Friday, 2015-12-11

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hbraunlanceball good morning13:03
hbraunlanceball the website is regular twitter bootstrap?13:03
lanceballhbraun: morning!13:04
lanceballyes it is13:05
hbraunlanceball cool13:05
lanceballdo you have some plans for it?13:05
hbrauni don't know, maybe play around with the contents, in particular on the homepage. eventually test different that play nicely with the logo13:06
hbrauntest different [themes]13:06
hbraunbut I wouldn't p8ush anything straight, more likely make proposals for the group to decide13:07
hbraunlanceball does that sounds reasonable for you?13:07
hbraunvery well, sounds like a good friday afternoon task13:08
lanceballhbraun: I have some local changes that make it possible to use jade templates for the content (not just layout)13:08
lanceballI will push those shortly13:08
lanceballusing jade for docs (vs asciidoc or markdown) makes it much easier to actually apply css styling to your content13:09
hbraunlanceball  what's the sitegen name again?13:13
jbossbotTitle: Metalsmith13:15
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hbraunlanceball +1 for the makefile13:19
hbraunsimple but helpful13:19
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hbraunlanceball ?13:20
lanceballhbraun: node version should be > 4.x13:21
lanceballI am on 4.2.2 and that works fine13:21
lanceballI should add the node version requirement to the readme13:21
lanceballhbraun: I just pushed a small change to allow jade for content files. you may want to fetch13:25
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hbraunlanceball does the reload work for you?13:31
hbraunlanceball for me it crashes
helio-frotafolks 1 question13:32
helio-frotapossible to deploy 1 war into swarm ? without project 'swarmized' ?13:33
hbraunnot sure I understand the question13:33
hbraunwhat do you mean with deploy?13:33
helio-frotahbraun, a gwt app has no main method13:33
hbraunand swarmized?13:33
helio-frota'swarmized' word do not exit just created now :D13:33
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hbraunwell, any GWT app is html at the end of the day13:34
hbraunto bring it into swarm you probably make it static content, bbrowning can explain how, I guess13:34
helio-frotahbraun, yup , trying to imagine how do it 'swarmized' way..13:34
hbrauni guess it walways remain two build steps13:35
hbraunbuild and publish the GWT app, package as jar,zip or war13:35
hbraunand include that artifact in a swarm build13:35
bbrowningI think you just add the swarm plugin to your build and swarm will automatically handle wars13:35
bbrowningstatic content and everything should just work13:36
hbraunbbrowning you mean any war that's in the project scope?13:36
helio-frotaif this work i guess will be awesome...13:36
helio-frotato try to put to work a full web terminal with aesh13:36
hbraunwell, that would indeed be awesome13:36
bbrowninghbraun: that's the intention and there's code to try to do that, at least13:36
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bbrowningyour foo.war will get wrapped up inside a foo-swarm.jar13:37
helio-frotajava-to-java ( try to get the pipeoutputstream) from aesh13:37
hbraunlanceball do you think jade is better then plain html for the templates?13:37
helio-frotabbrowning, hbraun thanks this is one thing i need to give a try13:38
hbraundo adopt plain bootstrap styles requires a translation into jade first13:38
* hbraun needs to read some jade docs13:38
lanceballhbraun: sorry stepped away - catching up13:40
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hbraunjust skimming through the website sources13:40
lanceballhbraun: so, reload works on content but not on templates13:41
hbraunyes, that's maybe why it crashes13:41
lanceballwhich is a pain in the butt13:41
hbraunno big deal13:41
lanceballI haven't experienced the crashing that you are seeing though13:41
hbrauni think templates that work on indentation are more painful13:41
lanceballwrt jade vs. html, I guess it's not clear to me how you would have inheritance/partials/etc with plain html13:42
lanceballbut I am not opposed to it if those things are possible13:42
hbraunthat's true, i think I was referring to templates that support plain html alongside other things13:42
hbrauni guess I just need to adopt to jade thing13:43
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hbraunlanceball to be fair, I think i should spend more time with the website before I start complaining13:50
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hbraunlanceball a typical engineering attitude13:51
hbraunsorry for that13:52
lanceballI don't take it personally - I pretty much despise all web site building software myself13:52
lanceballthis is probably the 4th or 5th different static site generator I've used13:53
