Wednesday, 2015-12-09

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jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-193] Support for Dropwizard's Metrics [Backlog (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Unassigned]
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hbraunbgeorges I thiught you'd be taking a few days of?07:26
bgeorgeshbraun: me too :)07:26
bgeorgesI reduce my work days to 10 hours07:26
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hbraunbgeorges would be good if you could keep it that way07:59
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bgeorgeshbraun: :)08:05
bgeorgeshbraun: by the way, how is nexus behaving? Bob escalated and I am following up.08:06
bgeorgeshbraun: I hope to see improvements asap.08:07
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helio-frotaytanabe, thanks for the fix !10:26
helio-frotai was trying to do the 'reverse' sbt run > call the main class > starts the wf-swarm10:26
helio-frotamaybe this is possible i don't know...10:26
helio-frotainfo] Resolving jline#jline;2.12.1 ...10:28
helio-frota[info] Done updating.10:28
helio-frota[info] Compiling 2 Scala sources to /home/hf/dev/esmeril/scala-wildfly-swarm/target/scala-2.11/classes...10:28
helio-frota[info] Running org.esmerilprogramming.sws.Main10:28
helio-frotaFailed to instantiate class of type class org.jboss.shrinkwrap.impl.base.MemoryMapArchiveImpl. The underlying constructor threw an exception.10:28
helio-frotaand others errors 'inside' sbt world10:28
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hbraunhi remerson13:53
remersonhbraun: hi14:02
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jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-194] Keycloak Server fraction [Backlog (Unresolved) Task, Major, Bob McWhirter]
lanceballbobmcw: so, swagger...14:29
lanceballthere's not an @issue - which is OK. I'll add one - but I want to understand better where the request was coming from - what was really desired14:30
proddbotWe'd be happy as an enfranchised bird if you would file an issue at
lanceballor is this just a "WORKS WITH SWAGGER.IO!" bullet point14:30
lanceball"enfranchised bird?14:30
lanceballwtf is that, tcrawley?14:30
tcrawleylanceball: I blame jcrossley314:31
lanceballI can work wiith that14:31
bobmcwlanceball: well, swagger is "cool"14:31
lanceballbut wtf is jcrossley314:31
bobmcwI have nfi what it'd mean to have -swarm and swagger work together14:31
jbossbotTitle: Caroline Elizabeth Sarah (Sheridan) Norton (1808-1877). I. Sonnet: "Like an enfranchised bird, that wildly springs." Hunt and Lee, comps. 1867. The Book of the Sonnet14:32
bobmcwbut I feel like it's worth investigating14:32
hbraunlanceball i think a first step towards swagger would be: a) export jax-rs interfaces as swagger docs b)expose this info on each swarm node14:32
bobmcwtcrawley: thanks?14:32
tcrawleyTHAT WAS FOR lanceball14:32
jbossbotTitle: Caroline Elizabeth Sarah (Sheridan) Norton (1808-1877). I. Sonnet: "Like an enfranchised bird, that wildly springs." Hunt and Lee, comps. 1867. The Book of the Sonnet14:32
hbraunc) integrate that info with apiman14:32
lanceballtcrawley: THANKS!14:32
tcrawleyMY PLEASURE!14:32
hbraunafter that i would be looking into swagger client stub generation14:33
kenfinniganhbraun: i think apiman already provides swagger support14:33
lanceballhbraun: ok cool - a) seemed like the right first step, but to what end I wasn't sure14:33
hbraunkenfinnigan it does, but the info needs to get there somehwre14:33
hbraunlanceball i would focus on the service parts and leave the client parts for later14:34
kenfinniganright, so having a way to generate a swagger spec14:34
kenfinniganthen we can use
jbossbotTitle: We got the moves like swagger!14:34
hbraunmost importantly exposing the service documentation as swagger.json14:34
kenfinniganlanceball, hbraun, bobmcw: there was TAG talk a while back about a swagger thing for JAX-RS14:34
kenfinnigancan't recall what the current situation was14:34
kenfinniganjsrapidoc? maybe?14:35
lanceballyah, swagger supports RESTEasy
kenfinniganmight provide what we need14:35
kenfinniganok, even better then14:35
bobmcwtcrawley: oddly, I haven't rebased, but since yesterday shrinkwrap-resolver has gotten much noisier14:35
hbraunlanceball right, but most f the stuff is coupled to a servlet14:35
hbraunalternatively we could generate the spec at build time14:36
hbraunnot sure what's better14:36
hbraunlanceball i.e.
