Thursday, 2013-11-14

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davsclausany new plugins added of late we miss on?08:53
jstrachanits early days, but working on an APIs plugin (for swagger/WADL/WSDL); am sure there's a few we're missing08:55
davsclausyeah i think charles did some ES plugin09:00
davsclausoh there is also apollo09:00
jstrachannearly got an awesome incremental recompile sorted with IDEA which when we get it working is gonna be so hawt09:02
jstrachanif we could get it sorted it'd be amazing :)09:07
davsclausadding missing plugins to that plugin .md file09:09
davsclausso in webapp we got09:09
davsclauscamin = the stuff gnodet works on09:09
davsclausinsight = is that ???09:10
jstrachanyeah camin is the camel visualisations from elasticsearch; I think insight is for ES based metrics09:11
davsclausok so insight is generic09:13
jstrachanyeah; think so - think its the plugin for those trees of metrics etc09:13
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davsclausah insight requries fabric?09:17
davsclausThis plugin provides a number of views for provising insight into a Fuse Fabric using [ElasticSearch]( to query data for logs, metrics or historic Camel messages.09:17
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master af02d75 Claus Ibsen: Updated list of plugins for the website09:21
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github[hawtio] fusesource-ci pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages:
githubhawtio/gh-pages 795c4ab FuseSource CI: Wagon: Deploying sitegen to repository09:30
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davsclausjstrachan btw do we need these per plugin sub dirs in09:32
davsclausthey seem to include the .md doc from the webapp … plugin itself09:32
jstrachanyeah; we could maybe one day have a better/easier way to code gen the html09:32
jstrachanbut right now its a bit icky - we have to keep a .page file to include the real md files09:33
jstrachaneventually I"d like hawtio to be the website too really ;)09:33
davsclausah okay the plugins page is updated09:33
jstrachanbut yeah - to generate a folder per plugin with an index file per plugin, we just try keep the plugins in here to link to the real docs09:33
jstrachanits kinda painful though09:34
jstrachanwe could just cod egenerate that really09:34
davsclausyeah when we hit the number of plugins like camel comps09:34
davsclauslet me add those missing folders09:34
davsclauswanna have as much advert out for its 1 year b-day later this month09:34
jstrachanah yeah!09:35
jstrachanwe should cut 1.2! :)09:35
jstrachanjust a bit knee deep in WSDL/WADL at the moment; but hope to have this done in a day or two09:35
davsclausyeah i think you got like 2 weeks before 1 year09:35
jstrachanperfect :)09:35
davsclausAuthor: James Strachan <>09:36
davsclausDate:   Tue Nov 20 22:30:13 2012 -080009:36
davsclaus    Initial commit09:36
jstrachanplus the new way to configure your own hawtio console is now a bit more clear with slewis's recent changes and example09:36
jstrachani.e. just add a plugin to make a custom perspective09:36
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jstrachanquite amazing to think where we've come from in a year; I mean there's a nice UI for just about everything Fuse related now; the JMX & osgi tooling alone is awesome; never mind camel / fabric / activemq / wiki / logging...09:40
jstrachanhoping to have WSDL / WADL / swagger done by 1.2...09:42
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github[hawtio] davsclaus pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 1040fe8 Claus Ibsen: Added links to plugin pages for the website.09:44
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davsclausyeah, and its also a cool looking web console09:45
davsclausand when we got kibama3 look and feel in there would be hawt09:45
davsclausnoticed they recently updated the ui in kibana3 - looked nicer09:46
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slewis+1 not massive app.js file too...13:45
slewiswill actually help with debugging runtime issues.  plus even though we have to explicitly include js files in index.html we can control the order in which they're loaded better13:45
slewiswe'd have to make sure the maven build can do it too of course...13:48
jstrachanI did get some compile error with the jquery.d.ts file - but I had so many files locally with the api stuff; I wussed out making too many changes; might be we need to update the d.ts or something13:49
jstrachanor maybe I needed to include a few more d.ts files or something13:49
slewisyeah could be...13:49
slewisdefinitely major surgery :-)13:49
jstrachanI tried it on wadl.ts and included some core stuff; but it then compiled, core/js/helpers.js which is a bit icky13:49
slewisah lame..13:50
jstrachanmaybe if we can compile 1 JS per plugin - and generate a .d.ts for it - we can just use <reference path="..." to the d.ts files only?13:50
slewismaybe we put all of the refs in "*plugin.ts"13:50
slewisideally yeah that too13:50
jstrachanplugin.d.ts then there's no JS generated?13:50
slewisso yeah instead of including the helpers.ts you include the *plugin.ts13:50
slewisah I see...13:51
slewisyeah, then it's easier to share code between plugins anyways13:51
jstrachanit'd be nice if the tsc compile generated a plugin.d.ts from all the ts files13:51
jstrachanwonder if it does that? if it does - then there's not that much in the way of surgery really13:52
jstrachanif it doesn't - then yeah, major surgery ;)13:52
slewisdoes have a -d option13:52
slewiswhich indicates it generates a .d.ts file13:53
