Monday, 2015-11-09

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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 61f05e3.. Toby Crawley Make defaultServer idempotent....14:36
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
projectodd-ciStarting build #286 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)14:37
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kenfinniganbobmcw: for public external ML, do we want or something else?15:34
bobmcwthat's always the question15:35
bobmcwI think tcrawley says google groups is the least bad option at the moment, to include web-usability15:35
bobmcwbut then you have to ask yourself, "do I trust tcrawley?"15:35
bobmcwthat's always the question15:35
kenfinnigani think that's a question only a Senior CS can answer15:35
bobmcwfunnily, HR couldn't explain why it's got "consulting" in the title, other than "that's just what we've always used"15:36
bobmcwequivalent to other companies using "Señor Distinguished Engineer"15:36
kenfinniganone more step to "Fellow" and then you're at the top15:36
bobmcwyah, though we discussed even removing Fellow, since there are none15:37
bobmcwor reserving it for folks like Gosling/Linus/Einstein level15:37
kenfinniganoh? not even Gavin15:37
bobmcwe.g., nobody gets promoted to Fellow15:37
kenfinniganah ok, you join as it?15:37
bobmcwGavin/Me/Bill/Scott are "JBoss Fellows" but that's just an honorary type of thing15:37
kenfinniganah ok, that's where i'm getting confused15:37
bobmcwbut true HR Fellow might be just a strategic figurehead type of hire, yah15:38
bobmcwso, we need a release of config-api for the webservices stuff from john?15:39
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bobmcwand do we, collectively want to start some sort of weekly meeting via g+?15:39
kenfinniganthink so15:39
kenfinniganquite possibly15:39
bobmcwme + kenfinnigan + hbraun + whomever is currently working on something or otherwise interested/interesting (e.g., jamezp)15:39
hbraunbobmcw yes, that requires an update15:40
bobmcwpersonally, I'd prefer to put a meeting at the front of the week (for instance, Mondays)15:40
hbraunand +1 for the heads up each week15:40
kenfinniganthat's usually my pref too15:40
bobmcwokay, I can roll a release quickly enough15:40
bobmcwI'm free all day on mondays, usually15:41
hbraunmonday is good15:41
bobmcwTZs have settled for the next 6 months15:41
bobmcwdoes top of the hour (20min from now) work for most?15:41
hbraunah, you mean summer/winter time15:41
kenfinnigandoes for me15:41
bobmcwthere's a 1 week gap where NorthAm and Euro swap summer/winter differently15:42
hbraunfor me to15:42
bobmcwwhich breaks all meetings.15:42
bobmcwokay, I'll put it on the calendar and we can start in 18min!15:42
hbraunon bluejeans?15:42
hbraunor g+ i don't really care15:42
bobmcwI added my bluejeans URL15:44
bobmcweveryone receive the invite?  bbrowning? lanceball?15:49
* bbrowning checks email15:49
bobmcwright on15:49
bobmcw*sigh* I added tcrawley also.  sorry.15:50
helio-frotabobmcw, kenfinnigan hi15:50
bobmcwhelio-frota: howdy!15:50
helio-frotathere's something i can do15:50
helio-frotafor keep going on the project15:50
helio-frotai mean, i saw the issues but15:50
helio-frotafor me is a little 'gray smoke' nebulous15:51
bobmcware you asking for some tasks?15:51
bobmcwthings not in issues, but needed to do are...15:51
bobmcwa) always documentation15:51
bobmcwb) migrate some of our -examples into the primary repository as Arquillian tests (and testing more than just launching the container)15:51
bobmcwc) over on wildfly-config-api repo, figure out the rELAY2() naming muck (or did hbraun do that?)15:52
bobmcwd) whatever you think is useful15:52
helio-frotalooks good for me15:52
hbraunbobmcw nope, I was just joking about that15:53
bobmcwhbraun: 0k13-D0k1315:53
bobmcwhey, gmail provides handy links in mail summaries now [View Pull Request] etc15:55
helio-frotajust for feedback15:55
helio-frotaissues are good15:55
helio-frotabut for instance: 'Swarm-specific Arquillian protocol'15:55
jbossbotTitle: TinyGrab - Simple. Screenshot. Sharing.15:55
bobmcwhelio-frota: there's also discussion of moving to to use JIRA, which will probably happen before too much longer15:55
helio-frotato create a specific protocol for arquillian not a easy task got it ?15:55
bobmcwhelio-frota: ALR has an example somewhere, and ARQ protocols aren't super terribly difficult, I don't think15:56
bobmcwthe idea is that now all -swarm apps people want to test will include undertow15:56
bobmcwso using the Servlet protocol won't always necessarily work15:56
bobmcwif we had a wildfly-swarm-arquillian-protocol then it would be out-of-band, sorta, from the normal fractions15:56
bobmcwI'd be happy with RMI, or netty+json, or whatever makes sense and is easy for the networky15:56
