Wednesday, 2013-07-24

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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 3ed63cc James Strachan: remove some old cruft03:30
githubhawtio/master 40a1e4e James Strachan: fixes #403 so that the java code from hawtio-web goes into a jar rather than in the classes directory03:30
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 93effd2 James Strachan: #404 work around for missing fuse nexus index until we figure out how to get it back again ;)04:17
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 19e349c James Strachan: avoid lots of startup exceptions in the camel routes when running in development04:21
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ObiKenobiGood Morning everyone (:04:42
ObiKenobiGuys, i can't deploy hawtio to my AS :(04:57
ObiKenobiDEPLOYMENTS IN ERROR:   Deployment "vfs:///C:/IntegrationServer/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/default/deploy/hawtio.war" is in error due to the following reason(s): org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBRuntimeException: Failed to resolve schema binding for QName {}web-app with schemaLocation=null04:57
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ObiKenobiHey, is anyone there? :)06:18
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages cdaf740 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository06:24
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ObiKenobiAnyone there?07:32
jstrachansure - hey07:32
ObiKenobiHi! :) i have a question07:32
ObiKenobii managed to start hawtio and our Apache Camel-IntegrationServer, now hawtio doesnt recognize our Camel Context as camel context07:33
jstrachanremind me  are you using any kind of app server for your integration server?07:34
jstrachanand have you enabled jmx?07:34
ObiKenobiYes i am, i can find the Camel Context under JMX, but hawtio doesnt identify it as that07:35
jstrachando you see the mbeans in the JMX tab in hawtio?07:36
ObiKenobiyes i do, i see every mbean for my camel context07:39
jstrachanany chance of seeing a screengrab of the attributes of a camel context mbean when selected in hawtio's JMX tab?07:40
jstrachanit'd help explain the jmx tree being used & the attributes; so we can figure out why hawtio can't find it07:40
ObiKenobisure, one moment07:40
jstrachanit'd also show the camel version too07:40
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ObiKenobidoes that help?07:45
jstrachanyes thanks!07:45
jstrachanif you select the 'context' instance it'll show the camel version07:46
jstrachanso the issue is that the mbeans have been put into the com.tsystems namespace rather than org.apache.camel07:46
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jstrachanI guess you've done something funky in the camel context to reconfigure mbean names?07:46
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ObiKenobithe Camel Version is 2.10.407:47
ObiKenobii didnt, my task is to get hawtio working. I got no documentation nothing... :\07:48
jstrachanany chance of seeing the camel spring / blueprint XML file that creates your camel context? I'm guessing there's some magic in there to explicitly change all the JMX ObjectNames for camel07:49
ObiKenobisure, one moment07:49
jstrachanI'm guessing there's this kinda stuff in there
jstrachan  <jmxAgent id="agent" mbeanObjectDomainName=""/>07:50
jstrachanif you can delete the "mbeanObjectDomainName" attribute, then it'll work :)07:50
jstrachanwe've no real support in hawtio for providing a mapping of alias domain names to real domain names I'm afraid (though we always welcome patches :)07:51
ObiKenobii thought about writing a patch. I'll look up for that jmx Agent file thing07:53
jstrachanthe easiest thing is gonna be to just disable the use of custom domains in the camel mbeans really - but we could add some kind of plugin to hawtio to allow us to define aliases - though that will be quite involved; e.g. when do we load the aliases; where do they live, how owns them, how do you keep them in sync between all servers; what if 1 server uses different aliases etc07:54
ObiKenobioh okay, i hope i dont destroy our Webapp by changing the mbeanObjectDomainName07:56