lanceballso far, I like metalsmith the best13:53
lanceballbut they all have their downsides13:53
hbraunand why do you chose such a crap?13:53
lanceballI like metalsmith because the pipeline is very simple, clear, easy to understand and reason about. Extremely easy to extend with custom behavior, etc.13:54
kenfinniganlanceball: easier than awestruct?13:56
lanceballyou're joking, right?13:56
* kenfinnigan hasn't looked at our site and metalsmith yet13:56
kenfinnigani'm not saying awestruct is easy13:57
kenfinniganjust trying to get a comparison13:57
lanceballawestruct is a shitshow, imo13:57
lanceballI can't use it on a mac13:57
kenfinniganah yes, bob was always having issues on his mac13:57
lanceballI have to spin up a fedora VM just to build the site13:58
kenfinniganyeah, that's bad13:58
tcrawleylanceball: I should point out that I can't build on fedora out of the box14:01
hbraunlanceball clone.js keps crashing for me14:01
hbrauneven on content changes14:01
lanceballtcrawley: really?14:01
tcrawleythe version of node in fedora is too old14:01
lanceballhbraun: you are on a mac?14:01
hbraunyou not?14:02
tcrawleyso I would have to install a newer version manually14:02
lanceballtcrawley: oh, well, that's fedora's fault14:02
tcrawleywhich is the same situation as awestruct on the mac - you need to rvm an older ruby14:02
hbrauntcrawley just dockerize that shit14:02
lanceballtcrawley: node does not come preinstalled on osx, so I have no sympathy for you14:02
tcrawleyhbraun: sure, but my point is, neither works ootb anywhere14:02
hbrauntcrawley I was just kidding14:03
lanceballhbraun: I'm on a mac too - so what version of the OS and of node are you running?14:03
lanceballtcrawley: I never managed to get to build on my mac at all with awestruct - ootb or not14:03
lanceballeven if I was doing it wrong, it shouldn't be that hard14:03
hbrauntc tcrawley an attempt to play on the "flatmap that shit" phrase14:03
hbraunv4.2.3 on mac os latest14:04
tcrawleylanceball: did you try an older version of ruby?14:04
lanceballno, but14:04
tcrawleyI'm not defending awestruct (or any other site-gen tool, they all suck)14:04
lanceballhbraun: I wonder if the difference is between 4.2.3 and 4.2.214:04
tcrawleya sitegen tool that was mvn and jvm based would probably work everywhere14:05
tcrawleyor gradle14:06
lanceballyeah, but then it'd be maven14:07
tcrawleyor gradle14:07
kenfinnigantcrawley: was actually thinking we need to come up with an asciidoctorj/java site generator ;-)14:08
hbraunlanceball not sure, strict mode maybe?14:09
jbossbotgit pull req [] (closed) nkzawa Don't set request property
hbraunlanceball might be easier to downgrade then to trace that bug14:12
bbrowningmvn site:site14:12
lanceballhbraun: what version of clone is that?14:14
hbraunlanceball 0.1.1914:14
lanceballhmm - same here14:15
lanceballI don't know if downgrading node will fix this problem, but I'm stumped why you see it and I don't14:15
hbraunlanceball are you on 4.2.0?14:16
lanceballclone is trying to clone an object and the socket property is read only14:17
lanceballwhy would it work for me and not you?14:17
hbraunthe other report points to use_strict: it enforces that the property needs to be acccesed through the getter14:18
hbraunsame thing on 4.2014:19
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hbraunlanceball same thing on 4.2.214:20
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hbraunlanceball if I remove use_strict in clone.js it works14:22
hbraundo you have some global node options set?14:22
hbraunwell, not really14:27
lanceballhbraun: not that I know of14:30
hbraunlanceball nevermind, i'll let yopu know what I discover14:30
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lanceballhbraun: fwiw, I think it's working for jclingan on a mac as well14:31
lanceballright, jclingan?14:31
bobmcwwhat're we discussing?14:31 website14:31
jclinganSorry, just logged in. What's the topic?14:31
lanceballgenerating the website14:31
lanceballe.g. `make serve`14:31
jclinganyes, make serve worked on mac.14:32
lanceballcauses auto reload of the site during dev to crash for hbraun14:32
hbraunrefresh contents as well?14:32
jclinganDidn't happen to me.14:32
jclinganWell, I have to reload the page.14:32
hbraunpoor me14:32
jclinganbut nothing crashed.14:32
lanceballnot that "it works on my machine" is ever really the right answer :)14:32
hbraunwell, it's empirical correct14:33
jclinganI'd like to create a prettier site, but the tech is preventing me from doing so. Need to brush up on some things.14:33
hbraunbut statistically worthless14:33
jclinganHe, don't we push containers to get rid of "it doesn't work for me?" :-)14:33
hbraunjclingan I'd like to help out14:33
