Monday, 2015-11-30

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tcrawleybobmcw: morning!14:31
bobmcwtcrawley: morning!14:31
tcrawleyis there a way to set the module identifier the main deployment will use?14:31
tcrawleyor get access to that identifier?14:31
bobmcwI think it takes the form of jboss.deployment.$JARNAME14:32
tcrawleyfor arq, I need to load and run the test using the deployment's ModuleCl14:32
bobmcwJARNAME will be a UUID unless you name the jar "myapp.jar" or something specific when creating it14:32
bobmcwif you can know the name, then it's easy to Module.getBootModuleLoader().loadModule( ModuleIdentifier.create(....) )14:33
bobmcwI could be wrong in the naming, but I know there ends up an MSC Service<T> of jboss.deployment.$NAME somehow, which probably maps in some reliable way to the module14:33
bobmcwand/or you can use the ServiceContainer or another Service<T> to lookup the deployment module service and getModule() off it14:34
bobmcwrun something and jconsole see poke around14:34
tcrawleyI think I can find the name fairly easily, I just need to figure out how to control it from the arq WildflySwarmContainer, but I think I have what I need to start pokin14:35
bobmcwso CI is still slow, unless it's a back-to-back build14:42
bobmcwticket with bees is re-opened14:43
bbrowningthat just means the repo doesn't survive when the slaves go away?14:43
bobmcwright, but there's a catalog of snapshots of the slaves as lxc containers14:44
bobmcwbut it fails to re-constitute them, so it starts afreh14:44
bobmcwjenkins logs either show a timeout fetching the snapshot, or a lack of being able to validate them, and then starting with a virgin image14:44
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 9a99074.. emag Add SecurityConstraint overload methods taking varargs14:47
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 53c693d.. Bob McWhirter Merge pull request #170 from emag/add-security-constraint-overload-methods-taking-varargs...14:47
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwImma update our repo UIs to the new design, I think14:47
bobmcwto make the github dialog header go away14:47
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master bf2b5eb.. Bernard Tison <soap:address> URL rewrite to jboss.bind.address14:48
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master ce50d71.. Bob McWhirter Merge pull request #165 from btison/webservices-host...14:48
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 3594871.. Lance Ball Add a default path for ribbon-webapp ajax requests....15:07
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
lanceballbobmcw: so, I have been working on the ribbon example in hopes of making it a little more full-featured and include ribbon-webapp and a simple demo UI15:08
lanceballthe issue I am hitting now is CORS15:08
lanceballdo we have a way to declaratively allow cross domain requests in JAX-RS apps?15:09
lanceballalso - once I have all of it done and working well, I will write a blog post or three on about it15:12
lanceballqmx: have a sec (since you seem to be the CORS expert)?15:25
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kenfinniganbobmcw: joining?16:01
bobmcwlanceball: wrt CORs, I think so?16:12
bobmcwor we have in booker the CORSFilter which we should maybe codify some16:12
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bobmcwjamezp: I haven't look at your PR for config-api, thought hbraun was going to16:16
bobmcwI'm happy to though, after this meeting16:16
hbraunmy bad. it slipped16:16
hbraunbut I took a note to review it this week16:16
jamezpbobmcw: It was more of a ping so it's not forgotten than anything :)16:16
hbraunjamezp i'll manage to review it until wednesday16:17
jamezphbraun: Sounds good to me. Thanks!16:17
hbraunjamezp welcome, thanks for the notice16:17
helio-frotahi folks16:21
helio-frotajust FYI16:21
helio-frotaundertow-js fraction + gradle16:21
helio-frota'gradle clean build && java -jar build/libs/nanook-swarm.jar'16:21
helio-frotabit diff from the current examples16:22
helio-frota'gradle clean wildfly-swarm-package && java -jar ./build/libs/...'16:22
helio-frotaI have no idea why but it is working this way16:23
bobmcw'build' doesn't work now?16:24
bobmcwyou have to wildfly-swarm-package directly?16:24
helio-frotabobmcw, i mean using only the new undertow-js fraction16:24
helio-frotaalso this is good is creating a +-35mb jar16:25
helio-frotai guess since we don't have a java main class (due javascript)16:25
helio-frotain this case (maybe) no need wildfly-swarm-package16:25
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master d079422.. Ben Browning Bump to openshift-ping 1.0.0.Beta5-swarm-4 to get more trace logging16:28
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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helio-frotaok, I'm going to learn a bit of Jruby/ruby (i know nothing) to try this - wish me luck \o/17:10
helio-frota(Maybe I need prayer)17:10
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master fbae9f6.. Lance Ball Default ajax request method should be GET. Don't forget to send().17:10
