Tuesday, 2015-11-10

jamezpI just built wildfly-swarm of master and didn't have any issues.00:11
ytanabeso do I00:12
ytanabeand all tests success. -swarm CI build is slow(it takes about over 1 hour) for network band or something,  i guess it occurs unstable build...00:18
ytanabethe most recent failure, it's weird. https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wildfly-swarm/288/console00:20
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projectodd-ciYippee, build fixed!01:08
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #289: FIXED in 1 hr 20 min: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wildfly-swarm/289/01:08
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helio-frotamorning all09:46
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helio-frotahope today create a simple 'popular crud' JSF + JPA and post on my personal blog in pt_BR09:47
hbraunmorning helio-frota09:48
helio-frotamicroservices are good but still a lot of monolithic apps out there in the wild09:48
helio-frotawildfly has scripts to make linux daemon09:52
helio-frotawf-swarm will provide scripts too ?09:52
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ytanabeLike what scripts?10:06
ytanabeAFAIK, Spring boot doesn't provide those, perhaps.10:06
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helio-frotaytanabe, linux daemon10:52
helio-frotaytanabe, maybe this out of scope of wf-swarm10:55
ytanabehelio-frota: ah, ok. sample script is useful(systemd, or init).10:55
helio-frotabut java -jar on common server is not good btw...10:55
helio-frotaytanabe, yup10:55
helio-frota'sample-to-make-official' , to evict lot of users doing own scripts...10:56
ytanabeyup, make sense.10:59
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helio-frotaytanabe, i saw diff problems on gradle example11:16
ytanabemy p-r(Update Alpha6-SNAPSHOT) ?11:16
helio-frotayesterday wf-swarm don't downloaded some dependencies11:17
helio-frota1) I deleted my .m2 dir11:17
helio-frota2) changed to mavenCentral() on build.gradle11:17
helio-frota3) the final -swarm.jar has the dep but not in .m211:18
helio-frotaso that bobmcw did some changes11:18
helio-frotabut the build failed11:18
helio-frotaah 4) changed to aplha-5 of mavenCentral()11:19
ytanabeah, ok. Does the problem occurred yet?11:20
helio-frotamaybe is good to have another user/virtualBox/whatever without wf-swarm dev env11:20
helio-frotai mean the full .m2 dir11:20
helio-frotato simulate a 'user' env11:20
helio-frotaytanabe, i don't know because the changes on alpha6 i can't test yet due build failure11:21
helio-frotaanyway if this go fixed, i guess for the user needs to be released right11:23
ytanabeon my env, both Alpha5, Alpha6-SNAPSHOT are ok, so adding mavenCentral() makes sense.11:25
ytanabe"on alpha6 i can't test yet due build failure" means wf-swram alpah6-SNAPSHOT installing is failure?11:26
helio-frota<bobmcw> I think in our getSettings(), we should add 'http://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/groups/public/' to the list of remote repos11:26
jbossbotStatus 40411:26
ytanabeAh, ok11:26
helio-frota<bobmcw> then it might be able to resolve jboss-common-bean11:27
helio-frota<bobmcw> because they don't exist in central http://search.maven.org/#search%7Cga%7C1%7Cjboss-common-beans11:27
jbossbotTitle: The Central Repository Search Engine11:27
helio-frotaso that bobmcw did some changes to be able to get the dependencies11:27
helio-frotagot it ?11:27
ytanabeDoes the fix effect to gradle repository machanism?11:28
helio-frotanop, the idea is to put the deps on .m211:28
helio-frotahere after deleting the .m2 dir and building the gradle example11:28
helio-frotamy m2 stay with only 3.9mb11:28
helio-frotai'm going to create a virtualBox to keep all env separated to check those problems11:29
ytanabeI got it. you mean, gradle user must add jboss nexus repository thier own build.gralde?11:29
helio-frotamy personal env here has lot of things11:29
helio-frotaytanabe, nope, if i understand well , the latest changes made will be able to put those deps on m211:30
helio-frotaso no need user change build.gradle11:30
helio-frotai'm waiting to check this on alpha6-snapshot but, again if work, needs to be released on mavenCentral()11:30
helio-frotato start a clean env again ( i mean download all when building gradle example )11:31
helio-frotai hope i right : ]11:31
ytanabeOh, I see. anyway, are you executing all tests when -swarm snapshot installing?11:32
helio-frotaytanabe, yesterday no11:32
helio-frotatoday i'm going todo 2 things:11:33
helio-frota1) create a new env on virtualBox for simulate 'user'11:33
helio-frota2) try to create a crud and a blog post in pt_BR11:33
helio-frotausing alpha511:33
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helio-frotadue build failure11:33
helio-frotagot it ?11:33
helio-frotaytanabe, https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wildfly-swarm/11:34
helio-frotalooks build not failure anymore...11:35
ytanabeNow the latest build is ok. previous build failure is weird(maybe network band or something).11:35
helio-frotabut failed here too yesterday11:35
helio-frotahopefully will be all ok11:36
helio-frotagoing to install fedora22 on virtualBox now11:36
ytanabecool. I'm looking forward to reading your blog post.11:38
helio-frotaytanabe, will be in pt_BR : ]11:38
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helio-frotabrazilian portuguese11:38
ytanabeallright, I'm with some translation service :)11:39
helio-frotato help spread more easily here in Brazil11:39
helio-frotaytanabe, haha good !11:39
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hbraunbobmcw good morning14:26
bobmcwhbraun: morning!14:30
hbraundo you have a minute?14:30
bobmcwsure thing14:31
hbrauni am trying to get the xml bootstrap working14:31
hbraunup to the point where the ModelNode operation list is populated form standalone.xml14:31
bobmcwokie dokie14:32
hbraunfrom within a unit test everything works as expected14:32
hbrauni.e. this works fine https://gist.github.com/heiko-braun/bac9c3cdb6bdc6c36f3414:32
hbraunit bypasses the fraction java config, parses the xml and boostraps the server successfully14:33
hbraunthe next thing i was trying is to create a similar example in swarm-examples/datasources14:34
hbraunbut when swarming with java -jar ... , I run into this:  No resource definition is registered for address [("subsystem" => "logging")]14:34
hbraunwhen the server boots14:34
hbraunnow I am trying to spot the difference14:35