lanceballjclingan: I just made some changes so that you can use jade templates as content (not just templates) which should make adding css and whatnot easier14:33
jclinganOK. I still need to brush up on the various tech. I was thinking, for example, three big boxes (with pretty icons) that say "Create, mvn package, java -jar" or something like that.14:35
hbraunjclingan +1 I think i know what you mean14:36
jclinganYeah, I could insert an image, but I was thinking three div's or something like that.14:36
hbrauna catchy landing page14:36
hbraunfollwoing some of the ytpical boostrap patterns14:36
hbrauni am looking into that as we speak14:36
lanceballyes, this is what I was working towards with the change14:36
lanceballchange index.adoc to index.jade14:37
lanceballmore flexible14:37
jclinganmixing jade, bootstrap, jekyll, and adoc just created an extra learning curve for me.14:37
jclingan(not that I don't like to learn things, just slows things down)14:37
jclinganbbrowning: I did some booker work last night. Seems to work OK. Are you still making some changes?14:38
jclinganbbrowning: Actually, every once in a while the order of the service startup mattered, but that may be something on my side.14:39
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ytanabetcrawley, Thank you for fixing SWARM-184 ! Now I can use my own class in ContainerFactory#newContainer(...). and, I have another question.14:45
jbossbotjira [SWARM-184] ClassNotFoundException on Arquillian Test use user own Classes with org.wildfly.swarm.ContainerFactory#newContainer() [Done (Done) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
ytanabeMy sample app enables datasource settings to switch, h2 or postgresql.
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bobmcwlanceball: I think ribbon.js might be somewhat broken14:46
bobmcwwhen I run the example, it's asking for localhost:8083undefined14:46
* bobmcw is debugging14:46
ytanabetcrawley, but, newContainer(...) in Arquillian test can't get the system property.14:47
ytanabetcrawley, I tried 3 patterns, just passed, JAVA_OPTS, _JAVA_OPTIONS. logs is here.
helio-frotaytanabe, hey this is good ! dev/prod datasources :D14:47
bobmcwthe surefire plugin has to pass the properties via its pom.xml config14:47
bobmcw<systemProperties> or somesuch14:47
ytanabetcrawley, All my debug print displayes "newContainer.production: null".14:47
ytanabedebug print point is here.
bbrowningjclingan: I am making changes, but they should only be related to OpenShift14:47
ytanabebobmcw, Ah, ok. I'll try it.14:48
jclinganOK. I've updated the vagrant image to use Ansible. SHouldn't affect you. Was going to remove "My Account" from the booker menu since it doesn't do anything.14:48
bbrowningit forces a login but that seems to be about it :)14:49
lanceballI was going to add something for that, actually14:49
lanceballjust display the keycloak user info14:49
jclinganOK, I'll not touch it then.14:49
* jclingan trying to figure out if I have swarm gitbook write access ....14:51
tcrawleyytanabe: sorry, I was away. yes, you'll need to have surefire pass the system properties, though I'm not sure all the system properties will get passed through to the swarm app. checking on that14:52
bobmcwthose with prefix of swarm.* wildfly.* and maven.* should pass14:52
ytanabetcrawley, thanks! I use -swarm HEAD(dcda354) and you can reproduce it with the following way. git clone && cd wildfly-swarm-tour/complete && git checkout -b use-systemproperty-at-newContainer origin/use-systemproperty-at-newContainer && ./mvnw clean verify -pl lifelog-postgresql -Dlifelog.production=true14:53
tcrawleyytanabe: so you'll need to prefix the system properties with swarm. to have them passed to the swarm process14:53
ytanabetcrawley, and now I'm trying to add failsafe/surefile settings as bob and you said.14:53
tcrawleyand have surefire pass them through14:53
ytanabebobmcw, tcrawley, Oh, thank you! for exmple, ?14:55
jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-200] Enable @ArquillianResource URI injection [Backlog (Unresolved) Task, Major, Unassigned]
tcrawleyytanabe: right14:56
bobmcwytanabe: yep14:56
ytanabetcrawley, I'm happy with SWARM-200, thank you :)14:58
jbossbotjira [SWARM-200] Enable @ArquillianResource URI injection [Backlog (Unresolved) Task, Major, Toby Crawley]
tcrawleyytanabe: my pleasure!14:58
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bobmcwlanceball: figured it out, thanks!15:03
lanceballfigured out what?15:04
bobmcw09:46 bobmcw: when I run the example, it's asking for localhost:8083undefined15:04
bobmcwwe've got a possibly_undefined_path += qs15:04
bobmcwresulting in 'undefined?'15:04
* bobmcw is adding better tests to ribbon before doing ribbon-secured15:05
lanceballbobmcw: I missed that earlier - sorry!15:06
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bobmcwlanceball: figured it out, thanks!15:07
