Thursday, 2015-11-19

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helio-frotaytanabe, cool !
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ytanabehelio-frota: thank you for sharing your weld-se sample.12:04
helio-frotaytanabe, np12:05
ytanabehelio-frota: " you changed from war to jar ?" yes, my changes are 'war -> jar', war.addAsWebResource, and move index.jsp to src/main/resources .12:05
helio-frotaytanabe, so the main problem is 'war+datasources' config12:06
helio-frotaytanabe, possible i miss something12:06
ytanabehelio-frota: yup. you use mysql, so you have to main method(), and now -swarm cannot war + main().12:07
helio-frotaytanabe, i guess move to jar pack keep the problem , got it ?12:07
helio-frotaytanabe, yup but not totally12:07
helio-frotaytanabe, working from the main class12:08
ytanabehelio-frota: "i guess move to jar pack keep the problem" oh, really? I thought your app works with my diff.12:08
helio-frotaytanabe, sorry, i mean keep the problem with the 'war' pack12:08
helio-frotabtw i need to improve my english ofc12:08
helio-frotaytanabe, you diff and info was great btw12:09
ytanabehelio-frota: Ok, i'm with you :) Yeah, some people(including you) want to use war packaging + main().12:09
helio-frota but I thought I had missed something when you move from war to jar12:09
helio-frotaytanabe, well i don't want/need : ) just trying to play around with12:10
ytanabeheloi-frota: ok :) honestly, I don't know any good points war packaging + mainClass.12:12
helio-frotaytanabe, +1 me neither12:13
helio-frotaytanabe, if the project just keep jar pack (without war) + maven and gradle is already good enough for me.12:16
helio-frotaIMHO build tools + packaging styles will lost the focus of others improvements12:17
helio-frotapackaging styles i mean > ear, war12:17
ytanabehelio-frota: Hmm, for example?12:20
helio-frotaytanabe, 1) keep just jar12:21
helio-frotaytanabe, 2) keep maven and gradle ( not sbt, or lein , or wathever jvm build tool)12:21
helio-frotaytanabe, to keep the focus on docs, performance, remove unnecessary deps, integration tests for examples12:22
helio-frotaytanabe, 3) services scripts for those who need a linux daemon for instance12:23
ytanabehelio-frota: 2) makes sense. sbt, lein repl are useful.12:28
ytanabebut I'm not sure if 3) is related with specific build tools...12:29
helio-frotaytanabe, i mean not use ( for now sbt, lein ) and just keep maven and gradle , but again just opinion12:29
ytanabeyep, it is important there are some opinions and having rooms for customizing.12:30
ytanabeugh, options...12:31
helio-frotaytanabe, np :)12:31
helio-frotaytanabe, on item 3)12:31
helio-frotaif we access a ssh terminal into another machine12:32
helio-frotajava -jar -swarm.jar is not good12:32
ytanabehelio-frota: Ah, but, in full-brown wildfly, executes java -jar . As long as java application, you eventually use java -jar.12:35
helio-frotaytanabe, yup but exist scripts for linux to start as daemon service12:37
helio-frotasince java -jar we cannot close the terminal12:37
ytanabe?? you can execute you app in background. most simply, java -jar some.jar &12:39
helio-frotaytanabe, nop12:40
helio-frotaytanabe, really 20 years since java creation i can't understand why not the folks not created a solution for this12:41
helio-frotai mean sun/oracle folks to put this standard on java platform12:42
ytanabeyou mean, you want to execute java app in background without any options?12:43
helio-frotaytanabe, nop12:43
jbossbotgit pull req [wildfly] (closed) jorsol [WFLY-1629] LSB init script for Debian based distros
jbossbotjira [WFLY-1629] LSB init script for Debian based distros [Closed (Done) Enhancement, Minor, Brian Stansberry]
ytanabesorry, I'm still not with you... the uses, and execute java -jar &.12:46
helio-frotaytanabe, yup , this is a config to start the wildfly full using the 'wildfly' linux user like a service/daemon12:47
helio-frotaytanabe, unfortunately this is something the java platform, not wildfly12:48
helio-frotain 2010-2011 i was using a slackware linux 13 in production and need to start a jar like a daemon (for SAP ERP integration)12:49
ytanabeyou want to launch java applications as platform native application such as C, or C++?12:49
helio-frotaso i customized a small bash script for this, and later when move to ubuntu server the script don't work anymore12:49
helio-frotaytanabe, nop just like a service on startup12:50
helio-frotaytanabe, of course the 'good proper admin way'12:50
helio-frotaytanabe, got it ?12:51
ytanabesorry, I'm confused... What goal do you want? wf-swarm team should provide sample for several platforms?12:53