bobmcwso that happens when there's not an <extension> to load up the logging subsystem parser14:35
bobmcwsince the xml parsers are loaded piece-meal via the <extension> in standalone.xml14:35
bobmcw        <extension module="org.jboss.as.logging"/>14:35
hbraunno, I ognore that part completly14:35
bobmcwis what causes the bit of the xml parser that know how to deal with <subsystem> for logging14:36
hbraunwhat I do in both cases, is  just leverage the parsers the build the ModelNode operation list14:36
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bobmcwdo you end up with extension nodes in the List?14:36
bobmcw-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-14:37
hbraunthat makes sense14:37
bobmcwe.g. https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/blob/master/logging/runtime/src/main/java/org/wildfly/swarm/logging/runtime/LoggingConfiguration.java#L7014:37
hbraungood point14:37
hbraunthat's missing14:37
bobmcwa standalone.xml normally has the <extensions> at the head of the file14:38
jclinganbbrowning: Is there a working swarm / booker combination? Tried swarm alpha5 and alpha6 with no luck.14:38
bobmcw-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-14:38
hbraunyeah, currently I skip that part14:38
bobmcwyep, you'll need those :)14:38
hbraunyeah, assumption is the mother of ...14:39
hbrauni did assume the swarm container somehow wires the extensions. But I didn;t expect it to use the DMR model itself14:39
hbraunbut it's clear14:39
bobmcwif there's a better way, I'm all for it.  Some fractions don't have extensions (ribbon, jolokia), but those that do, it ends up as boiler-plate for the DMR bits14:40
bobmcwif we had, instead, FooConfiguration.getExtensionModuleName() which could return null/non-null, and have the container Do The Right Thing, that'd be fine also.14:40
hbraunbobmcw any idea why the unit test doesn't fail?14:41
bobmcwbecause of some trickiness in WF itself, we do sort (in RuntimeServer) all the <extension> DMR to the head of the list14:41
bobmcwI don't know why the unit test wouldn't fail, honestly14:41
hbrauni'll figure it out14:41
bobmcwUnless there's some interaction with surefire plugin, forking (or not) and pre-existing classloader stuffs14:42
hbraunmaybe the test doesn't verify what it should be14:42
bobmcwI find the Arquillian tests to be happier in terms of finding things that don't work14:42
bobmcwand we've had cases of exceptions not causing failures at times.14:42
bobmcwwe should tighten that up when we find those cases14:42
hbraunyeah, agree14:42
hbraunbut it could as well be that I am fooled by my own test14:42
hbraunwouldn't be the first time14:43
kenfinniganbobmcw: i'm hoping to be able to sort out arq stuff once I'm more free with my time14:43
bbrowningjclingan: what's not working with swarm and booker for you?14:44
bbrowninglast I tried latest booker recently and it worked, but that was a few days ago14:44
bbrowningworked except on openshift, that is14:44
hbraunbobmcw the fails as well. it's just that container.start().stop() happens to fast to relaize it14:45
jclinganbbrowning: InvocationTargetException14:45
jclinganwhen running pretty much any service14:45
bobmcwhbraun: start() should block until the AS is started (I think?)14:45
bobmcwstop() isn't very well tested/used generally speaking, besides some tests, and could definitely hide bugs14:46
hbrauncould be, but then we would need to verify if any service start failures occured14:46
bobmcwand either/both could still be swallowing exceptions14:46
bbrowninganyone else tried booker lately? my local swarm has enough changes that I can't easily test booker against a vanilla swarm14:46
hbraunthese are only dumped to the log by default14:46
bobmcwI think bbrowning added some iteration in the servercontainer to check for errors, but I'm not certain14:46
bobmcwbbrowning: nope, sorry14:46
kenfinniganhbraun, bobmcw: the issue i think is that the arq container runs the built fat jar in another process, and an error in that process isn't getting back to the arq trigger, which means the test thinks everything was fine14:46
kenfinniganbbrowning: haven't run it since J114:47
jclinganbbrowning: wait, lemme double check something …14:47
hbraunkenfinnigan good point14:47
jclinganlooks like logging fraction issue …14:48
hbraunkenfinnigan what about an API on container to check for errors after the server booted?14:48
hbraunsomething like container.start();container.assertNoFailures(); container.stop()14:49
hbraunor container.serviceErrrors().isEmpty()14:49
kenfinniganhbraun: possibly, we may be able to hook it into the MSC failure tracking that is there14:49
hbraunyeah, that's what I mean14:49
hbraunthen it would be explicit14:50
kenfinniganhbraun: probably the easiest way14:50
kenfinniganthoughts bobmcw?14:50
hbraunthat would expose it to main()14:50
hbraunif needed14:50
bobmcwsure, or provide an addServiceListener(listener) that pipes down to the MSC ServiceContainer stuff14:50
kenfinniganhmm, maybe that's a better approach14:51
bobmcw.assertNoFailures() seems strange on a runtime thing, but a test-friendly addServiceListener( new TestFailingListener() ) could be nice.14:51
hbraunbobmcw depends on much of MSC we expose to the user space by doing that14:51
kenfinniganas it's really only the Arq stuff that needs to check for errors14:51
bobmcwhbraun: I'd be happy to wrap with our own interface14:51
hbraunbobmcw +114:51
bobmcwcall it a ContainerListener and pipe/wrap it down to MSC14:52
bobmcwwe could also have events like ContainerStartedEvent or whatnot14:52
hbraunkenfinnigan yes, maybe. but it could also be valuable in other situations, no?14:52
bobmcwor ArchiveDeployedEvent14:52
hbraunwhenever you need to fail fast14:52
bobmcw(though, deploy() is currently synchronous I think)14:52
kenfinniganhbraun: possibly, but a listener might be more intuitive for cases other than just errors14:52
hbraunyes, I agree to the listener/callback semantic14:52
hbraunit's more sensible14:53
kenfinniganthere may be a desire to add other types of listeners to the container in the future14:53
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 1e9325d.. Toby Crawley Restore setting config on the messaging defaultServer...14:53
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL: http://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/commit/1e9325d2c14:53
bobmcwtcrawley: thanks!14:53
projectodd-ciStarting build #290 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: FIXED)14:53
hbraunbobmcw kenfinnigan if you don't mind i'll look into it. need to fix my unit tests anyway14:53
