Thursday, 2015-11-05

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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 891c420.. Ben Browning The openshift-ping module also needs org.jboss.dmr01:17
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
projectodd-ciStarting build #285 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)01:17
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bobmcwjclingan: morning!02:09
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bbrowninglanceball: so when running booker-web-client-swarm.jar now, all I ever get is a 403 forbidden11:43
bbrowningdid we change how auth is done?11:43
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kenfinniganlanceball: how was it yesterday? go smoothly?14:54
bbrowningdoes swarm work on azure yet? :)14:57
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lanceballkenfinnigan: it went pretty well15:22
lanceballby the time I spoke, we were about 45 minutes behind schedule15:22
lanceballthe room was uncomfortably hot (my glasses were literally fogging up)15:22
kenfinniganoh boy15:23
lanceballso I went fast15:23
kenfinnigannothing like presenting in a sauna15:23
lanceballtried to be a little funny15:23
lanceballEvery practice run, my talk came in at about 0:3315:23
lanceballI think it was probably 25 minutes yesterday15:23
lanceballfor a 40 minute slot15:23
kenfinnigansaved some time then ;-)15:23
lanceballbut they were happy to have made up the time15:23
lanceballyeah - I said before the talk that I was going to skim over some stuff15:24
bbrowningI always have to consciously slow myself down when speaking aloud even in tiny settings15:24
lanceballe.g. the presenter right before me had several slides very similar to mine15:24
kenfinniganbbrowning: I need to get better at that, I talk too fast, or don't elaborate on points enough15:24
lanceballa good 20% of my talk had been either shown on a slide already, or talked about in a Q&A after a session15:25
lanceballI'm usually pretty good at keeping to my pace and the allotted time15:25
bbrowningI wouldn't worry over being fast - as you said they were behind anyway :)15:25
lanceballoh I wasn't - I did it on purpose15:25
lanceballsince much had already been covered15:25
kenfinnigandolphins are certainly fast15:26
lanceballanyhoo - it went pretty well, but was much different than a typical conference setup15:26
bbrowninglanceball: so the temperature was too warm - how were the moderators? any gotcha questions?15:27
lanceballKurt Stam & Eric Whitmann presented on API Man and Fabric 815:30
lanceballthought there was a good oppty for swarm and fabric 8 to somehow do something together15:30
kenfinniganlanceball: possibly, though I know they kind of see themselves as being in the microservice space15:33
kenfinniganI know we have Camel support on list15:33
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bbrowninglanceball: did you see my question about booker earlier? any idea why I now get a 403 forbidden when trying to access booker-web-client?16:13
lanceballoh, hmm16:13
lanceballone sec16:13
bbrowningeverything seems to boot fine and I see it registering "/" and "/ribbon" contexts16:14
lanceballbbrowning: are you running `java -jar ...` or `mvn wildfly-swarm:run`?16:14
bbrowningjcrossley3: java -jar16:14
bbrowningjava -jar web-client/target/booker-web-client-swarm.jar16:14
lanceballok, I will take a look16:14
jcrossley3bbrowning: java -jar yourself16:15
bbrowningoh! I found something out16:15
bbrowninglanceball: I don't get the 403 if I cd web-client && java -jar target/booker-web-client-swar.jar16:15
lanceballthere ya go16:15
bbrowningso it's expecting a certain working directory to work16:15
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lanceballbut it worked before?16:15
bbrowningyeah worked fine before from any directory16:16
lanceballbbrowning: ^16:16
bbrowningit's a self-contained .jar so why should it care about $CWD? :)16:16
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bbrowningjcrossley3-away: thanks!16:16
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lanceballbbrowning: so I imagine this is because I changed it to have a and use ribbon-webapp16:17
lanceballand this line specifically
bbrowninghmm - that serves static content not out of the jar but out of something on my filesystem path?16:17
bbrowningI'd call that a bug if so16:17
lanceballbbrowning: if you could file an @issue that'd be great16:19
proddbotWe'd be happy as kids around a maypole on May Day, my friend, if you would file an issue at
lanceballbbrowning: I assume this isn't blocking you from anything other than convenience?16:19
bbrowningwell it broke booker running on openshift for me16:19
lanceballwell crap16:19
bbrowningI can modify some things to workaround it for now16:19
lanceballhow can I make the logs more verbose?16:20
bbrowningjava -jar -Dswarm.logging=debug16:20
bbrowningjava -Dswarm.logging=debug -jar foo.jar16:20
lanceballbbrowning: were you running as java -jar prior to my changes?16:20
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bbrowningon openshift I build the whole booker source and then from the root booker dir run a configurable $SWARM_JAR for each piece16:21
bbrowningwhich ends up doing java -jar web-client/target/*-swarm.jar16:21
bbrowningor java -jar store/target/*-swarm.jar16:22
lanceballkk - I'll stop reading about static site generators for now, then :)16:23
bbrowningI can work on / fix this - you don't have to16:23
bbrowningI was just bouncing the 403 off you until finding out what caused it :)16:23
lanceballthat war.staticContent() might be a red herring16:24
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helio-frota'java -jar -Dswarm.logging=debug' interesting...16:24
helio-frotaso we don't need this programmatic config anymore right ?16:25
bbrowningwe should probably make that property wildfly.swarm.logging since it looks like most (all?) other properties are wildfly.swarm.*16:25
helio-frotai need to check this parameter ofc16:25
bbrowninghelio-frota: you can certainly do the programmatic config if you want more control that just log level16:25
