Wednesday, 2013-10-16

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davsclausjstrachan on top of your head do you remember if hawtio maven indexer needs anything special for blueprint as it uses 1.2.0 in the config admin property marlarky07:31
davsclausand on SMX 4.5.x its using older blueprint07:31
davsclausso we have a07:31
davsclaus09:30:46,575 | INFO  | rint Extender: 3 | BlueprintContainerImpl           | 10 - org.apache.aries.blueprint - 0.3.2 | Bundle io.hawt.hawtio-maven-indexer is waiting for namespace handlers []07:31
davsclaus[ 183] [Active     ] [GracePeriod ] [       ] [   80] hawtio :: hawtio-maven-indexer (1.2.0.M23)07:31
jstrachanI think stan just swizzled it from fab to be a bundle or something - lemme peek - as really its got no OSGi in there07:34
jstrachanI guess we just need to add a better import with version range?07:35
jstrachanoh I guess we could use older schema07:36
jstrachandon't think it needs anything that new07:36
jstrachanhere's the namespace URIs
jstrachandavsclaus wonder if there's any bundles running blueprint in there right now that has a version in that works? we could just use that?07:37
jstrachandavsclaus or wanna try changing v1.2.0 to v1.0.0 or something, rebuilding and seeing if that works?07:37
davsclausprobably old version07:38
davsclauskaraf@root> list -t 0 | grep -i blueprint07:38
davsclaus   ID   State         Blueprint      Spring    Level  Name07:38
davsclaus[  10] [Active     ] [Created     ] [       ] [   20] Apache Aries Blueprint Bundle (0.3.2)07:38
davsclaus[  12] [Active     ] [Created     ] [       ] [   28] Apache Karaf :: Deployer :: Blueprint (2.2.11)07:38
davsclaus[  23] [Active     ] [            ] [       ] [   30] Apache Aries JMX Blueprint Bundle (0.3.0)07:38
davsclaus[  65] [Active     ] [Created     ] [       ] [   50] Apache XBean :: OSGI Blueprint Namespace Handler (3.11.1)07:38
davsclaus[  68] [Resolved   ] [            ] [       ] [   50] activemq-blueprint (5.7.0)07:38
davsclaus[ 103] [Active     ] [Created     ] [       ] [   50] camel-blueprint (2.10.7)07:38
davsclausyeah if we can use 1.0.0 that is likely what the old aries 0.3 blueprint supports07:38
davsclausbtw i cant login to the hawtio on smx 4.5.307:38
davsclauseg habe used both karaf/smx as user07:38
jstrachandamn, lets raise an issue07:39
davsclausyeah i added karaf as user as well07:40
davsclauskaraf@root> jaas:users07:40
davsclausUser Name            Role07:40
davsclauskaraf                admin07:40
davsclaussmx                  admin07:40
davsclaussmx comes out of the box with smx as the admin user07:40
davsclausand nothing in logs etc07:40
jstrachanwonder if its the realm name thats messing it up; we maybe need to configure it to smx rather than karaf or something07:40
davsclauskaraf@root> jaas:realms07:41
davsclausIndex Realm Name           Module Class Name07:41
davsclaus    1 karaf      
jstrachando you have a log statement from AuthenticationFilter07:42
jstrachanlike this
davsclaus09:37:51,175 | INFO  | FelixStartLevel  | AuthenticationFilter             | 185 - io.hawt.hawtio-web - 1.2.0.M23 | Starting hawtio authentication filter, JAAS realm: "karaf" authorized role: "admin" role principal classes: "org.apache.karaf.jaas.boot.principal.RolePrincipal"07:43
davsclaus09:37:51,203 | INFO  | FelixStartLevel  | /hawtio                          | 120 - org.eclipse.jetty.util - 7.5.4.v20111024 | jolokia-agent: Using access restrictor classpath:/jolokia-access.xml07:44
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jstrachandamn - not sure - wonder if stan can help when he's back?07:51
jstrachanlets raise an issue though before we forget07:51
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davsclausjstrachan okay using 1.0 i get a weird error now07:53
jstrachanyikes - thats 1.0.0 of the ext namespace right?07:54
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master e949ded Claus Ibsen: #647: Support older version of bluerpint for hawtio-maven-indexer07:59
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davsclausjstrachan yeah its 1.1 and 1.0 which could load the bundle08:00
jstrachanawesome thanks!08:00
davsclausbut the error is still there, so not sure what that error is08:00
davsclausmaybe something we can fix in hawtio-maven08:01
jstrachanoh the grace period thing?08:01
jstrachanlemme look at its imports etc08:01
jstrachanmaybe we just need to exclude some imports08:01
davsclausyeah wonder if the JARs with the maven stuff is installed?08:02
jstrachanlemme noodle the bundle a bit08:02
* davsclaus breakfasgt08:03
jstrachandavsclaus tidying up the imports; will see if that helps...08:12