bobmcwhbraun: do it up!14:54
kenfinniganhbraun: go for it14:54
jclinganbbrowning: OK, it works when I don’t specify logging. Not a biggie for now.14:56
bobmcwjclingan: do you have a longer stack?14:56
bobmcwInvocationTargetEx are typically pretty strange and involve reflection being weird.14:56
jclinganYeah. lemme rebuild and run with logging enabled.14:56
bobmcwwhich could be an config-api misalignment, since it reflects14:57
bobmcwtcrawley: sblanc: I'll work on a fraction-list with more dependency wisdom today14:57
*** sblanc is now known as sblanc|brb14:58
bobmcwanyone care if I use the simplest file format possible, probably .properties?14:58
tcrawleyI'm fine with .properties - but may not need the dep info, since I resolve all the fractions via aether anyway14:59
tcrawleyI can walk that graph and see what fractions are there14:59
tcrawleyI want the info just to tell the user "here's what fractions will start"15:00
tcrawleyso they aren't surprised15:00
bobmcwno longer the infinispan-needs-jgroups issue?15:02
jclinganbbobmcw: bbrowning: https://gist.github.com/jclingan/21151cd44786996b59cb15:02
bobmcwokay, I'll look into that15:02
jclinganHopefully it’s not a configuration thing on my side. Logstash is running and I can telnet to port 8000.15:02
jclinganNeed to drop off. Dad duty. Hoping to show to broader set of Solution Architects tomorrow.15:03
bobmcwah, I see the problem15:03
tcrawleybobmcw: if ispan-fraction needs jgroups-fraction, there should be a dep there15:03
jclinganPlease tell me it’s not a PM-doesn’t-Know-What-The-Heck-He-Is-Doing problem! :-)15:03
jclinganAh, that must be a new dependency.15:04
bbrowningjclingan: looks like just a bug to me15:04
jclinganWhew :-)15:04
bbrowningbobmcw: line 293 of LoggingFraction passes null to the overload and null causes Arrays.asList to barf15:04
bobmcwwe can remove that whole method at 293, since the varargs can take zero handlers15:06
jclinganBTW, I also ran TicketMonster and added swarm plugin to pom. No luck on creating a -swarm.jar. I need to RTFM TicketMonster instructions, though. Looks like running it is not as simple as mvn package and deploy. That’s all I did.15:06
kenfinniganjclingan: there might be app server specific maven profiles that need to be enabled15:06
jclinganOK, need to drop. I”ll check logs later to see any fixes as it relates to booker.15:07
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master c792476.. Bob McWhirter Remove the 1-arg rootLogger() because the 2-arg varargs version can be 1-arg.15:16
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL: http://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/commit/c7924768a15:16
bobmcwthat should in theory fix the booker issue15:16
kenfinniganbobmcw: have you looked at https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/issues/139 at all?15:18
jbossbotgit issue [wildfly-swarm] (open) jamesnetherton Apache Camel integration https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/issues/13915:18
kenfinniganjust noticed it's still open15:18
bobmcwnot one bit15:18
bobmcwmerging john ament's webservices stuff now15:20
hbraunkenfinnigan bobmcw does it make sense to attach maturity levels to fractions?15:21
bobmcwhbraun: "it's all alpha and likely break"15:21
bobmcwbut yes, probably15:21
bobmcwsome are more firmed up than others15:21
hbraunso users can tell wether a fractions is still incubating of already "stable"15:21
hbrauni know that swarm is alpha15:22
kenfinniganhbraun, bobmcw: i think until we're confident in the level of tests, and that changes that break things cause tests to fail, there isn't much guarantee of maturity15:22
bobmcwmaybe some note on the docs for each?15:22
bobmcwI think we have axes: maturity of the API, and stability of the bugs15:22
bobmcwe.g., the jax-rs API stuff we have is probably pretty stable15:22
bobmcwbut may still be buggy15:22
hbraunkenfinnigan yes, but maybe it would help to determine what it needs to become mature?15:23
bobmcwwe may reach a point where we want each fraction to have its own release cadence/cycle, but I'd like to avoid that as long as possible15:24
bobmcwrepo explosion makes me crabby15:24
bobmcwbut -swarm could be 1.0.0.Final, while webservices-swarm could be 0.2.Alpha9215:24
bobmcwbut version differences make for confusing pom.xml's of the user15:25
kenfinniganbobmcw: maybe at some point the "core" needs to be in a separate repo to all the fractions15:25
kenfinniganbobmcw, hbraun: one thing we probably need to think about, is not tying a non WildFly fraction to specific version of framework15:25
kenfinniganfor instance, we don't want to have to keep updating the Ribbon fraction just because Netflix did a release15:26
kenfinniganbut haven't thought of a way to resolve it yet15:26
hbraunwhy do we have t update the ribboin fraction in that case?15:26
kenfinniganhbraun: our ribbon fraction is tied to a specific version of the framework15:27
bobmcwbecause we have a dependency on a specific version of the ribbon jars15:27
kenfinniganthere would be no way for a user to choose a more recent version15:27
bobmcwI think I'm okay with that, though, as we can't necessarily just assume a later ribbon will continue to work15:27
bobmcwthey can't <dependencyManagement> it, because we jam the version into a module.xml, etc15:27
kenfinniganhmm, maybe, but my concern is a proliferation of those types of fractions, and keeping it "recent"15:27
bobmcwyah, I'm already fighting that with hawkular; we're behind again on integration with them15:28
kenfinniganbobmcw: they broke stuff?15:28
hbraunisn;t that a regular dependency problem we have in general?15:28
bobmcwbut I think it involves Real Work to update, not just kicking a version15:28
hbrauni think even with wildfly that's the case15:29
bobmcwwe can add this topic to the f2f agenda :)15:29
kenfinnigandefinitely, my concern is that we're going to spend a lot of time just "updating" all the fractions to work with latest of things15:29
kenfinniganand lose time to innovate15:29
kenfinniganyeah, definitely a good topic for that15:29
hbraunmaybe that's another reason not to easily promote fractions to stable15:30
hbrauni.e. if the dependency isn't15:30
bobmcwin a perfect world, we get contributors who use/love Ribbon keeping ribbon fraction up-to-date15:30
kenfinniganfor sure15:30
bobmcwbut then again, if wishes were horses, beggars would eat15:30
kenfinniganand maybe that will happen in time15:30
bobmcwI think we could start with a list of things from WF, and a list of things not from WF15:31