helio-frotabbrowning, good16:26
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lanceballbbrowning: any luck with web-client?18:43
bbrowninglanceball: yeah I'm digging into it and making some progress18:44
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lanceballI'll muck with or something similar for now, then18:44
bbrowningwhat happens is undertow doesn't try any index files when using a ClassPathResourceManager18:44
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bbrowningwell, that's only part of the problem18:47
bbrowningeven when going to /index.html directly I get a 40418:47
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bbrowningis it maven that's taking everything from src/main/resources/ of booker and stuffing it into the root of booker.jar?18:54
hbraunhi kenfinnigan19:00
hbrauni hope my next nick will not be the "process" guy19:00
hbraunthe gwt guy was terrible enough19:01
kenfinniganhbraun: hey, how's things?19:01
hbraunpretty good, thanks19:02
hbraunhow was the presentation? and the feedback in particular?19:02
hbraunlanceball IIRC there are some site generators automatically wired with github pages19:03
lanceballyeah, there's jekyll but I'm not a fan :)19:03
hbraunso you'd just need to push withuot building the static content19:03
hbraunright, i think that's the one19:03
hbraunlanceball i thought you guys are all ru9by, no?19:03
lanceballthat's old school!19:04
kenfinniganhbraun: pretty good, but still early days19:04
kenfinnigannot a lot of people knowing what it is, etc19:04
kenfinniganlots of interest in the netflix side though19:04
hbraunkenfinnigan knowing what wildfly is or swarm?19:04
kenfinniganhbraun: swarm19:05
lanceballthere were maybe a dozen or fewer in the audience who knew what swarm was before my talk yesterday19:05
hbraunyes, but that's no surprise, is it?19:06
hbrauni mean that only a few know the real gems19:06
hbraunfor the rest there is javascript19:07
lanceballno, I wasn't surprised - just adding another data point19:07
* lanceball goes back to his javascript site generator19:07
hbraunlanceball what about that golang site generator?19:07
hbraunforgot the name19:08
hbraunh something?19:08
* hbraun goes looking19:08
jbossbotTitle: InkPaper - An Elegant Static Blog Generator19:08
hbrauni mean19:08
hbrauni was a little immature the last time i looked19:09
hbraunbut fast19:09
lanceballI was going with metalsmith because it supports markdown and asciidoc and many other formats, plus it's easy to extend and customize with some basic js skills19:11
lanceballRe: asciidoc, "Hugo will call external commands to generate the content.  This means that you will have to install the associated tool on your machine to be able to use those formats."19:13
lanceball"For example, for Asciidoc files, Hugo will try to call asciidoctor or asciidoc command."19:14
bbrowningno one uses swarm in production, right?19:16
bbrowninghopefully not? :)19:16
bbrowningI kind of hinted at a security issue on a github issue - at this point we don't have to worry about being careful around security problems?19:17
hbraunbbrowning i guess you never know19:18
hbraunif we know about it we should probably act on it19:18
kenfinniganbbrowning: I don't believe we have to be super secretive, but it depends on whether the security issue is particular to Swarm or would be present in WildFly proper19:18
bbrowningit's alpha so I guess that's the risk a user takes19:18
bbrowningkenfinnigan: just swarm19:18
kenfinniganbbrowning: ok, then should be ok to be open about it19:19
hbraunkenfinnigan what is it?19:19
hbraunthe static content thing you are working on?19:20
kenfinniganhbraun: don't know. bbrowning?19:20
hbraunsorry, i meant bbrowning19:20
bbrowningright now if a swarm webapp has static content enabled we'll happily serve up your app's .class files to the user19:21
hbrauni assume you refer to your last comment on ?19:21
jbossbotgit issue [wildfly-swarm] (open) bbrowning war.staticContent() looks for static content in $PWD, even when run from a fatjar
hbraunbbrowning see, now we can at least it was public :)19:22
hbrauns/at least/at least claim19:22
hbraunbbrowning what do we use for serving the files?19:26
hbrauncustom code, undertow, anything else?19:26
bbrowningundertow and some of its built-in resource managers19:26
hbraunbbrowning i was looking at how WF serves static content from jar files19:26
hbraunit uses undertow as well19:26
bbrowningdoes it use ClassPathResourceManager to do so?19:27
hbraunafaikt the problem doesn't exist there19:27
* hbraun goes looking19:27
hbraun.setDirectoryListingEnabled(false) ?19:28
hbraunbut I remember a notable difference19:29
hbraunno i don't19:30
hbraunjust thinking out loud19:30
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bbrowninghbraun: that particular usage concerns me, fwiw19:31
bbrowningI'd want to test some things with it before saying more19:31
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bbrowninghbraun: is undertow is in EAP 6.x these days?19:51
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tcrawleybbrowning: no20:13
tcrawleynot in 6.4.3 anyway20:13
bbrowningtcrawley: oh? hmm....20:13
bbrowningtcrawley: I think we'll have to agree to disagree? :)20:14
bbrowningtcrawley: what powers the EAP 6.4 admin console?20:14
tcrawleyno idea, but jbossweb is still in 6.4.x, or was when I got immutant working there20:15
tcrawleyI assumed you meant "has undertow replaced jbossweb"20:15
bbrowningmore is it used at all20:15
tcrawleyfrom the EAP source:
tcrawleyno idea what that is, but those are the only mentions of undertow20:17
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hbraunbbrowning yes it is.20:50
hbraunbbrowning well kind of. it powers the http management endpoint. but for the regular web stuff it is still jboss-web20:53
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hbraunso tcrawley is right20:53
hbraunbbrowning the code i referenced is from the http management endpoint20:54
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