jstrachanI wouldn't have thought the web app needs to work with the mbeans; but we'll find out soon enough I guess ;)07:57
ObiKenobiwell, thank you. I'm currently looking up for that JMX file... i have no idea where they stored it...07:58
ObiKenobiso it's enough when i just delete "mbeanObjectDomainName="com.tsystems"" ?08:02
jstrachanthat should do the trick; then the mbeans should appear in org.apache.camel - and hawtio will detect 'em08:05
ObiKenobiokay I'm curious if our webapp also still works08:07
jstrachanme too ;)08:07
ObiKenobiit only takes hours to restart JBoss -.-08:14
ObiKenobiAh, i have something else to ask. Do you know where this error comes from : Unexpected error during load of:org.codehaus.plexus.DuplicateChildContainerException: java.lang.VerifyError: Cannot inherit from final class08:17
jstrachanwill need a full gist of the stack trace - but looks odd - what are you doing - a build?08:18
ObiKenobinope, its when i start up the hawtio.war08:19
ObiKenobiPerfect, both Apps are working. THANK YOU! :) :)08:20
jstrachanwas about to say we don't use plexus other than doing maven builds - but I forgot about the transitive dependences in the maven indexer / aether code for doing dependency tracking etc08:21
jstrachandouble check the jmx change didn't break your app maybe? - woudln't have thought there's any need to use the camel JMX API from your code08:21
jstrachanplus if you used other camel tooling (e.g. RHQ / JON) you'd need the real camel object names too in jmx - so making this change is a good thing in general really08:21
ObiKenobiwell, i'll write it down - and tell it to the Camel Devs. For now i'll doublecheck the jmx change.08:23
ObiKenobiThe app is working08:23
ObiKenobiThank you (:08:24
jstrachanglad its working :)08:24
jstrachanpop that stack trace in a gist so we can have a look
ObiKenobione last question - i know you can edit routes / xml files over the wiki - is there a way to enable it directly in the Camel-View?08:24
ObiKenobiokay mom08:25
ObiKenobii have no idea why but the create gist button is grey?!08:30
jstrachanah you maybe have to login/register with github?08:31
ObiKenobii'm actually logged in :D08:31
jstrachanor enter some text in the gist text area?08:31
jstrachanthe gist was for the stack trace so you can copy/paste it there so we can noodle08:31
jstrachanthe of:org.codehaus.plexus.DuplicateChildContainerException08:32
jstrachanthe visual editor in hawtio currently only works with fabric am afraid; we've not got a non-fabric back end which monitors change of the XML files and reloads them on the fly08:32
jstrachantechnically, it should be possbile to load/save the XML direct from memory of the camel context; though most folks would want to save the changes somewhere really08:33
jstrachanso we'd need a fabric-like bridge between the wiki changes & loading into a camel context08:33
ObiKenobimh...okay, so "link" camel with the wiki-editor should do the trick?08:35
jstrachanyeah - if we wanted to allow editing of camel routes outside of fabric; we'd need some kind of mbean which could watch for camel XMLs being changed in the wiki and (re)loading them08:37
ObiKenobior i'll get fabric running?08:39
ObiKenobii fell like a DAU -.-08:42
jstrachanwe should create a simple stand alone fabric really - so it looks and feels like fabric; but could work outside of an osgi container & use minimal dependencies relaly08:43
jstrachanbut for now - running camel inside a fabric gives you the nice wiki editing; rolling upgrades of routes, versioning and so forth08:43
ObiKenobiokay - do i have to note something special when "installing" Fabric?08:44
jstrachanunfortunately, using fabric is non trivial; its not a simple thing you just switch on right now (though we're hoping to fix that going forward)08:45
jstrachanas the fabric tends to do all the configuration / provisioning - so its a kinda replacement for your container08:45
jstrachanbut if we fix that issue 35 we'll be able to create a simple 'stand alone fabric' which just offers the fabric like features of the git repo / wiki - but without the 'taking over the container' thing08:47
ObiKenobiissue 35? i only can find 3208:49
jstrachancan you see this link?
