Thursday, 2015-12-10

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jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-195] support flat class loaders [Backlog (Unresolved) Story, Major, Unassigned]
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jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-196] as a user it would be great to be able to configure any parameter via CLI / env var / global yaml file [Backlog (Unresolved) Story, Major, Unassigned]
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jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-197] IDE integration for smart completion editing of the global application.yaml file [Backlog (Unresolved) Story, Major, Unassigned]
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tcrawleylanceball: config-api question for you - is there any way to know when a resource is about to be turned in to DMR models (marshaling I think?)? from within the resource, that is?14:15
lanceballnot from within the resource, no14:15
lanceballI don't think so anyway14:15
tcrawleymy issue is this: I need to apply some defaults to ispan resources (due to a bug where those defaults are applied at xml-read time in WF-proper, so we have to apply them ourselves)14:16
tcrawleybut one of those defaults is the store, which can be one of several things14:16
tcrawleyeach type of store is stored as a separate field on the Cache resource14:17
tcrawleyso if I apply defaults before the user manipulates the cache, I'll set the noneStore, then they may set another store14:17
tcrawleywhich results in duplicate resource exceptions, because DMR tries to add two stores for the cache14:17
tcrawleyI can work around that I think with some complicated propertyChangeListener stuffs14:18
tcrawleybut I'd rather be able to check just before marshalling that at least one store was set, and if not, set noneStore14:18
tcrawleyhow difficult would it be to check for a method on the resource and call it before marshaling?14:19
tcrawleyit could be marked with an annotation (@PreMarshal or somesuch)14:19
tcrawleyand are resources only marshaled once? or could it happen multiple times?14:19
lanceballshould only happen once14:20
lanceballtcrawley: what do you mean check for a method?14:22
lanceballhow/when would you implement the body of that method?14:22
tcrawleyI would extend Cache, then add a method there14:22
tcrawleyand the marshaler could find the method and call it pre-marshal14:22
lanceballwhere are you extending cache?14:23
bbrowningso we need a place post-user-config but pre-using-that-config to apply defaults?14:23
lanceballthe answer is, of course, yes this can be done14:23
lanceballI just want to better underestand14:24
bbrowningit would be awesome to have some way to use config api itself to apply defaults in various places before things get turned into a big blob of List<ModelNode> or whatever14:24
bbrowningand that's what tcrawley's asking for, right?14:24
bbrowningtcrawley: can't you do what you want in InfinispanConfiguration?14:25
bbrowningright before calling list.addAll(Marshaller.marshal(fraction));14:26
bbrowningadd something like applyInfinispanDefaults(fraction) and go to town14:26
tcrawleylanceball: right now, I'm extending CacheContainer as EnhancedCacheContainer, and overriding something in Infinispan to create an EnhancedCC. EnhancedCC could then create EnhancedLocalCache, EnhancedDistributedCache, etc at the appropriate spots14:26
tcrawleybbrowning: hmm, let me look14:26
tcrawleyah, yes. possibly - I didn't know where the marshaling actually happened :)14:27
lanceballtcrawley: what bbrowning is suggesting sound reasonable to me14:27
tcrawleyideally, we shouldn't need to apply defaults at all - ispan is a special case, and only until 10.0.0.CR5 is out14:27
* lanceball plants a little seed of happiness?14:28
tcrawleybbrowning: lanceball: thanks!14:28
bbrowningtcrawley: I think we're going to have to apply defaults all over the place realistically14:28
bbrowningotherwise we'll run into situations where users just want to change 1 thing but don't realize that thing X requires thing Y that they forgot to do14:29
tcrawleywell, there's two types of defaults - default configuration (to replicate standalone.xml), and adding default resources (which is what this issue is)14:29
bbrowningyeah - I guess really my issue is a different one where I want the default configuration but with 1 change14:29
lanceballanywhere that WF does some special magic that is not specified in standalone.xml we will need to do this14:29
bbrowningand it's not always obvious how to accomplish that change easily14:29
* lanceball hopes it's only ISPN14:29
tcrawleythe latter case is where adding model X via the DMR breaks, because it has unsatisfied dependencies, which is considered a bug by the WF folks14:30
tcrawleyso we should report those upstream as we find them14:30
lanceballbbrowning: in that case, I'd say you get the default, then modify it14:30
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bbrowninglanceball: yeah - modifying the default isn't always so easy14:30
lanceballyou're stomping on my happiness seed14:31
bobmcwfirst, we plant the seed14:31
bbrowningthen we water it, then we stomp on it14:31
bobmcwthen god grows the seed14:31
bobmcwthen we eat the seed14:31
lanceballthen we poop the seed14:31
lanceballand the cycle begins anew14:32
tcrawleyI currently handle the former case like:
lanceballtcrawley: this is all so complicated. can't you just use javascript!?14:32
tcrawleythat's not a seed of happiness14:32
bobmcwfwiw, I think we could/should also move some of those default caches to the subsystem that needs them14:33
