Tuesday, 2015-03-24

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tcrawleyjcrossley3: I'm punting on the STOMP stuff. I think if we are going to offer something STOMPy, we should use stilts.projectodd.org - I don't like exposing HQ destinations directly, and doing so requires the developer to know that they are talking to a STOMP client13:44
tcrawleybecause of the way that HQ implements STOMP, which kinda goes against the grain of messaging13:44
tcrawleyyou shouldn't have to care who/what's on the other end13:44
tcrawleybut I'm not looking at stilts right now either13:45
tcrawleyso, moving on!13:45
jcrossley3tcrawley: i hope it wasn't something i said13:47
tcrawleyno, not at all13:48
tcrawleyor if it was, it was the right thing to say :)13:48
tcrawleyI just thought about it last night, about all the little things about it that bugged me13:48
jbossbotgit [immutant] push thedeuce 50da130.. Jim Crossley Using remote listen instead of receive...13:51
jbossbotgit [immutant] push thedeuce URL: http://github.com/immutant/immutant/commit/50da130be13:51
jcrossley3tcrawley: wfm13:51
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jcrossley3tcrawley: when we see those hangs, we're using the hq version distributed with wf, right?13:55
jcrossley3or is our version first in the cp?13:55
tcrawleythe client would be our version (since it's a sep. process), the server should be their version13:56
tcrawleysince we're connecting directly to HQ, not to the app itself13:56
jcrossley3ah, right13:57
jcrossley3i wonder if updating that client version would help13:57
* jcrossley3 will try13:57
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projectodd-ciProject immutant2-incremental build #523: SUCCESS in 11 min: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/immutant2-incremental/523/14:04
projectodd-ciJim Crossley: Using remote listen instead of receive14:04
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jcrossley3tcrawley: well, that seemed like a good idea, but we use the same version client-side14:08
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tcrawleythat was a good idea14:09
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jcrossley3latest version released in 2013: http://hornetq.jboss.org/downloads.html14:10
jbossbotTitle: HornetQ - Downloads - JBoss Community14:10
jcrossley3we use 2.4.5.FINAL, as does WF14:10
jcrossley3i guess this is where they're publishing them now: https://github.com/hornetq/hornetq/releases14:12
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jcrossley3tcrawley: same hq version in every wf dist since 8.214:20
jcrossley3i guess messaging is done14:20
jcrossley3"solved problem"14:21
jcrossley3stupid 8.2 hangs even with that listen14:21
tcrawleyfor the 30s? or indefinitely?14:23
tcrawleymaybe I should try to suss it out from java14:23
jcrossley3i assume the 30s, but i'm only waiting 10s now.14:23
tcrawleyha, the deref. right14:24
jcrossley3i think i'm just gonna put it back to 10 receives and live with it14:24
tcrawleyha! derefs are funny!14:24
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projectodd-ciProject immutant2-incremental-integs build #15: FAILURE in 29 min: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/immutant2-incremental-integs/15/14:34
projectodd-ciJim Crossley: Using remote listen instead of receive14:34
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jbossbotgit [immutant] push thedeuce 79e574d.. Jim Crossley listen's no better than receive...14:45
jbossbotgit [immutant] push thedeuce URL: http://github.com/immutant/immutant/commit/79e574dc214:45
egliI'm a bit confused with respect to datasources and transactions14:47
egliI'm looking at http://immutant.org/documentation/2.0.0-beta2/apidoc/guide-transactions.html14:47
jbossbotTitle: Immutant 2.0.0-beta2 API documentation14:47
egliI want a transaction across a db and a message queue14:48
egliI define the datasource in wildfly14:48
eglido I need a xa datasource or is a plain datasource enough?14:49
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eglihttps://developer.jboss.org/thread/151380?tstart=0 seems to indicate that I only need a xa-datasource if clustering or to use distributed transactions among multiple application servers14:51