lanceballbobmcw: probably the path/context isn't being set somewhere :)15:08
*** mgoldmann is now known as mgoldmann|away15:11
bobmcwpath-less call to getJSON()15:11
bobmcwso, ribbon.js now assumes path=/15:11
ytanabebobmcw, tcrawley: I confirmed I can pass system property at newContainer(...), thank you! but I've got another question about module.xml, sorry...15:15
ytanabeCan I pass my module.xml to newContainer(...)?15:15
ytanabeI also added module.xml for postgresql jdbc driver in src/test/resources like src/main/resources, it seems newContainer(...) can't see.15:15
ytanabehow to reproduce: git clone && cd wildfly-swarm-tour/complete && git checkout -b use-systemproperty-at-newContainer origin/use-systemproperty-at-newContainer && ./mvnw clean verify -pl lifelog-postgresql -Dswarm.lifelog.production=true15:16
bobmcwytanabe: you can give your app a module.xml by providing it in your .jar under modules/...15:18
bobmcwin theory15:18
bobmcwor at least under src/main/resources/modules/.../module.xml15:19
bobmcwin theory15:19
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 355ac29.. Bob McWhirter Ensure 'path' is not undefined before string-concat.15:20
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
ytanabebobmcw, Yes, ofc, java -jar myapp.jar can see module.xml, but arq test can't see it.15:20
projectodd-ciStarting build #392 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)15:20
bobmcwytanabe: we'll need to enhance something probably then15:21
bobmcwif you could file an @issue15:21
proddbotWe'd be happy as a tornado in a trailer park if you would file an issue at
ytanabebobmcw, Sure, of course :) Should I create a new one? or add comment SWARM-184?15:22
jbossbotjira [SWARM-184] ClassNotFoundException on Arquillian Test use user own Classes with org.wildfly.swarm.ContainerFactory#newContainer() [Done (Done) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
bobmcwAdd a new one, since SWARM-184 is marked 'done'15:22
jbossbotjira [SWARM-184] ClassNotFoundException on Arquillian Test use user own Classes with org.wildfly.swarm.ContainerFactory#newContainer() [Done (Done) Bug, Major, Toby Crawley]
ytanabebobmcw, Ok, I'll write now.15:22
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master 45ef669.. Bob McWhirter Add some extra .classes to the HTML to make testing slightly easier....15:24
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master URL:
bobmcwlanceball: actually testing the ribbon-example now15:24
projectodd-ciStarting build #72 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: FIXED)15:25
projectodd-ciStarting build #31 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: FIXED)15:25
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hbraunjclingan ?15:34
jbossbotTitle: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet15:34
*** jclingan is now known as jclingan[away]15:34
jbossbotnew jira [SWARM-201] Arquillian Test can't see module.xml user adds [Backlog (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Unassigned]
lanceballhbraun: looks great15:36
lanceballfancy glyphs!15:37
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #31: FAILURE in 11 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Add some extra .classes to the HTML to make testing slightly easier.15:37
helio-frotayeah looks great :]15:37
jbossbotTitle: Font Awesome Icons15:37
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #72: FAILURE in 12 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Add some extra .classes to the HTML to make testing slightly easier.15:38
lanceballhbraun: did you resolve the issue with clone? just remove strict from your local install?15:39
hbraunlanceball atm i keep re-launching the process15:39
kenfinniganused them on LO too ->
jbossbotTitle: LiveOak - The Open Source Mobile Services Platform15:39
kenfinniganglyphs are cool15:39
lanceballfor anyone who mucks with booker, you're welcome:
jbossbotgit [booker] 7e94993.. Lance Ball Display an alert if no keycloak server is running....15:48
lanceballor maybe it's just me who's the bonehead every time :)15:48
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #392: SUCCESS in 34 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Ensure 'path' is not undefined before string-concat.15:55
projectodd-ciStarting build #73 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: FAILURE -- last SUCCESS #71 16 hr ago)15:56
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projectodd-ciStarting build #32 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: FAILURE -- last SUCCESS #30 16 hr ago)15:58
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #32: STILL FAILING in 9 min 7 sec:
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #73: STILL FAILING in 12 min:
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hbraunlanceball do you mind if I push my changes? or how do we deal with review process for the website?16:12
lanceballI don't mind - at this point there is no defined review process16:13
lanceballprobably something we should figure out16:13
lanceballyou just need to "git push origin master:production" to kick off a CI build and that will publish to gh-pages16:13
hbraunlanceball is the ci job linked into IRC? Should we see it here?16:16
lanceballyes, we'll see if / when it passes16:16
hbraunlanceball what's the :production suffix?16:16
projectodd-ciProject build #4540: SUCCESS in 44 sec:
projectodd-ci* Lance Ball: Allow jade files for content16:16
projectodd-ci* Heiko Braun: Update homepage styles16:16
hbrauneh voila16:17
hbraunwelcome to our new home16:17
hbraunlanceball cool, worked like charm16:17
lanceballhbraun: it puts what is on 'master' branch in 'production' branch16:17
hbraunah, interesting16:18
lanceballCI monitors 'production' branch16:18
hbraunanother gitjitsu trick16:18
hbraunhowver the new homepage is online: updated font's, slightly different colors, fonctawesome icons and pimped homepage16:18
lanceballhbraun: looks fantastic16:19
hbrauni'll revist the other page at some other point16:19
lanceballnot sure about the Rightsize your Services tagline16:20
hbraunthat's from john16:20
hbrauni like it16:21
hbrauncontent wise i've nly added the feature taglines16:21
hbraunmature, felxible, etc16:21
hbraunthe logstash example has a bogus readme:
kenfinniganlanceball, hbraun: I'm also on fence about tagline, as we're essentially defining a new term/meaning16:26
kenfinnigangetting some known and understood is much harder than utilizing something that already exists16:26
hbraunkenfinnigan yes, but on the other hand it makes a difference in times when everybody talks about "micro"16:26
kenfinniganhbraun: not saying we should use micro instead, not sure what we should be saying tbh16:27
hbraunkenfinnigan i think john added it, maybe we should iscuss it with him16:27
hbraunbobmcw the logstash example contains the booker source16:28
hbraunkenfinnigan but in general I agree: we need to agree on the terms and be consistent16:29
*** hbraun <hbraun!~hbraun@pdpc/supporter/professional/hbraun> has quit IRC (Quit: afk)16:33
*** remerson <remerson!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)16:38
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@redhat/jclingan> has joined #wildfly-swarm16:41
jclinganhbraun: Nice update to page!16:42
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!~rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has joined #wildfly-swarm16:43
*** hbraun <hbraun!~hbraun@pdpc/supporter/professional/hbraun> has joined #wildfly-swarm16:51
hbraunjclingan tnx. i would appreciate if you (o someone else) takes care of the contents16:55
jclinganNo Problem. Pulling your updates.16:55
hbrauni.e. there was some discussion about the tagline16:55
jclinganYeah, It's been something I've been bouncing back and forth on.16:55
hbraunjclingan for the majority of things i've reverted to plain html16:56
hbrauni.e. using the passthrough operator in adoc16:56
hbraunthe contents within then remain untouched from adoc16:56
jclinganI'm such a UI illiterate these days.16:56
hbraunwhich, for the homepage at least, was much more simple16:56
jclinganSimple is good16:57
hbraunyeah, adoc is good for writing essays16:57
hbraunbut less optimal for formatting html structs16:57
hbraunwith this i say good bye: of into the weekend16:58
*** hbraun <hbraun!~hbraun@pdpc/supporter/professional/hbraun> has quit IRC (Quit: afk)16:58
helio-frotaytanabe, i know you use pg :D17:02
jbossbotgit issue [wildfly-swarm-examples] (open) davidillsley An example with postgres
ytanabehelio-frota, yep, I reply to him. I'll do p-r more simple example later.17:10
helio-frotaytanabe, awesome !17:11
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*** agoncal <agoncal!~agoncal@> has joined #wildfly-swarm17:33
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*** jclingan_ <jclingan_!~jclingan@redhat/jclingan> has joined #wildfly-swarm18:18
jclinganHmmm, can't search booker store unless authenticated.18:19
jclinganActually, a lot of booker-isms seem to be broken.18:19
jclinganI logged in searched store, logged out, and the topology page lost the other services.18:20
jclinganWhen authenticated, books still cost $10.18:21
jclinganI'm being over-charged.18:22
bbrowningit's odd that being logged in or not would impact the topology page18:25
bobmcwjclingan: some of the ribbon.js stuff was broken-ish this morning18:37
bobmcwnice wildfly-swarm.io18:38
jclinganbobmcw: +1, hbraun made it look preeety.18:38
