Wednesday, 2015-11-18

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bbrowningso if I have two arquillian tests and each needs a separate deployment I just make a separate test class for each?14:37
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bobmcwbbrowning: yep14:45
bobmcwbtw, I'm also moving to ArqFooTest instead of FooArqTest14:45
bobmcwI've also fixed it so you can -Dtest=ArqWhatever* from the root, and it won't fail on missing tests on other modules14:46
bobmcwyou don't have to be inside test/ to use -Dtest= now14:46
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master be21c33.. Thomas Meyer Add support for custom environment variables14:48
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 8e7fa1a.. Thomas Meyer Add support to not wait for created process, so the plugin goal can be used...14:48
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master c181f1d.. Thomas Meyer Correct and refactor integration test support....14:48
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 3a95d10.. Bob McWhirter Merge pull request #160 from thomasmey/plugin-work...14:48
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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ytanabeHi, can I ask a question about classpath wiht java -jar *-swarm.jar?15:15
ytanabeI just created a simple jolokia fraction sample.
ytanabeAnd I got an error 'RuntimeException: Unable to determine version number from 2-part GAV.  Try three!'.15:16
ytanabeStacktrace is here.
ytanabeIt is occurred by not getting jolokia version(1.3.1).
ytanabeBecause System.getProperty("java.class.path") returns "./target/jolokia-swarm.jar".15:16
ytanabeWhile, in 'wildfly-swarm:run' java.class.path is ~/.m2/repository/... and it is included "jolokia-war-1.3.1.war", so, it can retrive jolokia version.15:17
ytanabein executable jar, how can I set proper classpath?15:18
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bobmcwytanabe: hrm, lemme look into that16:27
bobmcwin executable jar, we should have versions in dependencies.conf file16:28
bobmcwytanabe: thanks for the example repo, I've reproduced it locally16:30
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ytanabebobmcw: np :) Should I file it on github issue for reminder? Maybe it is not urgent because for now ArtifactManager#determineVersionViaClasspath is used only JolokiaConfiguration.16:46
bobmcwnah, I'm about to push a fix16:46
ytanabeOh, cool!16:46
bobmcwyou also need to remove the <scope>provided</scope> from your pom for the wildfly-swarm-jolokia dependency16:46
bobmcwit should be <scope>compile</scope>, which is the default16:46
ytanabeAh, sorry I missed it...16:47
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master a24dadc.. Bob McWhirter Ensure that an empty classifier is turned into a null classifier.16:48
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwthat might've also caused problems, but the scope is the big thing16:48
bobmcwytanabe: give a pull and see if that works for you16:49
ytanabebobmcw: Thanks, now it works!16:51
ytanabeofc also, I changed scope to 'compile', thanks.16:52
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 700a809.. Ben Browning Delegate all static resource handling to Undertow itself...16:56
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 7500db5.. Ben Browning Ensure content in WEB-INF under src/main/resources gets picked up18:45
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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bbrowningbobmcw: looks like -examples actually had a real CI failure with a compilation error - wildfly-swarm-examples/datasource-deployment/src/main/java/org/wildfly/swarm/examples/ds/deployment/[25,40] error: non-static method artifact(String,String) cannot be referenced from a static context19:13
bobmcwah, right-o19:13
bobmcwI'll poke that19:13
bobmcwhey.. so I'd like us to do a release friday probably19:21
bobmcwand focus next week on knocking the website into shape19:21
bobmcw(being a short week)19:22
bbrowningsounds reasonable19:34
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master cbd9e2d.. Bob McWhirter Export artifact(gav,asName) via Swarm.19:34
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwalso pushed -example change, builds cleanly here now19:36
bobmcwno idea wtf is up with consistent CI failures, haven't looked yet.19:36
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jclinganHowdy y'all.19:47