jbossbotTitle: when to use xa-datasource | JBoss Developer14:52
eglihold it. Seems like I misread above link. This seems to confirm that you need xa datasources if your transactions go across multiple datasources14:56
eglieven if you are not clustering14:56
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projectodd-ciProject immutant2-incremental build #524: SUCCESS in 11 min: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/immutant2-incremental/524/14:58
projectodd-ciJim Crossley: listen's no better than receive14:58
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jcrossley3egli: howdy15:33
jcrossley3what you say is true15:33
egliok, cool thanks15:34
jcrossley3you need an xa datasource any time multiple resources are involved in a single transaction, regardless of clustering15:34
jcrossley3egli: lemme know if you get that working15:43
eglijcrossley3: I have the ds working15:43
jcrossley3in a tx coupled with messaging?15:43
egliI need to automate the deployment and then I will try the transactions15:43
jcrossley3i always root for the brave souls who use xa15:44
egliwill probably not finish today as I have to leave in 15 mins15:44
egliI'll let you guys know15:44
projectodd-ciYippie, build fixed!15:50
projectodd-ciProject immutant2-incremental-integs build #16: FIXED in 51 min: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/immutant2-incremental-integs/16/15:50
projectodd-ciJim Crossley: listen's no better than receive15:50
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jcrossley3tcrawley: hey, i can't seem to have org.immutant/fntest in my deps if i create a war, else it bombs trying to find version 2.0.3 (fntest's version) of org.immutant/wildfly16:44
tcrawleytry moving fntest to below org.immutant/whatever16:44
tcrawleybut we should fix that16:44
tcrawleymind filing an issue?16:45
proddbotWe'd be happy as a reprieved thief if you would file an issue at https://issues.jboss.org/browse/IMMUTANT16:45
tcrawleynot there16:45
jcrossley3i did move it. still got the error16:45
tcrawleykk, I'll fix right now16:45
jcrossley3i'd rather not rely on position, cuz i want it in :dev profile, and htf knows how lein meta-merge works16:46
tcrawleyit needs to explicitly look for one of our artifacts16:46
tcrawleythey're pretty set at this point16:46
jcrossley3any thoughts on a workaround in the meantime? :)16:48
tcrawleyI'm looking at the code now16:48
tcrawleypush a copy of fntest to org.clojars.jcrossley? :)16:48
jcrossley3my first thought, too16:48
tcrawleyyour next option is to wait a few minutes16:49
tcrawleyjcrossley3: try [lein-immutant "2.0.0-SNAPSHOT"]17:01
tcrawleythat should fix your problem17:01
jcrossley3tcrawley: i'm not using lein-immutant17:01
jcrossley3did you release a new deploy-tools?17:02
tcrawleyjcrossley3: try [org.immutant/deploy-tools "2.0.4-SNAPSHOT"]17:02
tcrawleythat's where the fix really is17:02
jcrossley3you published that?17:02
tcrawleyI just assumed you were using the plugin17:02
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tcrawleylemme know and I'll release it17:03
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jcrossley3tcrawley: works!17:04
tcrawleyyay! I'll clean it up and release17:04
jcrossley3wanna bump fntest while you're at it?17:05
tcrawleywait, in lein-immutant?17:05
jcrossley3does lein-immutant depend directly on deploy-tools? or transitively through fntest?17:05
jcrossley3that's weird17:06
tcrawleyah, you want me to bump the fntest dep on deploy-tools to the new version17:06
jcrossley3do i?17:06
tcrawleyI don't know17:06
tcrawleywhat did you mean by " wanna bump fntest while you're at it?"17:06
jcrossley3your over-compartmentalizing always throws me17:06
tcrawleyI have no idea what you are saying17:07
jcrossley3fntest depends on both deploy-tools and jboss.management17:07
tcrawleyI see the words17:07
jcrossley3and lein-immutant depends on fntest17:07
jcrossley3seems odd for lein-immutant to directly depend on deploy-tools17:07
tcrawleyit uses deploy-tools directly, and did so before it had a test task17:08