helio-frotaytanabe, the last version I used on production was wildfly 8.212:57
helio-frotaytanabe, and the project had scripts to initialize as a service12:57
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helio-frotaytanabe, I downloaded version 10 CR4 and no longer saw the scripts12:59
ytanabeOh, I didn't notice that. you're right, 10 CR4 doesn't include
ytanabeAh, though it is half-remember, on hip chat, some wf guys said will include systemd service unit file.13:03
helio-frotaytanabe, hm13:03
helio-frotaytanabe, you know docker13:03
helio-frotaytanabe, i don't know yet13:04
ytanabeFWIW, fedora 21 or later, you can install WildFly from yum,dnf. and it has some files related systemd.13:04
helio-frotaytanabe, good to know13:04
helio-frotagoing to try now to see the version number13:04
ytanabeYeah, I like docker:) maybe WF-Swarm is suitable with docker.13:05
ytanabeIf my memory is correct, Fedora 22 repository has wf 8 or something.13:05
helio-frotaytanabe, i did dnf install wildfly13:05
helio-frotalots of other deps 297mb no way really..13:06
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helio-frotaytanabe, so docker starts as daemon with a jar inside of it ?13:06
helio-frotaytanabe, yup maybe is suitable with docker13:07
ytanabeActually no. with docker, basically you have to launch your app with foreground.13:07
ytanabeit is most simplest Dockerfile
helio-frotaytanabe, tnx13:09
ytanabeIf you use full-brown wildfly with Docker, you need to prepare a bit complicated scripts for several settings(logging, datasources, etc...)
ytanabehowever, in -swarm we can describe those settings in our app.13:13
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helio-frotagood to know : ]13:16
helio-frotaytanabe, going to learn docker see u later thanks again13:18
ytanabenp:) give it a try. docker is useful.13:19
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bbrowningbobmcw: I'm poking into the maven snapshot version resolution timestamp issues locally - I think it's something swarm is doing wrong, not maven14:32
bobmcwyah, probably14:32
bobmcwI still think it's because module-a refers to module-b with ${project.version} and the untimely resolution of ${project.version} from -SNAPSHOT to .${timestamp}14:33
bobmcwbut I dunno14:33
bobmcwI feel if we <dependencyManagement>'d everything at the root, the problem might go away14:33
bobmcwbut I dunno14:33
bbrowningwell the maven build works just dandy in booker against timestamps14:34
bbrowningit's only once the swarm app tries to boot and do some maven stuff that things fail14:34
bbrowningI think we're passing GAV like foo:bar:1-timestamp instead of foo:bar:1-SNAPSHOT14:35
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master aec65ea.. Bob McWhirter Fixes #164 - Assume .jar if all else fails.14:38
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bbrowningalso, stepping through some of this code, when running booker-web-client-swarm.jar there are dependencies being picked up out of my $M2_REPO instead of m2_repo in the jar14:39
bbrowningso we're missing packaging up some deps it seems14:39
bbrowninghell it's looking both in local and remote repos when I run my .jar14:42
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bobmcwbbrowning: seriously?15:00
bobmcwI've started testing with java -Dmaven.repo.local=./emptydir -jar thing-swarm.jar15:01
bobmcwand I've got that working.  Are you on HEAD?15:01
bobmcwrelated to
jbossbotgit issue [wildfly-swarm] (closed) btison wildfly-swarm-bootstrap not in internal repo of swarm fat jar
bbrowningI am15:02
bobmcwjar tf shows they are missing from m2repo/ ?15:02
bbrowningorg.jboss.modules.MavenArtifactUtil is checking m2repo/ from the jar first then local repo then remote repos15:02
bobmcwright, that's the order it should do, but they should be in m2repo/15:03
bbrowningthey are missing from the jar's m2repo, yes15:03
bobmcwbooker HEAD to test?15:03
bbrowningyep you'll see if pulling netty-common-4.0.26.Final, netty-buffer, netty-codec, and javax.json-api-1.0 from outside the jar15:04
bobmcwokie dokie15:04
bbrowninga separate but kind of related issue is my -swarm.jar has m2repo/org/wildfly/swarm/wildfly-swarm-container/1.0.0.Alpha6-SNAPSHOT/wildfly-swarm-container-1.0.0.Alpha6-SNAPSHOT.jar15:05
bobmcwthat should be there15:05
bobmcwevery -swarm thing except -bootstrap.jar15:05
bbrowningbut we're asking MavenArtifactUtil for wildfly-swarm-container/1.0.0.Alpha6-<timestamp>/wildfly-swarm-container-1.0.0.Alpha6-<timestamp>.jar15:05
bobmcwthat's weird15:05
