Tuesday, 2013-06-04

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jstrachandavsclaus yay, can now show the breakpoints in the debugger; was just gonna add the step/resume stuff - wondered the best way to know if the debugger is paused - is it if getSuspendedBreakpointNodeIds() returns a non empty list of ids?08:15
davsclausyeah if getSuspendedBreakpointNodeIds != null08:17
davsclausthen there is a breakpoint somewhere paused that waits for you to conintue it08:17
davsclauscould rename methods to make it more obvious if suspend is a bit confusing?08:18
jstrachanno - its fine - was just checking I'd not missed another way08:19
jstrachannearly there!08:19
davsclauseg if you want to go in step mode08:19
davsclausthen you need on a suspend breakpoitn to call08:20
davsclausto tell the debugger you are now stepping it08:20
davsclauseg single stepping is it known as08:20
davsclausthen step08:20
davsclausgoes to next node08:20
davsclausbut i guess get the regular suspend/resume working first08:20
davsclausthen later the single step stuff08:21
davsclausand as a bonus there is the conditional breakpoint08:21
jstrachanso if we're stopped somewhere, then step() would step to the next step right?08:21
davsclausbut you need to get in step mode first08:21
davsclauseg if you stopped at "bar"08:21
davsclausand then call step() to go to next08:21
davsclausso first time call08:21
davsclausand then only step onwards08:22
davsclausand when its done routing it exists the step mode and goes back to regular mode08:22
jstrachanany reason you don't allow just step() when we know its stopped somewhere? it'd just be a bit easier & less traffic08:22
jstrachanplus concurrency can be an issue with multiple parallel JMX calls08:22
davsclausthere may be 2+ stopped08:22
davsclausbut yeah could infer if only 1 stopped, then step that guy08:23
jstrachanbow about step(breakpointId) to step from that place08:23
jstrachanjust pondering 1 JMX call to step from a nodeId08:23
jstrachanor something08:23
davsclausah sorry08:24
jstrachanam happy to pass the nodeId where we're currently stopped if it helps; was just thinking of reducing possible concurrency woes (we've seen a few in fabric land)08:24
davsclaussteps also08:24
davsclausso just first time step("bar")08:24
davsclausand then just step08:24
jstrachanso I could just call step(currentNodeId)08:24
davsclausah you just want to do08:24
jstrachancould I keep calling step(currentStoppedBreakpointId) each time you hit the step button?08:24
jstrachancool :)08:24
jstrachandoing that now!08:24
davsclauswell not in current code, i can fix that08:24
jstrachanah great thx08:24
jstrachanI'll hack the code to assume that08:25
jstrachanwonder if we need a pause() - like in eclipse where you can basically just say 'stop wherever you are right now without setting a breakpoint'?08:25
jstrachanother than that we're almost there I think - lemme hack the message browse bits08:25
davsclaushmm yeah how would that work with concurrent inflight messages and whatnot?08:27
davsclausdoes it suspend all of them?08:27
davsclausor just 1st at each node08:27
davsclausor just 1st anyone?08:27
davsclausand what if you have 100+ in flight messages08:27
davsclausbut yeah maybe some global "pause" "resume"08:27
davsclausso you can pause and look at all those inflight messages see their data and where they are etc08:28
davsclausand then resume them all08:28
jstrachankinda like pausing all threads I guess08:28
jstrachanI guess we eventually need to deal with each 'thread' separately08:29
jstrachanwas gonna try stick to the Java debugger semantics as closely as we can08:29
jstrachane.g. for each thread, show a 'stack' of messages etc08:29
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davsclausyeah but maybe you think "each route"08:31
mZbC1hi there08:31
davsclausjstrachan btw if you want to exit the step mode, you can use resumeAll08:31
jstrachandavsclaus in the debuggers case, the 'threads' really only apply to a route; but we can use the same conceptual thing I guess08:32
jstrachandoes resumeAll do the same thing as the kinda play button in a debugger after you've hit a breakpoint - irrespective of if step mode or not  - its run until another breakpoint's fired right?08:32
jstrachanmZbC1 hey!08:32
davsclausso you can have a breakpoint in a start of a route, and another towards the end08:33
davsclausthen just hit resumeAll08:33
davsclausand it runs until next breakpoint is hit08:33
davsclausand you can use removeBreakpoint to remove a breakpoint08:34