jclinganbbrowning: I see some are putting items into the kanban backlog.19:55
bbrowningjclingan: I have no idea what that is but it sounds futuristic!19:55
jclinganMore specifically, this:
bbrowningI still have no idea what that is, but it looks futuristic as well!19:58
jclinganLOL (again). What is the status of the booker demo?19:58
jclinganShould I build it against -ALPHA5?19:58
jclinganWanting to update with vagrant image to use Ansible script, and add some docs.19:59
jclingan(errr, “Ansible playbook”.19:59
bbrowningI got the web bits of booker working again w/ -ALPHA6-SNAPSHOT earlier today - I haven't tried the entire thing in a bit19:59
bbrowningI'll try the other pieces as well20:00
jclingan“web bits”?20:00
jclinganHaven’t checked, but have we been versioning booker at all? We should tag booker to match each ALPHA release. So when we push ALPHA6, we should push an ALPHA6 version of booker.20:01
bbrowningwe haven't been - bobmcw mentioned wanting to do a swarm alpha6 release later this week so perhaps we should do a booker release as well20:02
jclinganI think that is a good idea, so we can point developers to a “working” combination at all times.20:03
jclingandropping off for a bit. Hungry time on the west coast :-020:04
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bbrowningorg.jboss.modules.ModuleLoadException: Unable to locate artifact: org.wildfly.swarm:wildfly-swarm-container:1.0.0.Alpha6-20151118.193558-4220:31
bbrowningthat's the maven multi-module slow build weirdness thing?20:31
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BenT15I am interested in using swarm for an app going into production mid next year.  Client would be interested in running non-alpha software.  Any idea of likelyhood of a release next year?  I get it is ready when it's ready.20:39
BenT15Sorry if this is the wrong forum for such a question.20:41
helio-frotaBenT15, i guess not problem with the question20:43
helio-frotaalso i want to know about this too : ]20:43
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bbrowningI'm not aware of any committed to long-term schedule - perhaps bobmcw has some rough ideas20:48
bbrowningwe could of course call the next version 1.0.0? :)20:48
helio-frotaalso , about20:55
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helio-frotathe maven + gralde + sbt + whatever build tool20:55
helio-frotamaybe is good to try to focus on a few possibilities :20:58
jbossbotgit issue [wildfly-swarm] (open) robmv New tool to generate the final jar from source EAR/WAR without Maven
helio-frotato not delay the 1.0.0 ?20:58
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helio-frotapossible to use scala or clojure ( i mean sbt and/or lein ) ? :-021:03
helio-frotagoing to play a bit with ;]21:03
bobmcwBenT15: you'd need to speak with your sales person or solution architect from Red Hat21:12
bobmcwwe engineers can't make any statements regarding supported product as of yet21:12
BenT15bobmcw: Makes complete sense.  Thanks for the response.21:13
bobmcwBenT15: if you have an account manager or whatnot at Red Hat, it would benefit everyone for you mention your desire for a supported -swarm21:14
bbrowningif that is a desire21:14
bobmcw"customer demand" is a useful metric to pull things down pipeline21:14
bbrowningI just see BenT15 asking about non-alpha releases :)21:14
bobmcwbah, everyone wants to pay us!21:15
helio-frotabobmcw, hi21:19
helio-frotaabout multiple build tools21:19
helio-frotaopen to more tools or going to keep maven ?21:20
BenT15bobmcw, bbrowning: economics and engineering are surely connected - or they often are.21:21
BenT15bobmcw, bbrowning: not sure I am in a position to introduce such a signal into the system.  I'll probably need to wait like everyone else. Unfortuantely, it is more about avoiding a red flag with folks who care about arbitrary red flags.21:22
kenfinniganBenT15: having customers that have expressed an interest in support for Swarm, gives a push to making it happen21:23
kenfinniganif no one expresses interest, we think there is plenty of time ;-)21:23
BenT15Got it, and if not a paying customer, still matters?21:24
kenfinniganBenT15: paying customer now or future?21:24
kenfinnigangranted it might mean a little more from existing customer, but if a non existing customer says i'm interested in something being supported, that also carries weight21:24