bobmcweg, let undertow install the web cache-container14:33
tcrawleyhmm, seems like I could do the same application of defaults in postInitialize in the fraction as well14:34
tcrawley@issue bobmcw14:34
proddbotbobmcw: tcrawley would be happy as a well-prepared student, my friend, if you would file an issue at
tcrawleylanceball: another config-api question: how hard would it be to make subresources() iterable/streamable? or is that even feasible? it would make walking the fraction to apply defaults much easier14:40
tcrawleyI guess that would mean having every resource be some base type, instead of extending Object as they all do now14:41
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lanceballtcrawley: can you pseudocode what you would like in an @issue?14:43
proddbotWe'd be happy as a child, my friend, if you would file an issue at
tcrawleyI can try14:43
tcrawleylet me see how hard things are to walk now, and give it some more thought14:43
bobmcwtcrawley: I never know if I should file an @issue or if you're filing the @issue14:54
proddbotWe'd be happy as a boy at a baseball game if you would file an issue at
bobmcwtcrawley: we could make a subresourceNames() and subresources(name) mayhap14:55
bobmcwbut you'd still need to cast to do anything worthwhile14:55
bobmcwholy. crap.15:07
jbossbotTitle: TinyGrab - Simple. Screenshot. Sharing.15:07
bobmcwit loses data upon restart, but java -jar example-keycloak-server-swarm.jar!15:07
bobmcw"yay, bobmcw, that's awesome!"15:10
bobmcwthanks, guys!15:10
bobmcw"no problem, we love you!"15:10
bbrowningbobmcw: great job!15:11
bbrowninglosing data upon restarting is perhaps ok - just tell them to store stuff in an external DB or file15:14
bbrowningalthough I'm not sure if you can configure that via system properties or if external file storage has to be configured in keycloak-server.json15:15
jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-198] Infinispan defaults should be scattered across fractions that need them [Backlog (Unresolved) Task, Major, Unassigned]
bobmcwtcrawley: there's your @issue15:15
proddbotWe'd be happy as a kitten in a yarn shop if you would file an issue at
bobmcwbbrowning: yah, it's just I'm not setting the external path to the h2 db, so it tmpdirs15:15
bobmcwkeycloak-server.json just points to a DS15:16
bobmcwwe can configure the DS better15:16
helio-frota'seed life cycle development' going tweet this ofc15:22
tcrawleybobmcw: thanks!15:23
tcrawleyand I think I'm good re:walking subresources15:23
tcrawleyat least for my current needs15:23
bobmcwcompared to 143M/Users/bob/Downloads/keycloak-1.7.0.Final.zip15:24
bobmcwplus, just java -jar15:24
bobmcwinstead of unzip, ./bin/standalone15:24
* bobmcw is pretty happy15:31
* bobmcw goes off to write a TEST for TCRAWLEY15:31
projectodd-ciProject build #4537: SUCCESS in 41 sec:
projectodd-cijclingan: Updated Resources page with recorded presentations15:35
jclinganbobmcw: This is pretty cool. An interesting quick case study of taking an existing Java EE app and swarming it. What issues did you run into? Where I'm going is that having a swarm-io (or wiki) page on issues and solutions would be a good thing.15:38
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 12b5a07.. Toby Crawley Allow test classes loaded in-container to be ContainerFactories...15:39
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 52eb846.. Toby Crawley Use CompletableTransferListeners for arq-based dep resolution as well...15:39
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 4cd6121.. Toby Crawley Apply ispan default resources as well [SWARM-191]...15:39
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
jbossbotjira [SWARM-191] We should apply all of the infinispan resource defaults [In Progress (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
projectodd-ciStarting build #388 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)15:39
tcrawleybobmcw: ^ should fix your cache defaults issue15:41
tcrawleywrt the resolution failure messages for swarm snapshots when building an arq jar, there's not much we can do about that15:42
tcrawleythe resolver wants to check for snapshots every time if the one in ~/.m2 is from yesterday15:42
tcrawleyI could catch and filter them, but would want to be careful not to accidentally filter out real failures15:43
helio-frota40mb-- cool!15:47
helio-frotahey jclingan good improvements o/15:48
jclinganhelio-frota: thanks (and thanks to whomever started with the updates)15:48
jclinganI'm having a hard time with the technology (jade, boostrap, jekyll, etc). Wanting to do nicer things, but the learning curve ... egad.15:49
helio-frotajclingan, ofc u can do it15:50
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jclinganHad to google ofc :-)15:51
bobmcwjclingan: yah, keycloak is a .war, but also it's a subsystem and relies on other WildFly bits15:54
bobmcwbut it was pretty easy15:54
bobmcwfor some value of "easy"15:54
bobmcwtcrawley: okay, so a build from a the root to update my SNAPSHOTs should quiet it15:54
jclinganbobmcw: Would this fall under "Not a good example of lessons learned"?15:54
helio-frotafolks the correct is 'programmatically' or 'programatically' (-1 m) ?15:55
helio-frotago to wildfly-swarm-examples directory then grep "programat" -R *15:56
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projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #388: SUCCESS in 32 min:
projectodd-ci* Toby Crawley: Allow test classes loaded in-container to be ContainerFactories16:12
projectodd-ci* Toby Crawley: Use CompletableTransferListeners for arq-based dep resolution as well16:12
