Friday, 2015-03-20

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tcrawleyjcrossley3: yeah, that was the thing I set out to change in ClusterUtils, but it turned in to a larger refactor00:26
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tcrawleyjcrossley3: I'm looking at how to enable and use STOMP embedded & in-container to answer the clojure ml & SO question13:04
tcrawleyit should probably be a blog post when I'm done13:04
jcrossley3godspeed, brother13:05
tcrawleyI have it working OOC, almost13:05
tcrawleyit's actually pretty easy13:05
jcrossley3tcrawley: so the answer is to use STOMP from C#?13:07
tcrawleythat's probably the best answer, yeah13:08
tcrawleyI could look at enabling the REST interface, but STOMP is a better protocol than straight-up REST13:08
jcrossley3it's certainly more aggressive and less passive13:09
tcrawleyjcrossley3: this is useful:
tcrawleyI'll remove it13:15
jcrossley3wonder how that got there13:16
tcrawleyI moved the last remaining fn, but didn't remove the ns:
jbossbotgit [immutant] d8dd5e1.. Toby Crawley Fix properties-as-metadata support.13:17
jcrossley3i like that you updated its copyright *after* it was empty :)13:18
tcrawleyhey, that was a script :)13:18
jbossbotgit [immutant] push thedeuce c9f956f.. Toby Crawley Remove empty ns.13:18
jbossbotgit [immutant] push thedeuce URL:
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projectodd-ciProject immutant2-incremental build #517: SUCCESS in 12 min:
projectodd-ciToby Crawley: Remove empty ns.13:33
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projectodd-ciProject immutant2-incremental-integs build #10: SUCCESS in 45 min:
projectodd-ciToby Crawley: Remove empty ns.14:21
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eric_normandI have a question about lein-immutant15:15
eric_normandrunning lein test, it runs fine15:17
eric_normandrunning lein immutant test, it does not15:17
eric_normandit is unable to read a configuration from the resources directory15:18
eric_normandwhich is added in the :test profile15:18
eric_normandis there a way to add the test profile to the war that is created?15:20
jcrossley3eric_normand: hi, and welcome!15:26
jcrossley3we're talking 2x, right?15:26
jcrossley3lemme check something15:27
jcrossley3eric_normand: looking at 'lein help immutant deployment'15:29
jcrossley3i think the answer is :resource-paths15:30
jcrossley3that you're gonna want to set in your :test profile15:30
jcrossley3does that make sense?15:30
jcrossley3according to that doc, your lein :resource-paths should be in there without having to do anything, so we may have a bug15:31
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eric_normandlet me keep diagnosing this15:32
eric_normandI'm not quite sure it's the problem15:32
eric_normandit's very hard to diagnose15:32
jcrossley3eric_normand: i'm happy to try locally if your app is public, or you can publish a small test app15:32
eric_normandI'm just getting a NullPointerException15:32
eric_normandand the stacktrace has no line with any of our code in it15:33
eric_normandand nothing is written to the logs15:33
jcrossley3there are a lot of moving parts, unfortunately, and it can be tricky to diagnose. are you looking to use wildfly for clustering?15:34
eric_normandwe want to use wildfly to run many apps in the same jvm15:34
jcrossley3is this with wildfly 8.2?15:34
jcrossley3pretty stock configuration?15:35
eric_normandI have not touched the configuration15:35
eric_normandbut configuration for what?15:36
jcrossley3just trying to rule out some things15:36
eric_normandI just unzipped the file15:36
jcrossley3can you deploy the war file created by the test task to your wildfly manually?15:36
eric_normandis it possible the immutant is trying to run more than just the tests?15:36
eric_normandlet me try that15:37
jcrossley3essentially, the test task is 1) creating a war file with nrepl configured, 2) firing up your wildfly, 3) deploying the war file 4) connecting to the nrepl endpoint inside wildfly, and 4) running the tests through that socket15:38
jcrossley3um, 515:38
jcrossley3eric_normand: what version of lein-immutant are you using, btw?15:39
eric_normandoh, I see15:39
eric_normandso it's running the main?15:39