jstrachan(different project mind you)08:50
ObiKenobiahh okay i see08:52
ObiKenobiunfortunately that issue is wayyyy above my skills :D08:54
jstrachanyeah - sorry about that ;) - we'll try fix it in the fuse project at some point08:57
ObiKenobihaha if you guys fix that issue within the next two weeks i can finish my college assignment as planned :D08:58
jstrachanah cool :)08:58
jstrachanif you want it fixed quickly - you could try writing a little bean which watches the git file system used by hawtio; and detects any camel XML file and just boots them up08:59
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jstrachanthen any camel XML file created in the 'wiki' would automatically get provisioned in your web app; then changing them would update the camel contexts on the fly09:00
jstrachanshouldn't be too hard - once you've found the file system directory where the wiki stores its files09:00
ObiKenobiyep - firstly it was planned to implement a graphical Route-Editor by scratch - but during my research i found hawtio :D09:01
ObiKenobioh that sounds awesome09:01
ObiKenobithats a really nice idea09:02
ObiKenobibut then i have to get the source-code of hawtio do i?09:02
jstrachanyou should be able to write this as a separate module  in hawtio in pure java if you like - since its just a server side bean really09:07
jstrachanit could live outside of hawtio codebase if you really want - but it'd be way cooler if it was a standard thing in hawtio really09:08
jstrachanhere's the project btw
ObiKenobino no, then i'll try it to implement in the hawtio codebase. Problem is i wasnt able to install typescript over npm. I think its a problem within the company-firewall09:09
jstrachanits a tad tricky to build the code - with all the npm stuff - but in your case, you could work outside of the hawtio-web module and just add a new bean in another module09:09
jstrachanah ok09:09
jstrachanif you can get a pure java module to work; I can help wire it into the rest of the build if you like09:09
ObiKenobithat would be nice09:10
jstrachanif you copy a module - like hawtio-git or hawtio-dozer or somehting; those are optional little bits of server side code09:10
jstrachanhawtio-dozer is maybe a good one to start as its kinda empty :)09:10
jstrachanthen make it depend on camel & hawtio-git - then you can just hack a little mbean that finds the file for the config directory from the git mbean; then watch the files (maybe with a configurable path to search in) - to find the camel XMLs - then just create/recreate a camel context for each XML file09:11
ObiKenobiwait i'll write that down. :D09:12
jstrachanor copy/paste ;)09:13
ObiKenobiyeah, i meant that by write it down :P09:13
ObiKenobiso, by the way, is it possible to store those wiki-things locally? everytime i wanna do something over git i have to tether over my mobile phone09:15
jstrachanyeah - so hawtio tries to clone a remote repo on startup into - by default - the ~/.hawtio directory - once its started up - it then uses that config dir09:17
jstrachanso stuff changed in the wiki would be in ~/.hawtio/config by default - though you can configure these things09:17
ObiKenobiokay i'll also copy&paste that :D09:20
ObiKenobiim courious how i manage to create that bean :D09:21
jstrachanyou done much java code before?09:21
ObiKenobiThank you in first place :D after lunch i will begin to hack some stuff :D09:21
ObiKenobinot THAT much but i know java09:21
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jstrachanObiKenobi here's a breakdown of kinda how to do it
jstrachanis your app using spring btw?09:31
jstrachanspring application contexts can watch for files changing and restart on the fly IIRC09:31
jstrachanObiKenobi just added a comment; if you're using spring to boot up camel, it could be even easier - you could skip the file watching to start with and just load on startup all the files (so a restart of the app is required for new camel XML files) but where changes to the file get auto-updated on the fly by spring09:34
davsclausjstrachan okay in camel 2.12 onwards the camel mbeans where there is only 1 enlisted have now fixed names instead of with hashcode id10:05
davsclausthis should allow us to make camel uis a bit simpler as we know the mbean name already10:05
jstrachandavsclaus nice!10:05
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ObiKenobiHey im back :D10:20
ObiKenobimy app is using Spring yes10:20
jstrachancool - see the comment on that issue - the loading and reloading from an XML should be pretty trivial just using the spring API10:22
