Tuesday, 2015-03-10

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GitHub194wunderboss/master af973d9 Jim Crossley: Ensure completed jobs are automatically "unscheduled" [IMMUTANT-535]...00:19
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jbossbotTitle: Ensure completed jobs are automatically "unscheduled" [IMMUTANT-535] · af973d9 · projectodd/wunderboss · GitHub00:19
jbossbotjira [IMMUTANT-535] Completed scheduled jobs never go away [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Jim Crossley] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/IMMUTANT-53500:19
jcrossley3tcrawley: i think maybe it was good that we included that first question on the survey00:19
* tcrawley hasn't looked in a few hours00:20
jcrossley3i wonder what it says that more than a couple folks filled out the survey having never used immutant :)00:20
jcrossley3think of how many surveys those people fill out daily00:21
tcrawleythey have bought in to the survey-consumer culture00:21
jcrossley3tcrawley: btw, i hope you agree with that bug above. i had to tweak the logic of an existing test that relied on it.00:22
tcrawleythe test that passed an empty spec?00:23
tcrawleywhat happens now for jobs with an empty spec? they used to fire immediately00:24
jcrossley3they still do, but that particular test was verifying unmodifiability of the set of active jobs00:25
jcrossley3now those jobs are removed once completed00:25
jcrossley3so i put an :every in there to keep it around00:25
tcrawleyright, I see it now. that's fine and dandy00:26
jcrossley3speaking of unmodifiability i also removed the extra HashSet returned by scheduledJobs00:26
jcrossley3not sure why that was in there00:26
tcrawleyyou mean this line? https://github.com/projectodd/wunderboss/commit/af973d97185875f9fe663907080225749c5eb649#diff-73800ec73d9e6e8e149945026db09e79L14400:27
jbossbotgit [wunderboss] af973d9.. Jim Crossley Ensure completed jobs are automatically "unscheduled" [IMMUTANT-535]...00:27
jbossbotjira [IMMUTANT-535] Completed scheduled jobs never go away [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Jim Crossley] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/IMMUTANT-53500:27
jcrossley3tcrawley: yes00:28
jcrossley3i'm guessing it was cruft00:28
jcrossley3you could either return an unmodi or a copy, but both is redundant00:29
tcrawleyyeah, it may be cruft00:29
tcrawleyI'll think about it though and see if there was a reason00:29
jcrossley3and add a test when you remember it :)00:29
tcrawleyah, it's to give you an immutable copy that neither the caller nor the scheduler can change00:31
tcrawleyso it's a snapshot at call time, not a mutating set00:32
tcrawleybut why did I want that? I don't recall :)00:32
jcrossley3but wouldn't unmodifiable give you that without creating another hashset?00:32
tcrawleyunmodifiable just prevents the *caller* from changing it. subsequent schedule() calls will mutate the backing set00:32
jcrossley3i'm totally down with the snapshot idea00:32
jcrossley3oh, really?00:33
jcrossley3that sounds awful00:33
tcrawleyyeah, unmodifiable just prevents the wrapper object from changing the set, it doesn't prevent the wrapped set from changing00:33
tcrawleyin other words, it doesn't copy00:34
jcrossley3mutability is stupid00:34
jcrossley3i'll change it back00:34
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projectodd-ciJim Crossley: Ensure completed jobs are automatically "unscheduled" [IMMUTANT-535]00:35
jbossbotjira [IMMUTANT-535] Completed scheduled jobs never go away [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Jim Crossley] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/IMMUTANT-53500:35
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GitHub42wunderboss/master af7549f Jim Crossley: I shouldn't have deleted this...00:40
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jbossbotTitle: I shouldn't have deleted this · af7549f · projectodd/wunderboss · GitHub00:40
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projectodd-ciProject wunderboss-incremental build #199: FAILURE in 2 min 59 sec: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wunderboss-incremental/199/00:45
projectodd-ciJim Crossley: I shouldn't have deleted this00:45
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GitHub11wunderboss/master 51856eb Jim Crossley: Remove race condition in test...01:08
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jbossbotTitle: Remove race condition in test · 51856eb · projectodd/wunderboss · GitHub01:08