bbrowningthat one can only be reproduced if you add the bees repo to booker's pom.xml and make sure it picks up snapshots from there instead of locally15:06
bbrowningI'm looking into the latter timestamp issue15:06
bobmcwI'll look into m2repo missing shit15:07
bbrowningso my .jar has a mix of timestamp and SNAPSHOT entries in it15:08
bbrowningfor the swarm artifacts15:08
bobmcwthat's pretty wacky15:11
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bbrowningyeah it's interesting that wildfly-swarm-application.conf only has timestamps for swarm GAVs15:19
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bobmcw-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-15:23
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bobmcwbbrowning: when you're back to static-y stuff, could you look at the tweets from @JavaAuthority to @WildFlySwarm wrt adding heads?15:36
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hbraunbobmcw that's a servlet filter thing, no?15:39
hbraunhe tries ro do it for static content15:40
hbraunwhat do you guys think of the term "right sized services"? I think that's a way better description for what you'd do with swarm15:45
* bbrowning googles the twitter15:55
bbrowningbobmcw: have a link to those tweets handy? I don't see anything about heads (HEADs?)15:56
hbraunhttp header15:57
jbossbotTitle: Java Authority on Twitter: "@wildflyswarm i can add headers to REST easily. static content has been a struggle. i'd like to add header whenever static content is served"15:57
hbraunbbrowning ^15:58
bbrowningahh those weren't showing up on
jbossbotTitle: Java Authority (@JavaAuthority) | Twitter15:58
bbrowninghow do you do this on wildfly?16:00
bbrowningshort of extending DefaultServlet and adding headers there16:00
hbraunbbrowning not sure. i think a servlet filter or some native undertow tricks16:00
kenfinniganbbrowning: undertow handler ->
jbossbotTitle: Undertow16:01
kenfinniganor maybe CLI/Java API ->
jbossbotStatus 40316:01
kenfinniganbbrowning: could either take approach of enabling handlers to be added for static content, or auto add a handler if some properties are present16:02
bbrowningkenfinnigan: but do either of those ways let you configure headers sent along with that static content without writing code yourself?16:02
kenfinniganbbrowning: in typical model, no, but for Swarm we could make it "nice" ;-)16:02
kenfinniganwe may need to confirm with Stuart though16:02
bbrowningI'd vote "make it nice" things come after "make it work" things with regards to wildfly compatibility :)16:03
bbrowningbut that's just one vote16:04
hbraunbbrowning kenfinnigan i think it can be done through the config16:04
hbraunsee /subsystem=undertow/configuration=filter/response-header=*16:05
bbrowningso perhaps you can do this in swarm today16:06
hbraunyes, i think so. however the user asked for mapping to static content16:06
hbraunbut at a first glance it works out of the box16:07
bbrowningconfig-api has all the necessary API here - it's just a matter of putting it all together in an example I think16:08
bbrowningbobmcw: looks like replacing getVersion() with getBaseVersion() may fix up the -SNAPSHOT / -timestamp issue16:22
bobmcwokie dokie16:22
bobmcwwhere? or are you doing it?16:22
bbrowningI'm running tests locally and will push16:22
bbrowninghard to test if it really fixes the issue until I can blow away my local m2_repo/org/wildfly/swarm and re-download all from Ci16:22
bobmcwwhat file, so I can anticipate a merge headache?16:22
bobmcwrm -Rf ~/.m2/repository/org/wildfly/swarm16:23
bobmcwah, 'k16:23
bbrowningbobmcw: sure I can do that but then it downloads the old version from CI that doesn't have my fix16:23
bobmcwah, right-o16:23
bobmcwI added (temporarily) a check in MavenArtifactUtil for Layout.isUberjar() to skip local/remote maven repo (only using jar!/m2repo/) and got booker webapp booting16:26
bobmcwso, I'm not certainly we can use wildfly-swarm:(start,stop) for integs, since maven has trouble using plugins in the project that builds the plugin, if you have a virgin M2_REPO16:27
bbrowningwe can figure it out - if start/stop won't work we can use arquillian16:30
bbrowningor keep full integration tests as a separate repo, like -examples16:30
bbrowning-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-16:31
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tcrawleybbrowning: I haven't read the full backlog, but I do know that by default, aether treats timestamped snapshots oddly16:38
bbrowningI'm changing how we get the version from maven so it reports the version to use as ALPHA6-SNAPSHOT vs ALPHA6-timestamp16:39