helio-frotagot it15:58
bobmcwyou're in .br right?15:59
bobmcwum... meeting?16:01
hbraunon my way16:02
helio-frotai can do do meeting here16:02
bobmcwhelio-frota: we're just doing a quick Red Hat Engineering meeting16:03
helio-frotaah ok16:03
tcrawleybobmcw: did I just miss a meeting?16:33
bobmcwin porgress16:33
bobmcwmy bluejeans16:33
bbrowningbobmcw: yeah looks like servlet spec does define a default servlet that will serve static files16:54
bbrowningbut I think we'll probably still need some of our own code to enable change .html file, reload, view changes16:54
bobmcwso, the ShrinkWrap assets, if you do them right, don't copy, but refer to files where they lay on disk16:55
bobmcwthat being said, when we deploy, I think wildfly explodes the .war and ends up copying everything to a tmp/ dir16:55
bbrowningand make sure to map any root servlet to "" instead of "/"16:55
bbrowningmapping to "/" looks like it may break the default static stuff16:55
bobmcwI think that might be why I did the undertow-handlers.conf16:55
bobmcwsince the cp to tmp broke it all16:55
bobmcwwe also track, poorly, isFatJar() or not16:56
bbrowningundertow-handlers.conf is nice in that we don't have to write the code to serve any static16:56
bobmcwbut could possibly do different things in different cases16:56
bobmcwbut that can get ugly and inconsistent also16:56
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projectodd-ciYippee, build fixed!17:29
projectodd-ciProject build #7: FIXED in 36 sec:
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: Remove unnecessary dependency17:29
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: Change to metalsmith-layouts. Add Makefile.17:30
projectodd-ciProject build #8: SUCCESS in 34 sec:
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ytanabehelio-frota: Are you using IntelliJ IDEA? if so, please check . I'm not sure my comment is proper.17:59
jbossbotgit issue [wildfly-swarm-examples] (open) dzwicker Unable to run gradle example in Intellij
helio-frotaytanabe, hi18:02
helio-frotayup that's right18:02
ytanabeOk, thanks! :)18:02
helio-frotahi all i'm using fedora 22 with ipv6 disabled18:04
helio-frotagetting : 'Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: found IPv6 address /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0 in an IPv4 stack'18:04
helio-frotaon booker app18:05
helio-frotajgroups issue18:06
ytanabeAre you using Mac OS X? maybe you need to add
helio-frotafedora 2218:08
ytanabeOh, sorry. i missed it.18:08
helio-frotanp, currently running from eclipse18:08
ytanabewhich apps? booker has some services.18:09
helio-frotaby adding : 'System.setProperty("", "true");'18:09
helio-frotaerror changed to Caused by: [UDP] / is not a valid address on any local network interface18:10
kenfinniganbobmcw, lanceball, bbrowning_away, tcrawley: preference on JIRA settings? Scrum vs Kanban? shortname for project (SWM?)18:10
helio-frotabut is not cool to add this line right18:10
tcrawleykenfinnigan: I like shorter names if possible. no pref on kanban vs scrum - I've never used those features18:10
kenfinnigantcrawley: sounds good. any ideas on a good short name?18:12
tcrawleyhelio-frota: is that from jgroups? if so, you have to specify a specific bind address, since jgroups can't bind to all18:12
helio-frotatcrawley, yes jgroups18:12
tcrawleykenfinnigan: I like SWRM, but even SWARM is short enough18:13
tcrawleydo we need a WF prefix? WFSWARM is a bit long18:13
lanceballSWARM is great18:13
lanceballeasy to remember18:14
tcrawleygiven the choice between SWRM and SWARM, I'd prefer the latter, yeah18:14
kenfinnigantcrawley: not sure, project name would be WildFly Swarm, so don't think the short one needs to include it also18:14
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kenfinniganbobmcw, lance|afk, bbrowning_away, tcrawley:
tcrawleythanks! are we disabling gh issues?18:17
kenfinnigantcrawley: for now probably not18:17
tcrawleyshould I update @issue to point to jira?18:17
proddbotWe'd be happy as the kine in the fields if you would file an issue at
kenfinniganas we need to figure out whether we want to migrate or what not first18:17
kenfinnigantcrawley: that would be great, thanks18:17
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tcrawley@issue kenfinnigan18:20
proddbotkenfinnigan: tcrawley would be happy as an enfranchised bird if you would file an issue at
tcrawleyone sec18:20
kenfinniganhah, misfire18:20
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tcrawleyit helps if you actually `git pull`18:21
kenfinniganoh dear18:21
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tcrawley@issue kenfinnigan18:21
proddbotkenfinnigan: tcrawley would be happy as a dog with two tails if you would file an issue at
kenfinnigantcrawley: awesome! thanks18:21
tcrawleybobmcw: any idea what's going on here?