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projectodd-ciJim Crossley: Remove race condition in test01:13
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projectodd-ciYippie, build fixed!01:45
projectodd-ciProject wunderboss-incremental build #201: FIXED in 8 min 37 sec: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wunderboss-incremental/201/01:45
jbossbotgit [immutant] push thedeuce 919aee2.. Jim Crossley Bumping wboss dep to fix [IMMUTANT-535]...01:55
jbossbotgit [immutant] push thedeuce URL: http://github.com/immutant/immutant/commit/919aee2c601:55
jbossbotjira [IMMUTANT-535] Completed scheduled jobs never go away [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Jim Crossley] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/IMMUTANT-53501:55
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projectodd-ciJim Crossley: Bumping wboss dep to fix [IMMUTANT-535]02:23
jbossbotjira [IMMUTANT-535] Completed scheduled jobs never go away [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Jim Crossley] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/IMMUTANT-53502:23
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jcrossley3cemerick: fix is in the latest incremental14:04
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jcrossley3tcrawley: does 'lein test' in the fntest project wfy?15:48
tcrawleylemme see15:49
jcrossley3deploy-tools bombs for me when it tries to find an org.immutant version15:49
jcrossley3i guess i could stick an arbitrary immutant dep in the test apps15:50
jcrossley3i can't decide if that's weird or not15:50
tcrawleyI see some midje failures, but they don't appear related to dep lookups.15:51
tcrawleydo your failures prevent deployment?15:51
jcrossley3yes, i get them when creating the war file15:52
tcrawleywhat version of lein are you using?15:53
tcrawleycan you gist the failure?15:53
tcrawleybecause I'm not seeing it15:53
jcrossley3tcrawley: https://gist.github.com/be8dd43daf4dfd48ca6315:54
tcrawleyyeah, I get https://gist.github.com/928d9467870ba1b9d7c515:56
tcrawleydo you have any local changes?15:57
jcrossley3just an updated deploy-tools dep15:57
tcrawleyupdated to what?15:58
jcrossley3but i get the same error with 2.0.015:58
tcrawleyin which project.clj?15:59
jcrossley3fntest, but i reverted it15:59
jcrossley3it has no bearing15:59
jcrossley3what about your ~/.lein/profiles.clj?15:59
tcrawleyah. I just don't see deploy-tools at all in fntest/project.clj16:00
jcrossley3am i on the wrong branch?16:00
tcrawleyno, I am :)16:01
tcrawleyI'm on the immutant-1x-support16:01
tcrawleyglad I could help! best of luck.16:01
jcrossley3if you can confirm that deploy-tools only works for apps that have an org.immutant dep, i can add that i guess.16:02
jcrossley3i guess we need a proper version of org.immutant/wildfly?16:03
tcrawleyoh, I can confirm that for sure. the war tool has to find an immutant version in the deps so it can download and bundle the correct org.immutant/wildfly16:03
jcrossley3why did i even write tests for fntest? ;)16:04
tcrawleyjust so we could have this conversation16:05
jcrossley3tcrawley: nice, now i get a bunch of these: "Oops! Something went wrong. Please check the WildFly server log."16:10
jcrossley3and no errors in the server.log16:10
tcrawleyis that a message from us?16:13
jcrossley3yeah, it appears nrepl isn't being activated16:14
jcrossley3that message comes from a missing port file16:14
tcrawleyjcrossley3: did you figure it out? I wonder if the defaults for test-in-container have changed enough to break the tests16:23
jcrossley3no, i haven't figured it out16:23
jcrossley3the war looks correct16:23
tcrawleywhat changes have you made so far? just an org.immutant dep in the top-level project.clj16:24
jcrossley3well, of each project beneath test-resources16:25
* tcrawley is trying to recreate16:25
jcrossley3is config.repl-options=nil bad?16:25
jcrossley3in the app.properties within the war16:25
tcrawleyyes, that's bad. that means no repl will be started16:26
tcrawleyis the war a dev war?16:26
jcrossley3how to tell?16:26
tcrawleydoes the war have an uberjar inside of it?16:27
tcrawleyif so, it's not a devwar16:27
jcrossley3this is in there: {\:nrepl {\:start? true, \:port-file "/home/jim/src/fntest/test-resources/pass-midje/target/test-repl-port", \:port 0, \:interface "localhost"}16:27
tcrawleyoh, then it should start a repl16:27
jcrossley3no uberjar16:27
tcrawleyrepl-options is for middleware, which we probably don't need16:27
tcrawleylet me recreate16:28
jcrossley3there's no mention of nrepl in server.log16:32
