Wednesday, 2015-10-28

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bbrowningbobmcw: so I heard back from openshift-ping team and their releases are published internally in brew but nowhere else12:28
bbrowningso we'll either have to publish ourselves or incorporate it into wildfly-swarm itself to use I guess12:30
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lanceballbbrowning: boo!12:55
lanceballnot scary "boo"12:55
lanceballnot halloween "boo"12:55
lanceballbobmcw: so, I have found something interesting in the ISPN tests13:05
lanceballERROR: WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("add") failed - address: ([13:07
lanceball    ("subsystem" => "infinispan"),13:07
lanceball    ("cache-container" => "web"),13:07
lanceball    ("replicated-cache" => "default")13:07
lanceballorg.jboss.msc.service.DuplicateServiceException: Service jboss.infinispan.web.default.config is already registered13:07
lanceballthis does not cause the test to fail, however13:08
bobmcwbbrowning: we can't convince them to release more broadly?13:19
bobmcwlanceball: weird, we should let that fail the test, I'd think13:20
lanceballbobmcw: I'm not sure how to force the test to fail13:20
lanceballwe throw and the deployment fails13:20
lanceballthis is the marshalled output13:20
lanceballhere is what's strange
lanceballgiven that we are not adding a replicated cache to the web container
* bobmcw isn't sure what he's looking at13:21
lanceballso, InfinispanFraction defaults a bunch of cache containers13:21
lanceballwith various names and settings13:22
lanceballthe gist is the list of ModelNodes that we send to WF from infinispanConfiguration.getList13:22
lanceballyou can compare what we are doing in with the model node output13:22
lanceballand it seems wrong13:22
lanceballthis is the list of nodes for the "web" cache container
lanceballyou can see in that list that it's specifying a replicated cache named "default"13:23
lanceballbut if you look at what we are actually doing in the fraction
lanceballyou see we are not specifying a replicated cache, but instead a distributed cache13:24
lanceballnamed "dist"13:24
bobmcwso config-api is broken?13:25
bobmcwor what?13:25
lanceballI think so?13:26
lanceballevery cache container we are specifying via config-api is ignored except the first one (replicated cache) that is added to the "server" container13:27
lanceballe.g. hibernate cache container has the same problem13:27
lanceballit shows the default-cache as "local-query"13:27
lanceballwhich is correct13:27
lanceballbut next when the cache is added, it's the replcated "default" cache again
bbrowninglanceball: hmm I made changes at one point to make sure failed deployments failed the tests13:29
bbrowningobviously that's not working for this case13:29
lanceballERROR: "WFLYCTL0193: Failed executing subsystem infinispan boot operations"13:29
lanceballTests run: 2, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 013:29
lanceball[INFO] WildFly Swarm: Infinispan Test ..................... SUCCESS [ 21.803 s]13:29
bbrowningit was
jbossbotgit pull req [wildfly-swarm] (closed) bbrowning Throw container StartExceptions instead of logging them and moving on
lanceballbbrowning: I noticed that commit, and yeah I'm not sure why this is not failing13:29
lanceballit's as though the container doesn't throw when ispn config fails13:30
bobmcwduplicate-service-name might be an async failure13:30
bbrowningyeah that's what I'm wondering - something isn't failing yet13:30
bobmcwwe might need to check the serviceContainer after awaitStability or something13:30
bbrowningactually wait!13:30
bbrowningwe loop for (ServiceName serviceName : this.serviceContainer.getServiceNames()) {13:31
bbrowningthat won't work with duplicate service names13:31
bbrowningwe then do ServiceController<?> serviceController = this.serviceContainer.getService(serviceName);13:31
tcrawleydoes the ispan fraction try to replicate the default caching settings from standalone.xml?13:31
bbrowningso we're only looking up the name once or perhaps getting it twice in the loop but fetching the same servicecontroller both times13:31
