Monday, 2013-06-24

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sfosdalHello.  I am wondering if anyone can point me to an example of how to get hatio working in a standalone java application?  I've tried the examples from, but the one there (that is a standalone app) doesn't start my spring-dsl route.  Any suggestions?11:45
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sfosdalHello, I have a question regarding hawtio.  I'm trying to use it embedded in my standalone java app, but it's not seeing my spring dsl route.  Is there an example anywhere that someone could point me to?  I've looked at with no success.12:36
* sfosdal slaps sfosdal around a bit with a large trout12:40
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chirinoslewis: yo.. have you seen this error before: [INFO] --- exec-maven-plugin:1.2.1:exec (typescript-compile) @ hawtio-web ---15:30
chirino<FATAL> Unable to find "grunt.js" config file. Do you need any --help? </FATAL>15:30
chirinoyeah.. I need help.15:30
slewischirino: ah, you probably need to update your grunt and typescript versions15:31
slewiswe just upgraded to grunt 0.4 and typescript 0.9 last week15:31
chirinoso a    npm install -g typescript15:31
slewisso I wound up having to upgrade node here to get typescript 0.9.015:31
slewisyeah, should do, just check what version it installs15:32
slewisif it's 0.8.3 then probably just updating node should do the trick15:32
slewisoh and also I deleted node_modules and let the maven build re-install all of that stuff15:32
slewisso to recap, update node, update typescript, install grunt-cli, delete node_modules and then let mvn re-install stuff from packages.json15:33
chirinolooks better now thx!15:33
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github[hawtio] chirino pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master da9855b Hiram Chirino: Embed apollo in the web jvm for simpler dev of the Apollo hawtio plugin.15:38
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 6ff68a5 Stan Lewis: Add mbean for finding uploaded files for #37415:41
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
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slewischirino: anything I need to do to get the console working again?17:37
slewisGetting this error (one sec)17:37
chirinonavigate to /index.html17:37
slewishmm, still nothing17:38
slewisjust getting a 50317:38
slewisbtw, how are you running the console, jetty:run, exec:java, or elsewise?17:38
slewisgetting this btw ->
chirinonothing in /home/gashcrumb/Work/Source/hawtio/hawtio-web/target/hawtio-web-1.2-SNAPSHOT-broker17:43
slewisone sec, I'll check..17:43
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slewisyup, there's an etc directory in there17:44
slewiswith some config files17:44
chirinoapollo.xml in the etc dir?17:44
slewisnope, just users/groups/log4j properties files17:45
slewislogin.config and black-list.txt17:45
slewismaybe I need a recent local build of apollo?17:46
chirinolet me try a fresh copy17:46
chirinoweird that 1/2 of it got generated ok.17:46
chirinoyeah try a local build.17:46
slewisyeah, can't tell from the logs what it bailed on17:46
slewiscool, yeah will give that a whirl17:47
chirinoFYI: I execute /w mvn test-compile exec:java17:47
slewisah, great, that's exactly how I run it...17:53
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chirinoslewis: I just rebuilt my apollo and it started fine.18:19
chirinonot sure.18:19
chirinotry to re-run /w mvn -U as Iv'e just deployed fresh snapshots18:20
slewisk, just waiting for it to rebuild here, didn't have apollo checked out on this machine18:20
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slewischirino: weird, still didn't work...  Just commented out the apollo stuff from web.xml for now...18:38
slewisback in a few, need to go on an iced coffee run18:38
chirinooh.. try deleting that whole dir18:40
chirinorm -rf /home/gashcrumb/Work/Source/hawtio/hawtio-web/target/hawtio-web-1.2-SNAPSHOT-broker18:41
chirinoit might regenerate correctly if it's not there.18:41
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slewischirino: hmmm, no, still won't come up properly, just regenerates the same files19:05
chirinocrap. crap.19:05
chirinook.  I've just deployed a new apollo-web that avoids failing if the broker instance does not get created right.19:08
chirinorebuild /w -U to pull it down.19:08
chirinoBTW.. is there an easy way to apply a formatter to a value in a template?19:08
chirinoi.e. I want to take a long value and format it as: 100.25 mb19:09
slewisyeah, think you can register filters for that19:09
slewisone sec, let me pull up an example19:09
slewissimple one, used everywhere ->
slewisthe filter is basically available to all the templates in your module, one sec, can track down an example19:11
slewisthink you just call it to be honest19:11
chirinoso then I can do a {{humanize(value)}} type thing?19:13
chirinonot sure.19:13
slewisyeah, exactly...  at the end of the day it's just a function registered with angular19:14
slewisyou just pass in a value and the result of the function is what's put in your template19:15