projectodd-ci* Toby Crawley: Apply ispan default resources as well [SWARM-191]16:12
jbossbotjira [SWARM-191] We should apply all of the infinispan resource defaults [Done (Done) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
projectodd-ciStarting build #66 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: SUCCESS)16:12
projectodd-ciStarting build #25 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: FIXED)16:15
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Heikodmlloyd: hi16:21
HeikoIn jdk 9, is the modular cp a choice or mandate,?16:22
dmlloydso far it's undecided, but I believe that in all current proposals it is a choice16:23
dmlloydyou can use a regular class path and it will look like one big module to the module system, and one class loader to other things16:23
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #66: SUCCESS in 11 min:
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dmlloydhello again, did you see my reply?16:24
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HeikoHang on16:25
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hbraundmlloyd back16:26
hbraunyes, i saw your response16:26
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #25: SUCCESS in 11 min:
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hbraundmlloyd back to my initial question16:39
dmlloyd<Heiko> In jdk 9, is the modular cp a choice or mandate,?16:42
dmlloyd<dmlloyd> so far it's undecided, but I believe that in all current proposals it is a choice16:42
dmlloyd<dmlloyd> you can use a regular class path and it will look like one big module to the module system, and one class loader to other things16:42
dmlloyd(just so we're synced up)16:42
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hbraundmlloyd sorry the kids kee me busy, later ...16:46
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dmlloydI know all too well...16:46
helio-frotabobmcw, hail !17:13
helio-frotai received green light from stalep about create a web-terminal with aesh and gwt17:14
helio-frotai have 1 question ...17:14
helio-frotasince gwt don't have 1 main class (but generates a war) you think is possible to run it on uberjar ?17:14
helio-frotaanother question i will do in google groups17:15
helio-frotato keep more 'persistent'17:16
helio-frotamail sent17:31
helio-frotajclingan, sorry i'm on TOP google groups ;]17:31
jclinganDarn near SPAM stats, right? :-)17:32
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helio-frotajclingan, i have 2k+ messages in CEJUG community in 1 year (2013) ^8-)17:34
jclinganNow that is "community"!17:35
helio-frotayeah i did a lot of noise and did 1 talk about openjdk in java117:36
helio-frotahey folks my question was about: By default, if no JAX-RS Application is provided a default is added to the deployment specifying an @ApplicationPath("/") to bind the deployment to the root URL17:40
helio-frotanot working for clojure example btw17:40
helio-frotapossible to get a pdf version of user guide ?17:41
helio-frotajclingan ?17:41
bobmcwhelio-frota: sure17:42
jclinganSorry, was in a different window.17:42
jclinganyes, getting link ...17:42
jbossbotTitle: WildFly Swarm User's Guide - GitBook17:42
bobmcwDownload button is a drop-down17:42
jbossbotTitle: WildFly Swarm User's Guide17:42
helio-frotagreat !17:43
helio-frotabobmcw, jclingan going tweet this17:43
jclingantweet away!17:43
helio-frotai'm not soft arch anymore quit my past job17:44
helio-frotamy plans was put alpha version in production17:44
jclingan[heart palpitations]17:44
tcrawleyhelio-frota: I haven't used annotations at all in clojure, so I'm not quite sure how they work. but having the annotation on a function probably won't work at all - though I'm not sure what it needs to be on17:44
* tcrawley has also never used jaxrs :)17:44
jclinganhelio-frota: Can you give us more info about the app in production?17:45
helio-frotatcrawley, u are from immutant right ?17:46
helio-frotahope learn more clojure to try todo some things...17:46
helio-frotatcrawley, about the generation of default Application class17:47
helio-frotato register the endpoints17:47
bobmcwthe generated class is added if you don't add something @ApplicationPath'd17:47
helio-frotai guess is not about clojure + annotations , maybe more about to look the presence of this class i don't know17:47
helio-frotabobmcw, yup17:47
helio-frotabut how it is 'located'/'searched'17:48
bobmcwbasically it's an empty calss with @ApplicationPath("/") class GeneratedApp extends Application {}17:48
bobmcwthe JAXRSArchive pays attention to what you add, scanning the .classes17:48
helio-frotathis makes bit sense..17:48
bobmcwand actually, it starts by adding the default Application17:48
helio-frotatcrawley, possible clojure not generate .class in time17:48
bobmcwand if you add one explicitly, it removes the default17:48
helio-frotabobmcw, maybe is a compile cycle issue ?17:49
bobmcwyah, I have no idea when clj generates .classes17:49
helio-frotabecause only works if i add
bobmcwbut the archive would have to see something in order to remove the default Application17:50
bobmcware you trying to add an Application written in clojure?17:50
bobmcwor the default isn't appearing when you thought it would?17:50
helio-frotathe default isn't appearing17:50
helio-frotabut adding it
helio-frotaworks fine17:50
helio-frotafor me not a problem17:51
bobmcwthat's odd17:51
helio-frotathe issue is the documentation17:51
helio-frotagot it ?17:51
helio-frotajclingan, the app in production ?17:51
bobmcwdefault should appear, per the docs, I think17:51
bobmcwif you feel like building -swarm from source, instrument JAXRSArchiveImpl to see what decisions its making17:52