ObiKenobiperfect :) i'm looking into it. When i experience some issues i can talk to you can i?10:25
jstrachansure - just keep chatting here; there's folks who can help10:25
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ObiKenobithank you (:10:29
jstrachanI just added some pseudo code for the bean btw10:37
jstrachanI've not tried this - but something like this - if using wildcards - spring may watch for new files and auto-recreate the spring application context on the fly maybe10:38
jstrachanwould need testing - but might work10:38
ObiKenobiwow. Thank you! :D10:41
jstrachannot sure if the spring code would detect if you created a new camel.xml file via the wiki though ;) but at least it should support reloading the spring contexts if you edit an existing one10:41
ObiKenobiwe'll see if it works :D10:44
jstrachancoolio :)10:45
ObiKenobiwould you recommend using Eclipse?10:46
jstrachanjust added another comment - I might hack this up later if I get time btw :)10:47
jstrachanIntelliJ is the best one - but use whatever you know best really10:48
ObiKenobiokay then i stay at Eclipse :D10:48
ObiKenobiyou're to fast for me :D10:49
ObiKenobiim still trying to import hawtio-dozer :D10:50
jstrachantell you what - lemme hack up a quick project - and you try it out?10:52
jstrachanI can spin up a little module pretty quick I think...10:52
ObiKenobicool sure :D10:52
ObiKenobican i use your code in my assignment?10:53
jstrachanits all apache licensed etc10:53
ObiKenobiawesome (:10:54
jstrachanshould have something pretty soon...10:55
jstrachanno idea if it'll work though :)10:55
jstrachanwould be nice to try figure out some unit tests that boot it up; then try adding a few file to the config area and seeing if the spring application context updates etc10:56
ObiKenobiwe'll see.10:56
ObiKenobiI can write those unit tests10:56
ObiKenobithen i've done at least something ^^11:03
jstrachanok just about to try it out...11:05
jstrachansee if anything happens ;)11:05
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ObiKenobimornin'? Its 14:13! :D11:46
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lheinslewis, got your first coffee?11:59
slewislhein: working on it right now12:04
slewisjstrachan: is it just me or does that archiveClasses setting just break the war when deployed to a fabric container?12:20
jstrachanoh balls does it?12:20
jstrachantime to revert if its bad - tried using it locally and it seemed ok?12:21
slewiswell, took it out and it worked again :-)12:21
jstrachantime to revert then12:21
jstrachanwonder why it breaks things? kinda odd really - its just moving classes -> jar12:21
slewiswas seeing exceptions about not being able to see classes that are supposed to be in the war itself12:21
slewismaybe it's  a matter of tweaking the import-package directive?12:21
slewiscould mess around with it a bit, just in the middle of getting the proxy to authenticate properly with fabric-jolokia12:22
jstrachanodd it worked for me though - wonder why?12:23
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages bf10717 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository12:23
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slewiscould be at the moment I'm just copying the war to the deploy directory12:23
jstrachanI did a full build of hawtio + fuse and it seemed to work12:24
slewiswhich even still seems a bit finicky12:24
jstrachanwas hoping to cut 1.2-M2 now really; so I'll double check12:24
slewisokay cool12:24
slewisif it works leave it, I'll just leave it commented out locally and try and remember to revert before I push :-12:24
slewishave basic auth working btw12:26
slewisbut apparently to avoid having the browser do an auth prompt you need to use a different authentication type than "Basic", like "Basicx"12:26
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master e9b09f0 James Strachan: #406 first spike of a bean to load a spring application context for all the spring XML files matching a set of wildcards (defaults to /spring/**.xml) in the git repository so that the camel editor can be used....12:27
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jstrachanObiKenobi just committed the first spike - it kinda works; in the sense that it boots up all the spring XML files from the wiki/git that match the wildcard configuration (/spring/**.xml buy default)12:27
jstrachanbut it doesn't seem to respond to changes in the files; so a file watcher is required12:28