slewisnot much point until you want to inject other services in your filter19:15
slewismore info ->$filterProvider#register19:15
slewisooh, and you can chain them too19:16
slewisso {{value | humanize | someOtherFilter}} I  guess19:17
chirinoyay. thx that worked nice.19:23
chirinowant me to add a memory filter to the core?19:24
chirinoor just apollo?19:24
slewisyeah, that'd be handy in multiple places...19:24
slewisso yeah, go for it19:25
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 15765ab Stan Lewis: Fix uploading to subdirectories19:31
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chirinoslewis: you got any examples of a simple accordion19:33
slewisthere's the expander thingie19:34
chirinoslewis: as in
slewisoh yeah, so yeah, the expander, one sec let me find an example19:34
slewishere you go ->
slewisso create a div that has class "expandable" and either closed or open19:36
slewisthen whatever you put in the expandable-body div will be the body of the expander19:36
chirinoit's a little laggy19:40
chirinothe icon flip19:40
slewismight be the animation causing that19:40
slewisthere's by default a transition that makes the height gradually increase to the content height19:41
chirinomight be better to switch the icon before, doing the transition.19:41
slewisyeah, could be.  first I've noticed it actually!19:42
chirinoyour seeing it too?19:42
slewisyeah, can see it here on the JMX operation page19:42
chirinohow do you handle nested tabs in side of tabs?19:43
chirinothe whole routing seems way complicated.19:45
chirinoperhaps I'm just being dense.19:45
slewisno, it really is kinda complicated :-)19:45
slewisfor fabric there's a fabricLayout.html19:46
slewiswhich juse uses a regular bootstrap nav bar19:46
slewisthe visual nesting is then done in CSS really19:46
slewisbut then additional sub-tabs just kinda show up as a toolbar kinda deal19:46
slewiswhich looks meh, but I haven't had a chance to really clean up much yet19:47
slewishere's an example
slewisah, it was re-using the core NavBarController angular controller originally19:48
chirinoyeah the whole ng-view seems complicated.19:49
slewisit's magic!19:50
chirinoI just went with a bunch of ng-ifs19:50
chirinoit's just tat of of the nested html parts is gonna have to do something similar again.19:51
slewisah, gotcha...19:51
chirinoso perhaps I should use the ngview stuff afterall19:51
slewisyeah, I think ng-view is supposed to kind of do what you're doing explicitly19:52
slewisbut yeah, when it doesn't work it's kind of a bastard to figure out wtf you did wrong19:52
slewisah, I see19:53
slewisyeah, so really you'd want to set up those routes in the config() of your module19:54
slewisthen ng-view knows what HTML corresponds with which URL19:54
chirinok. but does it handle multiple nested ng-view things?19:55
slewisthink for nested stuff you'd use ng-include19:55
slewisthat'll let you load some arbitrary template19:56
chirinok. so does not seem much better then.19:56
chirinowell i don't load arbitrary views19:56
chirinoI don't have pluggable bits.19:57
slewisah yeah, definitely can't nest ng-views looks like19:57
slewisis it all top-level URLs like that?19:57
chirinohum. will get longer.19:58
chirinofor example might have a #/apollo/virtual-hosts/localhost/queues/FOO19:59
chirinoguess it would be nice if I could build something like a Core.NavBarController19:59
chirinobut that eats up part of the route as it nagivages bits of the template.20:00
slewishmm, or lots of discreet controllers using route params to figure out the broker name and so on...20:01
chirinohow do route params get passed to controelrs?20:02
slewishere's an example ->
chirinoso just $routeParams20:03
slewisyep, here's how that route is defined ->
slewisso yeah, you could have #/apollo/virtual-hosts/:brokerId/:object/:objectId perhaps20:04
chirinoand lets hope no one configures a brokerId /w an embedded /20:05
slewismight be possible then to define a common base that your controllers could inherit from to cut down on the copypasta20:05
slewislol, yeah!20:05
slewiscould use the location service instead, but then you have uglier URLs with lots of & in 'em20:05
chirinohow do you change the route from js?20:22
slewis$  wait let me double-check20:23
slewisAh, okay you can use $location.url20:24
slewisbut you can also chain calls, like this: ->
slewisso this passes ?tab=child&parentId=root at the end of the URL20:24
slewishm, or $location.path() too looks like20:25
chirinok. I'll try that20:25
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 20892f2 Stan Lewis: Kick off file upload directive20:25
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chirinois stuff like $ available in the template scope?20:31
chirinoor so I have to put it into the scope?20:31
slewisyou'd want to put it in $scope20:32
slewis$scope is what's available to the template20:32
slewisso any function you want to call etc.20:32
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slewishm...  gotta run, see you tomorrow!20:33
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