tcrawleythat's InfinispanFraction:4418:22
tcrawleyintellij marks it as an error, but mvn compiles it happily18:22
tcrawleylance|afk sees the same behavior18:22
tcrawleyand I would think it wouldn't compile, because TransactionComponent (where mode resides) isn't a @FunctionalInterface, but TransactionComponentConsumer is (but has no mode())18:24
tcrawleybut java makes me stupid, so I may not understand how the new java8 bizness works18:25
bbrowning_awayyou may need a newer intellij?18:28
*** bbrowning_away is now known as bbrowning18:28
tcrawleyah, hmm18:28
tcrawleyI do recall bobmcw saying something about needing 1518:28
tcrawleyI guess it's time to upgrade18:28
tcrawleylance|afk: ^18:29
bobmcwtcrawley: yah, that's why you need 1518:50
bobmcwjavac happily compiles, but intellij doesn't know it's valid18:50
tcrawleyyep. it just finished building indexes, and I see it's happy now :)18:50
bobmcwhelio-frota: the maven pom.xml's are setting jboss.bind.address=
bobmcwyou might need -Djboss.bind.address set in your eclipse18:52
bobmcwlikewise with the preferIPv4Stack18:52
helio-frotabobmcw, ok thanks18:53
helio-frotanow trying to reproduce the issue on gradle example18:53
helio-frotabut here is working too18:53
bobmcwah, I don't really gradle18:53
helio-frotapossible 'xerces:xercesImpl:2.11.0.SP4' missing when not building wildfly-swarm itself ?19:00
helio-frotagoing to try this19:02
helio-frotadropping all .m2 to see what happen19:03
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lanceballtcrawley: ty!19:18
helio-frotathe dependency was downloaded19:26
helio-frotabut now getting another error19:26
helio-frotaError loading module from modules/org/jboss/common-beans/main/module.xml ...19:26
bobmcwpushing a config-api release19:26
bobmcwhelio-frota: got a full stack?19:26
bobmcwtypically there's a root-cause listed19:26
helio-frotaFailed to resolve artifact 'org.jboss.common:jboss-common-beans:2.0.0.Final'19:27
bobmcwand that's not in your .m2/repository anywhere?19:27
helio-frota➜  gradle git:(master) ✗ grep "jboss-common-beans" -R *19:29
helio-frotaBinary file build/libs/wildfly-swarm-example-gradle-swarm.jar matches19:29
helio-frotabut is inside of -swarm.jar19:29
helio-frotadropped .m2 then19:31
bobmcwthat's trying to wildfly-swarm:run with gradle?19:31
helio-frotagradlew clean build19:31
helio-frotanop , running the main class from intellij19:32
helio-frotalike the other dev19:32
bobmcwyah, so intellij won't do the full download of all the transitive dependencies that are hidden within module.xml19:32
helio-frotahm.. possible19:33
bobmcwthough, module.xml stuff should, usually, try to download unless you're offline19:33
helio-frotabut is same with ./gradlew run19:33
bobmcwI fear that you have to package once for it to populate your .m2/19:33
bobmcwbut I'd have thought MavenArtifactUtil would've remotely grabbed19:34
bobmcwbut it might miss things not in central19:34
bobmcwthere's a few things only in the repo19:34
helio-frotayeah i guess this too...19:34
helio-frotamy .m2 has only 3.9mb19:34
helio-frota➜  .m2  du -s -h19:35
bobmcwmaybe worthwhile adding some printlns to MavenArtifactUtil and see what (if anything) it's actually downloading19:35
bobmcwor figure out how to get its log statements to appear19:35
helio-frotathe examples must to use mavenLocal() ?19:37
bobmcwI don't understand the question?19:37
helio-frotato validate the current snapshot right ?19:37
bobmcwthey should use whatever is in you ~/.m2/settings.xml, in theory19:37
bobmcwand could conceivably download missing things.19:37
helio-frotawe can add mavenCentral()19:38
bobmcwyah, but the error you're getting is not a build-time error, is it?19:38
bobmcw14:26 helio-frota: Error loading module from modules/org/jboss/common-beans/main/module.xml ...19:38
helio-frotano, is running time19:38
bobmcwthat tells me it's launched -swarm, and then swarm's own internal artifact-transfers are failing19:38
bobmcwwhich are separate from the gradle/maven configuration19:38
bobmcwit fetches ~/.m2/settings.xml
helio-frotain this particular case the user tried to use a alpha released version19:39
helio-frotahe can't do this using only mavenLocal()19:39