tcrawleyif so, is there a plan to do the same for messaging?13:31
bbrowningtcrawley: I'd say yes to the latter for a sane ootb experience13:32
tcrawleythat would be nice, because that's my current stumbling block re: immutant on swarm13:32
tcrawleyI could take a look at that, if that's the plan13:32
bobmcwtcrawley: messaging we're definitely trying to make it easier, at least13:32
bobmcwnew MessagingFraction.defaultServer()13:32
bbrowningtcrawley: you should be able to config messaging however you need for now, though?13:32
bobmcwthough, ken reported an issue that I'm looking into, wrt Alpha5 and messaging13:33
proddbotbobmcw would be happy as Toby when he hears a dinner-bell if you would file an issue at
tcrawleywell, swarmtool just takes a war, and creates a -swarm.jar, with a default main()13:33
tcrawleythis channel likes that one13:33
bobmcwtcrawley: ah, you have a use-case for a default JMS with no topics/queues deployed13:33
tcrawleyjust the defaults from standalone-full.xml13:33
bobmcwokay, I can make that more defaulty13:33
bobmcwno big deal13:34
tcrawleyI need connection factories, et al13:34
bobmcwlemme find/fix ken's bug, then I'll do that.13:34
* bobmcw stashes his maven archetype work13:34
bobmcw(which doesn't work)13:34
bbrowningthat is perhaps a downside of swarm - it's not terribly easy to start with the defaults and change them, is it?13:34
bbrowningie default minus or plus one little thing13:34
bbrowningwith defaults in xml it's easy to see and change those defaults13:34
lanceballthis ispn issue is strange13:34
bobmcwbbrowning: sure it is13:35
lanceballif I configure only a single cache container, it's all correct13:35
bobmcwyou can muck/read/write/alter the config-api classes however you like13:35
bbrowningbobmcw: well, specifically you can't really see what the default config is without looking at source13:35
bbrowningso you don't necessarily know what is or isn't in there13:35
lanceballbut if I configure multiple cache containers, the first cache created for the first container is the cache that is used/specified in all other containers13:36
bobmcwwe can add a toJSON or toString to 'em though13:36
bobmcwlanceball: so, our ModelNodes are bad?13:36
lanceballour marshalling is bad, I think13:36
bobmcwis my address mucking the problem? we're not reseting the parent segments of the AddressPath we create?13:36
bobmcwsince we no longer store a complete address on classes, but just their segment, and sorta walk down gluing them together13:36
lanceballhere's a working example
lanceballthis is the ModelNode output if we just configure the hibernate cache only13:37
lanceballbut if I configure any other cache before that, the hibernate cache just inherits whatever I configured first13:38
lanceballthat model node list in the working example corresponds exactly to
bobmcwlanceball: I'm not entirely following, but I know you can solve it!13:39
* bobmcw regrets now writing tests for config-api13:39
lanceballI cannot and I will not13:39
bobmcwokay eyeore13:39
* lanceball jokes not13:39
bobmcwwhy so krabby patties today?13:39
* tcrawley read that as "krappy panties"13:40
bobmcwmaybe krappy panties makes him krabby patties13:40
tcrawleyhe should get a bidet13:40
bobmcwlanceball: so I think the default empty Map/List in config-api also causes
jbossbotgit issue [wildfly-swarm-examples] (open) kenfinnigan Messaging example broken
bobmcwsomething expects that if the incoming-interceptor key is there, it's non-empty13:56
bobmcwwe are now producing13:57
bobmcw    "address" => [13:57
bobmcw        ("subsystem" => "messaging-activemq"),13:57
bobmcw        ("server" => "default")13:57
bobmcw    ],13:57
bobmcw    "operation" => "add",13:57
bobmcw    "incoming-interceptors" => [],13:57
bobmcw    "outgoing-interceptors" => []13:57
bobmcwso, I'll dive into config-api shortly13:57
bobmcwand probably release Alpha6 later today13:58
bobmcwalso for singletons, I need to make a lambda-less method13:58
bobmcwto avoid requiring13:58
bobmcw        return MessagingFraction.createDefaultFraction()13:58
bobmcw                .defaultServer((s)->{});13:58
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 85c4d09.. Bob McWhirter Start of a maven archetype.13:59
