of users by default, to grant access to hawtio20:56
slewiscould probably write a script that does jaas:manage/jaas:useradd and run it with shell:source20:56
slewisor once FMC is installed you could create the users that way via the Users tab20:57
zezikaroawesome idea20:57
zezikarothanks! :)20:57
slewisor put them all in etc/ *before* you create the fabric and they'll all be imported20:58
zezikarohm, ${karaf}/etc/
zezikaroIt didn't seem to copy them across by default?20:58
slewisah dang...20:59
zezikaroeach container had a default when i checked them out20:59
slewisah, you have to do it before running fabric:create20:59
slewisonce you start creating containers they'll have etc/, however authentication is done by the fabric-jaas bundle20:59
slewisso that etc/ file isn't actually used once fabric is created21:00
slewisinstead users are stored in zookeeper once fabric-jaas is in use21:00
slewisyou can see this via jaas:realms21:00
slewisyou'll see there's 3 realms called 'karaf' with the zookeeper login module ranked highest21:01
zezikaroah yeah, i remember seeing that today actually21:01
zezikaroi did wonder why 3 where showing up at the time21:02
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zezikaroso running a startup script that edits jaas seems to be a good solution then :)21:05
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zezikaroAre you an intellij guy slewis? :)21:07
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