tcrawleythat's why the direct dep is there17:08
tcrawleydo you think we should just rely on the transitive dep?17:08
jcrossley3i get confused when i need to do ooc testing17:09
jcrossley3lein-immutant doesn't do that17:09
jcrossley3fntest does17:09
tcrawleyshould `lein immutant test` support that somehow?17:09
tcrawleycould it?17:09
tcrawleymaybe with selectors?17:09
jcrossley3that's worth thinking about17:09
jcrossley3right now i'm just trying to come up with a simple repro test for IMMUTANT-54217:10
jbossbotjira [IMMUTANT-542] Remote receive calls can sometimes take 30 seconds to complete [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/IMMUTANT-54217:10
jcrossley3and ran into that naming conflict17:10
tcrawleyI'd ask you to file an issue, but don't want to be accused of over-compartmentalizing17:10
tcrawleyhey, I'm trying to create a repro in java!17:10
jcrossley3too late!17:10
tcrawleywe should talk more often17:10
jcrossley3i'm getting even weirder results with my test app17:11
jcrossley3prolly doing hq wrong17:11
tcrawleyI was just going to build a client and point it at HQ17:12
tcrawleyerr, WF17:12
tcrawleybut trying with standalone HQ would be betterer17:12
jcrossley3i'm going against wf17:12
jcrossley3i still see the problem but less often17:13
jcrossley3no domain, no restarts17:13
jcrossley3it's so we-uhd, as john travolta used to say17:17
jcrossley3sometimes i can go through 10000 messages17:17
jcrossley3but if i do 1000, it slows to a crawl around 97217:18
*** lance|afk is now known as lanceball17:18
jcrossley3like i'm hitting some buffer limit17:18
jcrossley3tcrawley: i feel like we're hitting something we had to account for in the old tb config17:20
jcrossley3some sort of page size or something17:20
tcrawleyjcrossley3: deploy-tools 2.0.4 is out17:29
tcrawleyupdating fntest17:30
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travis-ciimmutant/deploy-tools#45 (2.0.4 - 2f14725 : Toby Crawley): The build failed.17:43
travis-ciChange view : https://github.com/immutant/deploy-tools/compare/2.0.417:43
travis-ciBuild details : http://travis-ci.org/immutant/deploy-tools/builds/5567817117:43
*** travis-ci <travis-ci!~travis-ci@ec2-54-196-18-252.compute-1.amazonaws.com> has left #immutant17:43
jcrossley3tcrawley: https://github.com/jcrossley3/i54217:46
jcrossley3you mind running that a few times17:46
jcrossley3every other time or so, it slows down at 972 for me17:47
tcrawleydoes it actually recreate the 30s problem?17:47
jcrossley3around 975 or so, it starts taking 30s, yes17:48
jcrossley3but it takes it a couple17:48
jcrossley3it's weird17:48
*** GitHub73 <GitHub73!~GitHub73@> has joined #immutant17:49
GitHub73[lein-immutant] tobias pushed 1 new commit to 2x-dev: http://git.io/jvqa17:49
GitHub73lein-immutant/2x-dev 0a15631 Toby Crawley: Update to latest fntest and deploy-tools.17:49
*** GitHub73 <GitHub73!~GitHub73@> has left #immutant17:49
jbossbotTitle: Update to latest fntest and deploy-tools. · immutant/lein-immutant@0a15631 · GitHub17:49
tcrawleyfntest 2.0.4 is out with a dep on deploy-tools 2.0.417:49
jcrossley3tcrawley: weird, right? https://gist.github.com/16775dfb23bf9d86731317:51
jcrossley3always 972, if it stops17:51
tcrawleyI wonder if it would happen sooner if the payload was larger17:52
jcrossley3stands to reason17:52
jcrossley3exactly 30s for every one after 97517:52
jcrossley3i'd like to know you can repro it17:52
tcrawleyit's starting now17:53
tcrawleyah, it won't work against 9a217:53
tcrawleylemme try 9a117:53
jcrossley3it won't?17:53
tcrawleyno, because it uses immutant beta217:53
tcrawleyfirst run was fine, trying again17:54
jcrossley3might take 3-417:54
tcrawleyor 2! it's doing it now17:55
tcrawleywell, 972 took 10s17:55
tcrawleyactually, 973 took 10s17:55
tcrawley974 15s17:55
tcrawley975 30s17:56
jcrossley3yeah, that's what i see, too17:56
tcrawleylemme bump the payload size17:56
jcrossley3payload increase may not make much sense, since it works some time. i've successfully run 10k through it.17:58
tcrawleyyeah, a bigger payload makes no diff18:05
jcrossley3tcrawley: you still slow down at 972 with a bigger payload?18:07