helio-frotabobmcw, but i'm not expert in clojure i'm noobn17:52
bobmcwor file an @issue17:52
proddbotWe'd be happy as the quivering of tall grass on the plains if you would file an issue at
helio-frotatesting bot @issue17:52
proddbotWe'd be happy as a lord, my friend, if you would file an issue at
helio-frotabobmcw, ok17:52
tcrawleyhelio-frota: what calls org.esmerilprogramming.cljwildflyswarm.application/application to create the Application instance? nothing in swarm would do that17:52
helio-frotatcrawley, ?17:53
helio-frotatcrawley, i have no idea i received 1 error about not registered resources17:53
tcrawleyyou said your clojure example works?17:53
helio-frotathen when i create this17:53
helio-frotayup works17:53
tcrawleyand you don't call the application function anywhere?17:54
helio-frotatcrawley, my clojure exp is < 1 month17:54
tcrawleyno problem17:54
helio-frotanop, my strategy was not creating web.xml to register resources17:54
helio-frotawhen facing with the error so decided to create this to get up and running17:55
helio-frotabut i found the docs about default Application path17:55
helio-frotaand asking here17:55
helio-frotagot it ?17:55
helio-frotasorry my english17:55
helio-frotawithout this clojure file17:56
helio-frotathis example will be much more tiny17:56
tcrawleyyou're saying it didn't work at all, but when you added application.clj, it started working?17:57
helio-frotajclingan, i was soft arch ( focusing on app development ) - hands-on  team lead17:57
helio-frotatcrawley, yes !17:57
tcrawleyok, I'll pull it and take a look17:57
ytanabeI think helio-frota want to change jax-rs endpoint url. (e.g. ApplicationPath "/some-api") right? But, his clojure sample generate org.wildfly.swarm.generated.WildFlySwarmDefaultJAXRSApplication.17:57
*** lance|afk is now known as lanceball17:57
helio-frotaytanabe, nop i want delete application.clj17:57
helio-frotadue documentation about generated by default when no specified17:58
helio-frotajclingan, a big app over SAP17:58
helio-frotalogistics, financial stuff etc...17:58
helio-frota+ primefaces + wildfly 8.2 + all JavaEE7 stuff17:59
helio-frotajclingan, o_0 you remember me 1 important thing...17:59
helio-frotathe JCA support was cuckoo to connect with SAP ERP18:00
jbossbotTitle: Cuckoo Resource Adapter for SAP / Home / Home18:00
helio-frotajclingan, bacause SAP has expensive licensee costs18:01
helio-frotawe built 1 huge app to 200 users using 1 'service licensee'18:02
helio-frotabut was others stuff not related with javaFX and others integrations ofc18:02
helio-frotatcrawley, thanks18:03
jclinganhelio-frota: Interesting. Why Swarm instead of WildFly 8, or 9 [or 10CR]?18:04
ytanabehelio-frota: Ah, ok. Hmm, I just deleted application.clj, but it seems it works(WildFly Swarm generates .18:04
helio-frotaytanabe, ?? o_0 i got errors here about it, weird...18:05
jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-199] Simplify artifactId [Backlog (Unresolved) Task, Major, Unassigned]
helio-frotagoing to try it again it was yesterday18:05
helio-frotajclingan, 1) motivation - migrate to AWS18:05
*** bbrowning is now known as bbrowning_away18:06
ytanabeand I tested that deletion MyApplication in wildfly-swarm-examples/jax-rs-war and it works. maybe war packaging also you don't have to extend
jbossbotTitle: JAX-RS | WildFly Swarm User's Guide18:06
helio-frotajclingan, 2) motivation - our local data center resources18:06
tcrawleyhelio-frota: it worked for me as well w/o application.clj, though I used a -SNAPSHOT of swarm, I didn't try with alpha518:06
jclinganhelio-frota: What about swarm makes it easier to migrate to AWS?18:06
jclinganhelio-frota: In your mind, how does swarm make better use of datacenter resources?18:07
helio-frotatcrawley, ytanabe maybe my env was dirty/trash/?18:07
helio-frotatcrawley, this example without this file will much more awesome18:08
helio-frotatcrawley, ok going to cleanup all again rm -Rf .m2/18:08
helio-frotamy internet is not awesome18:08
helio-frotabut this project is18:08
helio-frotalet's do it18:08
helio-frotawith alhpa518:09
helio-frotajclingan, most important for me - motivation18:09
tcrawleyhelio-frota: I'll try with alpha5 just to confirm18:09
helio-frotajclingan, pass the power of configuration to developers and decentralize the architect (me)18:10
helio-frotajclingan, so no more standalone.xml, no more web management centralized , distributed prototypes < this is a cool idea18:11
ytanabehelio-frota, tcrawley: fwiw, I tested at alpha5. What i did is just deletion application.clj.18:11
tcrawleyytanabe: good deal. the same worked for me18:11
jclinganDistributed prototypes?18:11
helio-frotajclingan, yup :DD18:11
jclinganwhat do you mean by distributed prototypes?18:11
helio-frotajclingan, 1 min going to share this idea with u and pleasure about feedback...18:12
jclinganBTW, I'm asking abstract questions not to "question why you are doing what you are doing", but to learn how users are actually using swarm and why.18:12
helio-frotatcrawley, thanks again!18:13
helio-frotaytanabe, it worked ? did you rm -Rf .m2/ ?18:13
helio-frotajclingan, going todo 1 coffee 1 min pls18:13
ytanabehelio-frota: No.18:13
jclinganNo problem, helio-frota.18:14
ytanabehelio-frota: Ah, your app works without application.clj at alpha5, and I didn't remove ~/.m218:14
bobmcwjclingan: I imagine being able to say "here, try this -swarm.jar"18:15
bobmcwvs "configure WF like so, and deploy this .war"18:16
jclinganbobmcw: Not trying to pollute user feedback with my interpretations :-)18:17
helio-frotaytanabe, is good to remove .m2 or maybe try virtualbox due influence of dev env18:17