eric_normandwhich I believe is done automatically when it's deployed15:40
jcrossley3if :main is configured in your project.clj, yes, it will15:40
eric_normandeven for the tests?15:40
eric_normandmaybe I should override :main for the tests15:40
jcrossley3i was about to suggest that :)15:41
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jcrossley3main is gonna get run just by the deployer15:41
jcrossley3regardless of the tests15:41
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eric_normandtrying now15:43
eric_normandno dice15:45
jcrossley3so you get an NPE when you deploy the war manually?15:46
jcrossley3i'm not sure what you tried specifically15:46
eric_normandFailed to start service jboss.undertow.deployment.default-server.default-host./ballot-scout-dev: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.undertow.deployment.default-server.default-host./ballot-scout-dev: Failed to start service15:50
eric_normandI run lein with-profile test immutant test -j  ~/dw/wildfly-8.1.0.Final15:50
eric_normandthat fails15:50
eric_normandthen I copy the war file manually to ~/dw/wildfly-8.1.0.Final/standalone/deployments15:51
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jcrossley3eric_normand: is 'with-profile +test' any better?15:51
jcrossley3no different?15:52
jcrossley3ok, if you don't mind, let's back up a bit...15:52
eric_normandCaused by: java.lang.NullPointerException15:53
eric_normand        at immutant.wildfly$init_deployment.invoke(wildfly.clj:87)15:53
jcrossley3after removing whatever's in your deployments/ dir, can you try 'lein immutant war -o ~/dw/wildfly-8.1.0.Final'15:54
jcrossley3just to make sure your app will deploy to wildfly15:54
jcrossley3if not, i suspect some dependency conflict, possibly15:54
eric_normandwith normal profile?15:54
eric_normandlikely won't work15:55
eric_normandbecause it will run main15:55
eric_normandwe'll see15:55
jcrossley3and main won't work?15:56
eric_normandlein run won't work15:56
eric_normandit's trying to connect to services using environment variables that don't exist15:57
jcrossley3i c15:57
jcrossley3we can remove :main before running 'immutant war'15:57
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jcrossley3if *that* won't deploy, we have real problems :)15:57
eric_normandyou mean delete that line?15:57
jcrossley3yeah, from project.clj15:58
eric_normandtrying again15:58
eric_normandone thing that has concerned me is that when I run lein with-profile test immutant test, it creates a war called ballot-scout-dev.war15:59
eric_normandJBAS014776:    Newly corrected services:16:00
eric_normand      service jboss.undertow.deployment.default-server.default-host./ballot-scout (new available)16:00
eric_normandno error16:00
eric_normandthat's without main16:00
jcrossley3eric_normand: are you starting/stopping wildfly or has it been running all this time?16:00
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eric_normandI just restarted it to try the previous command16:01
eric_normandthe one with :main16:01
jcrossley3k, i'm a little concerned by the "newly corrected"16:01
eric_normandwell, it broke before16:01
eric_normandshould I restart?16:01
jcrossley3wildfly has a tendency to remember state between restarts, which can be a hassle during development16:02
eric_normandno error16:02
eric_normandjust a warning about no initialization16:02
jcrossley3so that's good :)16:02
eric_normandso that troubles me16:02
eric_normandbecause I replaced the main in the :test profile16:03
eric_normandwith a function that just returns nil16:03
eric_normandthat seems to indicate that the war is not built with that main16:03
jcrossley3well, the test war file is doing other things, e.g. starting nrepl16:03
eric_normandthe test main16:03
jcrossley3actually that's a good idea16:03
jcrossley3build the war again but add the -d option16:04
jcrossley3that'll build it exactly like the test task16:04
jcrossley3and it'll give you that -dev suffix16:04
jcrossley3btw, you mentioned that concerned you?16:04
jcrossley3but you didn't mention why :)16:05
eric_normanddev is also a profile name16:06
jcrossley3yeah, unrelated16:06
eric_normandFailed to start service jboss.undertow.deployment.default-server.default-host./ballot-scout: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.undertow.deployment.default-server.default-host./ballot-scout: Failed to start service16:06
