Friday, 2015-10-02

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mswjcrossley3-away & tcrawley-away : thanks for investigating and fixing the issue I stumbled over with lein-immutant & dev wars on wildfly07:42
mswtcrawley-away: I am aware I can connect another account to a jboss account, point is, I don't want a separate authenticated entity for the purpose of reporting a bug. I believe it's a hurdle that's not appropriate and sends people away from your door because you installed a lock on it. It doesn't matter that you offer a process to apply for a key for the lock. Compare to the typical gnats installation, e.g. at NetBSD. You can just repo07:44
mswand then.. JIRA? come on. it's bad enough basically any request to jboss sites take a second plus to complete, but JIRA adds its own 2 to N seconds on top of that. But that's besides my point. I am a stranger and come with information. I don't want to join your cult (yet?), but I'm happily cooperating with you to fix a problem I found. I don't believe I need an account for that... anyways, thanks.07:46
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bsimahey everyone, I was following the scheduling tutorial here:
jbossbotTitle: Immutant 2.1.0 API documentation10:01
bsimaand got an exception when I tried (schedule job) - "Wrong number of args (4) passed to util/auto-flush/fn--738"10:01
bsimaI haven't changed anything in the tutorial :/10:02
bsimathe log says:  ERROR [org.quartz.core.JobRunShell] (scheduling-worker-1)10:03
bsimathe US timezone probably isn't up yet, but if anyone knows what causes this, let me know here or twitter @bensima10:05
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tcrawleybsima: thanks!13:05
bsimaso, I'm not familiar with the internals of boot or immutant. Do you suppose this is something I can fix in my own code?13:06
tcrawleyjcrossley3: for context:
jbossbotTitle: Slack13:06
jcrossley3did we break that schedule signature at some point?13:06
tcrawleyjcrossley3: it's not us, as far as I can tell13:06
tcrawleybsima: let me take a look13:07
tcrawleybsima: what version of cider-nrepl are you using?13:07
jcrossley3tcrawley: do you see the same locally?13:10
tcrawleyI'm trying to recreate it now, requires creating a boot project, which I have to remember how to do13:11
tcrawleybsima: unless you have a project you can share?13:11
bsimayeah one sec13:11
jcrossley3weird how msw can simultaneously seem both grateful and angry :)13:11
bsimahere's my project:
tcrawleypulling now13:12
bsimarunning `boot dev` should get you up and running13:12
jcrossley3tcrawley: after all that hubbub yesterday i just noticed a grammar error in the post...13:14
jcrossley3"We just released version 2.0.1 and of lein-immutant"13:14
tcrawleyI blame you13:14
tcrawleyout of love13:14
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tcrawleyjcrossley3: are you fixing it?13:17
jcrossley3tcrawley: it didn't cross my pain threshold, tbh13:17
jcrossley3are YOU fixing it?13:17
jcrossley3i'm a little shocked your threshold is so low13:17
tcrawleyit takes 5 seconds, ffs13:18
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GitHub55[] tobias pushed 1 new commit to master: b6f6c4f Toby Crawley: Saving jim some pain.13:18
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jbossbotTitle: Saving jim some pain. · immutant/ · GitHub13:18
projectodd-ciStarting build #599 for job (previous build: SUCCESS)13:18
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GitHub1[] tobias merged master into production:
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jbossbotTitle: Comparing cbaad40922e9...b6f6c4ff4055 · immutant/ · GitHub13:19
projectodd-ciProject build #599: SUCCESS in 42 sec:
projectodd-ciToby Crawley: Saving jim some pain.13:19
projectodd-ciStarting build #213 for job (previous build: SUCCESS)13:19
jcrossley3tcrawley: i love it when the perfectionist in you comes out!13:19
jcrossley3pretty soon, you'll stop commenting your code!13:20
projectodd-ciProject build #213: SUCCESS in 1 min 35 sec:
projectodd-ciToby Crawley: Saving jim some pain.13:21