helio-frotaytanabe, u always fell free to help with you did a awesome job on this thanks !18:18
helio-frotajclingan, ok about the situation of Brazil (big, lots of developers , etc..)18:19
helio-frotaour gov is a shit (almost always)18:19
ytanabehelio-frota: no problem. your challenging about -swarm always is fun with me :)18:19
helio-frotajclingan, to devs/managers/etc choice to migrate to the cloud ( here theres a lot non-cloud envs ...major)18:20
helio-frotajclingan, they have to think about $ ofc18:20
ytanabehelio-frota: recently I'm interested in clojure and immutant. It is timely.18:21
helio-frotaytanabe, this is good stuff and tcrawley is here :]18:21
helio-frotajclingan, so, lots of devs here uses intellij community18:22
helio-frotajclingan, got it ?18:22
helio-frotawf-swarm can do things wildfly do without eclipse + wtp18:22
helio-frotausing a good IDE18:22
helio-frotalike intellij18:23
jclinganhelio-frota: You can ship an app with WildFly (as a zip, for example) without configuring anything in the (take defaults).18:23
* bobmcw uses IntelliJ CE18:23
helio-frotarunning the things from main class18:23
helio-frotajclingan, this counts too18:23
bobmcwjclingan: yah, that's how keycloak distributes itself18:23
bobmcw(until TODAY)18:23
helio-frotajclingan, this is just another point of view ...or advantage18:24
* jclingan uses IntelliJ, NetBeans, and Eclipse. Thank goodness for vi plugins because I can't remember all the key bindings in 3 IDEs :-)18:24
helio-frotai use all18:24
helio-frotajclingan, try ci) for clojure ;]18:24
helio-frotachange-inside ')'18:24
helio-frotatotal destruction :p18:24
bobmcwjclingan: yay vi!18:25
jclinganhelio-frota: I'm asking the questions to see a user perspective of WildFly Swarm vs WildFly.18:25
bobmcwI used to spend 20euro a year because I'd lose my viPlugin license key for intellij18:25
jclinganbobmcw: I rock vi :-)18:25
bobmcwI also annoyed emacs users by using viper-mode18:25
helio-frotajclingan, i'm trying to answer18:25
jclinganhelio-frota: No problem.18:25
helio-frota1) memory18:25
helio-frota2) size == memory -> this is true18:26
helio-frota3) memory == $18:26
helio-frota4) IDE 0$ no eclipse WTP18:26
helio-frota5) distributed prototypes [PT_BR]18:26
jbossbotTitle: dev vs wild: CRUD simples com Wildfly-swarm18:26
helio-frotathis focusing monolithic app18:27
helio-frotaif you has a monolithic app you can distribute features over devs18:27
helio-frotaso the devs can do more / fast with single jax-rs or jpa or jsf whatever18:28
helio-frotathan full javaEE profile18:28
helio-frotathen scrum master/ team lead/ arch/ whatever can join this prototype into big monolithic app18:29
helio-frotathis is what i call 'distributed prototype'18:29
helio-frotathe dev no need to setup the JCA or MQ or whatever18:29
helio-frotaor receive a script to auto config18:30
helio-frotaor spend machine resources ( reload time cpu and memory  )18:30
helio-frotagot it jclingan ?18:30
jclinganreading ...18:30
*** bbrowning_away is now known as bbrowning18:31
helio-frotawf-swarm is much more faster and do the job for a 'story' or 'requirements' or whatever call  the feature18:31
helio-frotaof the app18:31
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 491136f.. Bob McWhirter Allow the H2 db path to be set and have a reasonable default.18:32
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master b18880f.. Bob McWhirter Rebase to Keycloak 1.7.0.Final18:32
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 504f198.. Bob McWhirter Build keycloak-server-service-swarm.jar.  Man, that's a lot of hyphens.18:32
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
*** hbraun <hbraun!~hbraun@pdpc/supporter/professional/hbraun> has joined #wildfly-swarm18:32
helio-frota1 min going to look 1 arch about send mails ...18:32
projectodd-ciStarting build #389 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)18:32
helio-frotaand apiman usage18:32
jclinganReading the blog post as I parse google translate :-)18:34
helio-frotajclingan, :]18:34
helio-frotajclingan, can't find the issues ... are not anymore on github18:35
helio-frotabtw , it is simple18:35
*** hbraun <hbraun!~hbraun@pdpc/supporter/professional/hbraun> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:35
helio-frotato centralized the send mail18:35
jclinganWe've moved to jira.18:35
jclinganif that is what you are asking.18:35
helio-frotajclingan, moved the closed too ?18:36
helio-frotagoing to draw again not a problem18:36
helio-frotajclingan, good for communications too
jbossbotTitle: Flow Chart Maker & Online Diagram Software18:37
proddbotbobmcw would be happy as a lark if you would file an issue at
helio-frotajclingan, my first plan to use wf-swarm on job:
helio-frotajamezp, using only this:
helio-frotajamezp, sorry18:44
helio-frotajclingan, using only this:
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has joined #wildfly-swarm18:45
helio-frotathe apps repeatedly sent e mails, so... the second plan was ( 1 min )18:45
helio-frotaapiman has great policies to deal with repeatedly requests18:47
helio-frotaso the 3rd plan was the idea of distributed prototypes but i'm quit the job to stay with my family :D18:48
helio-frotaofc this samples applies to others services (not only email)18:48
helio-frotathis why i did +1 on apiman wf-swarm integration18:48
helio-frotanobody needs use full javaEE profile18:49
helio-frotanobody needs flood the smtp18:49
helio-frotanobody needs use all developer machine resources18:49
helio-frotaand keep with the java EE app projects18:50
jclinganhelio-frota: How have you been debugging your swarm apps? [not that you write bad code ;-) ]18:51