eric_normandthat's with -d16:07
eric_normandthe main looks like this:16:07
eric_normand(defn test-main []16:07
eric_normand  nil)16:07
jcrossley3is there a stack trace in server.log?16:07
eric_normandwhere would that be?16:07
jcrossley3sorry, i thought that's where you were getting these errors from16:08
jcrossley3you're seeing these in stdout, i guess16:08
eric_normandhang on16:09
eric_normandit's big16:09
eric_normandand chrome just crashed :(16:09
jcrossley3likely a trace near the bottom16:09
* jcrossley3 looks16:11
jcrossley3eric_normand: i hate to ask you this, but if you crack open that war file, you'll find a META-INF/ file. would you mind gisting that?16:13
eric_normandremember, that's with a main that just returns nil16:13
jcrossley3i wouldn't think it should care16:13
jcrossley3eric_normand: another dumb question, but what version of lein-immutant are you using?16:14
eric_normandupdated the gist16:15
eric_normandwith app.properties16:15
eric_normand[lein-immutant "2.0.0-beta1"]16:17
jcrossley3eric_normand: i'm wondering if that pedestal middleware is the culprit16:18
eric_normandlet me comment it out and try again16:19
eric_normanddoes immutant require something to happen in the main?16:20
eric_normandit has no args16:20
eric_normanddoes it need args?16:20
eric_normanddoes it expect a certain return value?16:20
jcrossley3it may need args16:21
jcrossley3it doesn't care about the return value16:21
jcrossley3but your gist shows no :main configured, so i don't think it's even relevant16:22
eric_normandok, when there's no :main at all, the tests run fine16:23
jcrossley3yay! :)16:24
jcrossley3so now i wonder if it's a problem with your :main not taking args when it is configured16:24
eric_normandnow I just need to figure out how to make leiningen remove the main configuration16:24
eric_normandtrying that16:24
eric_normandno, adding args does not help16:25
eric_normandapparently setting it to nil will remove it16:25
jcrossley3that's weird16:25
jcrossley3eric_normand: so the stack trace in your gist doesn't match your, right? because there's no :main in it?16:26
eric_normandI don't understand the question16:27
jcrossley3i'm really curious to see 1) your project.clj with :main defined, 2) your main fn, 3) any errors in server.log, and 4) that app.properties16:28
eric_normandwell, the project.clj is constantly changing as we have been testing stuff16:28
jcrossley3i thought the trace in your gist came from a war built with a :main defined. but the doesn't indicate a main defined16:28
eric_normandwould you like me to try it again?16:29
jcrossley3eric_normand: this line, near the bottom of init=(do (clojure.core/require (quote immutant.wildfly)) (immutant.wildfly/init-deployment (quote nil) {\:nrepl {\:start? true, \:port 0, \:host "localhost"}}))16:29
jcrossley3eric_normand: well, my reasons are selfish. you may have found a bug. but yes. :)16:29
eric_normandI readded main16:30
eric_normandI'm still having trouble getting it to run differently in the test profile16:30
jcrossley3if you have a :main defined you won't see (quote nil) in that init= line16:30
jcrossley3eric_normand: also fwiw, the test task should activate the :dev and :test profiles for you16:31
jcrossley3that may be a problem, or causing confusion16:32
jcrossley3also, what version of lein are you running?16:33
eric_normandnew gist:
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jcrossley3eric_normand: that is very helpful, but can you confirm the init= line in META-INF/ includes ballot-scout.server/test-main16:37
eric_normandlet me see16:38
jcrossley3i'm gonna try and reproduce locally16:38
eric_normanddoing :main nil does not seem to remove it16:38
eric_normandok, updated gist16:40
eric_normandit looks like it's a problem16:40
jcrossley3yeah, that's a tricky thing, as you'd likely need ^:replace metadata on :main16:40
jcrossley3but that won't work on nil16:40
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eric_normandmain looks broken in app.properties16:41
jcrossley3you *might* be able to set ^:displace on your top-level :main16:42
jcrossley3eric_normand: agree that looks wrong16:43
