Monday, 2015-11-16

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bbrowninghmm I got bitten by my static content changes because our integration tests don't actually use maven to build their stuff15:01
bbrowningthey just use shinkwrap directly15:01
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bobmcwlanceball: bbrowning: joining the meeting?16:02
bbrowningwe have a meeting today? calendar just told me so16:02
bobmcw-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-16:02
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bobmcwgonna roll yet-another-release of config-api soonish18:35
jamezpbobmcw: Did you see my PR for generating enums? I'm not sure if Heiko got around to looking at it or no.18:36
bobmcwjamezp: ah I didn't18:36
bobmcwand I had no rebase notice, so it's not in there18:36
bobmcwlemme release this and then I'll look at the PR18:36
jamezpNo it hasn't been merged yet. Heiko wanted to look at it I think.18:37
jbossbotgit pull req [wildfly-config-api] (open) jamezp Create enum types for string attributes that contain a set of allowed values
bobmcwconfig-api releases quickly18:37
salaboyhi guys.. I’m looking for an example using the keycloak portion18:37
salaboyis there anything out there?18:37
jamezpI had this one too, but it's not super important :)
jbossbotgit pull req [wildfly-config-api] (open) jamezp Add the maven plugin and executions to start/stop WildFly
bobmcwspecifically the pricing service and I think library18:38
salaboybobmcw: that’s exactly what I was looking for18:38
salaboywhy is that outside wildfly-swarm-examples?18:38
bobmcwfor some reason I'm not getting notifications on config-api PRs, it seems18:39
bobmcwsalaboy: booker is a multi-service demo, but there should also be an -example, if we don't have one18:39
salaboybobmcw: thanks bob18:39
bobmcwmy pleasure18:40
salaboybobmcw: when I try to compile the examples the SNAPSHOTs are not found.. should I add another maven repo to my settings? -> org.wildfly.swarm.booker:booker-common:jar:1.0.0.Alpha01-SNAPSHOT18:44
salaboybobmcw: those should be in nexus right?18:44
salaboybobmcw: I can always clone and built it locally18:44
bbrowningsalaboy: sounds like you're not building from the root of booker but just a specific module?18:45
bbrowningbooker isn't published anywhere that I know of18:45
salaboybbrowning: let me see18:45
salaboybbrowning: I’ve pasted the wrong line sorry ->  Could not find artifact org.wildfly.swarm:wildfly-swarm-jaxrs:jar:1.0.0.Alpha6-SNAPSHOT18:46
salaboybbrowning: it basically cannot found the wildfly-swarm snapshots18:46
salaboythe alpha6 ones18:46
bbrowningyeah those don't publish to sonatype or central either I don't think18:46
bbrowningthey do publish to some maven repo18:47
salaboybbrowning: to our jboss nexus? maybe.. or something different?18:47
salaboybbrowning: I don’t mind building swarm from source18:47
bbrowningsalaboy: you can either build swarm from source or add as a snapshot repo18:49
jbossbotTitle: Index of /snapshot18:49
salaboyoh great...18:49
salaboybbrowning: I will add that repo18:49
bobmcwsalaboy: we don't publish snapshots18:55
bobmcwor maybe we do18:55
bobmcwI just build from source18:55
salaboybobmcw: yeah.. the snapshots are in that cloudbees repo.. so that’s more than fine18:55
salaboybobmcw: I’m ok with building from source..but for people that just want to run the examples that I’m creating it will be better to have those snapshots somewhere18:56
kenfinnigansalaboy: for examples we want people to use, probably best to run with released versions as opposed to snapshots18:56
kenfinniganthe examples repo should be tagged/released for each release so that you can download the examples for a given release18:57
salaboykenfinnigan: true18:59
salaboykenfinnigan: I agree.. this is a special situation where the examples that I’m building are based on some other project snapshots as well.. just to show what can be done.. and bledding edge stuff ;)19:00
kenfinnigansalaboy: ok, in that situation I think we just need to explain that building from source is required19:00
salaboykenfinnigan: the cloudbees repo seems to be working quite ok to be honest19:01
jbossbotTitle: Index of /snapshot19:02
salaboykenfinnigan: but not sure who owns that19:02
kenfinnigansalaboy: thought that's probably true, I would prefer that we didn't publish examples that relied on its presence19:02
kenfinnigansalaboy: it's an output from our CI process19:02
bbrowningyeah anything using those snapshots is bleeding edge and may break as we change things19:03
salaboykenfinnigan: we have jboss nexus as well which is publishing a lot of  the jboss projects snapshots as well19:03
bbrowningbuilding locally you at least have a bit more control over when your snapshot builds are updated19:03
kenfinnigansalaboy: that might be the case, but it's not a practice i'd like to see Swarm follow19:04
salaboykenfinnigan: I totally agree.. having snapshots most of the time break things19:04
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bobmcwmake pretty good progress on the <management> stanzas20:48
bobmcwyou can into a -swarm.jar now20:48
bobmcw"yay, that's awesome, bobmcw!"20:48
bobmcwhey, thanks!20:48
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kenfinniganbobmcw: lol, that IS awesome20:50
kenfinniganand you are da man!20:51
bobmcwhey, thanks!20:52
bobmcwand tcrawley-away would be happy because the test *actually* tests the fraction's capability20:54
bobmcwwe can't currently support the admin-console web UI for humans, alas20:55
bobmcwthat bit wants to scrub around on the disk to find the UI bits20:55
bobmcwand I'm still working on the security-realm bits20:56
jcrossley3in his defense, tcrawley-away's happiness will trickle down to you20:57
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master efc7cee.. Bob McWhirter Start work on the management fraction to support the management interface...20:58
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
projectodd-ciStarting build #301 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)20:58
bobmcwjcrossley3: just like his crabbiness21:02
jcrossley3everything he does he does for you, bobmcw21:02
bobmcwincluding the whole "poop in a bucket" thing?21:03
* bobmcw is skeptical21:03
jcrossley3bobmcw: he promulgates the myth that he, in fact, poops in a bucket... for your entertainment, i.e. FOR YOU21:07
jcrossley3a little gratitude would go a long way21:07
bobmcwI am grateful that he poops in a bucket, and served some country in the military or as a guerrilla soldier, maybe.21:09
jcrossley3ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?21:12
bobmcwas jcrossley3 might say... meh21:12
* jcrossley3 wouldn't say that21:12
lanceballthis channel is getting almost as good as #elsewhere21:20
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bbrowningbobmcw: has booker always barfed if I type http://localhost:8080/about into my browser?21:31
bbrowningwith a 404? the .js from the main page is just faking the links as URLs?21:31
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bobmcwit used to work23:25
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