Monday, 2015-06-22

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GitHub97wunderboss/master 8fd35d5 Toby Crawley: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.8.113:58
GitHub97wunderboss/master 329c36a Toby Crawley: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration13:58
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GitHub131[] tobias pushed 2 new commits to master: e5f6eb4 Toby Crawley: Fix latest 2.x plugin version.14:57 db0e047 Toby Crawley: 2.0.2 announcement14:57
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tomgoldsmithHey all! Trying to setup a wildfly cluster and use immutant/singleton-daemon to run some processes on only a single node at a time. I'm having some issues however, as it seems that the cluster is not forming properly. Or at the very least, my singleton daemons are not recognizing that there are other daemons of the same name running (i.e the processes are both running instead of wildfly picking one or the other to run as a sin15:39
tcrawleytomgoldsmith: howdy! where is this cluster running? locally, or in a cloud environment?15:40
tomgoldsmithMy cluster is running in domain mode with my MacBook as the master, and a VMWare Fusion CentOS VM as a slave. They seem to be able to see traffic from each other but I suspect they are not forming a cluster properly. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to proceed? Can't seem to find much useful information online so far.15:40
tomgoldsmithVM is on my local machine.15:40
tomgoldsmithAnd the slave is registering just fine with the master (i.e. the processes can definitely see each other).15:41
tcrawleycan you gist the log output of the two nodes?15:42
tomgoldsmithserver-one (master) -
tomgoldsmithserver-two (slave) -
tomgoldsmithThis is just the startup sequence. I haven't deployed my apps. But when I do they just immediately start up their daemon called "foo" and print something in a loop every second.15:46
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GitHub26[] tobias merged master into production:
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jbossbotTitle: Comparing 73167d5a289f...d12d9caaba9e · immutant/ · GitHub15:46
tomgoldsmithThey are separate apps with nearly identical code, and deployed to separate server groups.15:47
tomgoldsmithFor completeness, here is the code I am running. The second app "msg2" just modifies the output slightly to say "MSG2" instead of "MSG1".
tcrawleytomgoldsmith: I wonder if domain mode doesn't use jgroups? did you have to tell the master where the slave is, or vice-versa? (I don't know much about domain mode)15:51
tomgoldsmithYeah I had to tell the slave about the master. Should I be starting in standalone instead?15:52
tomgoldsmithDo you do your testing in standalone usually?15:52
tcrawleyI suspect the issue is jgroups uses multicast for discovery, which may not be working across the vm boundary15:53
tcrawleyI use standalone most of the time. domain mode and clustering are orthogonal15:53
tomgoldsmithYeah I had the same thought, but found it strange they could see the multicast messages coming in and then just drop them.15:54
tcrawleydomain mode is useful for deploying an app to the master, and having it ship app out to all the slaves for you15:54
tomgoldsmithHow do you typically setup a standalone cluster? Two instances on the same machine?15:54
tcrawleyI normally do two instances on the same machine, with port offsets, yeah15:55
tcrawleyI think we have an example of that somewhere  - let me find it15:55
tomgoldsmithAwesome I'll give that a go.15:55
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tomgoldsmithThanks man appreciate it.15:55
tcrawleytomgoldsmith: see
tomgoldsmithPerfect. I'll give that a go and let you know if I have any issues.15:57
tcrawleygood deal15:57
tomgoldsmithThank ya sir!15:57
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kschraderdo you guys know that there’s a hornetq dependency internally in Immutant that overrides a newer dependency?18:21
kschraderit doesn’t seem to be causing problems for me, just throwing it out there18:22
tcrawleykschrader: interesting. we should probably exclude narayana's dep internally, or force it to use the same HQ version as messaging18:25
tcrawleythanks for pointing it out18:26
kschraderyeah, I noticed it this morning in 2.0.1, just missed letting you know before the release :)18:26
tcrawleyno problem! there will always be more releases :)18:28
jbossbotjira [IMMUTANT-567] transactions and messaging bring in two different versions of HornetQ [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Unassigned]
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tomgoldsmithtcrawley: Got the cluster working. Looks like on OSX (or at least Yosemite) you have to do fix multicast with the line:  $ sudo route add -net
tomgoldsmithAt least if you want to use wildfly out of the box (not sure if there are other multicast addresses that might work instead). Anyways, thanks for the help!22:10
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