jstrachanObiKenobi I added a stub test case for you to try implement :)
jstrachanObiKenobi some hints here…
ObiKenobivery cool, i'll copy and paste that as well. I'm about to knock of but tomorrow is also a day :)12:37
jstrachandavsclaus we've almost got reloadable camel routes (or any spring xml) via the git repo / wiki even if not using spring - just need the file watching bit…12:37
jstrachanObiKenobi ok! a bit disappointed spring doesn't have a file watcher flavour of the ApplicationContext!12:37
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 4777960 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository12:38
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ObiKenobiit doesnt?12:38
jstrachanno :(12:39
jstrachanit has a refresh() method - but you have to watch the files yourself12:39
ObiKenobimaybe theres a way to implement it by ourself12:40
jstrachanyeah - we can just add a file watcher that calls applictionContext.refresh() when we see a file change12:40
jstrachanwe may wish to create a new applicationContext per file - so we only need to restart contexts for stuff we've changed etc12:40
jstrachan(e.g. if you had foo.xml and bar.xml - you'd only wanna restart the 2nd app context on change to bar.xml12:41
ObiKenobiby the way - when i infused new routes into Camel by a Ant-Script hawtio didnt recognized aswell12:42
jstrachancheck the mbean names of the new camel routes?12:43
ObiKenobiafter i refreshed the page they were there but it doesn't "saw" the change by itself :D12:43
ObiKenobibut its not annoying, who normally infuses routes by an Ant Script :D12:44
jstrachanthe code is meant to deal with detecting new mbeans and auto-updating the page; it works for sure on the ActiveMQ plugin (e.g. you can create new destinations in one browser and the other updates)12:44
jstrachanthere could be a bug in the camel view though12:45
jstrachanthe reload event not properly getting through to the camel tree view or something12:45
ObiKenobiyeah, i meant the camel view - the JMX and ActiveMQ Views work like a charm12:45
jstrachanyeah - not sure whats up with that - needs a bit of debugging12:47
jstrachanObiKenobi raised an issue to track it
jstrachanif you view your javascript console; then clear it - then add a new camel route - do you see the message "reloading the camel tree!!"12:52
ObiKenobinope nothing12:56
jstrachanif you open another window on the activemq tab - then do the same thing, does it show a reloading tree message?12:58
ObiKenobioh yeah that worked12:59
ObiKenobi"workspace tree has changed, lets reload the activemq tree"12:59
ObiKenobiso, guys, i'm leaving work now :) see you tomorrow or so, i'll implement these Unit Tests tomorrow!13:00
jstrachanjust tried it here - I get the tree reloaded if I create an endpoint13:00
jstrachanuse 1 browesr to create a new endpoint, the other one reloads13:00
ObiKenobiokay i'll check that tomorrow13:01
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jstrachanslewis balls - even an import doesn't seem much help on osgi ;( might have to roll back that fix13:38
slewisyeah...  guess it messes up the classloading or something13:39
slewisI didn't follow the discussion too closely mind you13:39
jstrachanyeah - figured it was a trivial change really - nothings trivial with osgi ;)13:40
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jstrachanslewis rolled it back - you can revert your local hack :)13:52
jstrachanslewis anything else you wanna squeeze into M2? was gonna chuck it out now if there's nothing else really pressing13:52
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master cb603f0 James Strachan: rolled back the attempted fix for #403 since it breaks deploying hawtio inside OSGi; we're gonna have to figure out the OSGi magic manifest stuff before we can try tackle 40313:52
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jstrachanfigure we'd do 1.2 GA in a week or two once things setttle down a bit & we've tidied up any loose ends13:53
slewisI'm close to having this proxy stuff fixed, but not close enough I think.13:53
jstrachanwanna delay M2? or we could just cut M3 when its done ;)13:53
slewisI say let's get m2 out now13:53
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jstrachanstill can't create child containers btw ;)13:54
slewisonce I get this auth stuff sorted we can get out an m313:54
jstrachanwhich profile do you use?13:54
jstrachanah - missed name :)13:54
slewisah yeah that'd do it :-)13:54
jstrachandoh! :)13:54