tcrawleynamely, it resolves the ts snapshot to M2_REPO, then *copies* that ts snapshot to -SNAPSHOT, and gives you back the url to -SNAPSHOT16:39
bbrowningthis is using maven API directly, not aether - it's how we determine what to write in wildfly-swarm-application.conf for GAV coords and what to write the files as in m2repo/ in the jar16:39
tcrawleyah, ok16:40
bbrowningwe had a mix of -SNAPSHOT and timestamps before depending on whether we got the version info from a module.xml or from maven16:40
tcrawleyI didn't know if it was using the Shrinkwrap resolver stuffs16:40
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master e59897a.. Ben Browning Use getBaseVersion() instead of getVersion() for Maven artifacts...16:40
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
tcrawleyI don't know if the SW resolver does the right thing either, I saw this last week with a clojure tool using aether directly16:40
tcrawleyso thought it might be relevant. carry on!16:41
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bbrowningbobmcw: kenfinnigan: look reasonable to share wrt response headers of static content?17:46
kenfinniganbbrowning: awesome!17:53
jclinganMorning (afternoon) all!18:01
jclingankenfinnigan:, bobmcw: I see that  Toby is starting to use kanban and JBoss issues. Should we just now “cut over” to jira?18:03
kenfinniganjclingan: hadn't noticed yet18:04
kenfinnigandid we decide what to do about existing GH issues? Migrate or keep where they are?18:05
jclinganThat was my next question :-)18:05
jclinganI thought of migrating over open issues. Not that many. And the jira issue can just link back to GH issues.18:06
jclinganjust so we can track in one place.18:06
kenfinniganjclingan, bobmcw: probably need to migrate and shut GH down, as I don't think there's a way to turn off new issue creation without turning off issues completely18:10
jclinganHmmm … 99 closed issues, 22 open.18:12
jclinganWe can justmove the 22 over I suppose.18:12
jclinganIs there an import feature? Hmmm …18:13
kenfinniganin JIRA? don't think so18:13
jclinganFunctinality is there, not sure our jira instance has it:
jbossbotTitle: JIRA GitHub Issue Importer - Earlier Versions | Atlassian Marketplace18:14
*** lance|afk is now known as lanceball18:15
kenfinniganjclingan: think it's there, just seeing now if it will let me import into existing project18:19
jclinganAlternatively, exporting GH issues to CSV, then import into JIRA.18:20
kenfinniganjclingan, bobmcw, bbrowning, tcrawley, lanceball: Ok, so looks like I can import GH issues into our JIRA project. Do I pull the trigger?18:24
* lanceball defers to bobmcw 18:24
jclinganI’m OK with it, but I’ll defer to you guys.18:24
bbrowningyeah I don't have a strong opinion - GH issues is easier for me and community to use, JIRA has more features18:24
bbrowningand perhaps easier to actually you know track things :)18:25
lanceballbbrowning: and now, I think you can login to jira using your GH creds, so less of a barrier for community18:25
lanceballyou keep saying that word....18:25
jclinganas you wish …18:26
kenfinniganperfect timing18:27
bobmcwsure, import/turn-off-GH-issues18:28
bobmcwrip that bandaid off18:28
kenfinniganok, pulling trigger18:28
jclinganBracing for impact … :-)18:29
kenfinnigantrigger jammed, just a moment18:29
jclinganJust don’t shoot your foot.18:29
bobmcwokay, I'm looking at improving our integration tests.  kenfinnigan.18:30
kenfinniganbobmcw: apologies, it's been on my list for 4 mths now, I think18:30
bbrowningthere was an old man named ken finnigan, he has whiskers on his chin-ne-gan18:31
bbrowningsomething something integration tests poor old ken finnigan begin again18:31
jclinganBTW, I’m changing the in-progress “max” kanban setting to 5 unless someone gives me a more appropriate number.18:31
kenfinnigannever heard that one before, don't know WHAT you're talking about18:31
jclinganAlthough red is a pretty color :-)18:31
kenfinniganbobmcw, jclingan, bbrowning, tcrawley, lanceball: trigger pulled, appeared to work18:32
jclinganYep, browsing around …18:32
kenfinniganwell that sucks18:33
kenfinniganit's not nice enough to update the GH issue with a link to new JIRA18:33
kenfinniganneed to do that manually it seems18:33
lanceballor write some code18:34
lanceballproddbott - where art thou?18:34
lanceballtcrawley: ?18:35
kenfinniganugh, it also made all imported issues a priority of blocker!18:35
jclinganIronically, that in and of itself is a blocker :-)18:35
jclinganHmmm, I’m not a board configurator for kanban. I think that is a micro-aggression. I’m going to my safe space.18:36
