Tuesday, 2013-07-23

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mgiammarco_Hi, have you a forum?05:32
mgiammarco_mailing list?05:33
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/a13E2Q11:52
githubhawtio/master 97d51fb Stan Lewis: Clean up container create forms11:52
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages: http://git.io/4l1ulA12:08
githubhawtio/gh-pages 222ce21 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository12:08
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jstrachanhows things? you back from vacation now?12:40
slewisgreat!  and yes12:40
slewisthough with the two little ones it's not really vacation :-)12:40
slewislooking into that authentication problem this morning12:40
jstrachanyeah :)12:40
jstrachannot sure why I can't create child containers and you can btw - you pulled & rebuilt lately?12:41
slewisyeah, spent all day getting stuff to build :-)12:41
jstrachanok :)12:41
slewiswas running into some weird issue with the m2 proxy12:41
slewisbut yeah, tidied up the forms a bit, it should work theoretically :-)12:41
jstrachanbtw lots of new polish on the wiki https://hawtio-jstrachan.rhcloud.com/#/wiki/view/wiki - e.g. try use the Create UI to create a new camel.xml file (as the file already exists) - ditto we've move / rename with completion on the move etc12:42
slewistried it again today12:42
jstrachantried it this morning - no joy though12:42
slewisare you running hawtio from within fabric?12:42
jstrachancontainer-add-profile root hawtio12:42
slewishuh, yeah me too...12:42
slewisyep, pretty much12:43
slewisthe forms a bit clearer now if you do a rebuild after my last push12:44
slewisthough the "name" field is now further down, should add some re-ordering ability to hawt-spot for fields12:44
slewisnot that the child container successfully provisions it looks like :-|12:47
jstrachanphew - at least its not me ;)12:58
jstrachanis it the 'container name is null" thingy?12:58
jstrachanI've been using the tabs trick to reorder things; though I guess we should maybe optimise it so if there's only 1 tab, we don't use tabs, but we reuse the same field reordering?12:59
jstrachanslewis btw if you try the camel editor, we now correctly deal with endpoint editting now - and using proper controls (e.g. numeric / checkbox fields work nicely - e.g. activemq / timer endpoints)13:00
slewisoh yeah in my case the container starts up fine, but then apparently jetty still wants to listen on 8181 on the child again13:00
slewisso more an issue with fabric getting the child to use the right ports, at least going by a quick scan of the log13:01
jstrachanballs - wonder why mine's borked? :)13:01
jstrachanabout to try build 21 - hopefully thats better13:01
slewisah, yeah maybe it's because I'm working off of a locally built snapshot?13:02
slewisnot sure :-/13:02
slewisbtw, we should probably get a new hawtio release out soon...  have a list of issues QE found that I think have actually been fixed already :-)13:02
jstrachanyeah :)13:03
slewiswhich is fine, then I can just say "ah yeah, fixed that one already" :-)13:03
jstrachaneven if we just chuck an M2 out until we give it a good check that things are all cool13:04
slewisyeah, I'm fine with that13:04
slewisthey're actually really finicky so it's good feedback13:04
slewiseven on small stuff13:04
jstrachanthey made any integration test cases yet? :)13:05
* jstrachan ducks13:05
slewisI know they had selenium tests for stuff in FMC13:06
jstrachanah cool13:07
slewisdon't think they'll be able to re-use them for hawtio but...13:07
jstrachanwould be nice to integrate more of 'em into hawtio itself too13:07
jstrachanah ok13:07
slewisso...  am thinking of trying a hawtio-web that doesn't init jolokia just for fabric...13:07
slewisI thought we had one that didn't container jolokia already but I don't see one.13:08
jstrachannot sure of a neater way really13:08
jstrachanwe are getting distro explosion :)13:08
slewisyeah, I know...13:08
jstrachannot sure why its an issue to have 2 servlets registered though really?13:09
slewisthe main problem is the one in hawtio isn't secured13:09
slewisso it lets you right in without credentials13:09
slewisso was going to instead switch to using the one that's already in fabric13:09
slewiswas hoping to detect if one was running and not start the embedded jolokia servlet13:10
slewisbut I don't really see a way to do it...13:10
jstrachanyeah :(13:10
jstrachanor we just secure hawtio in the same way as fabric-jolokia?13:10
jstrachanthen we don't need yet another war13:10
slewiscould do that too13:11
slewisyeah, actually that'd be better13:11
jstrachanwonder if we could add security to a profile - so we could secure any WAR like we do with fabric-jolokia13:11
jstrachanyeah :)13:11
jstrachanthen its just 1 war13:11
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jstrachanand we get to secure any war too13:11
slewisyeah, and hopefully could work cross-container13:11
jstrachan(e.g. hawtio-default-offline)13:11
ObiKenobiHey Guys :-)13:11
slewisisn't there a way to get pax-web to handle this kind of stuff?13:12
jstrachannot sure13:12
slewisseems kinda lame really that we'd have to add the authenticator stuff just to hook into jaas, but...13:12
ObiKenobiI have a question. I have to link our CAMEL-Server with the Hawtio Web app. How do i do that?13:12
jstrachanwhat is your camel server - any app server in there?13:13
ObiKenobiWe have an own WebApplication running in our Camel, thats all13:13
jstrachanjust deploy hawtio-web in the same container should do the trick13:14
ObiKenobiOh, is it that easy? Nice.13:14
ObiKenobiBut the problem is we're running on JBoss AS 6.113:14
jstrachanthat should be fine too13:14
ObiKenobireally? Okay, i'll try it. Thank you :)13:15
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jstrachanhave only tested on AS 7.1 but its just a war so should work on any jboss relally13:16
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bradsdavishey everyone!13:19
bradsdavisI was looking for the source for the Camel plugin for Hawtio13:19
bradsdaviscan someone point me at that repo13:19
jstrachansource links on the plugins table: http://hawt.io/plugins/index.html13:20
bradsdavisthanks; didnt see the right link13:20
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slewislol, didn't spot that before -> Welcome to hawtio 1.2-SNAPSHOT : http://hawt.io/ : Don't cha wish your console was hawt like me? ;-)14:10
jstrachannice eh? :)14:12
jstrachangetting the damn version number was a bitch ;)14:13
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 3 new commits to master: http://git.io/vbYpJQ15:45
githubhawtio/master ec317ab James Strachan: added a few more xml file formats15:45
githubhawtio/master 28ba5e5 James Strachan: Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hawtio/hawtio15:45
githubhawtio/master a7551cb James Strachan: upgraded to the latest fuse EA build15:45
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bradsdavisdoes anyone happen to know if Hawt has user access controls yet?15:54
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slewisbradsdavis: nope, it doesn't yet16:15
bradsdavisslewis: thanks16:23
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