tcrawleyit happened at 97618:07
jcrossley3totally makes sense18:07
tcrawley976 was 20s, 977 30s18:07
jcrossley3this feels like one of those problems bbrowning would immediately know the answer to18:08
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tcrawleyI made a change so we could see the exact ms: https://gist.github.com/ebe3c0d45d06ebfb804f18:14
tcrawleyit's crazy how close it is to 30000 once it gets to its steady-state18:15
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* bbrowning looks18:31
bbrowningso it takes 30 seconds to publish a message?18:31
bbrowningI want to make sure I'm reading the gists right18:32
tcrawleybbrowning: howdy!18:44
tcrawleyit takes 30s to receive18:44
tcrawleywhen the timeout is 10s18:44
tcrawleywe're trying to recreate https://gist.github.com/7e93e3e7ec1661f0760918:45
*** lanceball is now known as lance|afk18:55
bbrowningahh so you expect it to always time out after 10s, or very close to it?18:58
bbrowningas it does for the 1st timeout18:58
tcrawleyreally, I expect it not to timeout at all, since there is a message there already. but if it is going to timeout, I expect that to happen after 10s19:01
tcrawleywhat I don't expect is a timeout of 30s, *and* the correct value returned19:02
tcrawleyactually, the issue we're trying to recreate is slightly different than what I brought up in #hornetq19:02
tcrawleywe do have a test that tests remote timeout, and it often times out in 30s instead of 10s (with nothing on the queue, so a timeout is expected)19:03
tcrawleythe other issue is what we're trying to recreate here - remote receive takes almost exactly 30s, when the message is already on the queue19:03
bbrowningand this isn't in a cluster?19:09
tcrawleyno, this is against a standalone WF19:10
bbrowningperhaps timeout isn't what you're hitting here19:10
bbrowningperhaps you're hitting producer and/or consumer rate limiting19:11
tcrawleyhmm, maybe so19:11
tcrawleythey use credits, don't they?19:11
tcrawleyin the test where we first found the issue, it happens on *every* receive when it happens. not starting after 9xx19:11
bbrowningyep they use credits19:12
tcrawleyI'm augmenting hornetq-core-client to get more info atm19:12
bbrowningbut by default consumer rate limited flow control is disabled19:12
bbrowningit could be that you're not hitting the rate limited flow control but instead max-size-bytes of your queue19:14
bbrowningif perhaps you're producing messages faster than they are consumed19:14
bbrowningnot sure what address full policy you're using - BLOCK or PAGE19:15
tcrawleywhatever the default is19:15
tcrawleylet me see what we're using19:15
tcrawleyand we produce 1000 messages, then try to do 1000 receives19:15
bbrowningdefault iirc is BLOCK and 10mb max-size-bytes19:15
tcrawleythat's what we're using19:16
bbrowningyou could always up the limit or change that to PAGE to see if the behavior changes19:16
bbrowningjust to rule that out19:16
tcrawleyI'll try that19:16
*** jcrossley3-away is now known as jcrossley319:27
jcrossley3bbrowning: if it's any of things you mention above, i would expect the same behavior every time.19:30
bbrowningjcrossley3: oh it's not consistent?19:31
jcrossley3in that test we produce 1000 messages, and then call receive 1000 times.19:31
jcrossley3sometimes it works.19:31
jcrossley3sometimes it works up to the 972'nd message, and then takes up to 30s to receive the remaining 28 messages.19:32
jcrossley3each of*19:32
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jcrossley3bbrowning: that's FRMF, right?19:33
bbrowningsounds like it, yes19:35
jcrossley3it is bewildering that when we see the problem, it's *ALWAYS* after the 972'nd message. so that part is consistent. :)19:36
jcrossley3tcrawley: are you close to having a pure java repro? if not, i was going to create an hq jira referencing my app. otherwise, i'll hold off.19:38
tcrawleyI stopped working on the java version once you had yours ready19:40
tcrawleyI have added some debug output to the client to see if I can learn more19:40
tcrawleybut I haven't learned much yet19:41
tcrawleyyou know what? I think I know what's happening, or have a theory at least19:43