kenfinniganbobmcw, jclingan, lanceball, bbrowning, tcrawley: so, un thought of consequence on my part. Now we have all these issues in JIRA, including all closed ones, we need to "release" them to make them go away from "Done" column of kanban18:37
kenfinnigando we release what's there now as 1.0.0.Alpha5 although some of those issues will be solved for Alpha618:37
kenfinniganor wait till we release Alpha6 and mark them all as resolved for that, even though most were done earlier18:38
bbrowningI've never used the kanban thingy so whatever will make them go away? :)18:38
bbrowningthe "right" answer is to probably release all issues that have made it into a release18:38
bbrowningand ones that will be fixed w/ alpha6 release leave in done column18:38
bobmcwyeah, I dunno18:39
kenfinniganbbrowning: I would agree, trick is figuring out which fall into the Alpha6 category18:40
kenfinniganjclingan: trying to change max, but it doesn't seem to want to let me18:40
jclinganFor some reason when I was looking into it yesterday, I could do it. Today, for some reason, I can't.18:40
kenfinniganjclingan: I just removed the constraint entirely18:41
kenfinniganno more red18:41
jclinganWell, I do like the constraints.18:41
bbrowningfree your mind18:42
bbrowningam I a human or a movie-quoting IRC bot? time will tell18:42
kenfinnigansome of the assignees it created are awesome!18:44
kenfinniganLance Liang for lanceball18:44
kenfinniganTobias Frech for tcrawley18:44
kenfinniganBruce Browning for bbrowning18:44
bbrowningI actually don't mind that18:45
jclinganSooo, I think I’m supposed to start prioritizing the backlog …18:47
kenfinniganjclingan: and come up with grand new ideas? ;-)18:48
jclinganAt least from a feature perspective.18:48
kenfinniganjclingan: we probably need to migrate all the items in the J1 doc to JIRA as well18:48
kenfinniganso we have a full set18:48
jclinganYes, that was what I was planning.18:48
jclinganIt’s a good start.18:48
jclinganI wonder if we should have a column called “feature backlog” vs engineering’s backlog.18:49
jclinganLemme see how other projects approach it (unless someone has an idea)18:49
jclinganDon’t wanna make it too complex.18:50
kenfinniganwith a label on the jira's to distinguish?18:50
jclinganHey, what the heck are you guys getting paid for? There is nothing “in progress” :-)18:50
kenfinniganjclingan: now, now, there are 2 items in progress18:50
jclinganOh, yeah, I scrolled down :-)18:51
kenfinniganthere's just nothing selected for future dev from the backlog ;-)18:51
bbrowninghey if I get paid based on some jira flag then I'll go flip a bunch :)18:51
jclinganLOL. Be careful what we ask for, I suppose :-)18:51
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tcrawley@issue lanceball18:55
tcrawleywhat's up, proddbot?18:55
proddbotlanceball: tcrawley would be happy as a kitten in a yarn shop if you would file an issue at
tcrawleythere we go18:55
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kenfinniganbobmcw, jclingan, bbrowning, lanceball, tcrawley: Note about move to JIRA added to all open issues, and then I deactivated issues in GH19:03
kenfinniganall issues are still in open state19:03
tcrawleykenfinnigan: thanks!19:03
jclinganyes, thanks!19:04
kenfinniganjclingan: probably need to update the readme to make it known we're using JIRA19:04
jclinganOK, on it ...19:04
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bobmcwgood job kenfinnigan!19:09
kenfinniganbobmcw: pleasure19:09
lanceballtcrawley: ty!19:10
jclinganAnd there was much rejoicing (folllowing bbrowning’s movie-quoting lead)19:10
bobmcwEnglish motherfucker, do you speak it?19:10
kenfinnigando you?19:11
bobmcwapparently not good19:11
kenfinniganthought you'd speak American? ;-19:11
* bobmcw was quoting 19:11
kenfinniganugh, I'm out of my mind19:11
jclinganSssuuuurrreeee you were.19:11
jbossbotTitle: English, Motherfucker, do you speak it? - YouTube19:13
kenfinniganthat should be NSFO19:16
bobmcwso, ah19:18
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bobmcwso, :start and :stop I've got working with @Drone in an integ, but we still can't test everything, since not everything is webby19:18
kenfinniganit's fine for Work, when you're at home19:18
bobmcwe.g. messaging example wants to mostly look at stdout19:18
bobmcwI may enhance start/stop more to give access to the console streams19:19
bobmcwand try to copy every example over to -swarm.git19:19
bobmcwif that works, we can decommission -examples maybe19:19
bobmcwand let integs be the examples19:19
