Monday, 2015-11-02

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lanceballbobmcw: have a sec?14:42
lanceballso, in my preso, I'm showing how easy it is to convert this to swarm
lanceballbut it's not happening :)14:43
bbrowninglanceball: not happening as in just too complicated? or not working?14:43
lanceballno -swarm.war is produced14:43
bobmcwyou're lacking the execution14:44
bobmcwneed a <goal>package</goal> in there14:44
bbrowninglanceball: I think the issue may be you added your swarm plugin in the <pluginManagement> section14:46
bbrowninginstead of directly as a plugin as you'll see a bit further down14:46
bobmcwI have trouble with source + diff14:46
bobmcwjust commit/push!14:46
lanceballbobmcw: was just showing that I had that in there already14:47
lanceballbbrowning: you are the winner!14:47
bobmcwgood job bbrowning!14:49
bbrowningI'm a bit depressed at how much I've learned about maven these days14:49
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bobmcwugh, forge roaster isnt jdk8-happy14:51
bobmcwcan't generate default methods on interfaces14:52
bobmcwasking gastaldi in #forge15:06
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lanceballbobmcw: what's preventing us from allowing a main() in a war app16:10
bobmcwwe just need to adjust our classloadering to find the main() within the .war within the -swarm16:16
bobmcwno big deal, but just haven't done it16:17
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lanceballbobmcw: ok, so if I'm using main() and I want to create a ShrinkWrap WARArchive and deploy it, but first I want to add an asset to it, what classloader do I use?16:25
lanceballE.g.  war.addAsResource(new ClassLoaderAsset("index.html", Main.class.getClass().getClassLoader()), "index.html");16:25
lanceballMain.class.getClass().getClassLoader() is null16:25
bobmcwthat's what I'd do, and cl==null means you're getting the system classloader16:26
bobmcwwhen you java -jar, it'll be non-null16:26
bobmcwClassLoaderAsset should be smart enough to handle null16:26
bobmcwI think16:26
lanceballone sec16:26
lanceballbig stack16:27
bobmcwif it doesn't work, then we have some failing examples16:28
bobmcwlanceball: so, we stick child resources on this.resources attribtue in config-api16:31
bobmcwbut singletones right on the root16:31
bobmcwany reason we don't also put them on this.resources?16:31
lanceballnot really16:31
bobmcwwell, this.subresources16:31
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master a98f9a2.. Lance Ball Tweak ribbon-webapp so that it runs under a /ribbon context....17:31
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
projectodd-ciStarting build #280 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)17:31
jbossbotgit [booker] 44d46aa.. Lance Ball Convert webapp component of the application to use ribbon-webapp.18:35
lanceballribbon-webapp usage18:35
lanceballin booker18:35
bobmcwyay lanceball!18:35
lanceballdepends on Alpha6-SNAPSHOT though18:35
lanceballbobmcw: I need to do a little documentation18:36
lanceballnow booker/web-client has to be started with java -jar18:36
lanceballand the ribbon-webapp runs under a '/ribbon' context18:36
lanceballwhich we should probably make configurable18:36
lanceballbobmcw: this, btw, took me a while to find, but simplified a LOT
lanceballthat, plus addAllDependencies below it makes everything "just work"18:38
bobmcwso, staticContent() shouldn't actually be required, fwiw18:39
bobmcwbut we've had continual issues with static content18:39
bobmcwso whatever works, works.18:39
bobmcwit should serve anything from the root of a .war as static content anyhoo, if I recall18:40
bobmcwso I've tried moving some things to .subresources, but somehow even though I addField(), the non-singleton ones stopped adding their fields to it18:42
bobmcwsubresourceClass.getFields() shows them18:42
bobmcwbut in the generated output, nothing18:42
bobmcwI sorta hate roaster18:43
lanceballbobmcw: if I remove war.staticContent() I get FORBIDDEN18:47
bobmcwoh well18:47
bobmcwmaybe in the root of WEB-INF18:47
bobmcwtry adding it there18:47
bobmcwI forget the details/rules18:47
lanceballthere ain't now WEB-INF18:48
lanceballanyhoo - it works18:52
bbrowningany of you jokers know when 'mvn test -Dtest=Clustering*' would complain about no tests to run?18:58
bbrowningI can't seem to get -Dtest=<anything> to work for swarm18:58
bobmcwbbrowning: I can only get it to work in the particular mode that has the relevant test19:41
bobmcwafter building all -DskipTests19:41
bbrowningI do have everything built and was trying to run a single test from the clustering or ribbin modules19:41
bobmcwI imagine there's some maven-surefire-plugin config to notFaillIfTestsAreMissing=false19:41
bobmcwI've had success with -Dtest=*Arq*19:42
bbrowninghmm I'll try that19:42
bbrowningoh doh! I need to be in the test module19:42
bobmcwlanceball: for future reference, once you addNestedClass(subresourcesClass), you can't do any more modifications to that subresourcesClass19:42
bbrowningclustering/test or ribbon/test19:42
bobmcwand expect them to show up19:43
* bobmcw hates roaster19:43
bobmcwlanceball: also, I figured this.propertys19:43
bobmcwhooray rhauch's Inflector19:43
bobmcwthat's what I've got now19:44
bobmcwfoo( "key", (f)->{ f.configureMe(); } )19:44
bobmcwfoo( ()->{ return new Foo(); } )19:44
