Thursday, 2015-07-09

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tcrawleyjcrossley3: bbrowning: I have immutant web integs passing in eap except for two: one where we throw if you try to register a servlet outside of init (which is just detecting the wrong exception type) and setting the charset (not sure what's up with that one)13:54
tcrawleyso websockets is working13:54
tcrawleywith an eap config change13:54
jcrossley3what change?13:57
tcrawley<connector name="http" protocol="http11" scheme="http" socket-binding="http"/> becomes <connector name="http" protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol" scheme="http" socket-binding="http"/>13:57
tcrawleyyou have to do that for websockets to work at all in EAP. apparently13:58
tcrawleythough it's not mentioned here:
jbossbotTitle: WebSocket in JBoss EAP 6.3 (Tech Tip #23) - Miles to go 2.0 ...13:58
tcrawleyI found it on SO13:59
tcrawleynow I need to see if the jar that runs in EAP still runs in WF13:59
jcrossley3that charset test rings a bell. undertow had a bug for a while related to that.13:59
jcrossley3tcrawley: how did you end up solving the servlet deployment?13:59
tcrawleyusing bbrowning's queue-between-threads idea14:00
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tcrawleylemme give you a gist14:00
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bbrowningtcrawley: neat14:06
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bbrowningtcrawley: only comment I'd say would be you may not want to ignore the InterruptedException14:07
bbrowningor maybe you do, but if something interrupts you during that while loop it's probably telling you to quit14:07
bbrowningif the timeout was longer and someone tried to shutdown eap I wonder if it would interrupt, for example14:07
tcrawleyyeah, hmm. what's the right thing to do there? we could throw and fail deployment I suppose14:09
bbrowningthat's the only thing I'd know to do, yeah14:10
bbrowningbut I think it's better than just swallowing the exception14:10
tcrawleybbrowning: wait, were you talking about the exception on line 69 or 82?14:15
bbrowningperhaps both?14:16
bbrowningbut I was referring to 6914:16
tcrawleyyeah, I think both. I was looking at 92 before, and just noticed 6914:16
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