jstrachanawesome; we're very close now...08:34
jstrachanyeah - add/remove breakpoints is all fine at the moment08:34
davsclausand disable debugger turns all off08:34
mZbC1testing around hawtio 1.2 snapshot08:34
davsclauswonder if you need a removeAllBreakpoints08:34
mZbC1memory info (from java.lang) still does not graph?08:37
davsclausjstrachan pushed the step(current node) change08:37
jstrachandavsclaus yay, thx08:37
jstrachandavsclaus I guess stop debugging is kinda like removeAllBreakpoints?08:37
davsclausyou mean>08:38
davsclaus    @ManagedOperation(description = "Disable the debugger")08:38
davsclaus    void disableDebugger();08:38
davsclausand enable/disable breakpoint is like in IDEA where you can [x] and [ ] breakpoints08:39
jstrachanmZbC1 you can't currently chart nested attributes like on Memory, but you can on OperatingSystem https://hawtio-jstrachan.rhcloud.com/#/jmx/charts?nid=root-java.lang-OperatingSystem08:39
jstrachanmZbC1 think there's a pending issue somewhere for that though08:39
jstrachandavsclaus yeah - I was thinking if you're done with all the breakpoints, just stop debugging; - though I guess a remove all could be handy08:40
mZbC1jstrachan: yes, last time I've checked it exixted08:40
mZbC1but the Memory and OperatingSystem mbean(?) aren't in the same place?08:41
jstrachanyeah, different mbeans08:42
jstrachanso far hawtio only does charting on numeric JMX attributes; not nested attributes of a table/column attribute value08:42
mZbC1in j4psh they kind look the same for me :)08:45
jstrachandidn't realise j4psh did user configurable real time charts in html5? :)08:46
jstrachandavsclaus whats the best way to keep polling & detect when either a new message is available, or the breakpoint might have moved08:46
mZbC1it doesn't? Yes it does! (waves the hand using the force)08:46
jstrachandavsclaus e.g. imagine in a java debugger, you do 'run' and at some point find out its hit a new breakpoint, then you render the stack/scope etc08:47
jstrachandavsclaus I could keep polling getSuspendedBreakpointNodeIds() - but then if I have 1 breakpoint and keep hitting resume - there's no way to know if its just stopped again (to refresh the 'stack trace'08:48
jstrachandavsclaus wonder if we need a kinda counter that increases whenever we move the 'call stack'08:48
davsclausif you have 1 breakpoint08:49
davsclausand hit resume08:49
davsclausthen that message that was hit/suspended08:49
davsclauswill continuue routing08:49
davsclausbut if another message comes in-flight then that message may suspend at the breakpoint08:50
davsclausand getSuspendedBreakpointNodeIds reutrns the node id again08:50
davsclaus    public long getDebugCounter() {08:50
davsclausthat is the counter you talk about08:50
jstrachanah cool08:50
davsclausyep its only ++ at a breakpoint08:51
jstrachanso whenever the 'line of code or call stack changes' then the debug counter updates?08:51
jstrachane.g. I can just keep polling debug counter and when it changes, we've moved on or something right?08:51
davsclausyeah then something happened08:51
jstrachanyay, perfect!08:52
davsclauseg also in step mode08:52
jstrachanphew! :)08:52
jstrachanok we're really close now...08:52
davsclausits ++ just before we suspend the message at the breakpoint08:52
davsclausthe code is something like that08:53
davsclauseg beforeProces is before calling a processor08:53
jstrachanfor now (given time constraints to demo) I might skip over the multiple threads issue, and pretend there's just 1 :)08:54
davsclausyou can possible just route one messaeg in the demo08:54
davsclausat a time08:54
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jstrachandavsclaus the step from a node is stepBreakpoint(string) right? or did you add a step(String)?09:32
davsclaus    @ManagedOperation(description = "Starts single step debugging from the suspended breakpoint at the given node id")09:32
davsclaus    void stepBreakpoint(String nodeId);09:32
davsclausjust use that one09:32
davsclausit now auto detecs you are in step mode, and does like step() would do under the hood09:33
jstrachandavsclaus almost got the step / run stuff going; just need to visualise the stopped nodes, and show the  messages...09:41
jstrachansetting a breakpoint on the from doesn't work btw - so need to rememeber to use the 2nd node ;)09:42
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Guest27313[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/_5a-lA09:43
Guest27313hawtio/master 6b37bc9 James Strachan: #353 implement resume and step code09:43