bobmcwI think the TAG thing was mostly around documentation?14:37
tcrawleybobmcw: that's snapshot checks, since it's a new day, which triggers SWARM-314:37
jbossbotjira [SWARM-3] swarmtool may show aether download errors on some successful downloads [Backlog (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
hbraunoj, that's the wrong link ...14:37
bobmcwtcrawley: this is builds #3 or #414:38
hbraunlanceball ignore the last link14:38
tcrawleybobmcw: full builds?14:38
lanceballhbraun: yah that's the client generator isn't it?14:38
bobmcwnot from the root, but same project14:38
hbraunlanceball right, i thought I saw the server part somehwre as well14:38
lanceballhbraun: when I was reading the docs yesterday I got the impression that you could generated the json from the command line, but then couldn't find any way to actually do that14:39
tcrawleyright, until a full build, you'll hit SWARM-3 on every leaf build14:39
jbossbotjira [SWARM-3] swarmtool may show aether download errors on some successful downloads [Backlog (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
hbraunlanceball yes, that's exactly what i am looking for14:39
tcrawleywhich has an incorrect description14:39
tcrawleyI'll try to fix that today14:39
hbraunlanceball since we already get hold of the jax-rs class i think this would be more straiggt forward then patching the servlet context with swagger filters and such14:40
lanceballyeah, I think if we can generate the json at build time, and the fraction simply exposes /[configured-context/swagger.json that's a good start14:41
hbraun"Swagger swagger = new Reader(new Swagger()).read(Service.class);"14:43
hbraunsomething along these lines ?14:43
bobmcwwhich ultimately we could wrap with
bobmcwor somesuch, to do it automagically to all @Resources14:45
hbraunbobmcw yes, I think that's what lanceball has in mind14:45
bobmcwfwiw, I'd prefer runtime, not build-time14:45
bobmcwbecause build-time means... mvn, gradle, sbt, eclipse14:46
bobmcwruntime, we get it for free (modulo CPU time) for all -swarm.jars14:46
hbraunbobmcw maybe deply-time?14:46
bobmcwsure, deploy/runtime is about all the same in -swarm14:46
hbraunwell, there is also at request-time :)14:47
hbraunlanceball so Swagger.class is basically the internal model14:48
hbraunI cannot find a link to the jaxrs resder, but there should be one14:49
hbraunlanceball kind of related:
bobmcwso, I'm making pretty good progress getting keycloak-server running as a -swarm.jar14:53
bobmcwwhich brings up a question14:53
bobmcwwhile this will be a wildfly-swarm-keycloak-server that people can put into their own main() or whatnot, I feel like we should/could also ship, as a maven-addressable artifact, a keycloak-server-swarm.jar14:54
bobmcwshould that be a <type>swarm.jar</type> for the maven GAV?14:54
bobmcwbasically, it'd be a suitable replacement for the keycloak all-in-one distribution.zip14:54
bobmcwfor some value of "suitable"14:54
hbraunbobmcw isn't <type/> restricted to certain values?14:55
bobmcwpackaging is14:56
bobmcwbut type can be anything14:56
bobmcwit's basically the extension of the artifact14:56
hbraunah, I mixed those two up14:56, .tar.gz, .txt, .json, whatevs14:56
hbraunwell, then it sounds reasonable14:57
jbossbotTitle: The Central Repository Search Engine14:57
bobmcwfor instance14:57
bobmcwI'm happy for this, for now, to be in swarm repo itself14:57
bobmcwbut if we do the same for anything else, perhaps we then need a wildfly-swarm-SOMETHING.git14:58
hbraunbobmcw yes and maybe a different group?14:59
bobmcwmakes sense15:00
bobmcwwhat value for $foobar? :)15:00
bobmcwI like "service" maybe15:00
hbraunyes, me too15:00
bobmcwfwiw, changes required for keycloak-server might also allow /admin-console to work15:01
hbrauni mean, that's actually what it is, right?15:01
hbraunwhat changes in particular? not that we really need the admin console ...15:02
hbraunbobmcw the good thing about the service repo's (i.e keycloak) is that they can act as templates for people to fork and customize them15:03
hbraunwe could do a similar thing for hawkular15:04