tcrawleybsima: is there anything in .env.edn that I would need? I'm getting
bsimatcrawley: no, just create a blank .env.edn13:23
bsimaor use the example and rename it13:23
bsimayou might also need to source set-jvm-opts.sh13:23
tcrawleyah, just saw the example, sorry13:25
bsimano problem13:25
bsimabtw, immutant looks really nice, I'm impressed with all the work you guys have done. Really hoping I can use it to its full extent13:25
bsimaIt reminds me of working with Rails: nice API's with everything you need to be productive, except without all the magic and mutable state.13:26
jcrossley3bsima: thanks! but please don't ever publicly compare it to rails, kk? :)13:27
bsimaheh, yeah I know, didn't mean to insult you :)13:27
tcrawleybsima: where does the cider-nrepl dep come from? I don't see it in build.boot13:27
tcrawleywith no cider-nrepl, scheduling is working, so that's something13:28
bsimaits in my profile.boot13:28
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tcrawleycan you share that? where does it go?13:28
* tcrawley has used boot, but only briefly13:28
bsimawhich I tangle from emacs org here:
tcrawleycool, thanks13:29
bsimaIt tangles to ~/.boot/profile.boot13:29
tcrawleyI've been meaning to tanglify my emacs setup, but, well, inertia13:29
bsimaactually, the one in the git repo is outdated. I have 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT locally13:29
bsimafeel free to steal any of my emacs stuff. Howard Abrams has a nice tangly emacs setup too. I got much of my setup from him13:30
tcrawleyI have 0.8.2 installed, so I'll start with that to prevent having to update the emacs side of things13:30
tcrawleyif that fails, I'll take that on13:30
bsimaokay, I'm trying to downgrade by cider-nrepl right now and see if it helps13:31
* jcrossley3 googles tangle13:31
jbossbotTitle: Extracting source code - The Org Manual13:32
jcrossley3bsima: thanks!13:32
tcrawleybsima: it works for me with cider-nrepl 0.8.2, lemme move up13:36
bsimatcrawley well it works with cider-nrepl 0.9.113:36
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tcrawleybsima: sorry for the delay, my package.el setup is broken, and I can't yet install a newer cider13:49
bsimano worries. I really think it's caused by the cider-nrepl snapshot13:50
bsimait's working for me with the latest stable version13:50
tcrawleyokie doke, I'd like to keep poking with it and see if I can get to the bottom of it13:51
tcrawleyso I can file an issue with the responsible parties13:51
bsimaokay, well at least we know it exists. I'll let you know if I find anything else13:51
tcrawleysure thing13:52
bsimaalso, the latest cider-nrepl build is failing, so the changes there might have something to do with it13:52
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chathopI'm using org.immutant/wildfly and web and moved from 2.0.2 to 2.1.0.  When creating a WAR, ClassNotFoundException: org.projectodd.wunderboss.wildfly.ServletListener   Can you tell me the new missing dep?14:30
chathopWas this class renamed? ?14:34
tcrawleychathop: ah, yes, it may have been renamed. let me check14:34
chathopI've removed target build dir, removed .m2 maven directories, immutant, procectodd. no luck..14:35
tcrawleyyes, it was renamed to are you using a custom web.xml?14:35
chathopThat's it!  Thanks!14:36
tcrawleymy pleasure! sorry for the trouble14:36
tcrawleychathop: make sure you are also using lein-immutant 2.0.1, 2.0.0 won't work properly with Immutant 2.1.014:37
chathopPhew, I'm glad you're there!  OK, will change that too.14:37
tcrawleywell, it won't work properly if you are using a "dev" war. it will work fine with a regular war14:38
chathopok, have changed it. Thanks!14:39
tcrawleymy pleasure!14:40
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bsimatcrawley: if you file a bug for the boot & cider-nrepl stuff, can you loop me in on it? Since I use boot and you guys use lein, I can help out better I think18:40
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tcrawleybsima: sure! I've been distracted all day, but I still plan to take a look :)19:01
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