jstrachandavsclaus so I get the bundle to start in smx 4.5.2 now08:23
jstrachan[  77] [Active     ] [Created     ] [   80] io.hawt.hawtio-maven-indexer (1.2.0.SNAPSHOT)08:24
jstrachandavsclaus though its actually failing ;) same exception you seemed to get08:25
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 41524af FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository08:29
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davsclausah the indexer is in the bundle-classpath08:29
davsclauswell i guess this is karaf 2.2.x so maybe not so easy to get that maven stuff to work08:30
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jstrachandavsclaus lemme try one more attempt - otherwise we could just miss it out08:32
jstrachanseems this class is not found too: javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlElement08:35
jstrachandavsclaus ok giving up on getting maven-indexer working ;) gonna try just adding a more minimal feature08:40
davsclausjstrachan yeah this is for SMX 4.5.x mind you08:42
davsclausjboss fuse 6.0+ has been karaf 2.3 based08:42
davsclausso its maybe related to karaf 2.2 based containers08:42
davsclausand its just the maven indexer08:42
jstrachanhave a more minimal feature - hawtio-core which deploys fine08:42
jstrachanand the json-schema mbean too - which is only really needed for fabric anyway08:43
davsclausah so another feature without the maven?08:43
davsclauscould be nice for ppl that dont want the maven indexer at all08:43
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 294da5f James Strachan: removed a few more imports from hawtio-maven-indexer so its easier to use on other osgi containers08:43
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jstrachandavsclaus still can't login mind you - but at least hawtio starts up fine with no errors ;)08:44
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 873abb5 James Strachan: provide a new hawtio-core feature which omits things like the maven indexer, json schema mbean, karaf terminal for use on old karaf containers and servicemix 4.5.x etc08:44
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jstrachandavsclaus just debugging why logging in doesn't work...08:49
jstrachandavsclaus think its due to the RolePrinciple being org.apache.karaf.jaas.modules.RolePrincipal not org.apache.karaf.jaas.boot.principal.RolePrincipal08:54
davsclausah jstrachan i think freeman had some issue reported with that in jboss fuse08:55
davsclaussomething about that changed in karaf08:55
davsclausnice with non backwards compatible :(08:56
atoonijstrachan: for what it's worth, running it in plain equinox with jetty it worked for me setting the RolePrincipal class to the empty string08:56
jstrachanah cool :)08:57
jstrachanmight default it to that and see if it still logs in to karaf / smx08:58
jstrachanatooni that did the trick! :)09:03
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages b3e15d6 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository09:11
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 909ad98 James Strachan: fixes #648 so we don't default to a karaf specific role principle class by default; which seems pretty fragile & only works on some karaf versions (and not on equinox/jetty etc)09:14
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jstrachandavsclaus so now hawtio works fine on smx 4.5 2 ;)09:14
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages d9f0893 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository09:29
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atoonijstrachan: cool ...sry had to run before :)10:07
jstrachannp ;)10:12
davsclausjstrachan your fix now works in smx 4.5.3 also10:18
davsclausthe log plugin is not visible though10:18
davsclausi guess that fabric insight is not installed10:18
jstrachanyeah - the insight-log bundle is probably not running10:18
davsclausthough install hawtio as instructed on our home page is correct10:19
jstrachancould try install insight-log from fabric10:19
jstrachan(its not actualy part of hawtio)10:19
davsclauskaraf@root> start 18710:23
davsclausorg.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle org.fusesource.insight.insight-log [187]: Unable to resolve 187.0: missing requirement [187.0] package; (&(package=org.osgi.framework)(version>=1.6.0)(!(version>=2.0.0)))10:23
davsclaustried with insight-log from jboss 6.0 GA10:24
davsclausit fails with that osgi ^^^10:24
jstrachanyeah - probably too old karaf to be usable am afraid10:24
jstrachangood reason for those smx users to upgrade to fuse! :)10:24
davsclausya :)10:24
davsclausand get fabric out of the box10:25
jstrachanyeah! :)10:25