bobmcwthey have resources (auth-war/) next to their module.xml15:04
bobmcwand admin-console also scrubs around in the modules/ dir to find the UI15:04
bobmcwwhich we didn't support previously15:04
hbraunah, that part. i see what you mean15:04
hbraunbut the admin ui can be put on dedicated node as well. it supports CORS adn allows to connect to an arbitrary remote host15:05
hbraunit doesn't need to be shipped with every swarm node15:05
hbraunmaybe another example we put into a service archive15:06
hbraunbut that's a discussion for another day15:06
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bobmcwI'mma publish a new version of the fraction-plugin shortly15:54
bobmcwhbraun: I didn't know the console could run separately15:55
bobmcwthat's good to know15:55
hbraunyep, you can put it on an apache server15:55
hbraunit's just html and css15:55
hbraunthe CORS part was introduced in WF 8 I think15:56
bobmcwand just goes through the management http API to make changes?15:56
hbraunbut you need to specify the 'allowed-origins' on the /management-interface=http15:56
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hbraunbobmcw fwiw we also have a stripped down UI:
jbossbotTitle: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet16:02
hbraunit's much smaller, but less capable16:02
bobmcwwrt your discussion on HipChat... can we also put the UI selectively in read-only mode?16:03
bobmcwvs change in UI and catch an error from the mgmt-api refusing it?16:03
hbraunyes, it ties into the regular RBAC layer16:03
bobmcwthat could be very cool to drop in16:03
hbraunyou can selectively change privileges of certain model elements and the UI adopts to that16:04
hbraunthe most simple way to set the model in read-only mode is to assign every admin user the "Monitor" role16:04
hbraunthat makes everything read-only16:05
bobmcwwe should add some @issue for adding the console, perhaps16:05
proddbotWe'd be happy as ') DROP TABLE Issues;-- if you would file an issue at
hbraunthe enforcement happens on the server side, but the clients like the UI supress cerain interaction elements that don't make sense16:05
lanceballhaha - that's a good one16:06
hbraunbobmcw let's discuss it with john16:06
bobmcwhbraun: okie dokie16:06
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hbraunlanceball did you find a good example?16:21
lanceballfor swagger? no - team meeting, shower, and @thecore have occupied my time :)16:21
hbraunlanceball ah thecore, forget about that one16:22
hbrauna useless debate16:22
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helio-frotaclojure + wildfly-swarm almost working o/17:38
helio-frotaytanabe, going to share the project on github soon (even if it is not working), ofc feel free to help again you rock !17:40
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helio-frota working :D18:00
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bobmcwhelio-frota: excellent!18:23
bobmcwhelio-frota: can these be integrated (and tested?) in our -examples repo?18:23
helio-frotabobmcw, integrated - pleasure, tested - need to learn bit more but possible :D18:25
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bobmcwcool, thanks!18:29
bobmcwreach out to'em18:30
bobmcwno LICENSE, so don't crib until you chat18:33
kenfinniganugh, hate when they do that18:34
lanceballbobmcw: kenfinnigan: this is an example using an old version of swagger, so I wouldn't crib it anyway18:45
lanceballthat project in conjunction with this more recent doc is actually really useful
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bobmcwthanks to whomever got config-api to download/launch the wildfly during the build19:21
bobmcwjamezp: I think that was you19:21
jamezpbobmcw: It was indeed :)19:22
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helio-frotabobmcw, double checking scala example with integration arquillian test...20:18
helio-frotaytanabe, added '@author Yoshimasa Tanabe' too20:19
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master ebdc37f.. Bob McWhirter Beginning of Keycloak Server fraction....20:26