eric_normandI thought you could do that16:43
jcrossley3not sure where those /'s are coming from16:43
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jcrossley3oh, wait!16:44
jcrossley3eric_normand: your :main should be ballot-scout.server.test-main16:44
jcrossley3replace that / with a .16:44
eric_normandbut test-main is the function name16:45
jcrossley3i don't think :main works like that16:45
eric_normandballot-scout.server is the namespace16:45
eric_normandI thought it did16:45
jcrossley3it wants a ns, i thought16:45
eric_normandbut it looks like it didn't16:45
eric_normandI thought it was smart16:45
eric_normandlike if it's a symbol with no ns, it looks for -main16:45
eric_normandand if it's got an ns, it considers it a var to call16:46
jcrossley3that could be the bug16:46
jcrossley3if lein does that but we don't16:46
eric_normandlein run still works16:46
eric_normandwith that main configuration16:47
jcrossley3eric_normand: yeah, that's a bug then. sorry for that taking so long, but thanks for improving immutant. :)16:47
eric_normandyou're welcome16:47
eric_normandthanks for helping me16:47
jcrossley3any time!16:47
eric_normand(defn- normalize-main [given]16:48
eric_normand  (when-not (or (symbol? given)16:48
eric_normand                (and (string? given) (symbol? (read-string given))))16:48
eric_normand    (main/abort (str "Option -m requires a valid namespace argument, not "16:48
eric_normand                     given ".")))16:48
eric_normand  (if (namespace (symbol given))16:48
eric_normand    (symbol given)16:48
eric_normand    (symbol (name given) "-main")))16:48
jcrossley3eric_normand: awesome, thanks. wanna create the @jira?16:48
proddbotWe'd be happy as a tornado in a trailer park, my friend, if you would file an issue at
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jbossbotjira [IMMUTANT-541] :main in lein-immutant does not match Leiningen's semantics [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Unassigned]
jcrossley3eric_normand: thank you! :)16:59
jcrossley3eric_normand: the interpretation of those semantics are very much from a run task perspective. contrast that with uberjar, which probably needs :main to be a namespace17:03
eric_normandare the different?17:04
jcrossley3and war is closer to uberjar in behavior, but i still think we should support it as a fn, since we don't really care about :aot17:05
eric_normandbtw, when I run lein immutant test, it uses the :main from the top level17:05
eric_normandwhen I run lein with-profile test immutant test, it uses the one from :test17:05
jcrossley3eric_normand: even with ^:displace metadata on the top-level?17:05
eric_normandno displace17:05
eric_normandon test or toplevel?17:06
eric_normandwith ^:displace at top level, still points to the toplevel one17:07
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eric_normand:displace and :replace seem to have no effect at all17:11
jcrossley3yeah, i'm just looking at the code and i think we may have another bug17:11
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jcrossley3i think that extract-profiles ain't exactly right, but i need to confirm with tcrawley-away17:12
jcrossley3i think there is always :included-profiles on a project's metadata, but different versions of lein have changed that over time, so i'm not sure17:16
jcrossley3eric_normand: as you may have surmised, we don't get a lot of folks who use the test task, so apologies if using it feels a little like walking through a bug minefield17:17
eric_normandthat's ok17:17
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eric_normandis it possible that the lein immutant war is not reading properties properly from combined profiles?17:18
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eric_normandwhen I set :main to nil in :test, it still uses the toplevel one17:19
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eric_normandbut if I set it to a symbol, it properly replaces it (with with-profile test)17:20
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jcrossley3and that's with ^:displace at the top?17:20
jcrossley3and explicitly activating the :test profile?17:21
jcrossley3not to make excuses, but profile merging is a black art, tbh. it's possible that ^:displace won't work if the thing displacing is nil.17:22