hbraunkenfinnigan the problem also move the other way around: we need to support anything we depend on15:31
bobmcwthe stuff-from-WF, we're tied to what they do, non-negotiably15:31
bobmcwnon-WF, we can then assess the pain-in-the-assness of each15:31
kenfinnigansounds reasonable15:32
hbraunput it on the agenda15:32
bobmcwhbraun: yah, and maybe we only can support Ribbon 1.2, and need to spend some time before we're comfortable supporting 1.415:32
bobmcwand depends on how "support" is defined, in project/product at some point in time15:32
hbraunbread and butter of oss15:32
hbraunbobmcw yeah, typically the definition is simple: we ship the bytes, we support the bytes15:33
bobmcwhbraun: yah, but productization might reduce the bytes we ship, also15:33
bobmcwe.g., we don't ship any Ribbon fraction in the product, mayhap15:33
bobmcwthat's a discussion to have with PM and prod15:33
hbrauni believe the maturity level be useful here as well15:34
bobmcwwe should make sure jclingam is at the f2f, probably15:34
kenfinniganbobmcw: think I saw his name on the doodle15:34
hbrauni would argue that one criteria for a "stable" fraction is a the ability to maintain it15:34
bobmcwso we should add markers to each chapter here, as a start, probably: https://wildfly-swarm.gitbooks.io/wildfly-swarm-users-guide/content/15:34
jbossbotTitle: Introduction | WildFly Swarm User's Guide15:34
bobmcwor add a table/list in the front15:34
hbraunwithout going further into "maintinence"15:35
hbraunsee, that's why i love hipchat: it supports sed commands15:36
hbraunfor a non native like me that's a big plus15:36
bobmcwwe just use mental sed :)15:36
bobmcws/use/take advantage of/15:36
hbraunappreciate it15:37
*** sblanc|brb is now known as sblanc15:41
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!~rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has joined #wildfly-swarm15:50
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@cpe-198-72-153-11.socal.res.rr.com> has joined #wildfly-swarm15:53
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@cpe-198-72-153-11.socal.res.rr.com> has quit IRC (Client Quit)15:54
*** hbraun <hbraun!~hbraun@pdpc/supporter/professional/hbraun> has quit IRC (Quit: afk)15:57
*** johnament <johnament!6cb33342@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #wildfly-swarm15:57
johnamenthey guys15:58
johnamenthey rbenevides !15:58
kenfinniganhey johnament15:58
johnamenthey kenfinnigan ~15:58
rbenevideshey johnament :)15:58
*** dmlloyd <dmlloyd!~dmlloyd@redhat/jboss/dmlloyd> has joined #wildfly-swarm16:06
projectodd-ciStarting build #291 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)16:17
*** johnament <johnament!6cb33342@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:22
bobmcwdmlloyd: welcome16:22
*** jcrossley3 is now known as jcrossley3-away16:26
tcrawleytristan tells no lies- ispan does depend on a lot16:28
tcrawley(dependencies: org.wildfly.management.jmx, jboss.infinispan.web.config.thread-pool.transport, jboss.infinispan.web.config.thread-pool.async-operations, jboss.infinispan.web.config.thread-pool.remote-command, jboss.infinispan.web.config.thread-pool.persistence, jboss.infinispan.web.config.transport, jboss.infinispan.web.config.thread-pool.state-transfer, jboss.infinispan.web.config.thread-pool.expiration, jboss.as.service-module-loader,16:29
tcrawleyin swarm, we don't start any of the thread-pool services, or the transport service16:29
tcrawleyand I can't figure out what triggers those in WF-full16:29
bobmcwI don't understand16:30
tcrawleyplus we don't have org.wildfly.management.jmx, but that's a whole other dealio16:30
bobmcwthey're part of the ispan subsystem?16:30
tcrawleyapparently, but I can't find in the wildfly ispan code a place that starts them16:30
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 0de1da6.. John D. Ament Added WebServices fraction.16:31
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 8a58acc.. Bob McWhirter Merge branch 'webservices' of https://github.com/johnament/wildfly-swarm into johnament-webservices16:31
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master ff67c03.. Bob McWhirter Add webservices to the root pom.xml.16:31
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 70ca974.. Bob McWhirter Merge branch 'johnament-webservices'16:31
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL: http://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/compare/c792476...70ca97416:31
tcrawleyand our poking of the ispan config from IspanFraction, etc. isn't enough to have those services deployed16:31
tcrawleyis it possible ispan applies some default config that we're missing?16:31
bobmcwask lanceball16:31
tcrawleylanceball: is it possible ispan applies some default config that we're missing?16:32
bobmcwcould also possibly be mucking around with other subsystems for threading/io stuff?16:32
lanceballsure, it's possible I suppose16:32
lanceballthose guys are subversive, I tell you16:32
tcrawleyI'm putting ispan on hold for a bit so I can get an Immutant release out16:33
lanceballtcrawley: I haven't read the whole backlog here, but just for clarity, the InfinispanFraction default configuration is based on standalone-ha-full.xml16:34
lanceballor it should be16:34
tcrawleyright. I have a new one that is based on standalone-full.xml16:34
lanceballbobmcw: I think this is another point of fragility in the config-api code16:34
projectodd-ciStarting build #292 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)16:34
tcrawleywith a plan to switch between them based on what other fractions are in town16:35
bobmcwlanceball: the config-api itself? or our defaults?16:35
tcrawleybut even with the purely local config, the config service for the cache container depends on all those missing services16:35
tcrawleyof those, only jboss.as.service-module-loader actually exists under swarm16:36
lanceballthat when we publish a version, it's based on whatever wildfly version the person building it happens to be using, and that you may or may not type standalone-ha-full.xml16:36
lanceballtcrawley: just use memcached16:36
bobmcwlanceball: yah, fwiw, I'm using full-ha and CR4 (or whatever we're bound to)16:41
bobmcw(when I publish)16:42
*** sblanc is now known as sblanc|out16:43
proddbotlanceball would be pleased as punch if you would file an issue at https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWARM16:57
helio-frotatrying to use released alpa5 without success17:12
helio-frotatested on virtualbox without dev env17:13
helio-frota'.... Failed to add artifact 'org.wildfly.core:wildfly-controller-client:2.0.0.CR8' (position: END_TAG seen  ....'17:13