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 8894d13.. Bob McWhirter By default, make the default messaging fraction also setup the default server by default.  Default.13:59
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwtcrawley: ^13:59
bobmcwbut, it won't work13:59
bobmcwbecause of ken's @issue on -examples14:00
proddbotWe'd be happy as a lark if you would file an issue at
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bobmcwlanceball: for your infinispan issue... how do I replicate?15:36
* bobmcw hasn't looked yet15:36
lanceballbobmcw: you can just build the infinispan fraction and run the tests15:36
lanceballbobmcw: I've added `for (ModelNode n : list) System.err.println(n);`15:36
lanceballto InfinispanConfiguration.getList15:37
lanceballjsut before returning it15:37
bobmcwsome test to un-@Ignore?15:37
lanceballnope - doesn't cause a test failure15:37
lanceballso, it's been failing the whole time15:37
lanceballbobmcw: to see varying behaviors, just change what CacheContainers you add to the InfninspanFraction15:38
lanceballI have not replicated it in config-api yet15:43
bobmcwlanceball: googled around for a singular inflector16:26
bobmcwfound one from ModeShape written by Randall, in a single class16:27
gastaldihere is an Inflector:
gastaldiheh, I think it's the same :)16:32
jbossbotTitle: Transforms words to singular, plural, humanized (human readable), underscore, camel case, or ordinal form : String Format « Data Type « Java Tutorial16:34
gastaldiyeap, same class16:34
hbraun@bobmcw FYI
gastaldiwe copied from Modeshape too :)16:34
jbossbotgit pull req [wildfly-config-api] (open) heiko-braun Fix datasource test
bobmcwthanks rhauch!16:34
bobmcwhbraun: thanks, I'll merge that in a moment16:35
* bobmcw gives you commits also16:35
gastaldioh, there isn't this feature in here :P16:35
hbraunthere was another error in the DS subsystems, hence we moved to UUID16:35
bobmcwhbraun: invite sent16:36
hbraunbobmcw thanks got it16:37
bobmcwlanceball: gonna look at the ispn stuff after a brew another pot of coffee16:37
hbraunbobmcw do we stick to PR's?16:38
hbraunor does everybody push straight to the repo?16:38
bobmcwso far we've just been pushing straight16:38
bobmcwuntil that bites us in the ass, I think that's okay16:38
bobmcwuntil/unless folks want more process16:38
hbraun@bobmcw +116:38
bobmcwhbraun: do you have credentials at oss.sonatype?16:39
hbraunmo i don't think so16:39
bobmcwI think you can sign up here: https://issues.sonatype.org16:39
jbossbotTitle: System Dashboard - Sonatype JIRA16:39
bobmcwand then we can get you added to org.wildfly.swarm groupId for valid publishing of maven artifacts16:40
hbraunwe need to cleanup the config-api "forked-from"16:40
bobmcwyou'll need a gpg key registered at some key-server16:40
bobmcwyah, I think blow away the repo, create a new, and push from a local clone16:40
bobmcwkeeps history, drops the fork linkage16:40
hbraunyes, that's what I thought16:40
bobmcwright now only lanceball and I have perms to deploy via oss.sonatype16:41
bobmcwbut it's sooooo much less of a steaming pile of poop than repository.jboss.org16:41
bobmcwfaster nexus, and syncs to central within about 10 minutes16:41
bobmcwdoes require the gpg-signed artifacts16:41
hbraunthat's no big deal16:41
hbrauni can set it up16:42
bobmcwcool, just let me know your username once you do, and I'll request them to add you16:42
bobmcwlunchtime, bbiab16:49
lanceballbobmcw: hbraun: fwiw, I've been doing PRs17:11
lanceballbut I then just merge them myself :/17:11
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bbrowningany suggestions on forked openshift-ping GAV? org.projectodd.*? org.wildfly.swarm.*?18:06 is a bit verbose but was my first though18:07
bbrowningbut since it's not actually part of swarm itself...18:07
gastaldiorg.openshift:ping :)18:13
gastaldiis it this: ?18:14
bbrowninggastaldi: yes, that's it18:28
bbrowningI want to release under some other GAV if I fork that repo18:28
bbrowningI can't easily use it from openshift and swarm without it being released somewhere18:28
gastaldiis it meant to be used for wildfly-swarm only ?18:29