bobmcwand maybe we should add to that remote-repo list the repo.jboss.org19:39
helio-frotaon build.gradle19:39
helio-frotabut, again this not solve the problem19:39
bobmcwI trust you (or anyone but me) about gradle things.19:39
helio-frotai added here central and local19:39
bobmcwI'm completely gradle ignorant, really19:39
helio-frotano problem19:40
bobmcwI think in our getSettings(), we should add '' to the list of remote repos19:40
jbossbotStatus 40419:40
bobmcwthen it might be able to resolve jboss-common-beans19:41
bobmcwbecause they don't exist in central
jbossbotTitle: The Central Repository Search Engine19:41
bobmcwbut they are in our repo:
jbossbotTitle: Index of /groups/public/org/jboss/common/jboss-common-beans19:41
bobmcwso I'd try adding that base repo URL to MavenArtifactUtils.getSettings19:42
bobmcwand try again, see if it can avoid that exception at runtime19:42
bobmcwwith an empty .m2/repository19:42
helio-frotagreat !19:42
bobmcwcan you give that a whirl, see if it helps?19:43
helio-frotabtw , again the wf-swarm examples always need to point to the current snapshot right ?19:43
bobmcwso far, yah, the maven ones point to something-SNAPSHOT19:43
bobmcwbased on their own project.version19:43
helio-frotaok so , no 'mavenCentral()' on gradle example19:43
helio-frotaonly mavenLocal()19:43
bobmcwwould be worth adding it though, because we do tag a non-SNAPSHOT version of the -examples with each release19:43
bobmcw(but often forget to adjust the gradle example)19:44
helio-frotagradle accepts both local and central not a problem to add19:44
bobmcwtcrawley: so, you don't like configurable default messaging servers?19:44
bobmcw"I'd like the default, with these changes.."19:44
helio-frotanow i know theres a examples release so this is really not a problem19:44
bobmcwwe never push the examples to maven, but we do tag the github repo19:45
helio-frotayup github tag19:45
bobmcwwtf is tcrawley?19:45
ytanabebobmcw: "I'd like the default, with these changes.." yeah, now -swarm latest can avoid duplicate issue, but can not add queue/topic...19:48
bobmcwdefaultServer( (s)->{ s.jmsTopic(...); } ) is still needed, right?19:49
helio-frotabobmcw, so you going to code the deps part then i can check again right ?19:49
ytanabeyes, it's useful.19:49
bobmcwhelio-frota: sure, gimme a few minutes; rebasing to a new config-api, and fulling full tests19:50
bobmcwthen I'll muck with the repo/settings and push for you to try with19:50
helio-frotaok np19:50
helio-frotagreat !19:50
bobmcwytanabe: okay, I'll fight with tcrawley and get the configurator added back to the default-server19:50
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helio-frotaytanabe, i'm going to give some feedback to dev-user19:54
helio-frotalots of years using tools and libs and frameworks built by others19:54
bobmcwoh, hey.. besides RHTers, you guys have a preference on google groups vs some other mailing list or forum thing?19:54
bobmcwfor wildfly-swarm discussion?19:54
helio-frotai know how bad is not get a small feedback19:54
helio-frota: ]19:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master c371f07.. Bob McWhirter Rebase config-api19:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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helio-frotamailing lists are good for me i like due time zone problems19:55
projectodd-ciStarting build #287 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)19:55
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helio-frotaand 'away' folks19:55
bobmcwyah, we want to setup something, but not sure if just a plain mailing list (hosted by red hat) or use Google Groups, or something else entirely19:56
bobmcwI think we're leaning towards google groups19:56
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master e43430f.. Bob McWhirter Ensure that we add the JBoss repo to the runtime artifact resolver.19:57
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwhelio-frota: try that ^19:57
bobmcwhopefully jboss-common-beans will resolve now at runtime with an empty .m219:57
bobmcw14:48 ytanabe: bobmcw: "I'd like the default, with these changes.." yeah, now -swarm latest can avoid duplicate issue, but can not add queue/topic...19:58