*** bbrowning is now known as bbrowning_away18:39
jclinganbobmcw, bbrowning: I was going to create a vagrant image with an updated demo, demo docs, etc. However, much of booker was broken.18:40
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!~rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has joined #wildfly-swarm18:41
*** helio-frota <helio-frota!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)18:46
*** bbrowning_away is now known as bbrowning19:16
bbrowningbooker doesn't have any tests, so it can get broken easily19:16
bobmcwI'm learning how to better test ribbon/keycloak/react.js apps19:17
bobmcwso we'll get there.19:17
*** helio-frota <helio-frota!> has joined #wildfly-swarm19:17
bbrowningbobmcw: can we fire up all of booker in a single jvm? any reason why that wouldn't work?19:17
bobmcwsure you can19:17
bobmcwmight hafta muck with context-paths19:18
bbrowningor separate ports but same jvm19:18
bobmcwdunno how you'd (a) spin up multiple undertows and (b) deploy a service to a specific one19:18
bobmcwI guess new Container() a few times19:19
bbrowning(a) is easy with undertow itself but perhaps wildfly gets in the way19:19
bbrowningyeah I'd just expect a new container for each app19:19
bbrowninggood test to see if we can run multiple Containers in one jvm ;)19:19
*** rbenevides <rbenevides!~rbenevid@redhat/jboss/RafaelBenevides> has quit IRC (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)19:19
lanceballwtf I'm getting some new, very broken behavior with booker19:21
*** Heiko <Heiko!~heiko@> has joined #wildfly-swarm19:24
*** Heiko <Heiko!~heiko@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)19:24
lanceballwait - nevermind - clean package helped19:25
lanceballbobmcw: so the problems with ribbon.js are flummoxing me19:26
lanceballthey seem to be the exact problems I fixed earlier in the week19:26
bbrowningwhat are the problems?19:26
jclinganlanceball: Whew, not just me19:27
*** jclingan is now known as jclingan[away]19:27
lanceballyeah, I'm a little confused19:28
*** jclingan[away] <jclingan[away]!~jclingan@redhat/jclingan> has quit IRC (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)19:33
lanceballbobmcw: I'm seeing this in the booker logs19:34
lanceball"2015-12-11 14:31:45,532 ERROR [org.keycloak.adapters.BearerTokenRequestAuthenticator] (default task-6) Failed to verify token: org.keycloak.common.VerificationException: Token type is incorrect. Expected 'Bearer' but was 'null'"19:34
lanceballwhich is new19:35
lanceballand probably the root of the problem19:35
bobmcw'k, I'm tracking down some other ribbon-related error atm19:35
lanceballand now19:37
lanceball2015-12-11 14:36:43,425 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-2) UT005023: Exception handling request to /index.jsp: javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/openshift/restclient/ISSLCertificateCallback19:37
* lanceball glares at bbrowning 19:37
bbrowninghow do I reproduce that error?19:37
bbrowningindex.jsp works just fine for me19:38
lanceballbbrowning: I don't know - I'm on head19:39
bbrowningme too19:39
bbrowninghow are you running web-client?19:40
lanceballjava -jar19:40
lanceballhas that changed?19:40
lanceballyeah it is very strange - all of a sudden booker has just started shitting the bed, but it seems 2 days ago I had everything working fine19:41
bbrowningI get no errors19:41
bbrowningdid you clean the entire booker tree and rebuild?19:41
bbrowningany local changes?19:41
* lanceball will clean package everything including swarm latest19:41
bbrowningany local swarm changes booker is picking up?19:41
bbrowninglanceball: does your booker-web-client-swarm.jar contain m2repo/com/openshift/openshift-restclient-java/3.0.1.Final/openshift-restclient-java-3.0.1.Final.jar ?19:44
lanceballhuh - a clean rebuild of everything made it go away19:46
lanceballbut, the strange thing is that I just did a clean rebuild 30 minutes ago19:46
*** samueltauil <samueltauil!~samueltau@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)19:53
bobmcwfwiw, I think I found that we're not propagating security from service1 to service220:04
bobmcw(store -> pricing)20:04
bobmcwthat's what I'm trying to fix now20:04
bobmcwoccurred when we rebased from keycloak 1.5 to 1.720:04
tcrawleybobmcw: the maven swarm plugin allows you to set additional modules and repos - I need to do the same for our Arq container - I'm thinking maybe sysprops is the way to do that, but don't want users to have to set it twice when using maven. what's the best place to get access to the info provided to the plugin?20:14
tcrawleydo I need to add something that triggers our plugin at test time?20:15
bobmcwfrom not inside the plugin?20:15
tcrawleyright, I'm inside surefire at this point20:15
bobmcwUm.. you can't very easily20:15
tcrawleyhmm, so even in a different process20:15