eric_normandI'll try it again17:25
eric_normandI've tried so many things, I could be misremembering17:25
jcrossley3eric_normand: a quick glance at meta-merge makes me think you might need :top-displace on the toplevel :main17:25
eric_normandmakes me want to switch to Boot17:26
jcrossley3i hear that a lot, actually :)17:26
eric_normandwhere's home row?17:26
eric_normand:displace did not work17:26
eric_normandtrying :top-displace17:26
eric_normandI know what I want it to do, just need to find the magic keyword to put in the metadata?17:27
eric_normandno luck with top-displace17:28
jcrossley3yeah, i've been where you are. it's sucky.17:28
jcrossley3eric_normand: you might try hyperion over in #leiningen17:28
eric_normandmight have to wait for another day17:29
eric_normandI've got something working and want to make a PR17:29
jcrossley3feel free to holler back if you think it's an immutant problem17:29
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jcrossley3qwebirc77979: how dare you join this channel!?!17:37
qwebirc77979jcrossley3: fy17:37
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tcrawleyjcrossley3: thanks for helping out eric_normand17:57
tcrawleysorry I wasn't here, because I would have pointed at lein-immutant/issues instead of jira :)17:57
jcrossley3tcrawley: i know. good thing i was here! ;)17:58
* tcrawley goes off to make a dupe17:58
jcrossley3eric_normand: nah, just a running bit17:58
tcrawleyeric_normand: always17:58
jcrossley3eric_normand: tcrawley is very compartmentalized17:59
tcrawleyand jcrossley3 is a hippie17:59
* jcrossley3 is in fact in need of a neck shave17:59
tcrawleyI'll be right over with a SHARP blade17:59
jcrossley3tcrawley: was main-as-fn a known issue on gh?18:05
*** qwebirc87560 <qwebirc87560!6309510b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #immutant18:06
tcrawleybut it will be in a few minutes18:06
jcrossley3why does cemerick hate us?18:06
tcrawleyqwebirc87560: who are you, and why does jcrossley3 hate you?18:06
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tcrawleywait, cemerick hates us?18:06
tcrawleywhy are we both talking about hate at the same time?18:06
cemerickoh shit18:06
jbossbotTitle: Chas Emerick on Twitter: "People know that projects can link to IRC (freenode) channels in the same way as e.g. gitter, right?"18:07
tcrawleyI thought he was using us as a shining example!18:07
jcrossley3tcrawley: you're always so positive!18:07
cemerickI figured, hey, what project's channel could use an influx of randos?18:08
jcrossley3_exactly_ :)18:08
tcrawleyah, now I understand the qwebirc* users18:08
tcrawleywhy does cemerick hate us?18:08
tcrawleyjcrossley3: stop driving people away!18:08
jcrossley3tcrawley: that was me, doofus18:09
cemerickoh dammit18:09
cemerickjcrossley3: here I thought you were being genuinely welcoming18:09
tcrawleyjcrossley3: and I was supposed to know that how?18:09
tcrawleywait, that makes *me* the unwelcoming one18:10
tcrawleyI blame jcrossley318:10
tcrawleyI could never blame cemerick FOR A THING18:10
jcrossley3i'm confused now18:10
tcrawleyno more than I18:10
jcrossley3tcrawley: bottom line is you ran off qwebirc8756018:11
tcrawleyI know, right?18:11
jcrossley3it was you, right?18:11
tcrawleyI am the same tcrawley that engaged qwebirc87560, yes18:12
tcrawleyI was not qwebirc8756018:12
jcrossley3wtg doofus18:12
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jcrossley3tcrawley: well? are you gonna run off Guest9000 too?18:12
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* tcrawley dozes off18:13
*** bbrowning_away is now known as bbrowning18:13
tcrawleywait, when did jbossbot start resolving tweets?18:23
tcrawleythat bot wears some big britches18:23
*** jcrossley3 is now known as jcrossley3-away18:28
cemerickseriously, that's one of the nicest irc bots I've ever seen18:30
cemerickI think I might register a qwebircNNNN handle as my primary, just to make both of you twitch anytime I log in18:31
tcrawleyI'm past it18:32
tcrawleyI welcome everyone!18:32
tcrawleythe more folks in here, the more I can justify my salary w/RHT18:32
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eric_normandooh, another question21:42