jstrachanany chance we can make that mandatory & the first one?13:54
jstrachanlike the new nesting btw!13:55
slewisyeah, it used to be the first one, but I think the refactoring work switched it all around13:55
slewiswe need in general to get form validation working in hawtspot I think13:55
slewisi.e. be nice if it used angular validate stuff13:55
slewisoh yeah, now the container list is all sorted to maintain parent/child relationships13:56
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jstrachanslewis yeah - for the dozer / camel forms, I just did some swizzling of the json schemas to add extra flags where required; I guess we've no way to detect @NotNull just yet on the code generation part; but we can always do little tweaks manually13:57
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jstrachane.g. hack ahoy:
jstrachanthere I tinker with labels & the UI template to use13:58
jstrachanbut we should be able to easily add a mandatory thingy13:58
jstrachanreordering is harder - though for now since tabs are totally invisible we could just add a tab config with "name", "*" :)13:59
slewiswonder if we could have a property that determines if a field is added to the end or beginning of the form14:00
jstrachanwondered if just tabs: { 'Default": ["key", "*"] }14:03
jstrachanwoudl do the trick for tabs or single tab (i.e. no tabs really)14:03
jstrachanor tabs: { 'Default": ["key", "*", "lastThing" }14:04
jstrachanthen 1 way to configure both tabbed and non-tabbed14:04
jstrachan(then we'd be able to use the same underlying json malarkey & data structure - just only render real tabs if tab.length > 114:04
jstrachan(or even always show tabs, just hide the header if tab.length === 114:05
jstrachanI get lots of errors if I try connecting to the new child node btw - TypeError: Cannot read property 'maximumPort' of undefined14:06
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jstrachanslewis trying a little workaround for it...14:18
slewisjstrachan: might be the editable property stuff14:18
slewisthink when you first get to the page it hasn't fetched the data but angular still tries to bind the model14:19
jstrachanslewis yay have a fix...14:20
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master aa6125c James Strachan: avoid exceptions when viewing a container view14:21
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages fbdfbc6 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository14:23
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slewismight have this proxy thing licked in a minute...14:25
slewisyay, got it!14:26
slewiswill be pushing in a minute14:27
slewisso at the moment hawtio is gonna use a basic auth prompt14:28
slewisi.e. browser login dialog14:28
slewisso it's a start14:28
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 3 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master daf43d6 Stan Lewis: First cut of #40214:29
githubhawtio/master b8ffbca Stan Lewis: Allow access to static html/js14:29
githubhawtio/master 73b1ca9 Stan Lewis: Fix #39714:29
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slewisyah, give it a whirl there, needs more testing for sure14:31
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jstrachanslewis btw cvanball  has been looking at tidying up the help page a bit - e.g. not having Overview in the list of plugins; making the faq/overview be seperate14:33
jstrachanslewis was wondering about having a way to separate developer help from user help too; so the left hand menu only shows the user stuff (in user mode) unless users click the developer tab or somethign14:34
jstrachanslewis ok how do we login now ? :)14:34
slewisyeah, should be doable, definitely14:34
slewisonce you rebuild and re-install you'll get prompted by the browser14:35
jstrachanwhat login/pwd should we use from jetty:run / exec:java?14:35
slewisah crap...14:36
slewisso maybe for that case add hawtio.authenticationEnabled=false14:37
slewisas a system property14:37
slewisthen you won't get prompted14:37
slewislet me get that added in now, one sec14:39
*** cvanball <cvanball!Adium@nat/redhat/x-lufqiiztgtinbrrw> has left #hawtio14:40
jstrachanguess we need to set those values from exec:java and mvn jetty:run14:45
jstrachanactually in hawtio-web too I guess?14:45
slewisyeah, have exec:java taken care of...14:45
slewisam working on the other 9 ways to run the app :-)14:45
slewisjust adding that system property does the trick at least14:46
slewisk, have jetty sorted, just trying tomcat14:50