jcrossley3tcrawley: should org.immutant/wildfly transitively depend on tools.nrepl?16:35
jcrossley3it doesn't16:36
tcrawleyit does in its project.clj16:36
jcrossley3i wonder if i recently broke that16:36
jcrossley3it doesn't according to 'lein deps :tree'16:36
tcrawleyoh, wait16:37
tcrawleyit depends on [org.clojure/tools.nrepl "_"]16:37
tcrawleyinstead of _16:37
jcrossley3that's fine16:37
jcrossley3its scope is "test" due to it being in lein's :base profile16:38
jcrossley3so i don't think it's in the classpath of the war, but we must be eating that error somewhere16:39
jcrossley3i think folks are just getting lucky if 'lein immutant test' works because some other dep must be pulling in tools.nrepl16:40
tcrawleyhow does fntest work in a regular app when used via the plugin?16:41
tcrawleyah, you just answered that :)16:41
tcrawleyjcrossley3: yeah, with a barebones app, something puts nrepl on the classpath16:45
jcrossley3lein will, but in :test scope16:45
tcrawleyhow is that different from the way we run the fntest tests? we're using lein there as well16:46
jcrossley3which isn't enough for the war task? maybe?16:46
jcrossley3i'm trying to figure that out :)16:46
jcrossley3tcrawley: it's got to be more than just the classpath. i can add it as a dep to the pass-core project, see it listed in app.properties, and nrepl still doesn't start16:55
jcrossley3it doesn't fail. just doesn't even try16:56
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jcrossley3tcrawley: i think we may have some regressions. i can't get a dev war of the feature demo to deploy to 8.2 WF17:12
jcrossley3heck, i can't get a non-dev war to deploy: https://gist.github.com/bcba86ebc0b6c9e9947a17:14
jcrossley3timeouts on queue creation?17:15
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tcrawleyjcrossley3-away: feature-demo works as a dev war for me in 8.2 and 9.a1, so that's a different issue17:24
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jcrossley3tcrawley: any ideas wtf is wrong with my env?17:38
tcrawleydid you update the clojure deps in the test projects as well?17:38
tcrawleylet's focus on the fntest issue first17:38
tcrawleybecause I can recreate that17:38
tcrawleyI had to update from 1.4.0 since it doesn't provide API.class, which allows me to recreate your no-nrepl issue17:39
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jcrossley3tcrawley: yes17:41
jcrossley3does 'lein test' wfy in fntest?17:42
tcrawleynope, I get the same issue as you when I update clojure and add org.immutant/whatevs to the test projects17:43
tcrawleyI just made some progress though - I now get a FNFE for nrepl in the log17:43
tcrawleythe main given to app.properties is wrong, which is causing the failure before it even gets to nrepl17:44
jcrossley3i got bitten by not using standalone-ha.xml again, ffs17:44
tcrawleyoh, for feature-demo?17:44
tcrawleydo you mean -full?17:45
jcrossley3-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-17:45
jcrossley3what's that?17:45
tcrawleythat adds messaging?17:45
jcrossley3oh, right17:45
jcrossley3i thought there was some new -full option17:45
tcrawleyah, no17:46
jcrossley3i see what you mean by -main being wrong. i guess all the test-resource apps need :main, too?17:47
jcrossley3i would've thought that would bomb17:47
tcrawleywell, if :main isn't there, it should be nil17:48
jcrossley3sorry, gotta run17:48
*** jcrossley3 is now known as jcrossley3-away17:48
tcrawleyno worries17:48
tcrawleyI'll keep at it17:48
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tcrawleyjcrossley3-away: we have two issues: the malformed init string (which should throw, but is being swallowed somewhere - I'm looking for the where now), and no nrepl dep17:56
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tcrawleyto be clear: that init string isn't valid clojure, so should throw on read17:57
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tcrawleyjcrossley3: wb!19:33
tcrawleyif I add nrepl as a dep in the test app, and fix fntest to properly generate the init string, it generates a war that I can copy to standalone/deployments/ and deploy w/o issue, getting a repl19:34
tcrawleybut if fntest deploys it via the API, it doesn't properly init19:34
tcrawleyit never even triggers the ServletListener we use for init19:34
tcrawleyI'm puzzled19:34
tcrawleybut it does read the jboss-deployment-structure.xml from the war file, because it warns about using private modules19:35
jcrossley3so deploying by copying and deploying by CLI are doing different things?19:38