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davsclausah yeah the from is special09:45
davsclausjstrachan i think i noticed the tracer didnt highlight the from either anymore09:45
davsclauseg if you play forward/backward09:45
davsclausthen the message scrolls up / down09:45
davsclausits possible more intuitive if it also highlight at from09:46
davsclauseg if you do route1 -> route209:46
davsclauseg in fuse ide when you have that AMQ camel example09:46
davsclausthen it shows both routes09:46
davsclausand you can trace forward / backward the message09:46
davsclausand it stops at each node09:46
davsclausalso the from09:46
jstrachanmay need some tricks to just switch ids to the 2nd node ;)09:49
jstrachanok you can now see it stop, or step through the route ;)09:54
jstrachangive it a try and see what you think09:54
jstrachanjust adding the message view now...09:54
jstrachanthere's no 'suspend' yet is there?09:54
jstrachanthe timer route is a handy test case to play with btw ;)09:54
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davsclausyay having yellow and blue balls on my screen :)10:18
jstrachannearly got some messages displayed10:20
jstrachanseem to get null quite a lot when calling dumpTracedMessagesAsXml with the current stopped breakpoint id10:21
davsclausthe message is removed when you step etc10:22
jstrachanyeah, but after I step, I ask for it and its null then10:22
jstrachanjust pushed the message view btw10:22
davsclausso when you call step, the message is removed10:22
davsclausso only if you are currently hit at a breakpoint10:23
jstrachanso we call step(), to move to the next message - I was hopiing that the message would then change to the new one10:23
davsclausyou can get the message10:23
jstrachanah ok10:23
davsclausyeah you will get the message when Camel actually gets to the next step10:23
jstrachanyay - setting a breakpoint on each node and then hitting resume (> icon) you see the message as it stops10:23
jstrachanbut step isn't returning the message though10:24
jstrachantry playing with it and you'll see - we do "step()' then when we poll and see the breakpoint counter is increased, we ask for the messages again10:24
jstrachanits basically the same code for resume / step - but resume does show the message for the last stopped breakpoint, step doesnt10:24
jstrachanjust trying to fix the detail view of the message...10:25
davsclausyeah we should get it fixed so its the same10:25
davsclauscould be a but somewhere10:25
davsclausthough a bit odd as the unit test for step, does a test for the message also10:25
davsclausbut anyway - murphy is alive10:25
jstrachanyay, detail view works now10:28
jstrachanprobably need to change the timer route so it updates the payload and headers a bit so we can step through and see changes ;)10:29
davsclausso does it work in step now ?10:29
jstrachanjust going for haircut + lunch… - getting really close!10:30
jstrachanstep works - just no message returned10:30
jstrachanhave a pull & try it and see what you think - I tried setting breakpoints on each node then using either resume or step10:30
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jstrachandavsclaus back btw - just pusehd a nicer timer route thats easier to debug; it changes the payload & adds a header etc11:34
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/1EXhwg11:34
githubhawtio/master c32af39 James Strachan: #353 use an easier to debug route which changes the payload and adds a header11:34
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jstrachandavsclaus doh - think it was a schoolboy error in the debugger IU on the step thing :)11:56
jstrachanmight have fixed it...11:56
jstrachanah maybe not...11:57
davsclausah okay11:58
davsclausnoticed that i couldnt see the message on the 1st breakpoint hit11:58
jstrachanyeah - if you have 1 breakpoint only - and keep hitting resume (so it runs until the next breakpoint hits in the next message flow) there's no message returned12:02
jstrachanaha - think I'm calling dumpTracedMessagesAsXml twice :)12:04
davsclausdid you get it fixed?12:21
jstrachandavsclaus yeah! just fixed it all - was all my mess up! :)12:21
davsclausyay - i guess its a Just In Time Debugger we got12:22
davsclausin time for next week12:22
davsclauswonder if its possible to cut 1.2 release before CamelOne so we have a new GA release for ppl to play with ?12:22
jstrachanyeah ;)12:23
jstrachanwas gonna try12:23
jstrachanthen include it into the GA 6.1 of fuse...12:23
davsclausyeah or maybe we get 1.3 out before12:24