helio-frotajclingan, nope not debugging yet because , as i said i quit the job then just doing experiments here in the project18:57
helio-frotabut since we can run it from IDE, not a problem right ?18:58
helio-frotamaven can support debug also18:59
helio-frotaytanabe, tcrawley going to rm -Rf .m2/ and try the clojure sample here again without application.clj19:00
helio-frotajclingan, i have nothing against monolithics apps but wf-swarm can 'fit better' some gaps without full wildfly19:03
helio-frotajust 1 thing...19:03
helio-frotathe problem of SO daemon/service19:04
helio-frotabecause 'java -jar' in terminal from remote machine is not good19:05
helio-frotacontrol+c and kill the app19:05
helio-frotagoing to search on transcript about this discussion jclingan 1 min...19:05
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #389: SUCCESS in 33 min:
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: Allow the H2 db path to be set and have a reasonable default.19:06
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: Rebase to Keycloak 1.7.0.Final19:06
projectodd-ci* Bob McWhirter: Build keycloak-server-service-swarm.jar.  Man, that's a lot of hyphens.19:06
projectodd-ciStarting build #67 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: SUCCESS)19:06
helio-frotahm , can't find...19:07
helio-frota'Build keycloak-server-service-swarm.jar.  Man, that's a lot of hyphens.' :]]19:07
*** jclingan is now known as jclingan[away]19:09
projectodd-ciStarting build #26 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: SUCCESS)19:09
helio-frotaytanabe, tcrawley RESTEASY003210: Could not find resource for full path: http://localhost:8080/19:18
helio-frotanow going to add the file 'application.clj'19:18
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #67: SUCCESS in 11 min:
helio-frotamore info '2015-12-10 16:17:47,489 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-1) UT005023: Exception handling request to /: RESTEASY003210: Could not find resource for full path: http://localhost:8080/'19:18
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #26: SUCCESS in 11 min:
helio-frotaytanabe, tcrawley sorry my fault19:21
helio-frotai run 'mvn clean package wildfly-swarm:run'19:21
helio-frotathe correct is: 'mvn clean clojure:compile package wildfly-swarm:run'19:21
helio-frotaand worked without application.clj !19:22
helio-frotathis is great !19:22
tcrawleyhelio-frota: ah, good deal19:25
helio-frota1 pom.xml and 1 clj file19:26
helio-frotathis is good !19:26
tcrawleynext trick is to do it without maven, using lein instead :)19:26
helio-frotatcrawley, u can do it , my level of clojure is noob19:27
tcrawleythat would require a lein plugin to generate the swarmjar though19:27
helio-frotahm.. u mean run inside repl ?19:28
helio-frotaor just generate but without repl ?19:28
helio-frotathis will do a progress on another issue...
tcrawleyI mean building with leiningen, the standard build tool for clojure. the wildfly-swarm-plugin wouldn't be available, so you'd have to generate the swarmjar another way, possibly by building a leiningen plugin around swarmtool19:30
ytanabehelio-frota, fwiw, if you want to do just `mvn clean package`, you need to add executions settings for clojure-maven-plugin like <executions><execution><goals><goal>compile</goal></goals><execution></executions>.19:32
helio-frotaytanabe, tcrawley good to know !19:35
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has quit IRC (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)19:42
*** helio-frota <helio-frota!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)19:50
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:03
*** helio-frota <helio-frota!> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:05
projectodd-ciProject build #4538: SUCCESS in 50 sec:
projectodd-ciLance Ball: Remove blog from the menu bar until we actually have a post or two.20:08
bobmcwjava -jar that20:12
bobmcwand then go to http://localhost:8080/auth/20:15
*** bgeorges <bgeorges!> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:15
bobmcwdunno how I feel about keycloak-server-service though20:15
tcrawleybobmcw: should make all of the contents of the "app" jar available to the "swarm.application" module's classloader?20:16
tcrawleyhow about keycloak-serve-server-servest?20:16
tcrawleyI'm looking at SWARM-18420:17
jbossbotjira [SWARM-184] ClassNotFoundException on Arquillian Test use user own Classes with org.wildfly.swarm.ContainerFactory#newContainer() [In Progress (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
bobmcwtcrawley: I think it's mostly adding random-dependency.jar to the swarm.application module20:17
bobmcwif usersapp.jar is in that list, then yah, it should20:17
tcrawleythe missing class is in that jar, along with the META-INF/services/ to load the container factory20:17
bobmcwprintln, see what jars it's adding as resources20:18
ytanabebobmcw, Cool. I'll introduce wf-swarm(with keycloak, arquillian, docker) at Java EE advent calendar(in japan), now I use keycloak docker image. but I prefer keycloak-swarm.jar.20:18
bobmcwor see what's in the application.conf20:18
tcrawleythe factory serviceloader gets found, but a class that newContainer refers to you isn't, even though it's a sibling of the service desc20:18
bobmcwthere's also some services=export that might be required, tcrawley20:18
bobmcwsince by default META-INF/services/... doesn't export20:18
bobmcwbut that might just be dependencies, not resources20:19
tcrawleywhat does "doesn't export" mean? since an external caller can load the service descriptor fine20:19