helio-frotato create a small JSF + JPA crud17:13
helio-frotamaybe is good to wait the release of Alpha6 on maven central ?17:15
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm.io build #15: SUCCESS in 34 sec: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wildfly-swarm.io/15/17:17
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: Update README.md with deploy instructions17:17
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: More README deets17:17
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: Yet more README.md updates17:17
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: Add example post to README17:17
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: Jade templates, not Harp.17:17
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: Apply overall stying, structure and layout17:17
helio-frotagoing to keep this virtualBox with fedora22 to try versions released on maven-central without the dev env17:21
helio-frotai notice when doing 'mvn clean package'17:25
helio-frotausing alpha517:25
helio-frotadownload wildfly-swarm-tools alpha417:25
helio-frotais this correct ?17:26
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@> has joined #wildfly-swarm17:26
jbossbotTitle: Pasteboard — Uploaded Image17:29
tcrawleyhelio-frota: a few lines above that, it says you are using wildfly-swarm-plugin Alpha4. should that be Alpha5?17:30
helio-frotatcrawley, hm in fact the pom.xml has no version for the plugin17:33
helio-frotaso maybe using alpha4 by default17:33
lanceballdoes wildfly-swarm.io look like this for anyone? http://grab.by/LTSQ17:34
jbossbotTitle: TinyGrab - Simple. Screenshot. Sharing.17:34
*** johnament <johnament!6cb33342@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #wildfly-swarm17:34
lanceballseems like GH pages is not updating17:34
johnamentit looks beautiful to me17:35
helio-frotatcrawley, https://gist.github.com/helio-frota/4e7777649628a51180be17:35
*** sblanc|out <sblanc|out!~sebastien@redhat/jboss/sblanc> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:35
helio-frotathe version was not informed17:35
helio-frotabtw thanks, going to set the version17:36
lanceballjohnament: does it look like that screen grab? or something different and less complete?17:37
bbrowningbobmcw: did you do the original arquillian / swarm test integration bits?17:37
johnamentlanceball: sorry, i was being facetious. :-X17:37
lanceballoh :)17:38
bbrowningI want to change the working directory for arq tests to be some tmp dir to get expose some errors we're currently hiding by running from the maven project dir17:38
johnamentlanceball: fwiw i get javascript errors17:38
bbrowningdep issues, static content stuff, etc17:38
lanceballjohnament: yeah, for some reason gh-pages is not updating with the new content17:39
johnamentthere does tend to be a delay with publishing pages17:39
johnamentthey cache it pretty heavily17:39
helio-frotabtw this is weird... not set the version and use alpha417:40
helio-frota: )17:41
lanceballjohnament: back in the day, it seemed like a .nojekyll file in the root of your gh-pages branch would speed things up a bit - but not anymore17:41
jclinganbbrowning: bobmcw: back online for a bit (at airport).17:51
bbrowningjclingan: bobmcw pushed a change to swarm that should fix your logging error17:51
bbrowningyou may need to build swarm locally or 'mvn -U install' booker to get it to pick up the change17:52
jclinganbbrowning: bobmcw: Got the following error after building the commit bob posted.17:52
jclinganI did build locally.17:52
tcrawleyhelio-frota: yeah, I have no idea how mvn resolves plugins w/o version. asks for LATEST maybe? if so, that should work17:53
jclinganI ran “git pull”; git checkout c792476; mvn package17:53
jclingan09:50:32,731 ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation] (Controller Boot Thread) WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("add") failed - address: ([17:54
jclingan    ("subsystem" => "logging"),17:54
jclingan    ("custom-formatter" => "logstash")17:54
jclinganNo property "wildflySwarmNode" setter found for formatter "logstash"17:54
helio-frotatcrawley, np17:54
* jamezp was just looking at that jclingan 17:54
jclinganHowdy James. Don’t think we’ve met.17:55
jclinganSo you ran into same problem?17:55
jclingan(if we have met, chalk it up to early stage alzheimers)17:55
jclingan(that was sarcasm :-) )17:55
jamezpjclingan: We have not :) I'm on the WildFly/EAP team and I work mainly with the core management layer and logging.17:56
jamezpI saw an email come through for https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/booker/issues/5 and thought I'd take a quick look. I've got a simple fix, but now I'm seeing a deadlock.17:56
jbossbotgit issue [booker] (open) maerqiang java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when enable logstash https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/booker/issues/517:56
jclinganNothing ever seems “quick” :-)17:57
jamezphehe, exactly17:57
jclinganMy bad, I should be posting these as issues and refer to them here.17:57
jclinganLesson learned.17:57
jamezphehe, it's not a big deal. It just came in this morning.17:58
helio-frotatcrawley, bobmcw18:00
helio-frotathe error was gone after 'mvn clean package'18:01
tcrawleyhmm. good!18:01
helio-frota1) i created a virtualbox to start like user without dev env18:01
helio-frota2) started to develop using eclipse18:02
helio-frota3) eclipse downloaded some dependencies but when run the app getting error of dep not found18:02
helio-frota4) mvn clean package downloaded others deps18:03
helio-frota5) now is possible to run the main class from eclipse18:03
helio-frotaok this is just a small feedback but if things work this way , so is 'required' always run 'mvn clean package' 1 time18:03
helio-frotathis is correct ?18:04
helio-frota* at least 1 time18:04
helio-frotaso import/create a project using 'ONLY' the IDE not work for alpha518:06
helio-frotaneeds at least 'mvn clean package' 1 time to get others dependencies18:06
helio-frotagoing to drop and start all over again18:07
*** bbrowning is now known as bbrowning_away18:08
*** johnament <johnament!6cb33342@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:13
*** johnament <johnament!6cb33342@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #wildfly-swarm18:17
johnamenti also cannot run swarm in an IDE18:17
*** johnament <johnament!6cb33342@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:18
helio-frota1) dropped all m218:20