atooniworking through the stuff I find the biggest challenge is to get a reasonable packaging together10:26
jstrachanyou mean a tarball?10:26
atooniactually....figuring out which bundles in which version work together10:27
jstrachanyou using features?10:28
atooniI have noted a couple of things in karaf that would provide lower versions than used later on in fabric10:29
jstrachanat least with features files we can use ${foo-version} stuff inside them so its easier to keep consistent versions of stuff across features etc10:29
atooniwill issue a pull request eventually10:29
jstrachanah cool10:29
jstrachanjust added a ${version:cheese} expansion to fuse btw; so you can refer to a centrally managed (in the profile) set of version numbers across bundles/features/repos etc10:30
jstrachansee ${verison:fabric} and ${version:karaf}10:31
jstrachanthey come from here
jstrachanso you can update a profile's versions of stuff consistently across feature files / bundles / profiles at leasat10:31
atoonii ran into things with the non fuse related things10:33
atoonifor example karaf currently exposes jline and jedit in lower versions than required by fanric / hawtio10:34
atooninothing to worry about too much, but cost me a bit to understand10:35
jstrachanthough you're using the fabric distro right? which has karaf inside using the right versions for fuse?10:35 i am using the distro10:36
atooniwas trying to follow the instructions to get fabric running in a vanilla container10:36
atoonithat got me into trouble :)10:36
atooniwill set up my stuff on open shift now10:38
atooninew day, new challenge10:38
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odohmenHi all. Is it possible to trigger the maven indexer with a command ? Last time it crashed with an Unknown Host Exception. At the moment i cannot find any artifact from my fuse instance ?12:26
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jstrachanodohmen you mean query it? sure - use the JMX API via hawtio?12:49
jstrachanodohmen if it fails to startup, it doesn't register in jmx though12:49
jstrachanatooni be nice for the amq diagram to look like this video ;)
atoonijstrachan that looks awesome12:54
atoonijust need to find a customer paying for my time :)12:54
atoonithink i need to refactor the graph api a bit so that i can dynamically add / remove / change nodes12:58
atoonicurrently the entire graph is rebuilt each time12:59
odohmenastrachan the maven indexer finds no results at this time. tried to restart the indexer. I want to index the nexus we use.13:04
jstrachanodohmen did it properly startup (it takes a little while to startup and initialise btw) - at the least you should be able to query maven central and find results right?13:05
jstrachanodohmen or is it just querying your local nexus that it doesn't find anything?13:05
odohmenmaven central is not reachable. internal network with only the nexus to reach the rest of the world13:05
jstrachanatooni been wondering about making a new graph using the mq cluster data (the topology metadata & querying all the brokers to get the global view) - e.g. adding a builder to this
jstrachanodohmen ah - you behind a proxy type thing?13:06
jstrachanodohmen could you gist the log of the indexer starting up?13:07
jstrachanodohmen you probably need to disable maven central to avoid it failing to startup I guess?13:07
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odohmenjstrachan: I'm behind a firewall blocking all internet access. we have a nexus set up to fetch everything from the net13:07
jstrachanodohmen incidentally, I found that maven indexer can no longer find the index files for the fusesource nexus either - but thats more to do with the fusesource nexus no longer seems to have the index files any more :)13:07
odohmenjstrachan: :) The indexer is registered in JMX. So it works partially. But still no results. I try to post a gist. It's a customer system. Looking for some data i"m not allowed to expose13:10
jstrachanyou sure you're querying correctly etc? e.g. the maven search UI should be able to find artifacts by, say, group id etc13:11
jstrachandid it download the indices? did they look like they had some data in? (e.g. a few MB)13:11
jstrachane.g. this URL http://localhost:8181/hawtio/index.html#/maven/search I can search for "camel-core" locally and it finds all the camel-core distros13:12
odohmengive me a second i check this13:12
jstrachan(you might need to change the 8181:/hawtio to a different port/path :)13:13
odohmenno results. Looks like I have no indexes13:13
odohmenjstrachan: thnx :)13:13
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odohmenwhere is the default path the indexer downloads the indices ?13:13
