Thursday, 2013-09-19

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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 3e194ed FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository00:19
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atoonisorry if that is a stupid question, just synchronized with the changes from hawtio/master and running into compile errors. Seems to be related to the facriv dashboard changes08:33
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jstrachanlemme try here08:43
jstrachandamn missed him ;)08:43
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atoonislewis: are you online ?09:40
jstrachanatooni built here btw after pulling09:42
atoonijstrachan: hmm  ok09:44
atooniperhaps will do a clean clone then09:44
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atoonijstrachan: upstream/master builds ok....i guess the problem sits at the keyboard09:49
jstrachanI did a build from the root hawtio dir btw09:49
atoonijust doing that09:49
atoonidon't worry ... lost in git space :)09:50
atoonii guess i need to reread the rebase chapter in the git manual10:02
atoonirolling again .... i said it was a stupid question ;)10:19
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dejanbjstrachan: hey11:16
jstrachandejanb that reminds me; ever get the fabric AMQ client connecting by default with the right login/pwd? :)11:17
dejanbI'm trying to add insight-log to activemq hawtio11:17
jstrachanthis is the AMQ distro with no osgi right?11:17
dejanbI added insight-log4j to the classpath11:18
dejanband that bean in the activemq.xml11:18
dejanbbut it fails to start with11:18
dejanbCaused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
jstrachanyou're manually adding jars right? try doing mvn dependency:tree on insight-log11:18
jstrachanthere's aether stuff from pax url stuff required for resolving the mvn stuff IIRC11:19
jstrachanif you don't mind about linking to source; we could try make insgiht-log4j work without aether/pax11:19
dejanbok … just wanted to check if I'm missing something obvious11:19
jstrachanyeah; the logs add the mvn dependency stuff; so we can link to source lines in log statements / stack traces - which right now uses pax-mvn-url stuff IIRC11:20
dejanbah … makes sense11:20
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dejanbjstrachan: made it work … I get a strange msg on the console when I run the broker11:47
dejanbIgnored: /Users/dejanb/workspace/oss/mq/assembly/target/apache-activemq-5.9-SNAPSHOT/webapps/admin/WEB-INF/classes (Is a directory)11:47
dejanbit's like its printed on the stdout11:48
dejanbsounds familiar?11:48
jstrachanoh I've seen that too; wonder what it is ;)11:49
jstrachancould be the code that tries to figure out what the class/jar things are so we can add the mvn coords?11:49
jstrachan(we add mvn coords & versions to the log statements so we can link 'em to source)11:49
dejanbhm, yeah I see hawtio classes are not links11:50
jstrachanusing a snapshot I wonder?11:52
dejanbno … 7.2.0.redhat-02411:53
dejanbwas about to try the snapshot11:53
jstrachanI mean are you using a hawito snapshot version or a release?11:53
dejanb024 is the last one I found in the repo11:53
jstrachanah ok - damn, wonder why the mvn coords are not being attached properly...11:54
jstrachanwonder if the code expects bundles only or something?11:54
dejanbyeah … could be11:54
jstrachanaha ;)12:06
jstrachansounds like we could add a chekc for File.exists() somewhere to avoid the exception ;)12:06
dejanbor just log a exception12:06
dejanbwonder how we can have this fixed before amq 5.9.0 relese12:07
jstrachanpop in the debugger and find where the exception comes from & add a file.exists check? :)12:12
jstrachanis 5.9.0 happening now? it can use the EA build of fuse?12:12
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dejanbit'd be likely next week12:25
dejanbI think we can use anything apache licensed so no problem about that12:26
jstrachanslewis love the new profile picker UI!12:36
jstrachanslewis we should probably use consistent colours for folders across the profile picker and the wiki viewer too?12:39
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slewisjstrachan: huh, got disconnected there...  but yes, agree consistent folder colors12:52
slewiswonder if we should use tan folders like the JMX tree12:52
jstrachanlike that they are very different to the profiles12:54
slewisyeah, just need to sync 'em all up12:55
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slewisShould maybe start logging issues for discrependies like this, just tag 'em with css, I'll need to start going through the app and start tightening stuff up12:56
davsclausah there is M1613:06
davsclausi guess the CI server keep pusing to maven central13:06
davsclausbeen using M10 as thats what the website says13:06
davsclauswonder if when 1.2 has been released if we can get all the Mxx releases removed from central ?13:06
davsclausis M16 more unstable than M10 ?13:07
davsclausgonna demo tomorrow13:07
slewismaybe pull one of the ones from perfectus?13:08
slewiscan't recall when m16 was released13:08
davsclauswell works okay so far13:10