helio-frota2) project imported into eclipse IDE18:20
helio-frota3) eclipse downloaded some dependencies18:20
helio-frota4) getting the error when running from IDE main class18:20
helio-frota'.... Failed to add artifact 'org.wildfly.core:wildfly-controller-client:2.0.0.CR8' (position: END_TAG seen  ....'18:20
helio-frotanow going to run at least one time the 'mvn clean package' to get the other needed jars18:21
helio-frotaif it works so that ( at least for eclipse ) is required to run 'mvn clean package' and go to documentation right ?18:22
* helio-frota talking about alpha5 released on maven central18:23
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:26
bobmcwbbrowning_away: I did the SwarmContainer for arq, yah18:36
bobmcwlanceball: I keep getting page build failures for gh-pages because unverified email for projectodd:ci18:36
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@> has joined #wildfly-swarm18:36
*** jcrossley3-away is now known as jcrossley318:37
bobmcwlanceball: wildfly-swarm.io looks like it has no graphics to me18:37
bobmcwchrome thinks it's not even trying for any imagery http://grab.by/LU2M18:37
jbossbotTitle: TinyGrab - Simple. Screenshot. Sharing.18:37
*** bbrowning_away is now known as bbrowning18:40
bbrowningbobmcw: kk - moving pwd is showing a bug or two in the jaxrstest around joda time and it not getting included in the jar18:41
bbrowningso good change to make for our tests I think18:41
bobmcw'k, I've also been tempted to have a flag on MavenArtifactUtil thingy to restrict it to *only* looking in $JAR/m2repo18:41
bobmcwcutting off the M2_REPO/ and remote branches18:42
bbrowningI'm not sure how changing pwd fixes things to be honest18:42
bbrowningerr breaks things18:43
bbrowningit must be picking something up from target/18:43
bobmcwjamezp: if that fixes logstash, feel free to merge it on it18:43
bobmcw(or let me know if you need privs to do so)18:44
jamezpI don't want to interrupt, but what would a use-case be for wildfly-swarm + arquillian?18:44
jamezpbobmcw: Will do. I need to figure out how to test it first :)18:44
bbrowningjamezp: swarm's own tests use arquillian in some cases18:44
bobmcwwe have an arquillian test-runner, so we can use arq to start/inject/stop a test18:44
bobmcwsee *ArquillianTest.java in the tree18:44
bobmcwincludes test-enhancers etc18:45
bobmcwwtf they call'em18:45
bbrowningbasically just lets us build a fatjar and run some tests from it18:45
bbrowningwe also have tests that run directly - *InVmTest is the naming pattern tehre18:45
bobmcwand ideally we could support swarm-arquillian for user app testing, but it's a little brittle and odd, at the moment18:45
lanceballbobmcw: compare https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm.io/tree/gh-pages to wildfly-swarm.io18:46
jamezpYeah the InVmTests just make more sense to me :)18:46
lanceballlooks like gh-pages site is not updating18:46
bobmcw13:36 bobmcw: lanceball: I keep getting page build failures for gh-pages because unverified email for projectodd:ci18:46
bbrowningjamezp: yep, but there are whole categories of bugs those can't catch18:46
lanceballbobmcw: locally?18:46
bobmcwemails from github18:46
lanceballcan you verify the email address since you actually get the emails?18:47
lanceballor give me the link to verify?18:47
jamezpbbrowning: Ah okay. Arq just seems to be more "in-container" when swarm really is the container. Anyway, I was just mainly curious.18:47
lanceballbobmcw: I'll have gh resend the verification email18:48
bbrowningunderstandable - we're using arq a bit differently here than most probably18:48
lanceballbobmcw: to ci@torquebox.org (which is the email addr for projectodd-ci)18:48
bbrowningpretty nifty way to run client-side tests against code running in a server-side swarm jar18:48
bobmcwI've got the link, but I can't login as him, not knowing the creds18:48
lanceballhow do you know projectodd-ci is a 'him'?18:49
bobmcwwell, because of the frank'n'beans.18:50
* lanceball lifts up projectodd-ci's skirt to check18:50
bobmcwit's a kilt18:50
lanceballa KILIT18:51
bbrowningthe process of figuring out which jars to include/exclude from a fatjar is a bit more complicated than I would have guessed18:53
bbrowningie joda-time:joda-time is a dep of the jaxrs integration test but swarm excludes it from the jaxrs -swarm.jar for a reason I've yet to figure out18:54
bbrowningit looks like it somehow ends up in the list of "coreSwarmArtifacts" from BuildTool18:54
projectodd-ciStarting build #293 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)18:55
bbrowningwhich look to be mostly provided by modules? I dunno18:55
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm.io build #16: SUCCESS in 38 sec: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wildfly-swarm.io/16/18:56
projectodd-ciLance Ball: Fix styling on /posts18:56
lanceballyay! http://wildfly-swarm.io/18:57
jbossbotTitle: Just Enough App Server | WildFly Swarm18:57
bobmcwyah, the coreSwarmArtifacts should, in theory, be things that are (a) fraction api/runtime/module things, and stuff they reference18:57
bbrowninglanceball: yay! looks much better btw :)18:57
bobmcwsome of the issue is that things like jaxrs-spec are marked as scope=compile, because we need to make them available to the IDE and on the classpath at times18:58
bobmcwbut are in actually provided, via a javax.jaxrs.api:main module or whatnot18:58
bobmcwand not needed beyond presence in the m2repo18:58
bbrowninghmm so perhaps some module in swarm or one of its deps is referencing joda time and it ends up not being put in the jar?18:58
bobmcwand then there's weirdness in that we need some stuff in the m2repo, unless you're building a .war, and then it's in WEB-INF/lib, so we don't want to duplicate it in m2repo18:58
bbrowningbut also ends up not being visible to the jaxrs app that needs it18:58
bobmcwI'd println debug BuildTool :)18:59
bobmcwit's a maze of twisty passages, all alike18:59
bbrowningI have a bunch already - that's how I got this far ;)18:59
helio-frotathen confirmed alpha5 required to run at least one time 'mvn clean package' to be able to run from eclipse IDE18:59
helio-frotahopefully alpha6 this issue gone, otherwise it needs to go to the docs19:00
helio-frotalanceball, good new website !19:03
helio-frotaalso testes control + shift + m in firefox to check mobile responsivness(?) working fine19:03
lanceballhelio-frota: thanks!19:06
jclinganSo wildfly-swarm.io is a domain that points to github pages?19:08
jclinganGrrr Try again. lanceball: So wildfly-swarm.io is a domain that points to github pages?19:09