slewisof course I blew away my ~/.m2/repository directory on monday trying to get builds working, so now I've got to download the internet14:51
jstrachanI guess now we need to figure out all the various wars and how folks should use it?14:51
jstrachanif its enabled by default would it use the roles from the container right?14:51
*** vijaykiran <vijaykiran!> has joined #hawtio14:52
slewisneed to probably do a bit more detection to figure out how to get a user's role from the container really14:54
slewisright now it's kinda karaf specific14:54
slewiscan also disable role checking by setting hawtio.role=""14:54
slewisso at least there's that14:54
jstrachanyou can only find out if a user principle has  a specific role IIRC in servlets14:54
jstrachanyeah - be nice to give one or more roles in the config (maybe defaulting to admin?)14:55
slewisyeah, we default to admin at th emoment14:55
jstrachanah cool14:56
slewisI'm sure we'll know soon enough if I f'ed something up though :-)14:56
jstrachanmaybe lets wait a day or two and get the getting started guide up to date before doing M2? :)14:56
jstrachanyeah :)14:56
slewisyeah, that sounds good...14:57
jstrachangood reason to get M2 out though with security enabled by default ( which I think is a great thing)14:57
slewisyeah, probably about time we worried about it :-)14:57
jstrachanyeah ;)14:57
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jstrachanneed a nice login screen too ;)14:58
cvanballthe overlord login screen looks nice14:58
jstrachangot a screen grab handy? :)14:59
slewisyeah, just looking for one too :-)15:00
slewisyou'd think they'd have a few on their site15:00
cvanballWill send a screenshot15:00
*** dbokde <dbokde!> has joined #hawtio15:02
slewiswe definitely need a hawt login screen though15:04
jstrachanwith the theme tune ;)15:04
jstrachanah thanks!15:04
jstrachandamn - that requires us to get some actual help from design folks at red hat though - we've been waiting 6 months for an icon and not a peep so far15:05
slewisthanks!  yeah, that's pretty hawt15:05
jstrachanunless that image isn't project specific?15:05
slewispretty sure that's project specific :-)15:05
jstrachanslewis cvanball wondering of a slightly different layout for the help screen - with maybe users / developers tabs on the right  of the nav bar maybe - so we can filter the left hand list of plugins based on dev / user views?15:06
cvanballmake sense15:08
slewisI'd be fine with that...  I think it should be fairly trivial to separate the two btw15:08
slewisas I think dev and user help are fetched separately but are currently just listed together15:08
jstrachanslewis wonder about FAQ / overview being on the tab bar rather than in an Overview section on the left15:09
jstrachanI guess some kinda picker of sub-topics right? filtering out things not required or something15:12
slewisright now it's orderd by topics and sub-topics, where topics are on the left and sub-topics (individual help files for a plugin) are in the nav bar15:13
jstrachanah cool - thx - gonna try just filter it first...15:13
slewisjstrachan: btw, so can we close #398 then?15:25
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jstrachanclosed - then reopened - just to track the mandatory + reorder thingy - I can take a stab tomorrow on that if you like15:27
slewisoh yeah, so I opened a separate issue for reording form elements15:35
jstrachanah sorry ;)15:35
slewisno worries...15:36
slewisit's #40815:36
slewisfigured it'd be good to track it separately15:36
jstrachangood idea15:36
jstrachanclosed it and added this one too to check we do the ordering + mandatory of the create child containers
jstrachanslewis cvanball  not gonna check it in yet - but I've got the left hand nav bar of the help UI filtering out other plugins which don't have the sub topic - so if in user mode, we can hide the dev mode stuff; just need a way to add the user/dev links - and figure out a nice way to treat faq/overview...15:44
jstrachanso folks can look at all the user plugins; all the dev plugins; the oveview/faq and switch from user/dev mode etc15:46
jstrachan(maybe overview is another sub topic possiblly or something; not sure yet ;)15:46
jstrachanwill try fix it up tomorrow15:46
jstrachangotta run - laters all!15:47
slewisjstrachan: laters@15:47
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages cdcd2da FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository23:53
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