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master a4f2cb7.. Lance Ball Enable CORS on ribbon services. Make UI interactive.17:43
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master URL:
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 5a4f947.. Ben Tomasini Fixed NPE with a 2-part GAV, throw exception with meaningful message if artifact cannot be found, added unit tests18:19
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 2f9954c.. Bob McWhirter Disable snapshots from the jboss public repo.18:19
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
jbossbotgit pull req [wildfly-swarm] (open) bbrowning Add a new messaging-clustered module (#111)
bobmcwthat's the only open PR, and I'll let you deal with it as you lie18:24
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bbrowningbobmcw: kk!18:33
bbrowningif I close a PR does it stay around for posterity's sake?18:33
bobmcwI think as 'closed' it might18:34
helio-frotahi folks18:44
helio-frotaI am waiting for a response from an event organizer so I can talk about the wildfly-swarm at a college in a town near here. perhaps 12/12/2015 in a technology and entrepreneurship event.  I hope it's possible, it depends on their availability.18:44
kenfinniganhelio-frota: awesome!18:44
helio-frotathank you in advance for the materials from previous talks, because I will need for sure :]18:46
helio-frotato create a new one , ofc18:52
kenfinniganhelio-frota: by all means use pieces, or all, of what is already there for presentations18:54
helio-frotakenfinnigan, yeah thanks18:54
bbrowningsigh - trying to configure some swarm openshift debug logging and I can get java.util.logging messages of level FINER to display but not JGroups logger's trace logging19:02
bbrowningboth being configured via swarm's loggingfraction with a log level of TRACE19:02
bbrowningjgroups logging perhaps isn't controlled by swarm's logging fraction? or something like that?19:03
bobmcwbbrowning: jgroups uses JUL if I recall, but jboss-logging should subvert that19:05
bbrowningbobmcw: may be relevant here19:05
bbrowningbut we should be loading the JGroupsExtension?19:05
bobmcwshould be yes19:06
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master 94b73bc.. Bob McWhirter Continue moving examples over to a tested format.19:20
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master URL:
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 9a07497.. Ben Browning Bump to newer openshift-ping once again20:32
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
helio-frotaMy first program in ruby, proud / happy:) o/20:39
helio-frotaI'm a little closer to the issue SWARM-8020:39
helio-frotaofc thanks for all prayers20:39
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master eff4515.. Bob McWhirter Ensure we set JNDI name on the DataSource of a DatasourceArchive....20:44
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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bobmcwbbrowning: any luck?20:58
bobmcwtcrawley: any luck?20:58
bobmcwlanceball: any luck?20:58
tcrawleybobmcw: some, yeah. turns out arq will silently run tests locally if the protocol isn't properly registered, so swarm was starting, as was my netty daemon, then the test was running in the surefire process20:59
tcrawleywhich is a surefire recipe for failure20:59
bobmcwah, nice21:00
bobmcwso wasn't actually running in the container?21:00
bobmcwhow do you register the protocol?21:00
tcrawleyso, I have the daemon protocol working, just trying to get a handle on the deployment's module to run the test21:00
bobmcwI think arq should already run them 'inside' the deployment, fwiw21:00
tcrawleyby calling a method where we register the container21:00
bobmcwand you're returning enough/right metadata about the deployment?21:01
tcrawleywell, for the servlet, it can, because the servlet is already inside the deployment21:01
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master 69212dd.. Bob McWhirter Adjust datasource examples and add tests....21:01
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master URL:
tcrawleybut it implements a runner for the daemon that runs in an isolated CL21:01
bobmcwtcrawley: LOOK. TESTS.21:01
tcrawleyso I'm implementing one that runs in the correct module21:01
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master b0f5e17.. Bob McWhirter * Move static examples into the testing path....21:21
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master URL:
bobmcwtcrawley: MORE TESTS21:22
tcrawleycan't have too many21:22
* bobmcw strives to make tcrawley proud21:22
tcrawleyI'm glad I'm such a positive influence on yo21:22
bobmcwyo dawg, you do21:22
tcrawleyyo, bobmcw tests!21:22
bobmcwyo dawg, I heard you like tests, so I put a test in your test, so you can test while you test.21:23
bobmcwgood lord21:23
bobmcwmaybe this week I'll also try to clean up warnings and deprecations21:26
bobmcwbecause tcrawley probably judges me harshly for them21:27
* tcrawley will now21:34
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 4b4c24f.. Lance Ball Ajax requests should return a promise, not a deferred22:44
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
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