bobmcwfoo( new Foo() )19:44
bobmcwfor singletons we can just foo() (see fileStore())19:44
bobmcwor fileStore( (fs)->{ ... } )19:45
bobmcwor filestore( ()->{ return new FileStore(); } )19:45
bobmcwlots of options19:45
bobmcwgenerics and lambdas don't work well with overriding a parameter of Consumer<T extends Foo>19:45
bobmcwI'd tried to remove our FooConsumer and FooSupplier, but failed to convicne the compiler that I knew what I was doing19:45
bobmcwso we need them so we can do an EnhancedServerConsumer for our EnhancedServer in JMS19:46
lanceballbobmcw: when you said the other day that fractions can "alter deployments", what did you mean exactly?19:52
lanceballjust the use of main() and config-api?19:52
lanceballand shrinkwrap, mayhap19:52
bobmcwevery fraction gets a chance to touch every deployed Archive19:55
lanceballah, ok19:57
bbrowningso...WFLYUT0020: Clustering not supported, falling back to non-clustered session manager20:16
bbrowningI'm trying to modify the clustering tests to actually test we can bring things up in clustered mode20:17
bbrowningso trying to deploy a WARArchive w/ a web.xml marking it as distributable throws this error - should we be able to cluster webapps in swarm?20:17
bbrowningnot ribbon clustering but standard undertow clustered session type stuff20:19
tcrawleybbrowning: are you using the clustering fraction?20:26
bbrowningI thought about it some more and it probably needs several other things20:26
bbrowninginfinispan, for instance20:26
bbrowningthe web cache container20:28
bbrowningperhaps that's it20:29
tcrawleymaybe so20:29
bobmcwhey, tcrawley is here20:30
bobmcwbbrowning: never tried20:31
tcrawleyyou seem surprised20:31
bobmcwhadn't noticed you all day20:31
bobmcwdid you get a different haircut?20:31
bobmcwI thought you were in DC this week20:31
tcrawleyyes, but that's because I moved to DC20:32
bobmcwDC requires a special haircut?20:32
bobmcwlike Trumps?20:32
tcrawleyI definitely had to shave20:32
bbrowningbobmcw: things from META-INF/services inside wildfly jars should be able to be loaded via ServiceLoader?20:37
bobmcwum... if you have services="import" in the module.xml maybe?20:37
bbrowningServiceLoader.load(DistributableSessionManagerFactoryBuilder.class, DistributableSessionManagerFactoryBuilder.class.getClassLoader())) is failing from the wildfly code it appears20:38
bbrowningand causing undertow to think clustering isn't enabled20:38
bobmcwI have no idea about that20:38
bobmcwDSMFB.class comes from what classloader/module?20:38
bbrowninghmm it's in clustering/web in the wildfly source tree20:39
bbrowninghow do I map that to a module easily?20:39
bobmcwprintln( KMFDM.class.getClassLoader()) typically shows it20:39
bobmcwif I recall20:39
bbrowningit's in org.wildfly.clustering.web.undertow module20:40
bbrowningso I just need to make sure undertow can see that, I guess?20:41
bbrowningor the undertow wildfly extension code, that is20:41
bobmcwso, you're not getting a CNFE on DSMFB.class itself, right?20:43
bobmcwso you can see the class?20:43
bobmcwwhat impls exist for it, and where do they live?20:43
bobmcwyou're service-loading from DSMFB's own ClassLoader, so I think it'll only search its own module and any that it has services="import" on its dependencies within the module.xml20:44
bbrowningwell I'm not the one trying to load it - wildfly extension code is20:44
bbrowningI guess I need to set a breakpoint and actually debug it in an IDE to see what it has20:44
bobmcwit could be we're missing some modules20:44
bobmcwif it has anything optional=true, we'd probably missing it20:44
bobmcwand would need to be explicitly brought in by mentioning it in a module w/o optional=true20:45
bobmcwmy first guess would be it's trying to service-loader an optional thing and we opted not to include it20:45
bbrowningyeah I'll have to dig more to answer that, but you're probably right20:46
bobmcwfwiw, IntelliJ 15 is much better with lambda issues21:05
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 6bfb0b6.. Bob McWhirter Adjust to slightly better config-api.21:15
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwman, what a day21:15
bobmcwand that's been bugging me since friday afternoon21:15
projectodd-ciStarting build #281 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)21:15
lanceballbobmcw: do you think the topology reflux bits belong in ribbon-webapp?21:17
bobmcwnot really, since that is very react.fs/reflux specific21:17
lanceballright - so I think the ribbon.js api needs to change just a little21:18
bobmcwokie dokie21:18
bobmcwreally, just the SSE bits, and some callbacks for changes or whatnot21:18
bobmcwsomeone else can wire to (re)flux or whatever they're using21:18
lanceballatm, Ribbon.js has a single remaining dependency on Booker that I just noticed21:18
bobmcwalso, fwiw, in Booker's usage, it always take serverList[0], where Better(tm) would be to actually round-robin21:19
bobmcwand we also shouldn't assume keycloak21:19
bobmcwlanceball: so, probably still some awesomeness to apply21:20
bobmcwI think supporting an optional SPI to get/renew a token (with a keycloak impl or some flag)21:21
lanceballI probably won't get around to it until after NYC21:21
bobmcwor a no-op if someone isn't using anything authy21:21
bobmcwsure, no worries21:21
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