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
projectodd-ciStarting build #387 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)20:27
bobmcwseriously, our first build today?20:29
bobmcwwtf have you guys been doing?20:29
helio-frotaintegration tests not working...(can't find the IT test) for scala example20:31
helio-frotamaybe i miss something... did the same as jaxrs example20:32
bobmcwhelio-frota: src/it/java/**IT.java20:32
bobmcwcapital I, capital T20:32
bobmcwunder src/it/java/20:32
helio-frotabobmcw, yes20:32
tcrawleyhelio-frota: can you gist the test output?20:33
tcrawleythe arquillian integration is still a bit crappy20:33
tcrawleyare you trying to run the test in-container?20:34
bobmcwis this in -examples?20:34
helio-frotatcrawley, added as module from jaxrs20:34
helio-frotabobmcw, yes20:34
bobmcwso not using tcrawley's arq, or is it?20:34
bobmcwhelio-frota: got the right parent pom included, and enough <executions> to run stuff etc?20:35
bobmcwmvn install?20:35
bobmcwor mvn verify?20:35
bobmcwmvn package won't run integs20:35
bobmcwverify or later is needed20:35
helio-frota1 min triple checking now20:35
helio-frotawith mvn install20:35
bobmcwpackage -> pre-integration-test -> integration-test (won't fail the build, even if failures)-> post-integration-test -> verify (to fail if there were failures)20:36
bobmcwalso, never run mvn integration-test20:36
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bobmcwsince that won't post/verify, so it won't tear down the AS nor will it fail the build if test failures occurred20:36
bobmcwso, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get keycloak-server-swarm.jar working20:37
bobmcwmodulo meetings with the dudes20:37
helio-frotabobmcw, hm +-got it but great to know20:37
* bobmcw glares at tcrawley20:37
tcrawleyyour disdain for me is glaring20:38
helio-frotaawsome : [INFO] WildFly Swarm Examples: Datasource Deployment ...... FAILURE [01:07 min]20:38
bobmcwso are my eye holes20:38
bobmcwweird, that's been passing on CI20:38
helio-frota DatasourceIT.testIt » DroneTimeout Drone creation request timed out after 60 s...20:38
bobmcwalso weird20:38
bobmcwkillall -9 java20:39
helio-frotaCaused by: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: null20:39
bobmcwI've not seen that20:39
helio-frotakilled, mvn install again... let's see uát répen20:40
helio-frotafrozen at : INFO: Reused session store is not available at /home/hf/.drone-webdriver-session-store, a new one will be created.20:40
helio-frotanot frozen(freeze?) anymore .. weird20:41
helio-frotaok testing scala example but20:42
helio-frotastaled/frozen/freeze/ice at [INFO] Starting .jar20:43
helio-frotaError: Could not find or load main class org.wildfly.swarm.examples.Main20:43
helio-frotawe can run this example (separated) with: 'mvn clean package wildfly-swarm:run'20:46
bobmcwthat INFO is okay, and it does get slow around there20:47
bobmcwthe can't-find-Main isn't awesome20:47
bobmcwcan you gist a larger error around the org.wildfly.swarm.examples.Main?20:48
helio-frotathe scala plugin for some reason not compiling the scala sources20:48
bobmcwis that the correct name?  not examples.scala.Main or something?20:48
helio-frotathis is the main:
helio-frotabobmcw, maybe this is compiled when using mvn package20:49
helio-frotabut as you said, is needed to run mvn install to IT20:50
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jbossbotTitle: asciicast:31514 - asciinema21:00
bobmcwpackage should happen if you verify or install21:00
bobmcwif there's enough <plugin> configuration21:00
bobmcwthe scala compiler probably needs some?21:00
helio-frotabobmcw, maybe .. going to take a look21:00
helio-frotaaciinema also good to communication21:01
bobmcwI read it as ascii enema21:01
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*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@redhat/jclingan> has joined #wildfly-swarm21:10
helio-frotasorry, the classes are generated21:12
helio-frotabobmcw, sorry my fault :P21:14
helio-frotatests running and working21:14
helio-frotatypo on package name of the main class in to pom.xml o_021:15