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jstrachandavsclaus try a pull12:27
jstrachanits mostly working!12:27
jstrachana few tweaks to fix up12:27
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/PHrNZw12:27
githubhawtio/master 836bbcc James Strachan: #353 mostly working debugger - yay! :)12:27
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jstrachandavsclaus do another pull - we restore the detail view nicely - so you can step through in the detail view now - nice!12:30
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/K15uIA12:30
githubhawtio/master f60483d James Strachan: #353 remember if we have to close the detail view due to resuming - so we can reopen it again12:30
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davsclausseems like it collpases the > Headers12:34
davsclauswhen you step12:34
davsclausalso the blue highlight doesnt move either12:34
davsclausbut the blue ball does12:34
davsclausi set a breakpoint on "Hello World"12:34
davsclausand click step12:34
jstrachanyeah :(12:36
jstrachanjust trying to fix up the avoid header collapse thing - gonna try an empty message instead of clearing the message view12:36
jstrachanyeah - we don't yet change the selections based on the selected message or anything12:36
jstrachanwe could move the selection to the newly stopped node too I guess12:36
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jstrachandavsclaus pull - the headers can be kept expanded now - yay12:40
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vJ2Q-w12:40
githubhawtio/master b10c82f James Strachan: #353 use an empty row object when we resume if we're showing the detail view; so we can keep the headers table expanded as we step / resume12:40
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jstrachandavsclaus btw fancy hacking a suspendAll() method on the mbean?12:42
jstrachanor even suspend() and just suspend one thread?12:42
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davsclauswhich thread to suspend?12:44
davsclaussuspendAll is kinda like add breakpoint at all nodes?12:44
jstrachanany of them :)12:44
jstrachanwas just thinking if you didn't wanna set a breakpoint anywhere, if we had something the suspend icon could call to just stop anywhere (but without creating a long term breakpoint)12:44
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jstrachansee the pause icon to the left of the play/resume button - was wondering what to call if you hit that basically12:45
davsclausso you click it12:45
davsclausand then hawtio will highlight the 1st suspended breakpoint it can get?12:46
davsclausso its kinda add all breakpoint - when 1st hit - remove all those breakpoints12:46
jstrachanbasically clicking it is telling the mbean to just set a temp internal breakpoint on all nodes that don't have one - then when somehting stops, clear them again kinda thing12:46
davsclausyeah that is for quick trying out the debugger12:47
jstrachanbit like pause in a java debugger - it'll just stop wherever it is12:47
davsclauslogged a ticket12:50
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/ZdcHBA12:54
githubhawtio/master 023fc51 James Strachan: #353 update the diagram selection with the last stopped node12:54
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jstrachanjust made the selection follow the first stopped breakpoint id - so the selection in the diagram moves as you step12:54
jstrachandavsclaus I guess we could add a 'run to cursor' type feature one day too12:57
jstrachanbit like folks can do in debuggers (though to be fair I don't think I've ever used that in Java :)12:57
davsclausya though its a bit handy when there is a blob of code you want to skip13:02
davsclausadded that idea to the ticket13:03
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jstrachancool thx13:09
jstrachanI love the debugger! :)13:09
jstrachandavsclaus I guess stopping the debugger doesn't clear breakpoints etc? or is it a hawtio bug? :)13:22
davsclausis the method you should call13:22
davsclausit ought to remove all breakpoiints and whatnot13:22
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/KyG7Yw13:25
githubhawtio/master e073bd1 James Strachan: #353 double clicking the node now toggles breakpoint setting13:25
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jstrachanah yeah it does - its the resume that doesn't happen13:26
jstrachanwonder if disableDebugger should implicity call resumeAll() too?13:26
davsclausjstrachan rob looks for ya13:31
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