jclinganok, so anyone that has commit rights to wildfly swarm can edit?19:09
lanceballwell, not exactly19:09
*** jcrossle_ <jcrossle_!~user@71-90-202-1.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com> has joined #wildfly-swarm19:09
lanceballcommit rights to wildfly-swarm.io.git19:09
jclinganok. Can I have commit rights?19:10
lanceballjclingan: https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm.io19:10
jclinganOK, trying to catch up on the forum chat :-)19:10
lanceballjclingan: you're jclingan on github?19:10
lanceballjclingan: done - instructions are in the readme here https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm.io19:11
*** jcrossley3 <jcrossley3!~user@71-90-202-1.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)19:11
jclinganMan, do I feel special. THE POWER!!!19:11
jclinganThx :-)19:11
jclinganNow I have a place to post my family pictures.19:12
jclinganvacation, etc.19:12
jclinganOK, back to work. Thx for setting it up.19:12
bbrowningbootleg movies19:12
jclinganLOL. I don’t know much about pages, but will RTFM and figure it out. Thx again.19:13
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm.io build #17: SUCCESS in 39 sec: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wildfly-swarm.io/17/19:17
projectodd-ciLance Ball: Add a little content to the main site pages. Add GG project.properties.19:17
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm.io build #18: SUCCESS in 41 sec: https://projectodd.ci.cloudbees.com/job/wildfly-swarm.io/18/19:20
*** jcrossle_ is now known as jcrossley319:26
*** os890 <os890!~chatzilla@> has joined #wildfly-swarm19:26
lanceballtcrawley: did you create a swarm google group?19:27
lanceballkenfinnigan bobmcw - or either of you? ^19:27
kenfinniganlanceball: I haven't19:28
kenfinniganMarkL wants MLs19:28
jclinganOH, mailing list.19:32
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:33
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@> has joined #wildfly-swarm19:34
bobmcwI haven't, but someone feel free19:35
* bobmcw continues to fight maven19:35
bobmcwI'd go for just wildfly-swarm19:37
bobmcwnot -users or -dev or whatnot, until required19:37
bobmcwjust 119:37
tcrawleylanceball: I have created nothing19:42
tcrawleythat statement can be applied to my entire life19:42
jclingandropping offline until I board. We’ll see how airline wifi fares …19:43
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@> has quit IRC (Quit: jclingan)19:44
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!~rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)19:49
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!~rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has joined #wildfly-swarm19:52
*** os890_ <os890_!~chatzilla@178-191-189-135.adsl.highway.telekom.at> has joined #wildfly-swarm19:56
*** os890 <os890!~chatzilla@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)20:00
*** os890_ is now known as os89020:00
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*** projectodd-ci <projectodd-ci!~PircBotx@ec2-54-235-41-52.compute-1.amazonaws.com> has quit IRC ()20:05
*** ytanabe_web <ytanabe_web!76575a06@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:06
jamezpAlright. I got logstash working again :) Time for lunch then I'll make a PR.20:07
*** projectodd-ci <projectodd-ci!~PircBotx@ec2-54-81-247-237.compute-1.amazonaws.com> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:15
ytanabelanceball: nice site! btw, do you  have a plan to generate an RSS feed? it seems Metalsmith has a plugin for it. https://github.com/hurrymaplelad/metalsmith-feed20:15
lanceballytanabe: yes RSS just hasn't been done yet, but thanks for the link20:16
ytanabenp :) I'm locking forwared to reading wf-swarm team blog.20:16
*** kenfinnigan <kenfinnigan!~ken@redhat/jboss/kenfinnigan> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)20:35
*** johnament <johnament!6cb33342@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:42
bobmcwlanceball: can we 2-column (60/40 or such?) on pages20:49
bobmcwhttp://wildfly-swarm.io/posts/ seems a tad wide20:49
jbossbotTitle: WildFly Swarm Blog Posts | WildFly Swarm20:49
bobmcwand also a larger base font size, because I have old eyes20:49
lanceballbobmcw: sure - I was just trying to keep it clean and simple, but happy to oblige20:50
lanceballwhat content in left hand side do you think?20:50
lanceballor right hand20:50
bobmcweven an empty sidebar, just something to make the core content less wide20:50
bobmcwempty is fine for now20:50
bobmcwor a link to our twitter/docs/github constant on every page20:50
bbrowningbobmcw: so https://gist.github.com/bbrowning/c6fc456303d89ba574f920:53
bbrowningMyResource uses org.joda.time.DateTime - what's supposed to be adding the imports / deps of MyResource to WEB-INF/lib or wherever it needs to go?20:54
bobmcwaddResource is just an alias to addClass, really20:54
bobmcwwhich will actually pluck that .class and put it into WEB-INF/classes/...20:54
bbrowningsure - but I need lots of org.joda.* there20:54
bobmcwyou might want some other addLibrary() or somesuch on archive20:54
bbrowningDateTime and whatever else it needs to link20:54
bobmcwand swarm has a way to Swarm.getDependency("g:a") or such20:55
bbrowningbut as a user of swarm I have to do this manually? shouldn't this get automagically figured out?20:55
bobmcwon the archive20:55
bobmcwwill add all of your project dependencies to that archive20:55
johnamentit would be great if i could just package a JAR w/ swarm and have it work w/ rest apis.20:56
johnamentwithout needing to create a web archive wrapper20:56
bobmcwjohnament: file an @issue with the use-case/psuedo-code/example and we'll try to make it work20:56
proddbotWe'd be happy as a teenager on Twitter if you would file an issue at https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWARM20:56
bbrowningbobmcw: well that did something! took my -swarm.jar from 38MB to 74MB :)20:57
bobmcwaddAllDependencies() might be a tad liberal20:57
bobmcwwe may also be missing some provided-dependencies.txt contents here'n'there20:57
johnamentlooks like you have no issues thus far bobmcw you sure you want me to pop your jira cherry on this?20:57
bobmcwto prevent them from being jammed in20:57
bobmcwjohnament: do it up!20:57
bobmcwwe've moved from github issues to jira20:58
bbrowningbobmcw: looks like that fixed this particular issue - yay! some duplicate jars and such but perhaps because this is integration-tests from swarm itself20:58
