Monday, 2013-06-03

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mZbC1hi there08:27
mZbC1last time I used hawtio, I couldn't connect to other hosts08:28
mZbC1is it fine now?08:28
jstrachanyeah, seems to work fine for me at least - did you try 1.2-SNAPSHOT?08:28
mZbC1jstrachan: nope08:28
mZbC1let me download that08:28
mZbC1downloading it :)08:29
mZbC1what revision control are you using?08:30
mZbC1I have a few errors, when I deploy it08:30
jstrachanah haven't tried EAP in a little while; wonder if we've borked it08:32
mZbC1lol, I already stared the project08:32
jstrachanah Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/tools/attach/VirtualMachine08:32
mZbC1I can try in jboss as 7.108:32
mZbC1jstrachan: is it something on my side?08:33
jstrachanlooks like the 'jconsole' style discovery of local jvms can't be used in eap08:33
jstrachanno, probably hawtio not working correctly on eap08:33
mZbC1ok ok08:33
mZbC1Im going to try it on jboss 7.1 as08:33
jstrachanmaybe try the more minimal war (witthout those plugins) first...08:33
mZbC1same error on JBoss AS 7.108:35
mZbC1let me test that last one08:36
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mZbC1the hawtio-web deployed just fine08:38
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mZbC1its looking better!08:39
mZbC1I can connect to remote hosts! :)08:40
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mZbC1jstrachan: looking really cool08:45
mZbC1Im glad I found this project08:45
jstrachanmZbC1 the stuff that was failing, in hawtio-default is the Local JVMs tab which does the jconsole kinda thing, showing all local JVMs and letting you connect into them08:45
mZbC1the devs are ranting about not be able to use jolokia... they want the JMX connector alway on08:45
mZbC1oh, that should be cool08:46
mZbC1do you have a plattform where it is running?08:46
jstrachanit just needs  com/sun/tools/attach/VirtualMachine to be found so we can connect08:46
jstrachanI've a single JVM instance on openshift; but not a platform though08:46
mZbC1let me see if I have that on jboss modules08:47
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mZbC1morning slewis13:22
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jstrachanslewis hey!13:33
slewishey there!13:33
jstrachanstill catching up ;) but good to be back!13:35
jstrachanjust starting to play with everything folks have been hacking… :)13:36
slewisthings seem to generally be working pretty well, some gremlins here and there I'm sure13:37
jstrachanyeah, I still have issues creating fabrics / child containers :(13:37
slewisthat's always failed for you often, hasn't it?13:38
slewismaybe you need to get a new laptop :-)13:38
jstrachanyeah! :)13:40
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jstrachanslewis can you create a hawtio profile right now in fabric?15:20
slewishmmm, I haven't tried it in awhile15:21
slewispast couple weeks I've been just attaching to the existing jolokia instance15:21
jstrachanyeah, was just about to try that ;) - have a feeling the profile doesn't work too well in osgi I guess (could be hawtio issues etc)15:22
slewishuh...  it used to work fine...15:22
slewisbut yeah, I haven't probably tested it for over a month15:22
slewisstill trying to get fabric to build here, also working on knocking together a reveal.js theme that kinda looks like the camel one slides15:23
jstrachanuse hawtio to show the slides too? :) crikey!15:24
slewisI thought about it :-)15:24
jstrachanslewis like the new containers UI - the createContainer; would be nice to sort the profiles15:26
slewisyeah, they're kinda shown the same way as they're fetched15:27
slewissorting would be good, though until I get to it, use the filter!15:27
slewisit's super-handy, so I put it on everything :-)15:27
jstrachanyeah :)15:27
slewisalso when you filter stuff on the main fabric page and click the select all icon it only selects the shown stuff...15:28
jstrachanon the overview page you can't unselect a version - and then scrolling the profiles kinda overwrites the bottom of the profile filter15:28
slewisso you can filter, select everything that's shown and then do stuff to it15:28
slewisthere's an open circle above the version list15:29
slewisuse that to unselect...15:29
slewismaybe I should make it toggle, i.e. click again to unselect the version15:29
slewisthere's also quite a bit of styling to still be done15:29
jstrachanyeah - didn't grok the circle :)15:29
jstrachanthought it was a flag to let me enable 'active profiles' :)15:29
slewisyeah, was hoping to get it a bit more styled so it's more clear that the controls affect the list underneath them15:30
jstrachanmaybe if the circle is at the front of Active Profiles / Versions - and there's a circle everywhere & behaved more like a checkbox it'd be more intuitive?15:30
slewisyeah, that'd make sense15:30
jstrachanwhat does selecting a profile do on the Overview?15:31
slewisselection of profiles is really for assigning to containers15:31
slewisso you select 1 or more profiles and select 1 or more containers15:31
slewisand an icon appears that will assign them15:31
slewissame goes with versions15:31
slewisfor applying different versions to different containers15:32
slewisthen if you have containers selected there will be 'x' icons next to the active profile entries15:32
slewisthat's how you remove profiles from containers...15:32
jstrachandon't grok how to change version of a container; tried selecting one and a few containers - didn't see an assign thingy15:34
slewisselect a version and select a container15:34
jstrachanoh the little > icon15:35
jstrachannext to versions15:35
slewisyup, that's the one15:35
slewisagain, they're supposed to actually be to the right of the "Versions" column header15:35
slewisjust haven't gotten the css in place15:35
jstrachannot 100% sure about the UI for the version/profile changes; its easy to miss the new > icons appear and you kinda have to go back on yourself - pick a version, pick some containers, then oh go back to where you were to find the thing that just appeared15:39
jstrachannot sure yet how to improve though; wonder if separate wizards might be simpler?15:39
slewisyeah, maybe...15:40
slewishave a play for a bit and see if it grows on you15:40
slewisback in a few, hey, do you have your slides yet?  You can fork my reveal fork if you'd like once I've gotten the template kinda working15:41