davsclausthe dashboard is still somewhat borked13:10
davsclausand also a bit confusing how to edit it13:10
davsclausCould not find tab for dashboard/id/4db0615dad7181071b app.js:854913:11
davsclausthe uri 'dashboard/id/4db0615dad7181071b' is not valid for this selection app.js:860913:11
davsclausmoving the URL to be jmx/attributes13:11
davsclausand when it barfs you end up in jmx view13:12
davsclauswell i guess we eventually make it work :)13:12
slewisyeah, the dashboard was broken up until this past tuesday I think?13:14
davsclausbtw did we manage to somewhere show the hawtio version?13:16
slewishmm, I think it's logged when the war starts up13:17
slewisbut an "about" panel would probably be nice :-)13:17
slewisdavsclaus: maybe try this build ->
slewisif you're in karaf you'll want this too ->
davsclausslewis ah thanks though i am in plain tomcat13:24
davsclauscannot login13:24
slewisah, okay13:24
davsclausi guess some user/role etc need to be defined13:25
slewisjust set hawtio.authenticationEnabled=false as a system property13:25
slewisalso if you want the red hat branding there's another system property you can set...13:26
slewisone sec I'll look it up13:26
slewisAnother system property, set hawtio.forceBranding=true13:28
davsclausokay, i guess we need some docs or whatnot for1.2 release for ppl just wanna use the war in tomcat / jetty etc13:28
davsclausand maybe some way to configure this besides system options as they cannot always be changed/edited for the container13:28
davsclausmaybe the first time the ui can have a wizard to setup hawtio13:29
slewisyep, the authentication stuff is on the config page ->
davsclausso you can choose to have [x] login [x] git repo [x] bla blah13:29
davsclausand to specify a path for the config file to be stored etc13:29
slewisthat'd be a good 1.3 item :-)13:29
davsclausand great for videos etx13:30
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davsclausdrop the war in the container13:30
davsclaussetup hawtio and you are ready to go13:30
davsclauslet me log a ticket13:30
slewisthat'd be kinda hawt really13:30
jstrachandavsclaus sorry was on a call; yeah we've perfectus builds now which tend to be more up to date than the public hawtio releases (when the ipaas stuff dies down we can hopefully get 1.2 GA out)13:38
jstrachandavsclaus they are here too
jstrachancan never remember which should be used, the 'ea' or '6.1.x' ones13:39
jstrachandavsclaus love the installation idea btw13:40
jstrachandavsclaus maybe folks could run it stand alone to make an installation/configuration that is then found/referenced by the war folks deploy in tomcat/some-other-container?13:40
davsclausyeah but the advangate of plain .war is that its the standard deployment model companies uses for ages13:41
davsclauseg some dude goes into ibm was web console13:41
davsclausand clicks some buttons and can upload a .war to deploy13:41
davsclausthen if he can afterwards configure hawtio from the web ui directly would be great13:42
jstrachanyeah - maybe we have a hosted hawtio installer; that folks can use to create the configuration you need or something13:42
davsclauseg they usually tend to have a word doc with instructions how to install app with screenshots and red circles13:42
jstrachanas its catch 22; how to configure an off the shelf WAR - as there's no obvious place to do it if you just install a war13:42
jstrachanI guess hawtio should be looking in ~/.hawtio/
jstrachanthen we could just configure the login / git there?13:42
davsclausyeah its a bit of catch-2213:42
jstrachanand have a UI folks can use stand alone / online to create a config.proprties file for you (and tell you where to put it)13:43
davsclausyeah cant we have both?13:43
jstrachanplus a little CLI tool could generate the config I guess too13:43
davsclausyeah i though about the standalone java -jar should have a --help page13:44
davsclausi kinda discovered that you can set port number by mistake13:44
davsclausas i had a clash with 808013:44
davsclausjava -jar xxx --installer13:44
jstrachangood idea13:44
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github[hawtio] gnodet pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 50af845 Guillaume Nodet: Fix fabric metrics tree15:30
githubhawtio/master 5df43a5 Guillaume Nodet: First attempt at a camel insight plugin15:30
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master e4ad4c5 Stan Lewis: Handle creating and duplicating dashboards in the dashboard repository, add a getType() operation so the UI can enable controls based on the repository type15:43
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 650e433 Stan Lewis: s/Edit/Manage16:51
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master b28d1e4 Stan Lewis: Finish up and fix #52118:53
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master ad2c09a Stan Lewis: Finish up and fix #54718:59
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master b457d49 Stan Lewis: Partially address #557 and improve how added widgets are positioned21:00
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master ee64ad6 Stan Lewis: Finish up and fix #55721:06
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