gastaldior do you intend to push back the changes in the original repository after releasing?18:30
gastaldiin Forge, we forked the Jboss-modules project and changed the version nomenclature only18:31
gastaldieg.: 1.3.1.Final became 1.3.1.Final-forge18:31
gastaldiah sorry, we changed the groupId too, to org.jboss.forge18:31
gastaldiorg.wildfly.swarm it is18:32
bbrowningfor now it will be used for swarm only18:32
bbrowningopenshift-ping will hopefully one day release on their own or get their code back upstream into jgroups itself18:32
gastaldiI'd go with org.wildfly.swarm then18:33
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hbraunlanceball i prefer direct access as well18:48
hbraunPR's make sense when process is needed or the project would benefit from code review18:48
hbraunwhich, at some point, we may decide. but for now it's more simple to go without18:49
hbraunbobmcw i've merged my own PR in the meantime18:51
bobmcwcool beans18:52
bobmcwI need to fix this infinispan/marshaller issue lanceball found, and then I'll do a release18:52
bobmcws/find/find and then fix/18:53
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hbraunare teh xml assets still used?18:57
hbraunwell, actually its just one XML asset: in datasources18:59
hbraunit boils down to -ds.xml18:59
hbrauna different story19:00
hbrauni confused it with the regular XML marshalling as in standalone.xml19:00
hbraunI didn't realize we already have the hawkular monitor as a fraction19:03
hbraunlanceball are you around?19:09
lanceballyes, what's up?19:09
hbraundo you remember why some classes in config-api have @Address and other ones simply @ResourceType?19:10
hbraunon the class definition?19:10
lanceballthis is some of the work that bobmcw did when converting the source generation to a 2-pass process, if I recall correctly19:11
bobmcwyah, I think @Address is no longer actually used, but possibly that is also causing the issue around infinispan19:12
* bobmcw is digging in now19:12
lanceballbobmcw: yeah, I was just looking and don't see Address used anywhere except in test code19:13
lanceballwhich is another issue19:13
lanceballtesting against generated code that is static and doesn't change as our generator changes :(19:14
bobmcwyah, hbraun and I discussed briefly in hipchat19:14
* lanceball fires up hipchat19:14
hbraunlanceball yes, it's a chicken and egg problem19:14
lanceballyeah, I spent a little while mucking about with that to see if I could improve it, but gave up pretty fast19:15
hbrauni think those tests would need to move to a post generation phase19:15
hbraunbut then how do you "test drive" it ?19:15
hbraunbobmcw do you remember the rational for moving away from @Address?19:16
hbrauni think this way it only works for top-down marshalling19:16
hbraunbut how do I know the address of any config element without walking down the full object tree?19:17
hbraunthat's at least my rational for putting @Address in there to begin with19:17
bobmcwI guess we do only do it from the top-down at this point, at least in our current usage within swarm19:18
bobmcw@Address didn't work once we unified duplicate classes that could appear in several locations19:18
bobmcwe.g. Infinispan had 6 classes for StringTable, all identical, depending which singleton they could appear under19:19
bobmcwdiffering only by package (and @Address)19:19
hbrauni see19:19
bobmcwmy solution may absolutely be sub-optimal :)19:20
hbraunit's fine for the swarm case19:20
hbraunbut hawkular for instance, was thinking about leveraging the config-api for a lean way to invoke on the wildfly management layer19:21
hbraunin that case they every resource class would need to fully qualified in terms of it's address19:21
hbraunso you could read/write and part of the model using the java api, without having the parent resource context19:22
bobmcwcould we do something like perform(apiStuff, inRelationToThisRoot) ?19:22
hbraunbobmcw yes, we will find a way. i just need to think about it a little19:22
bobmcwwhere inRelationToThisRoot would basically be a prefix we prepend to the apiStuff addresses?19:22
bobmcwlanceball: this marshaller issue is really confusing me19:23