jstrachantry http://localhost:8181/hawtio/index.html#/logs?s=MavenIndexer13:14
jstrachanto see whats in the log13:14
jstrachanthe log tells you where its putting it13:14
odohmenit fails to update the indices for repo1 because of UnknownHost13:15
jstrachanthink by default its ~/.hawtio/mavenIndex13:15
jstrachandid you properly configure the list of repos to index?13:15
jstrachan(I notice its currently commented out of the blueprint.xml :)13:16
odohmenOh. The indexer do not use the container settings ?13:17
odohmenMaybe this is my mistake13:17
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jstrachancontainer settings?13:18
atoonijstrachan: makes sense...wondering if it should be based on a data factory as well backing different views ?13:19
odohmenjstrachan: settings in the fuse container13:19
jstrachanatooni I guess the same html templace could be included by different controllers13:19
jstrachanodohmen this is the version of the file we recently added so we can configure it via config admin in fuse
jstrachanodohmen though note that the list of repositories is not currently configured yet13:20
atoonii guess i ll keep myself busy with setting up a reference fabric to play with and then get started with graphing13:21
jstrachanatooni yay ;)13:24
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odohmenatooni: next week ? >:)13:29
odohmenjstrachan: The maven hawtio.maven.index.dir is used from etc/ Can i configure the hawtio.maven.index.repos there too ? Tried it and failed.13:31
jstrachanno - unfortunately that requires a code change - see the commented out code I linked to above13:32
odohmenah ok.13:32
atooniodohmen: if your guys don't keep me to busy :)13:32
jstrachanit should be possible if we tweak the xml13:32
odohmenHmm.. not the best way. Don't want to change the distro at the moment. I think i will fix my problems the the current git version and will update to this version when i"m the next time at the customer...13:33
odohmenatooni: They won't :) I will try to be there a day. At the moment it looks that i have time.13:34
jstrachanodohmen you could hack a new bundle, import all the code from hawtio-maven-indexer as a private package and just hack your own blueprint XML13:35
atooniwas just about to say that13:35
odohmenjstrachan: yes i know :) But have it in the official code base is better. It's not that critical. The i get the new graphing from atooni too13:36
atooniodohmen: if you want bleeding edge stuff, you must live with the pain ;)13:37
odohmenI know, i know..."The future is beta" as an advertisement said13:38
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davsclausjstrachan arg f***** ****14:34
davsclauswhen you do14:34
davsclausmvn test exec:java14:34
davsclausin hawtio-web14:34
davsclausyou get namespace not found error14:34
davsclausERROR | io.hawt.sample.Main.main() | Unsupported namespaces: []14:34
davsclausjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported namespaces: []14:34
davsclausat org.apache.aries.blueprint.container.BlueprintContainerImpl.init(
davsclausat org.apache.aries.blueprint.container.BlueprintContainerImpl.<init>(
davsclausat io.hawt.sample.Main.main(
davsclausat sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)14:34
davsclausat sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
davsclausat sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
davsclausat java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
davsclausat org.codehaus.mojo.exec.ExecJavaMojo$
davsclausreverting that commit so its v1.2.0 then you dont get that error14:35
davsclausbut cant install in smx 4.5.x14:35
jstrachanoh crap14:35
davsclausand we are so really trying to love osgi :(14:35
jstrachanhang on though, there's 2 files - one used by osgi one for non-osgi14:35
jstrachanyou could revert your change on blueprint.xml14:35
davsclausi guess maybe some mapping file in a JAR dont have the old 1.0.014:35
jstrachanthe osgi.xml one is used in osgi / smx14:35
davsclausyeah i reverted my commit and it works again14:36
jstrachandavsclaus so only change the osgi.xml one - leave blueprint.xml the same14:36
jstrachan(we use osgi.xml for osgi only - and blueprint.xml for use in non-osgi)14:36
jstrachanI was hoping to have 3 files - one common, one for osgi only and one for non-osgi only - but we can only specify one location right now in blueprint-web so we've kept the blueprint.xml as the default for now14:37
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master 7fab7d6 Claus Ibsen: Revert "#647: Support older version of bluerpint for hawtio-maven-indexer"...14:45
githubhawtio/master daa207f Claus Ibsen: #647: Support older version of bluerpint for hawtio-maven-indexer14:45