eric_normandI've got org.immutant/web 2.0.0-beta2 in my dependencies21:43
eric_normandat the repl, I run (require 'immutant.web.internal.headers :reload-all)21:43
eric_normandand I get this:CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve var: ring.util.request/charset-pattern in this context, compiling:(immutant/web/internal/headers.clj:20:22)21:43
eric_normandring.util.request/charset-pattern is marked private21:44
tcrawleyeric_normand: hmm, that's odd it doesn't load - we're var-quoting it: (def charset-pattern (deref #'ring.util.request/charset-pattern))21:45
eric_normandhappens to me at the repl, too21:46
tcrawleywhat version of ring are you using?21:47
tcrawleylet me see if I can recreate it21:48
tcrawleyeric_normand: with this: :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.6.0"]21:49
tcrawley                 [org.immutant/web "2.0.0-beta2"]21:49
tcrawley                 [ring "1.3.2"]]21:49
tcrawleyI can't recreate it21:49
tcrawleythe headers ns requires fine w/:reload-all21:50
eric_normandI'll try to isolate it21:50
eric_normandrestarted the repl and it works21:53
eric_normandalso did lein clean21:54
tcrawleyis it possible something had brought in a version of ring < 1.3 at some point?21:56
tcrawleymy pleasure!21:56
*** Guest9000 <Guest9000!> has joined #immutant21:56
eric_normandquite possible21:56
eric_normandI'm new to the codebase, trying to migrate it to immutant21:56
eric_normandwas using httpkit + compojure21:56
tcrawleygotcha - it looks like charset-pattern was introduced in ring 1.3.021:57
tcrawleywe should probably just copy that regex out of ring instead of relying on its presence21:57
tcrawleyeric_normand: will you be at c/west?21:58
tcrawleythat's too bad, I was going to buy you a drink/coffee.21:58
tcrawley(I can safely say that now that I know you won't be there)21:58
eric_normandwell, if you're ever down in new orleans  . . .22:00
tcrawleywill do, mildew!22:01
eric_normandy'all rock22:05
tcrawleyeric_normand: hey, your issue with overriding :main from a profile - is that still an issue?22:08
eric_normandyes, but I've found a workaround22:08
eric_normandand you have to run lein with-profile test immutant test22:08
eric_normandI'd rather be able to run lein immutant test22:09
tcrawleywould you mind filing an issue at
tcrawleyI want to get a release of the plugin out next week, so would like to try to fix it before then22:09
eric_normandwould save us headaches22:11
eric_normandany idea what the problem might be?22:11
tcrawleyI'm not sure - jcrossley3 is the profile "expert", but hopefully we can figure it out22:12
jcrossley3eric_normand: how long have you lived in NO? my wife used to live in kenner. my brother's in lafayette. we used to go to jazzfest every year.22:13
eric_normandoh, wow!22:13
jcrossley3she used to work at the federal reserve down there22:13
eric_normandI'm from here22:14
eric_normandlived here all my life22:14
jcrossley3awesome. i love it down there.22:14
jcrossley3i proposed to her at antoine's :)22:14
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tcrawleyjcrossley3: maybe we should take a southern speaking tour22:15
jcrossley3i'm down22:16
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jcrossley3tcrawley: i think it should extend to the caribbean, though22:16
tcrawleywe'll take my aquacar22:17
* tcrawley has never been to NO, sadly22:17
eric_normandgot a bus?22:19
eric_normandI could find a venue22:19
jcrossley3tcrawley: we should hit whatever ug's are between here and there. maybe see codefinger in huntsville, too22:20
tcrawleyyeah, that would be fun22:21
eric_normandtraveling code talks22:22
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jcrossley3eric_normand: is there a clojure user group/meetup there?22:23
tcrawleywe'll rent a camper22:23
eric_normandI run an fp group22:23
eric_normandbut not enough clojure activity to work22:24
jcrossley3eric_normand: java user group?22:24
eric_normandnothing on meetup22:25
jcrossley3we've spoken at java user groups, jboss user groups, and clojure user groups22:25
eric_normandthat's cool22:27
jcrossley3i probably wouldn't have figured NO to have a big developer community. do you work remote?22:27
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