bobmcwI think if you have a module <dependency> in your module.xml, you get classes by default, but no service-loaders20:22
bobmcwbut I think for <resource>'s, you get them20:22
bobmcwfwiw, I've only tested the newContainer() by making the junit test itself impl ContainerFactory20:23
bobmcwtcrawley: dunno if I'm actually helping at all20:24
tcrawleyme either :)20:24
tcrawleyI'm still poking20:24
tcrawleyI was just checking to see if you had a "oh, no, a resourceLoader only loads resources, not classes. that needs to be blahblah" or somesuch20:25
tcrawleyno worries, I'll dig20:25
bobmcwresourceLoader should load classes etc20:25
tcrawleythat's what I assumed, yeah20:25
bobmcwit's the equiv of a <resource> or <artifact> in a module.xml20:25
tcrawleyhey, the classes are under WEB-INF/classes/ inside the war file, which is where you would expect20:26
tcrawleybut I wonder if the loader doesn't look there?20:26
bobmcwHey, doesn't everyone want to go to Newcastle?20:27
bobmcwyah, loader won't look there20:27
bobmcwthere's some variety of creating a loader that'll look in some prefix of a jar20:27
bobmcwcreateResourceLoader( that.war, "WEB-INF/classes" )20:27
bobmcwor somesuch, if I recall20:27
bobmcwbgeorges says nmcl says Newcastle20:27
bobmcwmorning, bbrowning20:28
bobmcwerr, bgeorges20:28
tcrawleya filtered loader, mayhap20:28
bobmcwall loaders can have filters, but that's include/exclude, if I recall20:28
bobmcwPathFilter.INCLUDE_ALL or whatnot is the defaults on many20:28
bgeorgeshi bobmcw20:35
bgeorgesI know you folks love Newcastle20:37
bobmcwbgeorges: you'll send out the "book your flights" email?20:39
bobmcwjclingan[away]: bgeorges:
jbossbotTitle: Keycloak Server | WildFly Swarm User's Guide20:40
bgeorgesbobmcw: I am checking the travel table now to seek for the "Yes"20:41
bgeorgesbobmcw: not there yet.20:43
bobmcwtcrawley: should we put a header on the google group insisting people not to use Stack Overflow?20:48
* bobmcw jests20:48
bobmcwlanceball: thanks for cleaning up the banner on wildfly-swarm.io20:48
bobmcwlanceball: can we add a link to JIRA, GoogleGroup etc to the sidebar?20:48
tcrawleydmlloyd: what's the correct way to set up a ResourceLoader to load classes from a war file where the classes are under WEB-INF/classes? is that what the PathFilter to the ResourceLoaderSpec is for?20:51
tcrawleyif so, I'm doing it wrong. if not, I'm doing it even wronger20:51
dmlloydno, don't use filters for that20:51
dmlloydyou want a resource loader whose root starts at WEB-INF/classes20:51
*** jhovell <jhovell!~jhovell@> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:51
dmlloydif you're using the JarFileResourceLoader from jboss-modules, iirc you can set a relative path in the archive to use as the root20:52
bobmcwtcrawley: there's this ctor20:52
bobmcw    JarFileResourceLoader(final String rootName, final JarFile jarFile, final String relativePath) {20:52
lanceballbobmcw: yessir!20:52
dmlloydyep taht one20:52
tcrawleyis that ctor public though?20:52
bobmcwit's pkg-protected20:52
dmlloydyeah but...20:52
tcrawleyright, I need a way to get to it20:52
bobmcwtcrawley: but we also monkeypatch org.jboss.modules20:52
bobmcwsee our Environment.java20:53
bobmcwand ModuleXmlParserBridge20:53
bobmcwso you can put something in that package20:53
dmlloydaw damn20:53
dmlloydI'll add a public factory method on ResourceLoaders for it20:53
bobmcwyou have no createJarResourceLoader() that takes the pathPrefix20:53
dmlloydin exchange for a JIRA... :)20:53
tcrawleydmlloyd: cool, I'll jira it up20:54
tcrawleyand use the Environment path in the meantime20:54
dmlloydalso willing to look at other monkey-patch items if you want!20:54
tcrawleybobmcw: ^20:54
bobmcwdmlloyd: I tried to refactor, but things changed a lot between the version WF uses and HEAD20:54
bobmcwI couldn't get HEAD+my PR to work20:55
bobmcwbut I have some patches to allow our subversion of maven-artifact-utils20:55
bobmcwand module.xml parsering20:55
dmlloydI was thinking of making more module.xml parsing stuff be public20:55
bobmcwright now we're doing full class replacements20:55
bobmcwyes please20:55
bobmcwand MavenArtifactUtil less static-y20:55
bobmcwand subclassable20:55
bobmcwor interfacey20:55
dmlloydsure, just give me the X of that XY problem :)20:56
dmlloydI'll come up with something for ya!20:56
bobmcwdmlloyd: do you want PRs against current jboss-modules used by WF?  or something against HEAD?20:56
bobmcwbasically     public static File resolveJarArtifact(String qualifier) throws IOException {20:57
dmlloydJIRAs to start, then PR against master first and (I can) backport as appropriate20:57
bobmcwwe need to add some capability to check for $UBERJAR/m2repo/${path} first20:57
jbossbotjira [MODULES-223] Expose the 3-arity ctor of JarFileResourceLoader [Open (Unresolved) Feature Request, Major, David Lloyd]
bobmcwwe also sometimes use it to resolve non-.jar things20:57
bobmcwpossibly erroneously, but there ya go20:58
* bobmcw is thinking jolokia.war20:58
bobmcwI'll work up some JIRAs tomorrow20:58
jbossbotjira [MODULES-223] Expose the 3-arity ctor of JarFileResourceLoader [Resolved (Done) Feature Request, Major, David Lloyd]
* dmlloyd sprinkles confetti21:03
bobmcwwhen does WF move to 1.5.0.Beta2?21:09
helio-frotabobmcw, clojure + wf swarm can go to examples too ?21:14
bobmcwsure, send a PR21:14
*** bbrowning is now known as bbrowning_away21:16
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 9219bf4.. Toby Crawley Expose WEB-INF/classes for bootstrap wars [SWARM-184]21:18
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
