Friday, 2013-09-06

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atoonigood morning.07:48
atoonijstrachan Would you be able to have a quick glance at my factory / controller. Just a sanity check before I end up on the wrong track. Got it working passing data into my view07:49
jstrachansounds good07:50
atooniThis is my service :
atoonirefactored the code you already had in bundle-list a bit07:51
atooniThis is the controller consuming the data07:51
atooniif you are happy, i ll get the rest of the data and shove it into a graph07:52
jstrachanbtw I so love github :)07:53
atoonisorry, posted the wrong link07:54
atoonithats NOT my data factory07:54
atoonitoo early for me :)07:54
atoonidon't know why I haven't used github earlier ....07:55
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jstrachannever tried it - but this stuff - wonder if we can add the cast at the array level <TableColumnConfig[]> rather than each item?08:03
atoonijstrachan: Are you still looking at my wrong link :) ?08:12
atoonianyway, worth a try08:14
atoonican give it a go while I am at the OSGi plugin anyway08:14
jstrachanjust wondered really - not a biggie08:14
jstrachansorry, side tracked - will be noodling your code real soon; need to kick off a release...08:15
atoonino worries....08:15
atooniI am at real work anyway ....;)08:15
atoonihope to come back to the fun stuff in a bit08:15
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master b2f4bef James Strachan: tidied imports08:21
githubhawtio/master 3dbff0b James Strachan: added fix for the ProxyServlet when running on a PaaS like OpenShift - many thanks @iocanel for the heads up! :)08:21
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jstrachanok - I'll get on it ASAP!08:21
jstrachanatooni you sticking around on  IRC a bit today?08:21
atooniyes...will be08:21
atoonibut might be dragged into meetings08:21
atoonijstrachan btw....casting the table rater than the individual entries doesn't seem to make the compiler very happy08:30
jstrachanok cool; as soon as i've got this release chugging along I"ve an hour to noodle your code ;)08:30
jstrachanin the past i've tried doing: var foo: any[] = [{ … }08:31
jstrachanshame it doesn't work though ;)08:31
atooniperhaps some syntax trick I am missing ....only 2 days into TS :)08:31
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages cc56c97 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository08:35
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jstrachanyay, think I got the release chugging along - gonna noodle now...08:43
jstrachanatooni your service looks very nice!08:48
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atoonijstrachan cool, i ll continue down that route then09:03
jstrachanI confess whenever I have to take a blob of JSON and turn it into the nodes / links stuff for the d3 graph / dagre layout stuffI always hold my nose a bit; it should be really easy but its not - its a bit fiddly getting things just right in the right kinda structure09:05
jstrachanwe really could do with a little helper for taking a blob of JSON and a function to find the nodes and to find the links or something and just make the stuff the graphs need in 1 place09:05
atoonii was thinking to create a graph helper class which could be shoved into the dagre thingy09:07
atoonithen have a function taking my json and create that object09:08
atoonii guess then i wouldn't be far off from a directive ....09:08
atooniprobably naive thinking09:08
jstrachanjust a JS helper method would do for this really - then we could turn your helper class into a directive as a separate step09:11
atoonii ll give that a try then09:11
atooniany thoughts on which graph lib youd prefer ?09:11
jstrachanI prefer using dagre for the layout (i.e. what X/Y coords things should go at) then just using vanilla DOM / CSS to render it09:12
jstrachanusing position: absolute in CSS you then just have to set the x/y coords09:12
jstrachanunfortunately its one of the most complex controllers around with a ton of functionatlity - but I"d basically do any graphs like the wiki editor does (wiki/js/camelCanvas.ts)09:13
atooniso, you'd position the boxes yourself ?09:13
jstrachandagre figures out the x/y coords - yeah -09:13
jstrachandagres the best layout impl I've seen - it kinda works like graphviz and does a pretty good job of making layouts look nice09:14
atoonimight be a messy graph09:14
jstrachan(then its easy to use different layout algorithms to figure out the x / y)09:14
atoonii ll give it a try09:14
atoonii see09:14
jstrachanits easy to switch though; so should be easy to use d3 forced layout if you prefer09:14