bobmcwif I marshall just the individual CacheContainer, it still comes up weird19:23
lanceballit does?19:23
*** tcrawley is now known as tcrawley-away19:24
bobmcwI think it's not a marshaller issue, but maybe how the config-api object tree gets stitched together19:24
bobmcwone moment19:24
bobmcwin InfinispanConfig, I pull the fraction.subresources().cacheContainers(), and individually iterate/marshall them19:26
bobmcwsee "START server" and "START web" etc19:26
bobmcwI also dump their own values for replicated/distribute/invalidatoin caches19:26
bobmcwwhich then immediately looks wrong19:26
hbraun"operation" => "add" for attributes seems wrong19:28
bobmcwI think we're pulling the wrong thing from     private static HashMap<Class<?>, Optional<Subresource>> subresources = new HashMap<>();19:28
hbraunit looks like it creates an ADD op for every attribute19:28
bobmcwI was only looking at the fact the web container has a distributed-cache, but dumps a replicated-cache19:30
* bobmcw keeps poking19:31
bobmcwah, yah, we're creating a Subresources for a specific CacheContainer and jamming it into the map19:35
bobmcwand using it for all instances of CacheContainer19:35
bobmcwso always the same underlying sub-resources, I think maybe19:35
bobmcwyay, fixed!19:38
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bobmcwdunno about the OP=ADD for every attribute... WF hasn't complained about that :)19:40
bobmcwthe key change:
bobmcwpassing the entity to invoke() of the stashed Subresources object, so it can apply to different entities19:41
bobmcwinstead of stashing this.parent on the Subresources, binding it to the first-seen entity of a given type19:41
bobmcwelse, CacheContainer#2 would pluck the same Subresources that was bound to CacheContainer#119:41
lanceballif I had a drumset here, I'd bang the cymbals19:42
bobmcwjcrossley knows a guy19:43
bobmcwgonna push a release of config-api19:43
lanceballgonna cheer19:44
*** jcrossle_ is now known as jcrossley319:44
bobmcwonce it percolates to central, I'll push an updated pom.xml for -swarm19:59
bobmcwthen Imma have a beer and possibly a nap19:59
bobmcwlanceball: and then you can verify if it actually fixed stuff20:00
bobmcwunless you cannot and will not20:01
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 89fc595.. Bob McWhirter Provide a lambda-less defaultServer() on MessagingFraction....20:01
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 20382b6.. Bob McWhirter Rev config-api.20:01
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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hbraunbobmcw re:op=add every attribute20:05
hbraunlooks wrong20:05
hbraunbut i don't fully understand the output in the gist20:06
hbraunbobmcw my first impression is that only the last op=add will actually result in a config change20:07
hbraunall the prior attributes will be replaced/ignored/overridden20:07
hbraunbobmcw are you sure this creates a server config as expected?20:08
hbraunbobmcw I guess it's merely the gist output that's confusing20:16
hbraunhere's what the actual marshaller DMR looks like:
hbraunlooks reasonable. so please ignore my previous comments20:17
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bobmcwlanceball: feel free to confirm or deny my fix20:19
bobmcwci says
bobmcwdash or no?20:24
lanceballno dash20:58
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tcrawleybobmcw: get both21:26
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 7ec4015.. Toby Crawley Expose option to disable swarmtool fraction detection21:39
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 75783a9.. Toby Crawley Remove special-case exclusions to fraction detection...21:39
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master c24181e.. Toby Crawley Improve swarmtool fraction output...22:07
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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bobmcwtcrawley-away: will do, once I have a card that works again23:50
bobmcwor if I can convince lance|afk to buy'em23:51
bobmcwunless he can not and will not23:51
bobmcwand double half-hitch knot23:51
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