tcrawleywait, let me think about it for a sec before I say more :)19:44
* jcrossley3 slides to the edge of his seat19:49
* jcrossley3 greps for "972" in the code19:50
*** lance|afk is now known as lanceball19:50
tcrawleyjcrossley3: actually, can we wang and talk through this?19:54
jcrossley3you betcha bucky19:55
jcrossley3hold on19:55
jcrossley3i'll call you19:55
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ptbgHey guys, I have a clj/cljs app which I've deployed in Wildfly. I'm trying to get connected to a running repl and have the following config in project.clj : :immutant {:war {:nrepl {:port 4080 :interface "" :start? true}}}20:35
tcrawleyptbg: howdy!20:35
ptbghey, sorry this is my first time on this channel so not sure what the etiquette is20:36
tcrawleyno problem20:36
*** dm3 <dm3!~dm3@pub151248158012.dh-hfc.datazug.ch> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:36
tcrawleyand you can't connect to that repl?20:36
jcrossley3ptbg: there is no fucking etiquette20:36
ptbglol good to know20:36
ptbgI'm getting the following error20:36
ptbgjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No single method: _setup of interface: cljs.repl.IJavaScriptEnv found for function: -setup of protocol: IJavaScriptEnv20:36
ptbgnot sure why it's going for cljs.repl20:36
*** dm3 <dm3!~dm3@pub151248158012.dh-hfc.datazug.ch> has joined #immutant20:36
ptbgI have my cljs app setup with chestnut20:37
tcrawleyhmm. I don't have any experience with trying to access cljs from the repl20:38
tcrawleyesp. in WF20:38
ptbgproblem is I'm not trying to, I just want to connect to a normal clj repl20:38
tcrawleyif chestnut provides repl middleware, that will get activated in the container as well20:38
jcrossley3ptbg: is your app public? is it something we can clone and try locally?20:38
tcrawleycan you gist your project.clj?20:38
ptbgyeah one sec20:40
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ptbgI'll put a gist of the stacktrace also20:41
tcrawleyptbg: when the war file is created, it captures whatever nrepl middleware settings are active inside lein, and stores them in the war file to apply when that repl is started20:44
tcrawleyso I think it's grabbing some middleware that we don't want it to in this case20:45
tcrawleyit might be lein-figwheel20:45
tcrawleycan you add a profile that just has {:plugins [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.8.2-SNAPSHOT"]]} in it, then generate the war with `lein with-profile +that-profile immutant war`?20:46
ptbgyeah sure I'll give it a go20:46
tcrawleyif that doesn't work, can you crack open the war and gist the app.properties within?20:46
ptbgthat worked, thanks for the help!20:50
tcrawleygood deal! my pleasure!20:51
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jcrossle_tcrawley-away: fyi, i do see the error fairly consistently even with 100 messages when i create a new session to receive each message22:31
*** jcrossle_ is now known as jcrossley322:31
jcrossley3however i don't see the issue with a single listener session. (i guess 10s wasn't enough timeout to deref the promise on CI)22:31
jcrossley3further, i don't see the issue even with a session/receive *if* i always deploy to the *same* jboss instance.22:32
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jcrossley3tcrawley-away: HORNETQ-146623:30
jbossbotjira [HORNETQ-1466] Remote consumer receive sometimes takes exactly 30 seconds [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Clebert Suconic] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/HORNETQ-146623:30
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jcrossley3tcrawley-away: now i'm starting to wish i hadn't created that jira :)23:37
jcrossley3if i run that test where the fixture starts up jboss, it always fails.23:38
jcrossley3but if i start up jboss manually before running the test, it *NEVER* fails23:38
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jcrossley3it's as if something hq needs is started async to jboss starting, so that when fntest thinks it's ready, it actually isn't in some critical way.23:39
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