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odohmenI have another question. The ActiveMQ Plugin, does it support username/password authentication for the connections. Tried to send a test message via and failed because the username and password is missing14:54
jstrachanright now - its a bit ugly - you specify those in the Preferences page14:54
jstrachanideally it'd reuse the identity for fabric14:55
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*** gnodet_ is now known as gnodet14:55
odohmenah ok.14:59
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 11b7db6 FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository15:16
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jcordesodohmen, Hey, I think this communication channel would be way quicker :-)15:27
odohmenjcordes: Yes :)15:28
jstrachanjcordes hey!15:28
odohmenjcordes: forgotten to mention that I'm on IRC....15:29
jcordesodohmen, Don't worry, jstrachan told me :-)15:29
odohmenjcordes: ok :)15:30
odohmenjcordes: any release date for the 6.1 release ?15:31
jstrachandecember I think15:31
jcordesodohmen, This is a question I would like to delegate :-)15:31
odohmen^^ np.15:32
jcordesjstrachan, if it goes according to plan, yes15:32
odohmenno hurry. we have the first setup at the customer and they start to work with fuse. So it takes some time till they request more features. They are happy with camel and the container for now.15:33
jcordesodohmen, Feel free to contribute :-). I'm testing also ...15:34
atooniwe might be on 7.1 by the time they decide :D15:35
odohmenjcordes, atooni: +115:35
jcordesatooni, Hey, you're also here :-)15:35
odohmenIt's on my list of things to do.15:35
atooniindeed I am15:35
jcordesodohmen, Maybe I shouldn't be joining you at this customer, I have the wrong plate on my car :-)15:38
atoonihmmm....i don't think bavaria has restrictions on other germans coming15:38
odohmenjcordes: Hey, no problem I'm working in the forbidden town...15:38
jcordesodohmen, I have a big fat D on it :-)15:39
odohmenatooni: bavaria is not really a part of germany :)15:39
odohmenjcordes: me too :) Because of this I travel with the train15:39
atoonino...i think it's the other way round15:39
jcordesodohmen, I should have changed it to NE by now, but no time ...15:40
odohmenjcordes: funny. Place where i grow up15:40
odohmenjcordes: now i live next to NE. The other side of the rhine15:41
jcordesodohmen, Don't tell me we are neighbours15:42
odohmenMaybe :)15:42
jcordesodohmen, OK, I live in Allerheilgen15:43
odohmenjcordes: LOL..I lived there 18 years15:43
odohmenjcordes: small world15:43
jcordesodohmen, Didn't know that this village is that old :-)15:45
odohmenjcordes: there is a old part and a new part...and it had changed a lot.15:45
jcordesodohmen, Yepp, the sector where I live is max 2 years old15:46
odohmenjcordes: the new house in the direction in nievenheim or elvekum ?15:46
jcordesodohmen, Yes, just behind the big wall close to Bauhaus15:47
odohmenjcordes: i know this area. had a meeting with an estate agent some weeks ago15:48
odohmenjcordes: but my wife decided against the house15:48
odohmenjcordes: so we were very close to being neighbors15:49
jcordesodohmen, Ah, that was a Dornieden one, I guess15:50
odohmenjcordes: i don't remember15:51
jcordesodohmen, Still waiting for the roads to be constructed ...15:51
odohmenjcordes: a nice one, but my wife wanted to stay in düsseldorf.15:51
odohmenjcordes: Yes, a little bit under construction at the moment15:51
jcordesodohmen, Well, I have two small kids, so I guess it's not bad to not be in a big city15:52
odohmenjcordes: yes, it has pros and cons. Hamm is not that big and very near to Düsseldorf15:53
jcordesjstrachan, Sorry for all this chit chat. Are the Fuse 6.1 feature complete? I guess not :-)15:53
jcordesodohmen, 15 minutes to Düsseldorf center15:53
jstrachanjcordes yeah, pretty much15:53
jcordesodohmen, depending on the traffic15:53
odohmenjcordes: Yes i know. I'm not the problem. My wife was the problem. Need to switch now to mobile. /afk15:54
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jcordesjstrachan, odohmen Will leave now to the hotel (so my second home), I want to participate in the Camel Webinar tonight :-)16:10
jstrachanok! :)16:10
jcordesjstrachan, Will do, talk to you later16:11
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odohmenHi, what Webinar tonight ?16:50
jstrachandunno ;)16:51
jstrachanI guess this one?
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odohmenOk. Sounds interesting, if it is a little bit advanced16:54
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