slewistsc that is13:53
slewisso we may be in luck :-)13:53
jstrachanyeah! :)13:53
jstrachanif we could generate a .js and .d.ts per plugin it'd be frigging awesome!13:53
slewiscompletely awesome13:54
jstrachanthe compile is super fast & the linking to errors is hawt etc13:55
slewisyeah...  at least when you get an error you'll have an idea where it's coming from13:56
slewisyou want me to take a stab at it?  Or have you already started hacking?13:57
jstrachanyes please! :)13:57
slewisHave kids all up in my business this morning so I won't be able to get started until later today...13:57
jstrachanI'm still knee deep in swagger css / wadl; getting there but gonna be deep in this CSS/tidying for a few more hours13:57
jstrachanno worries13:57
slewiswell, without lots of distractions :-)13:57
slewis'cause they talk to me the whole time I'm sitting here :-)13:58
jstrachanif we can generate the plugin.js and plugin.d.ts at the same time; we could be onto something - we maybe then need to define a build order; so we can iterate through each plugin and do the 'tsc' compile13:58
slewisah yeah, we might...13:59
jstrachanits a shame IDEA doesn't let you open the "TypeScript watcher" config in a window so you can just keep hacking it and seeing what happens ;)13:59
slewisas I gues right now the compiler kinda figures that out13:59
slewisyeah, that'd be kinda nice :-)13:59
jstrachanits gonna be painful if, say, for all helpers we have to hand-create a d.ts file13:59
slewisit's kind of a pain to troubleshoot13:59
slewiseven getting the build to generate the separate plugin.js files might be a good win14:00
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jstrachanslewis was just looking in the online help for that directive that expanded/closed and stored the state in the objects model - is it <div class="expandable closed"> in UI?14:37
slewisjstrachan: you can add closed to the class to make it initially closed14:39
slewisone sec though, have to refresh my memory :0)14:39
slewisactually I don't think it's even model driven, you know?14:41
slewisjust works off of the effective css classes14:41
jstrachanI'm sure there was a directive that was model driven... can't remember where though14:42
slewisyeah, waiting for idea to start up, takes ages on this laptop14:42
slewiswell there's maybe the bootstrap accordion14:43
slewisthat might be model driven14:43
slewisoh yeah, guess expandable is model driven now14:44
slewisbut you don't use "ng-model"14:45
slewisjust "model" as the attribute14:45
slewispointing to the variable name in your scope...14:45
slewisshould maybe re-work that to just look for an "ng-model" and create a new child scope with a watcher really...14:46
slewisthen it'd be just <expandable ng-model="foo">14:46
jstrachanmodels' fine with me (though I guess ng-model is better naming; maybe check for both for now and we can migrate to ng-model over time14:47
jstrachanso <div class="expandable" should work?14:47
slewisyeah, that'd be a good idea...14:47
slewisyep should...14:47
slewisactually can only use class="expandable" :-)14:48
jstrachanah cool - and class"expandable-body" is the only other requirement in the thing whic closes right?14:48
jstrachanis expandable-indicator required?14:48
slewisonly if you want the > icon I think14:48
slewisthink you need the title bit too, that's the element that triggers opening/closing14:49
jstrachanah ok thx14:49
slewisguess we need to update the help a bit :-)14:50
jstrachanslewis yay, title was the magic class to add ;)14:51
jstrachanslewis can you rememeber where the expandable is btw; got a minor glitch if I show expanded content by deafult and there's no 'closed' property it assumes its closed etc15:05
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 87228ec James Strachan: update for #736 use the plugin called api as we may as well unify swagger, wadl and WSDL into the same plugin; we can then use consistent CSS across all three. Here's an initial WADL view that reuses the swagger-ui style markup so it looks familiar to folks using swagger15:06
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slewisyup it's in ui/js/expandableDirective.ts15:06
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master f7540a7 James Strachan: #736 fixed the annoying gremlin in the expandable; works nicely now, defaulting to opened ;)15:22
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 2 new commits to master:
githubhawtio/master b140a56 James Strachan: #736 use a swagger style layout for WSDL too so it looks kinda similar16:30
githubhawtio/master 407691a James Strachan: #736 expose the API stuff at fabric URLs so that we can preserve the fabric perspective/menu bars16:30
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github[hawtio] jstrachan pushed 1 new commit to master:
githubhawtio/master 01f8568 James Strachan: #736 fix the request/response view on wadl17:07
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to issue504:
githubhawtio/issue504 71dd1a8 Stan Lewis: First cut on file watcher usage, move d.ts under webapp, pull in some DefinitelyTyped definitions, start adding reference paths to .ts files, ignore generated .js files21:45
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to issue504:
githubhawtio/issue504 3a372ff Stan Lewis: Add more reference paths21:55
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github[hawtio] gashcrumb pushed 1 new commit to issue504:
githubhawtio/issue504 fa013f7 Stan Lewis: Add more reference paths and hijack compileTS to compile each ts file individually23:35
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