bobmcw14:49 bobmcw: defaultServer( (s)->{ s.jmsTopic(...); } ) is still needed, right?19:58
tcrawleybobmcw: well, if it has config, it's not default?19:58
helio-frotabobmcw, ok19:58
bobmcwit starts as the default, and then we add/adjust19:58
ytanabehelio-frota: Adding mavenCentral() in build.gradle for gradle example? yeah, it makes sense for using central.19:58
tcrawleythe real issue is it gets weird with an idempotent default19:58
tcrawleyif you can have a configured default19:59
* tcrawley is trying to read all the backlog for full context19:59
bobmcwthat's about it, really19:59
bobmcwthe original use-case was that it's a pain-in-the-ass to setup the server in a default fashion, just to add some queues/topics20:00
tcrawleyso the intent of defaultServer(config) is really defaultServer().apply(config)?20:00
helio-frotaytanabe, yup but getting another error20:00
bobmcwalso, you don't need to stash it on this.defaultServer, you could probably find server(name="default") from this.subresources.servers()20:00
* bobmcw needs to make lookup-by-key easier20:01
tcrawleywell, then, we can just shuffle around things a bit and get back defaultServer(config)20:01
bobmcwtcrawley: okie dokie20:01
tcrawleyI can take a whack20:01
tcrawleyunless it's urgent, I'm in the middle of figuring out ispan20:01
bobmcwbut yah, defaultServer().defaultServer().defaultServer(config).defaultServer(config) should be okay, if stupid to do20:01
bobmcwapplying 2 configs to the same server, creating if necessary, the first time20:01
bobmcwyah, no urgency at the moment20:02
ytanabehelio-frota: Hmm, on my env, it works 1.0.0.Alpha5... I didn't get dzwicker  error and your resolve issue.20:03
jbossbotgit issue [wildfly-swarm-examples] (open) dzwicker Unable to run gradle example in Intellij
*** rbenevides|afk is now known as rbenevides20:05
helio-frotaytanabe, you deleted the m2 dir ?20:06
ytanabehelio-frota: no, I didn't.20:06
helio-frotaytanabe, so that's the trick20:07
helio-frotathe deps are inside -swarm.jar but not on m220:07
helio-frotaoff  - nexus very slow download from here (brazil)20:07
bobmcwyah, it's horrible even in NorthAm20:08
helio-frotaytanabe, i don't understand well why even bobmcw explaining a bit20:08
helio-frotabut going to try again with new commit to see20:09
bobmcwwelcome to our complexity of module.xml/jboss-modules20:09
ytanabehaha, module.xml is very difficult for me...20:10
projectodd-ciProject build #14: SUCCESS in 6.9 sec:
projectodd-ciLance Ball: Add a deploy target to the Makefile20:15
tcrawleybobmcw: alright, so, I took a look at fixing MessagingFraction. I should be able to find the default with: subresources().servers().stream().filter(s -> "default".equals(s.getKey())).findFirst().get() - but that's a messaging_activemq.Server, not a MessagingFraction. how do I get from one to the other?20:16
bobmcwyou're in the fraction already when you look for the server, no?20:17
bobmcw1 fraction has 0 or more servers20:17
bobmcwbtw, I'm adding this.subresources.server("default") support now20:18
bobmcwwill return a Server or null20:18
bobmcwbased on the key20:18
tcrawleyhrm, so defaultServer doesn't really return a server, but the default fraction20:18
tcrawleywhich will now have a "default" server configured20:18
bobmcwall fraction config methods return 'this'20:18
bobmcwhence the config block, applied to the inner thing20:18
bobmcwit's FLUENT!20:18
tcrawleyah! defaultFraction() is config20:18
tcrawleyI read it as "give me the default fraction"20:19
tcrawleythis is making more sense now20:19
bobmcwMessagingConfiguration.defaultFraction() should create a default MessagingFraction, only iff the user hasn't installed a MessagingFraction20:20
bobmcwif they have, defaultFraction() won't be called20:20
bobmcwif a user does new MessagingFraction() that takes precedence20:21
bobmcwwe want new MessagingFraction().defaultServer( (s)->{ s.topic(...); } ) to work20:21
bobmcwand in your immutant case, defaultFraction() should defaultServer() with no config, because a destination-less server is okay for you20:21
tcrawley"if a user does new MessagingFraction() that takes precedence" - even after defaultFraction() has been called?20:23