BenT15likely neither. procurement with this client is a *big deal* and this application is a stand alone agent that is on a windows box to avoid it being subsumed by the standard WebSphere application servers.21:25
BenT15Which is why swarm just seems so perfect for this.  Run a bean behind a timer with container services for transactionality, etc...21:26
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jclinganBenT15: Howdy, saw your questions eralier in the forum. I am the Product Manager.21:35
jclinganWe’re working towards productization, but we’re still in planning.21:36
jclinganBenT15: Do you currently use WildFly or another Java EE application server?21:36
BenT15jclingan: The client uses IBM WAS. Not sure if they use any JBoss, I could check.21:38
BenT15In this case the use of Wildfly would upgrade a service that has been running on JBoss AS 4 for about 10 years.  No real sales opportunity here I am afraid.21:39
BenT15Best I could do to help encourage this would be to publish a post on my use of wildfly - because I think it will be a nice use of it.21:40
jclinganWhat is their intrest in running WildFly Swarm instead of just JBoss EAP or WildFly?21:42
BenT15The interest is mine primarily. They support the solution because it is low risk and preserves the existing system arch.  Here is the use case: There is an existing agent running on JBoss 4 which is simply an application running behind a JBoss MBean that starts up quarts.21:43
BenT15JBoss is there for JTA and DataSources cause I wanted solid transactionalty.  Now that the system is being modified, I would rather not deploy into JBoss 4 / JDK 5, and think the cleanest path would be to package a self-contained application, so Swarm seems like a good fit.21:44
BenT15Installing WildFly on those servers could also work, but that would be more a deal.21:45
jclinganYou may have to split into two releases due to timing. First deploy on WildFly then Swarm later. Out of curiosity, have you tried the app (or a subset thereof) on alpha builds of Swarm yet?21:48
BenT15Haven't tried on the alpha builds yet.  Funny you mention two releases.  I was thinking the same but in reverse.  Start with Swarm, and if the release timing doesn't work, then move back to standard Wildfly.21:49
BenT15Guess I am an optimist.21:49
jclinganbobmcw: With jira up and running, should I take existing github issues and link jira issues to them & put them on kanban?21:49
jclinganBenT15: The good news is that from an application perpsective, it would (hypothetically) be just pom file changes, and perhaps some config changes. However, we’re still swarm-izing WildFly, so there may be gaps today. I was thinking that if you tried to run your app on Swarm, then that would give us some good feedback.21:52
BenT15great. I will press on with standard Wildfly as a contingency.21:55
BenT15thanks for all the help21:56
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jclinganBenT15: no problem.21:59
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helio-frotahi folks22:48
helio-frotai put to work some unit tests using weld22:48
helio-frotaofc this not the best option to use...22:49
ytanabebobmcw: Hi, Alpha6 will be released on this friday? I would be glad if you accept my p-r for undertow-js(ofc, it's no urgent) :)
jbossbotgit pull req [wildfly-swarm] (open) emag Add Undertow.js fraction
ytanabeAre you using weld-se(w/ servlet) or Arquillian?22:51
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helio-frotaytanabe, i just saw your response going to take a look22:51
helio-frotaytanabe, weld-se22:52
ytanabehello-frota: "weld-se" cool :)22:52
ytanabeI think weld-se may be a good option.22:53
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ytanabeOr, with delta spike, perhaps.22:53
ytanabeoh, i got go.. see ya.22:53
helio-frotaytanabe, yeah but (at least on my past job - i quit the job) i saw problems with persistence.xml22:54
helio-frotaytanabe, ok np see you22:54
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helio-frotaytanabe, you changed from war to jar ?22:59
helio-frotaon war-datasource issue22:59
helio-frotacan you ping me later23:01
helio-frotaalso about weld-se , beans.xml is required when wf-swarm create this... maybe this will not get much elegant :/23:02
helio-frotaytanabe, btw going to publish this on github23:03
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bobmcwytanabe: ah, right, I'll look at that PR tomorrow23:17
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