helio-frota[INFO] WildFly Swarm Examples: Scala ...................... SUCCESS [ 15.823 s]21:17
helio-frotagoing todo a PR21:17
bobmcwsorry, I keep walking away21:33
bobmcwbut I'm back!21:33
*** bbrowning is now known as bbrowning_away21:36
tcrawleybobmcw: your issue with ispan when setting up keycloak - how can I replicate that?21:39
tcrawleyI've pulled your changes and commented out your cache defaulting, but the keycloak-server tests still pass21:40
bobmcwtcrawley: seriously?21:40
bobmcwI kept getting ServiceStartException due to missing services.21:40
tcrawleyjust on mvn install in keycloak-server?21:41
bobmcw(msc-level problems)21:41
tcrawleyah, I see it in the log21:41
tcrawleybut the build succeeds21:41
* bobmcw commends-out and tries21:41
bobmcwthat's because we suck at catching MSC errors21:41
tcrawleyor actually testing functionality :)21:42
bobmcwhey, I know keycloak-server doesn't "work" yet21:42
bobmcwso you see the error on the stdout?21:43
tcrawleyyes, I see the error in the output - I'm good21:43
jclinganWait, do my eyes deceive me or did I see ASCII saying bob is going to publish a keycloak uber jar?21:46
bobmcwI'm working on it21:47
bobmcwhopefully tomorrow we'll have keycloak-server-swarm.jar21:47
bobmcwwhich probably means next monday21:47
bobmcwor tuesday21:48
jclinganWhat is the intent behind the effort?21:48
bobmcwa) first, to make testing of -examples that need security easier21:48
bobmcw2) and because we can21:48
bobmcwiii) and if folks can add keycloak-server to their wildfly, they should be able to add it to their -swarm21:48
bobmcwfour) the keycloak guys want it also21:48
jclinganThe keycloak guys want it? Hmmm ....21:49
bobmcwV) it's helped suss out some edge cases for -swarm itself21:49
bobmcwright now, KC distributions, which is all of wildfly, with the KC parts mixed in21:49
bobmcwit's large, it's a directory full of crap, and it's xml21:49
bobmcwif they had a standalone -swarm.jar that someone could java -jar, bill would buy me another beer21:49
bobmcwKC == keycloak21:49
jclinganAh, duh.21:49
jclinganOK, I see a slew of requirements coming our way after they play with it for a while.21:50
jclingan(not a bad thing)21:50
jclinganwe don't know what we don't know kinda thing.21:51
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #387: SUCCESS in 1 hr 25 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Beginning of Keycloak Server fraction. Auto-config Datasources,21:52
projectodd-ciStarting build #65 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: FIXED)21:52
projectodd-ciStarting build #23 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: FIXED)21:54
helio-frotaKC srv fraction this means possible to build one app + security in the same jar ?22:00
projectodd-ciProject build #4535: SUCCESS in 56 sec:
projectodd-ciLance Ball: Add a little content to the front page, and tone down the white22:03
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projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #65: SUCCESS in 15 min:
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #23: FAILURE in 12 min:
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projectodd-ciStarting build #24 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: FAILURE -- last SUCCESS #22 1 day 3 hr ago)22:18
bobmcwI wonder why that failed22:20
bobmcwlooks like maybe timing-related22:22
bobmcwjava.lang.AssertionError: expected size:<2> but was:<1> for <[[[PhantomJSDriver: phantomjs on LINUX (474a3330-9ec1-11e5-97bd-e31e2aa2ed07)] -> css selector: .time-service .service-address]]>22:22
bobmcwat org.fest.assertions.Fail.failure(
bobmcwat org.fest.assertions.Assert.failure(
bobmcwat org.fest.assertions.GroupAssert.hasSize(
projectodd-ciYippee, build fixed!22:28
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #24: FIXED in 10 min:
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projectodd-ciProject build #4536: SUCCESS in 50 sec:
projectodd-ci* jclingan: Test message22:51
projectodd-ci* jclingan: Updated front page.22:51
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