jstrachanthough d3 tends to use SVG - which is a total PITA to work with09:14
jstrachanI love the dagre / css approach as you can then just use regular markup (img / text / links) for the nodes etc09:15
atooniok...let me see what i can come up with09:15
jstrachanhacking SVG is painful ;)09:15
atoonifinal question for now ... is there a link how to set up the dev env for kind of in place editing within OSGi. Currently I change my script, then recompile hawtio-web, then rebuild my container, restart it und test it.....Google Chrome debugging is awesome btw.09:16
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jstrachanyeah; lemme find it09:23
jstrachanatooni those instructions may not be completely 100% crystal clear - would be good to improve to make more clear though ;) but yeah its a way of hosting hawtio inside osgi where it serves up the content from a local build09:25
jstrachanslewis is the man to ask in detail he's used it quite a bit09:25
jstrachanatooni here's a nice trick for working with things like tomcat/jetty too
jstrachanso you can symlink to your local livereload build09:26
atoonicool...i ll have a look09:26
jstrachanplus another approach is - run hawtio locally using the live reload option09:26
jstrachane.g. one shell does: mvn test-compile exec:java; then another shell does mvn -Pwatch09:26
jstrachanthen in your local hawtio you use the Connect tab to remotely connect to your osgi container09:27
jstrachan(I tend to use this approach in general - as its easy)09:27
atoonii ll give that a go then09:28
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chm007What could be the reason why hawtio running on Windows 7 (jdk 1.7) gets this error when we try to connect to local jvm (Could not discover local JVM processes: : io.hawt.jvm.local:type=JVMList12:53
chm007 ) ?12:53
jstrachanchm007 see you log - you probably have a WARN explaining it12:54
slewismeans the hawtio jvm list mbean isn't running12:54
slewisso yeah, what james said, check the log, should display an exception related to why it didn't register/start up12:55
jstrachanchm007 does this happen using the stand alone hawtio?12:55
jstrachani.e. executable jar12:56
chm007it happens when using hawtio (standalone java -jar …) or deploying also hawtio-1.2-M10 in JBoss Fuse 6.012:59
jstrachanwe try find the sun Jvm stuff for OS X - guess it doesn't work for windoze12:59
jstrachanJAVA_HOME set?12:59
jstrachanslewis btw wish i"d thought of this earlier!
jstrachanshould make the dashboard awesome in fabric!13:00
jstrachanprofile specfic dashboards!13:00
slewisjstrachan: yeah, makes perfect sense13:02
jstrachanfairly easy change too!13:02
slewisyeah, I think so...13:03
slewisdoes the dashboard work alright for you?  it seems kinda broken whenver I try it...13:03
jstrachanno idea ;)13:03
slewischm007: ah, so the jvm list stuff needs tools.jar in the classpath13:03
chm007slewis: yep. This is the issue13:06
jstrachanslewis chm007  we do try our best to find tools.jar btw
jstrachanwonder why thats not working13:14
jstrachandifferent jar on windows? or different place?13:14
slewisah, probably the slashes13:16
slewismight need to replace some of those / with File.SEPARATOR13:16
chm007client will reinstall JDK 1.7 on windows.13:17
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slewis#524 definitely a good idea, think I could see how I'd do it for the fabric plugins at least13:30
slewistricky part is avoiding fetching all of the data all of the time...13:30
jstrachanfigure just having a cache really; so we can find previously loaded stuff we use first; then load it async after that13:31
slewisyeah, maybe wrap something around jolokia13:31
jstrachane.g. each controller tries to grab stuff from a cache first before querying jolokia13:31
jstrachannice idea ;)13:31
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slewiswonder how hard it'd be to cache say the last n requests by operation name/arguments13:33
slewisthen the cache could just return the last one when a controller calls "register"13:33
slewisbtw github's searching seems kinda sucky...13:34
slewiswhy can't I search just the commit log :-/13:34
jstrachanyeah :) miss the issue search13:34
slewisyeah, they kinda lobbed it all together and I don't like it :-(13:35
slewisguess I'll get more coffee and go sulk over my first world problems :-)13:35
atoonijstrachan Did I understand you correctly that you would avoid SVG rendering ?13:52
jstrachanyeah - just as its kinda painful to configure really13:53
jstrachanits not the end of the world if you wanna go that way - but the 'regular HTML' approach is so much easier really13:53