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 3754d2c.. jclingan Updated to point to JIRA instance for issue tracking19:22
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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projectodd-ciStarting build #313 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)19:23
jclinganlanceboall: kenfinnigan: So, SWARM-155 (and likely many, many others after the import) has a status of “Done” so it’s properly placed in Kanban. What do we need to do to move it out of Open Issues?19:35
jclinganErr, looping in lanceball properly spelled (alias: Lance Liang)19:36
kenfinniganjclingan: that was what I mentioned a while back about how to "release" them to clean them out19:37
jclinganAh, OK.19:37
jclinganI suppose each assignee should fix each issue.19:39
kenfinniganjclingan: we can "release" all the "done" items in one go, but it19:40
kenfinnigan's finding the right time for that19:40
jclinganAh, OK, no worries.19:40
jclinganhungry time here on the west coast, so heading out for a bit.19:40
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bbrowningwow debugging openshift 3 apps via port forwards is slow as molasses20:52
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 58fe6ce.. Bob McWhirter Add missing `provided-dependencies.txt` to -io.20:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master f822404.. Bob McWhirter If the noticed `provided-dependencies.txt` is in a -modules.jar, as they...20:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 4d989da.. Bob McWhirter Add asm to the provided deps of the container.20:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master cdf2443.. Bob McWhirter addAllDependencies() does not function on JARArchive/JavaArchive, so remove...20:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master f75d047.. Bob McWhirter Clean up some provided-dependencies.txt....20:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 5b779c4.. Bob McWhirter * Allow wildfly-swarm:start to copy output to a stderrFile/stdoutFile....20:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
projectodd-ciStarting build #314 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)20:55
*** lance|afk is now known as lanceball21:04
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master a13def9.. Bob McWhirter Clean up the test.21:04
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwokay, testing the messaging -example like this:
bobmcwotherwise, that is mostly just a cp -R from -examples/messaging21:05
bobmcwlikewise jaxrs from -examples:
bobmcwI think I can do some <profile> happiness so that we can -Puberjar and -Pplugin maybe, to execute them two different ways21:06
bobmcwright now they're just wildfly-swarm:{start,stop}'ing21:07
bobmcwequiv of wildfly-swarm:run21:07
bobmcwso not involving BuildTool/Arquillian, really21:07
bobmcwbut I'll work on that tomorrow, probably21:08
bbrowningthe closer the integs are to how a user will actually build and run their app the better21:08
bobmcwcan't use exec:exec, because it doesn't seem to like forking/killing, but I'll mutate our start/stop to java -jar21:08
bobmcw(as an option)21:08
bobmcwgetLog(path) will return the given file as a List<String>, wrapped in a Log that we can assert around21:09
bobmcwgetStdOutLog() is just a shortcut for getLog('target/stdout.log')21:10
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 0aa5fb9.. Lance Ball Expose topology changes as an EventSource that emits topologyChange events.22:54
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
*** tcrawley is now known as tcrawley-away22:55
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #314: ABORTED in 2 hr 2 min:
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: Add missing `provided-dependencies.txt` to -io.22:57
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: If the noticed `provided-dependencies.txt` is in a -modules.jar, as they22:57
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: Add asm to the provided deps of the container.22:57
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: addAllDependencies() does not function on JARArchive/JavaArchive, so remove22:57
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: Clean up some provided-dependencies.txt.22:57
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: * Allow wildfly-swarm:start to copy output to a stderrFile/stdoutFile.22:57
projectodd-ciStarting build #315 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: ABORTED -- last SUCCESS #313 3 hr 34 min ago)22:57
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