jstrachane.g. if the LHS only appeared when in 'change versions' or 'change profiles' it'd be a bit clearer maybe; select some containers, then hit 'change versions / profiles' then the pick of just versions or just profiles appears with a 'Apply' dialog15:41
jstrachandon't have any slides ;) was just gonna demo15:42
slewisah, cool!15:42
slewismaybe that's the way to go really...15:42
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jstrachanI think its the profiles on Overview that feels the clunkiest btw; as there's then 4 related things being worked on with 1 screen; showing/hiding the versions is fine; but it feels a little non-intuitive when you select a version then its profiles appear then there's 4 sets of things15:44
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slewishmm, could maybe combine the active profiles and profiles column.  Originally clicking on versions/profiles would also kinda filter the container list but eventually I pulled that out when I added assigning multiple profiles16:06
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slewisjstrachan: btw, have you tried the proxy to connect to different containers lately?  Can't seem to get it working...17:12
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jstrachanslewis yeah, connecting via the remote connector (with proxy) worked for me - I couldn't get the hawtio feature to work17:36
slewiswhat about clicking on the connect icon in the fabric view?17:36
jstrachanslewis running the proxy via mvn jetty:run in hawtio-web btw17:36
jstrachanoh didn't try that ;)17:36
slewisyeah, for me they show up but seem to be getting connection problems or something17:37
slewisjust have to look into it more17:37
slewisI'll have to look into the feature too17:38
jstrachanyeah - proxy worked on root conatainer - not on children17:38
slewisdang, was afraid of that17:38
jstrachanwonder if theres' no jolokia?17:38
slewisshould be though...17:38
slewisthough I was thinking maybe the resolver setting maybe isn't correct out of the box perhaps17:39
jstrachancreated child hawtio container - which had issues - and could connect fine to it :)17:39
jstrachanthough oddly can't see the hawtio app17:39
jstrachanso I guess its issues with some child containers not having jolokia right?17:39
slewiswhat's odd though is that supposedly ports are allocated for them17:40
jstrachanbtw the start/stop icons do look disabled, even if you select a container which seems a little off17:41
jstrachanmaybe darken the greys a littlie?17:42
slewisyeah, can do that...17:42
slewisit's the 'clickable' css class17:42
slewisit's opacity is set to .3 or something by default17:42
slewiswe could up that, it goes more opaque when you hover it17:42
jstrachanright, bbiab...17:42
slewishm, so I got hawtio working in fabric alright, created a fabric and then added the hawtio profile to it.  Did have to update the profile to point to 1.2-SNAPSHOT17:50
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slewisjstrachan: and it looks like on child containers that jetty isn't picking up the port that is being allocated for it17:54
jstrachanyeah - I saw that18:05
jstrachanit always used to - maybe changes with the lastest karaf or something18:05
jstrachanwhats odd is, web:list seems fine - as does config:list | grep port18:06
slewisyeah, got it to work by creating a profile, specifically configuring the OSGi HTTP port to 8182 and then restarting the child container18:06
jstrachanbut see lots of issues in the log starting 8181 in the child container18:06
slewisso I guess the zk bridge maybe isn't up when jetty starts up18:06
slewisbtw, let me update the hawtio profile to use 1.2-SNAPSHOT for now, eh?18:07
slewisseems to work fine here at least...18:07
slewiswill have to check about using it without fabric18:08
jstrachanah its fine here now too18:08
jstrachanI guess you need to stop/start it maybe18:08
slewisyeah, seems a restart does the trick18:08
jstrachanany idea how to create a child container via the create container UI btw - can't seem to get it working here18:09
slewisdid you fill in the JMX username and password?18:10
slewisalso don't check the "Save credentials" box, there's a bug there I have to fix18:10
jstrachanI get this from the mvn jetty:run
slewishmmm, and did you fill in the parent container?18:10
jstrachandon't get to see the exception when running inside fabric18:10
jstrachanyeah - typed "root" which is the current name of it18:11
jstrachanbtw would be nice to remember the last tab (child v ssh v cloud) ;)18:11
slewistab can be set via a URL param at least...18:11
slewisif you click the '+' on a root container it goes to the child container tab18:11
jstrachanoh worked that time - I guess I might have been checking the save credentials!18:11
slewisah yeah...18:12
jstrachanawesome!! :)18:12
jstrachanand defaults the value - hawt!18:12
slewisyeah, problem at the moment is that it sends that parameter saveCredentials along with the rest of the requiest18:12
jstrachanI guess the + might be better before the -> icon, then they'd line up more (the -> icons)18:12
slewisyeah, also you can create a container from the profile detail page, uses URL params...  spent awhile getting the pages controllable via parameters18:13
jstrachanyay - just created a child via the + on the root container - hawt!18:13
slewisonce you use the "connect" dialog to connect to a container and save your credentials then they'll be populated on future connect dialogs or the child container create dialog18:14
slewishave a todo to add that to the preferences :-)18:14
slewisbut at least if you know a container might not be using fabric-jaas you can still connect to it18:15
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Guest13951[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
Guest13951hawtio/master 5474aa3 James Strachan: try move the clear/select-all selection buttons to the left of the section titles; to make the layout a bit more consistent with the individual rows with selection button on the left of the text; which leaves the right for the actions18:38
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 5c3752d James Strachan: #353 allow breakpoints to be added / removed and to know what breakpoints there are on the route19:43
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