bobmcwsee our MultistartMojo, for how plugins can muck with plugins20:16
bobmcwbut it's messy, and not user code/test space20:16
tcrawleyIdeally, if our plugin is available, it would tie in to the test cycle automatically, to set some sysprops before surefire runs20:16
tcrawleyif that's even possible20:16
bobmcwour PackageMojo can certainly set props, and tests to execute after tests, though20:17
bobmcwduring package phase20:17
bobmcwwe can add another mojo, but that's more configuration for someone, since we can't implicit run a mojo20:17
bobmcww/o some <execution> or whatnot20:17
*** agoncal <agoncal!> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:18
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 72015d2.. Bob McWhirter Use the correct attachment key.20:18
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
bobmcwthat'll probably fix jclingan's pricing $10 vs $9 issue20:18
projectodd-ciStarting build #393 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)20:19
bbrowningwith the added bonus of a println20:19
tcrawleywell, we could have another goal that they would have to set, right? but that would be it? the config would just have to be set one?20:19
bobmcwyah, the <configuration> in the root of the <plugin> is global across mojos20:19
bobmcwthey'd just need to execute our <goal>test-init</goal> or somesuch20:19
bobmcwthat's how we share mainClass between :package and :run20:19
bobmcwand <properties> etc20:19
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@redhat/jclingan> has joined #wildfly-swarm20:20
bbrowningso how do I debug a blank booker-web page on openshift? usually when I see the root booker-web blank it's because keycloak.js or such failed to load20:20
bbrowningbut I see it downloading keycloak.js from my keycloak20:20
bbrowningI see it downloading the correct keycloak.json20:20
tcrawleyhmm, seems like PackageMojo and StartMojo could extend the same parent, since they have similar config. bobmcw: any reason that wasn't done originally?20:21
lanceballbbrowning: any JS errors in the console?20:21
bbrowninglanceball: no sir - and all static assets are loading correctly20:21
bbrowningguess I need to debug the JS in the browser20:21
lanceballcan you see logs of the services?20:21
bbrowningthe only service I've bothered to start so far is booker-web and yeah I can see its log20:23
bbrowningno errors in it20:23
bbrowningyeah and my JS foo escapes me on how to set a breakpoint and have that breakpoint get hit when reloading the page20:28
bbrowningsince, at least in firefox, a page reload clears my breakpoints20:28
lanceballbobmcw: your push has helped20:39
lanceballbut still seeing strange things20:40
lanceballe.g. Caused by: org.jboss.weld.exceptions.WeldException: WELD-000832: Unable to load the cache value for the key Managed Bean [class] with qualifiers [@Any @Default]20:40
lanceballwell. 2015-12-11 15:39:07,611 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-1) UT005023: Exception handling request to /search: org.jboss.resteasy.spi.UnhandledException: org.jboss.weld.exceptions.WeldException: WELD-000832: Unable to load the cache value for the key Managed Bean [class] with qualifiers [@Any @Default]20:40
lanceballso the problem that jclingan saw wrt requiring auth to search the store is something I introduced in a recent change to ribbon.js20:45
lanceballand some feedback would be appreciated20:45
lanceballcurrently in ribbon, we fail the request if there exists a keycloak object but the user is not authenticated20:45
jclinganOne of the features of the demo is to show that unauthenticated users have book prices set to $10, and authenticated users book prices are $9.20:46
bobmcwlanceball: shouldn't do that, probably20:46
jclinganWe can't show that if we can't search/purchase a book.20:46
bobmcwinstead, still do the request, but we shoulld provide a way (via settings? options?) for an onError callback20:46
jclinganThat was one way we showed "keycloak tokens" traversing services.20:46
bbrowninglanceball: is that perhaps why my page isn't working either? there is a keycloak object but I'm not authed20:47
bbrowningI can't even get it to load to let me auth though unless I manually hit keycloak I guess20:47
bbrowningall the content is transferred fine over the network but somewhere in the .js it fails to render any of it20:48
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #393: SUCCESS in 30 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Use the correct attachment key.20:49
projectodd-ciStarting build #74 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #71 21 hr ago)20:49
projectodd-ciStarting build #33 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #30 21 hr ago)20:52
lanceballbbrowning: that does not seem like the fault20:52