tcrawleyor is that just user error? since you may now have multiple activemq's20:24
bobmcwso, MessagingConfiguration.defaultFraction() will ONLY be called if someone has container.start()'d and hadn't added a MessagingFraction20:25
bobmcwuser gets his chance first20:25
tcrawleyah, okay20:25
bobmcwif he failed to add one, only then at container.start() does Swarm itself add the MessagingConfig.defaultFraction()20:25
bobmcwa user *may* add container.fraction( MessagingFraction.defaultFraction().defaultServer( (s)->{...} ) )20:26
bobmcwbut that prevents defaultFraction() from firing20:26
bobmcwremember that fraction *holds* servers, equal to a <subsystem> in this case20:26
bobmcwyou can't have more than 1 <subsystem> for messaging, but it can contain N <server> def'ns20:26
bobmcwbtw, until I push another config-api release, you'll want findFirst().orElse(null)20:28
bobmcwso you get server-or-null20:28
bobmcwand not serevr-or-exception, I think20:29
tcrawleyah, thanks20:29
bobmcwget() -> If a value is present in this Optional, returns the value, otherwise throws NoSuchElementException.20:29
* bobmcw is pushing config-api now20:30
tcrawleybobmcw: how's this look?
bobmcwgetOrCreate() should never return null, right?20:31
bobmcwand concerns me20:31
tcrawleyerr, yeah20:31
bobmcwit'll try to create and add another one named 'default'20:31
bobmcwI'd say probably... s = getDefaultServer(); if ( s == null ) { s = createDefaultServer }; config.accept(s); return this;20:33
bobmcwwhere createDefaultServer applies the enableInVm bits20:33
tcrawleyyeah, that's what I'm doing now20:33
bobmcwI suck at reading diffs :)20:33
tcrawleyno, that's what I'm doing since the diff :)20:33
tcrawleysince "err, yeah"20:33
* bobmcw waits for 0.3.16 to sync to central20:34
bobmcwthank $DIETY we're not using jborg nexus any more20:34
bobmcwheh, forgot to close/release the repo20:44
bobmcwthanks kenfinnigan!20:47
kenfinniganbobmcw: no worries20:48
bobmcwso, we have org.wildfly.swarm:config-api20:57
bobmcwand org.wildfly.swarm:wildfly-swarm-WHATEVER20:58
bobmcwany thoughts on removing the 'wildfly-swarm' prefix from the artifactIds?20:58
bobmcwother than if someone collects dependencies and ends up with messaging.jar which is hard to distinguish, I see no real value in the wildfly-swarm- prefix on every artifact20:58
tcrawleyI agree, we could drop the prefix21:02
bobmcwwait, if tcrawley, maybe I should rescind the suggestion21:04
tcrawleyI agree, you should probably never do anything I agree with21:04
bobmcwokay, 0.3.16 is on central, doing a build locally and will push21:04
bobmcwtcrawley: damnit!21:04
bobmcwtcrawley: that'll give you this.subresources.server("default") handling your stream().filter( bykey ).findFirst().orElse(null) bits21:04
tcrawleycoolio, thanks21:05
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 61fc31d.. Bob McWhirter Rebase config-api to provide subresources.singularName(key) for...21:11
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwtcrawley: there ya go21:11
tcrawleyI'll pull and adjust21:12
projectodd-ciStarting build #288 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)21:12
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #288: FAILURE in 50 sec:
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: Ensure that we add the JBoss repo to the runtime artifact resolver.21:13
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: Rebase config-api to provide subresources.singularName(key) for21:13
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helio-frota2 hours away22:24
helio-frotaand build failure but ofc you guys know about this22:24
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bobmcwI don't feel like that CI failure is valid23:47
helio-frotabobmcw, failed here too23:48
bobmcwweird, I'll poke in the morning23:48
bobmcwCI failed differently, I think23:48
projectodd-ciStarting build #289 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: FAILURE -- last SUCCESS #287 3 hr 53 min ago)23:48
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ytanabehelio-frota: Are you executing all tests when -swarm build?23:58

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