bobmcwbbrowning: e.g., spec_jaxax_jaxrs_spec_spec_impl_factory_api.jar20:58
bobmcwprovided-dependencies.txt is how to attempt to mark some deps that are scope=compile are not supposed to actually be included in the -swarm.jar20:59
bobmcwbut if we neglect to include them correctly, we get jars that aren't needed20:59
bobmcwmostly API specs and such20:59
johnamentcan't you just use importCompileAndRuntimeDependencies from shrinkwrap?21:00
bobmcwgiven the way swarm dependencies are laid out, to support wildfly-swarm:run/IDE/-swarm.jar, things like the jaxrs APIs are scope=compiled21:00
bobmcwso that'd get imported when not actually needed.21:01
johnamentive also noticed that my WAR ends up with bad dependencies21:01
bobmcwall the wildfly-swarm-whatever.jar in WEB-INF/lib/*?21:01
johnamentyes those21:01
johnamentbut also shrinkwrap21:01
johnamentand the spec jars21:01
bobmcwyah, we need to be better about re-packaging the inner .war21:01
bobmcwshrinkwrap is part of the -swarm API, so it's in the same category as wildfly-swarm-* itself21:02
johnamentlate last week i came to the conclusion that maven was a horrible build tool21:02
bobmcwfor the .war case, we could scope=provided for the spec jars etc, but when a user provides a main(), we need them more on the classpath to support running from an IDE21:02
bobmcwand IntelliJ, at least, ignores scope=provided in some cases21:03
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 45a3c5d.. Bob McWhirter Add name/descr to webservices POM.21:04
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master e900b23.. Bob McWhirter Alter how we generate the fraction-list.txt.  It's not quite a properties file....21:04
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL: http://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/compare/70ca974...e900b2321:04
bobmcwtcrawley: ^21:04
bobmcwand sblanc, if he were here21:04
bobmcwcouldn't do .properties, because of the : involved in g:a21:05
bobmcwand RHS may be blank21:05
tcrawleyyou can't quote the keys?21:05
tcrawleydo you provide a parser?21:05
bobmcwI dunno about quoting keys in a .properties21:05
bobmcwthere ya go21:06
tcrawleysure, but now every consumer implements that21:06
bobmcwgoogled escaping : in a property key, but failed21:06
tcrawleyand if you change the format, reimplements21:06
tcrawleyif there was something in tools, those issues go away21:06
bobmcwso you want a wildfly-swarm-fraction-list-reader.jar?21:06
tcrawleyas long as it involves a new pom, yeah21:07
bobmcwtcrawley: @issue21:07
proddbotWe'd be happy as a teenager on Twitter if you would file an issue at https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWARM21:07
proddbotbobmcw would be happy as heroes after battles won if you would file an issue at https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWARM21:07
tcrawley@issue bobmcw21:07
proddbotbobmcw: tcrawley would be happy as birds in the spring if you would file an issue at https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWARM21:07
bobmcwokay, I'll work on that tomorrow.  Probably will hide the .txt inside the .jar, so you just have a java API to get the list, I reckon21:08
bobmcwmaybe add a "Descriptor" suffix21:08
tcrawleynew FractionListFactoryProvider().getFractionListFactory().getFractions()21:09
bobmcwhow's that?21:09
bobmcwnew FractionListSingletonFactoryImpl().getInstance()21:09
bobmcwI want a singleton factory21:09
bobmcwI'll whinge that out tomorrow21:10
bobmcwalso, anyone who adds a fraction needs to add it as a dependency on fraction-list/pom.xml21:10
bobmcwso that it can know to scan and fire in the right order after everyone produces a dependencies.info I can read from ruby21:11
bobmcwas maven seems to not bother running the last <module> mentioned last21:11
bobmcwbecause maven21:11
bobmcwbbrowning: I'll give you a big hug (or refrain from doing so; your preference) if you can sort out all the dependency craziness/duplication21:12
bobmcwactually, you can choose who gets the hug21:13
bobmcwyourself or lanceball21:13
bbrowningwe'll see - I'm on my 3rd or 4th layer of this onion just trying to get booker working on openshift again :)21:13
bobmcwit's all the result of fast evolution, and we've ended up with some extra arms and missing some eyeballs21:13
johnamentmissing eyeballs?21:22
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master d5d4dd7.. Bob McWhirter Add a parser and jar for tcrawley for the fraction-list.21:34
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL: http://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/commit/d5d4dd74e21:34
bobmcwtcrawley: https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/blob/master/fraction-list/src/test/java/org/wildfly/swarm/fractionlist/FractionListTest.java21:34
bobmcwdo you want FractionList.getFraction(name)?21:34
tcrawleywow, a test!21:34
bobmcwor is an iterable collection sufficient?21:34
tcrawleythe collection is sufficient, thanks!21:35
bobmcwand yes, a test, smart ass21:35
tcrawleyYou, okay? I learned by watching you!21:35
bobmcwor :txt if that's all you want/need21:35
bobmcwsame GAV21:36
bobmcwjust different <type>21:36
tcrawleycoolio, thanks21:36
bobmcwYOU'RE WELCOME21:36
* bobmcw wishes we'd go back to the passive-aggressive; the aggressive-aggressive makes me sad21:37
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* bobmcw commits to writing nothing but tests tomorrow21:40
bobmcwfor tcrawley, because I love him, and respect his lack of respect for my coding21:40
tcrawleyaw, I'm blushing over here21:41
helio-frotahi all21:42
helio-frotai found a weird behavior / or i don't read yet the doc about it21:42
helio-frotawhen i do : new Container().start().deploy(something);21:43
helio-frotagetting 'failed initializing org.jboss.logging'21:44
helio-frotabut work fine when using this way: 'Container c = new Container()'.. then c.start()....21:45
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helio-frotaalso needs to be one line before WarArchive creation21:47
jamezpWould someone mind giving this a quick review? https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/pull/15521:48
jbossbotgit pull req [wildfly-swarm] (open) jamezp The wildflySwarmNode attribute should be in the metaData of the Logst… https://github.com/wildfly-swarm/wildfly-swarm/pull/15521:48
jamezpI'm nto sure what the rules are for importing modules so let me know if I did anything wrong.21:49
helio-frotaneed to finish some things then will share the example and ping you folks about it21:52
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