tcrawleyI'm seeing different behavior, at least when fntest starts WF for me19:38
jcrossley3i wonder if you can deploy the war file you copied using the cli instead19:39
tcrawleyI can try deploying the war via the API to a running WF19:39
jcrossley3more ships!19:39
tcrawleylet me give that a try19:39
tcrawleyman, this cli is dookie19:42
tcrawleyI figured it out. or have a clue, at least19:43
tcrawleythe name we deploy it under doesn't match the name of the war file when fntest creates the war19:43
jcrossley3lighten me19:43
jcrossley3why is that a problem?19:43
tcrawleyif I cli deploy the /tmp/fntest2323432.war w/o giving it a --name, it works19:43
tcrawleyif I give it a name, it fails19:44
tcrawleywe may be using the name to look up some resource in WF19:44
tcrawleylet me look19:44
tcrawleyin wboss, that is19:44
jcrossley3this is starting to ring a bell19:44
jcrossley3tcrawley: is it a problem with the deploymentName discovered by the WildFlyServiceActivator?19:54
tcrawleyI don't think WFSA.activate is even getting called.19:55
tcrawleyI've got a breakpoint there, and it doesn't get tripped for a cli-deployed war where the name != warname19:56
tcrawleyyeah, for sure. if I 'deploy /tmp/fntest7118221140831122498.war', the SA is activated. if I 'deploy /tmp/fntest7118221140831122498.war --name=foo', it isn't19:59
tcrawleywhich feels like a WF bug20:00
tcrawleyif I 'deploy /tmp/fntest7118221140831122498.war --name=fntest7118221140831122498.war', it works20:00
tcrawleywhich is basically what `lein immutant test` does20:00
tcrawleysince it provides the war file and the name instead of letting fntest generate the war20:01
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jcrossley3well, i guess we could work around things by having fntest make the names agree20:03
jcrossley3but i agree it smells like a wf bug20:04
jcrossley3or maybe we're abusing service activation somehow20:04
tcrawleywith these changes: https://gist.github.com/f4cd276eb89d6f080932, tests pass20:04
tcrawley(along with project.clj changes to the test projects)20:05
tcrawleyto update clojure, add nrepl and immmutant as deps20:05
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jcrossley3tcrawley: awesome!20:15
jcrossley3probably should use java.tmp.dir sys prop instead of /tmp though20:17
tcrawleyright, that was just to get it working :)20:17
tcrawleyI'm trying to figure out why it can't find the SA when the name doesn't match the .war20:18
tcrawleyI can see that if they do match, it finds 14 SA's to activate (by scanning all the .jars in the .war)20:18
tcrawleyif they don't match, it finds 020:18
tcrawleyI believe it's looking at the wrong vfs path when scanning20:18
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tcrawleyjcrossley3: are you going to add my changes to fntest or do you want to do that?21:09
jcrossley3tcrawley: haha. i was waiting on you!21:09
tcrawleyha, sorry21:09
jcrossley3i can if you don't want to21:09
tcrawleyI was poking around in WF21:09
tcrawleygo for it, I only updated one of the test apps and commented out the rest of the tests21:09
tcrawleyso you may be further along than I21:10
jcrossley3i reverted all my changes in anticipation of yours21:10
jcrossley3but i can put 'em back21:10
tcrawleyin that case, I'll do it21:10
tcrawleysince I haven't reverted :)21:10
jcrossley3just check in what you have and i'll complete it21:10
tcrawleyI think I just figured it out!21:14
tcrawleyI believe name has to end in .war for it to be treated as a war file, even if the content is a .war21:14
tcrawleylet me confirm21:14
tcrawleythen I'll push21:14
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tcrawleysho' nuff21:15
jcrossley3that rings a bell, too, actually21:16
tcrawleysame here :)21:17
tcrawleyjcrossley3: pushed21:19
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tcrawleyjcrossley3: pushed21:21
jcrossle_tcrawley: you ever get the feeling we keep fixing the same things over and over? :)21:21
tcrawleyjob security21:21
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jcrossley3tcrawley: you know whose job is the most secure?21:22
jcrossley3dead people21:22
tcrawleypb even21:23
jcrossley3tcrawley: thanks for your help on that!21:25
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jcrossley3tcrawley-away: we can make org.immutant/wildfly transitively pull in tools.nrepl by removing it from lein's :base profile. should we?21:42
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tcrawleyjcrossle_: how can we remove it from lein's base profile?23:46
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