jstrachanas SVG is kinda odd13:53
atoonijstrachan Just asking because the dagreLayoutGraph in Core.js seems to be relying on SVG as well13:53
jstrachane.g. adding a border / rounded corners is kinda hardcore13:53
jstrachanin svg13:53
jstrachanthink thats mostly a legacy parameter really13:53
jstrachanthe layout graph just sets the coords on the nodes/links IIRC13:54
atooniso i could omit the element calling the function ?13:54
atoonijstrachan I will rephrase that....Just rrying to display a dummy graph with 2 nodes and seem to be lost on the canvas :)13:56
jstrachanyeah I think so13:57
jstrachancheck how its called by the wiki/camel*.ts13:57
atooniThis is were I looked13:58
atooniand found ar svg = canvasDiv.children("svg")[0];13:58
atooni      $scope.graphData = Core.dagreLayoutGraph(nodes, links, width, height, svg);13:58
atooniseems to rely on an svg element somehow13:58
jstrachanno need to do canvas stuff at all - just add dom nodes for now13:59
jstrachanthink its fine to not pass one in14:01
atoonii ll try that14:02
atoonithat doesn't work it seem as the parameter is mandatory14:03
jstrachandamn sorry14:06
jstrachansorry there's not an easy example to copy - can't remember how the wiki layout code works ;)14:06
atooninot to worry14:07
jstrachanmaybe go for the svg option for now14:07
jstrachanits not that big a deal - if the nodes are kinda complex (say a label + icon) you could just crib the camel graph view14:08
jstrachanthere's the html template
atooniyeah....I was looking at that14:10
atoonihave I mentioned that I am more a backend / middleware person :)14:10
jstrachanme too ;)14:14
jstrachanif you are getting lost, feel free to do a pull request with what you have and I can take a look next week sometime14:14
jstrachanthe graph layout stuff is some of the hairiest stuff around hawtio :)14:14
atoonii picked the right place to start then ....14:15
atoonionce i get around that it will be easy :)14:15
atooniwould you be able to have a quick glance at
atooniif it rings a bell, fine - if not I'll dig deeper - basically trying to display to simple nodes with a connection14:20
jstrachanmaybe turn $element into $($lement)14:24
jstrachanits probably the difference between a DOM node and a jquery lookup of nodes (which are an array of nodes) or something like that14:25
atooniah ok14:25
jstrachaneither that or $element[0] - one of the two I think14:25
jstrachan(type checking should have caught this in an ideal world :)14:25
atoonii think this is what I hate about scriptig languages most....weak typing14:26
jstrachanyeah; though it is amazingly good fun & productive on the flip side14:27
jstrachanbut yeah - am hoping we can get much better type checking with typescript over time14:27
atoonii have to get to the fun part yet ....14:27
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atoonisomething is showing up now14:31
atoonias long as you 2 bundles named foo and bar it's more or less correct14:31
jstrachanship it! :)14:32
atooninearly there....its not displaying the connection :(14:34
jstrachanmost probably the ids don't match up14:36
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jstrachan(they are a bit odd from what I remember - either index offsets into arrays or number ids or something)14:36
jstrachanuse the debugger in Chrome14:36
jstrachan(maybe debug the camel one & see how its nodes/links look in json)14:37
atooniyeah....don't I have something showing should be easy14:37
atoonieasy in a stretched sense of the word14:37
atooniYEAH :)14:40
atoonifoo points to bar as it always should be :)14:41
jstrachanall roads should lead to the bar :)14:41
jstrachanespecially on a friday afternooon14:41
atoonisounds like an idea.....hope the wheather is nice ...planned a trip to the UK coast14:42
jstrachanyeah, pretty nice today14:44
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atooniomg....isee "bundle" boxes :)15:48
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atooniprobably this is old news to you, but just came across batarang, an AngularJS extension for the chrome debugger16:04
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jstrachanyeah, don't find it that useful TBH16:11
jstrachanthe chrome debugger is way more useful with the debugging tips on the page16:12
atooniwonered why it wasn't mentioned :)16:12
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atoonigetting there...having bundles pointing to services now....I guess it's now a matter of styling the stuff a bit better16:38
atoonithanks for your help today16:38
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