jbossbotjira [SWARM-184] ClassNotFoundException on Arquillian Test use user own Classes with org.wildfly.swarm.ContainerFactory#newContainer() [In Progress (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
projectodd-ciStarting build #390 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)21:18
tcrawleyytanabe: I believe I fixed your issue in SWARM-18421:21
jbossbotjira [SWARM-184] ClassNotFoundException on Arquillian Test use user own Classes with org.wildfly.swarm.ContainerFactory#newContainer() [Done (Done) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
dmlloydbobmcw: any time I guess21:25
*** remerson <remerson!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:25
lanceballbobmcw: lots of overlap in the sidebar now with Community21:31
lanceballany reason not to just ixnay the Community page?21:31
bobmcwnah, because then someone will ask for it21:31
bobmcwbetter to be repeatative and verbose21:31
bobmcwbetter to be repeatative and verbose21:31
bobmcwbetter to be repeatative and verbose21:32
bobmcwso, how much do we love Ribbon?21:32
lanceballa lot?21:32
bobmcwshould I make the keycloak-server-service-swarm.jar advertise itself as a ribbon service?21:33
bobmcwso that keycloak shows up in the topology?21:33
bobmcwmakes sense, right?21:33
bobmcwbut that also brings in clustering/etc21:33
bobmcwunless we want a keycloak-server-with-ribbon-service-swarm.jar also21:33
bobmcwsomething to ponder21:34
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master dcda354.. Bob McWhirter Allow wildfly-swarm:multistart to execute a -swarm.jar that's found...21:39
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
jclingan[away]bobmcw: Why would one bring in a keycloak server fraction vs just running keycloak standalone or fat jar?21:39
bobmcwI just want to run it standalone21:40
bobmcwbut we're not preventing anyone from pulling in the fraction, should they have a case for it21:41
bobmcwbut that's why I'm producing the -swarm.jar, since I do think that's the 98% use-case21:41
*** jclingan[away] is now known as jclingan21:41
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master 4137b11.. Bob McWhirter Copy over ribbon test to ribbon-secured, and launch a keycloak....21:41
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master URL:
jclinganOK. Pondering ...21:42
projectodd-ciStarting build #27 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: SUCCESS)21:43
projectodd-ciStarting build #68 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: SUCCESS)21:43
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #27: FAILURE in 18 sec:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Copy over ribbon test to ribbon-secured, and launch a keycloak. Does not21:43
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #68: FAILURE in 17 sec:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Copy over ribbon test to ribbon-secured, and launch a keycloak. Does not21:43
projectodd-ciProject build #4539: SUCCESS in 1 min 6 sec:
projectodd-ciLance Ball: Update sidebar and some styling21:48
*** lanceball is now known as lance|afk22:07
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jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master 471523e.. Bob McWhirter Remove that mention.22:34
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master URL:
*** tcrawley is now known as tcrawley-away22:35
projectodd-ciStarting build #28 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: FAILURE -- last SUCCESS #26 3 hr 26 min ago)22:35
projectodd-ciStarting build #69 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: FAILURE -- last SUCCESS #67 3 hr 29 min ago)22:35
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projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #390: SUCCESS in 1 hr 24 min:
projectodd-ciToby Crawley: Expose WEB-INF/classes for bootstrap wars [SWARM-184]22:43
jbossbotjira [SWARM-184] ClassNotFoundException on Arquillian Test use user own Classes with org.wildfly.swarm.ContainerFactory#newContainer() [Done (Done) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
projectodd-ciStarting build #391 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)22:43
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projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #69: STILL FAILING in 15 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Remove that mention.22:51
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #28: STILL FAILING in 15 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Remove that mention.22:51
projectodd-ciStarting build #70 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #67 3 hr 45 min ago)22:51
projectodd-ciStarting build #29 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #26 3 hr 42 min ago)22:51
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projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #70: STILL FAILING in 10 min:
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projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #391: SUCCESS in 32 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Allow wildfly-swarm:multistart to execute a -swarm.jar that's found in23:15
projectodd-ciStarting build #71 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #67 4 hr 10 min ago)23:16
projectodd-ciStarting build #30 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #26 4 hr 9 min ago)23:18
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projectodd-ciYippee, build fixed!23:29
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #71: FIXED in 13 min:
projectodd-ciYippee, build fixed!23:29
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #30: FIXED in 11 min:
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