lanceballbobmcw: so it seems like wrt ribbon.js we want a little more flexibility than is there now20:53
lanceballe.g. sometimes we probably do want to fail the request of there is keycloak but not authed20:53
lanceballI mean, wouldn't you sometimes want to lock down your ribbon services to only authed users?20:55
lanceballwhich would mean you do have a keycloak instance20:55
lanceballand we should reject the request if not authed20:55
lanceballwtf is bobmcw?20:55
bobmcwlanceball: but if the service is locked down, the service will give the no-auth-error20:56
bobmcwthe service itself will reject; could also be you're authed, but lack the right roles20:56
bobmcwshouldn't be a worry for the client20:56
bobmcwclient isn't trustworthy anyhow20:58
*** kenfinnigan <kenfinnigan!~ken@redhat/jboss/kenfinnigan> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)20:58
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #74: STILL FAILING in 10 min:
bobmcwI'll get those fixed shortly21:00
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #33: STILL FAILING in 11 min:
*** agoncal <agoncal!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:04
bobmcwlanceball: basically, I think our ribbon.js should make the request that the client asks for21:08
bobmcwand iff possible, add Authorization bearer header21:08
bobmcwand either way, be able to callback an error handler (optionally)21:08
bobmcwlanceball: btw, under the ribbon tests/ dir, if you want to manually try something `mvn pre-integration-test` will suffice to get everything running21:16
bobmcwthen `killall java` to nuke it21:16
bobmcwbut it'll launch the frontend, time*2, events21:16
bobmcwplus a keycloak in ribbon-secured21:16
bobmcwwhich I'm about to push21:16
bobmcwI'm sorta proud of the ribbon-secured test21:17
lanceballbobmcw: so I'm getting some errors on that are new and unfamiliar21:20
bobmcwwhat sort?21:20
bobmcw(I haven't launched Booker is a long long time)21:20
lanceballcan you look at this gist
lanceballspecifically here
lanceballlooks right21:23
lanceballand store.xml exists in my src/main/resources/META-INF21:23
lanceballbut allubbasudden it breaks21:23
bobmcwtry getResource() to return a URL, and see if it's non-null or wackyass21:23
bobmcwand println( Store.class.getClassLoader() ) maybe the CL is oddly shaped21:24
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master 95f9eb4.. Bob McWhirter Get the secured Ribbon example actually testing.21:24
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm-examples] push master URL:
bobmcwhopefully that'll pass CI now21:24
bobmcwand gives you a ribbon-secured example with tests21:24
bobmcwsame example as ribbon-example, but adds a keycloak, and time/events are secured21:24
bobmcwplus a Login/Logout button21:25
projectodd-ciStarting build #34 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #30 22 hr ago)21:25
bobmcwlanceball: seems weird that is dealing with an InputStream, but we're getting a URL error21:25
lanceballalso weird that this is now breaking, but hasn't been touched in some time21:26
bobmcwbut it could be trying to build a URL around a random InputStream21:26
bobmcwI've mucked with module-loading a tad, but more around our module.xml's, not application-level classloadering21:26
projectodd-ciStarting build #75 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #71 22 hr ago)21:27
lanceballwell well21:28
lanceballis null21:28
bobmcwthat's odd21:28
bbrowningMETA-INF is not visible?21:28
bobmcwit should be21:28
bobmcwtcrawley also mucked with classloaders, I think21:28
lanceballjust before the InputStream loading I added this21:28
lanceball        System.err.println("STORE RESOURCE " + Store.class.getClassLoader().getResource("META-INF/store.xml"));21:28
bobmcwI blame tcrawley21:29
lanceballin the logs I see "STORE RESOURCE null"21:29
bobmcwbut I dunno21:29
bobmcwno, should still be loadering jars21:29
bobmcwmaybe jboss-modules does muck with META-INF... stuff it into the root mayhap?21:30
bobmcwor just the filesystem?21:30
bobmcw-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-21:30
bobmcwtesting against keycloak, with phantomjs doing the login dance21:30
bobmcw(and actually clicks buttons)21:31
bobmcwbtw, I noticed (but didn't fix) the TimeResource can return a time like 9:2:321:31
bobmcwinstead of 9:02:0321:31
lanceballyeah, I have seen that21:32
* lanceball ignored it21:32
bobmcwyah, I just had to loosen up my REGEX to test the text value21:32
bobmcw \d\d?:\d\d?:\d\d?21:32
lanceballsprintf would help I guess21:32
bobmcwtcrawley: ARE YOU PROUD OF ME?21:33
bobmcwI have done nothing but write tests (and create and then repair bugs)21:33
lanceballbobmcw: so I can git bisect this classloader issue to figure out which commit broke it21:33
bobmcwlanceball: kk21:33
bobmcwlanceball: also note21:33
bobmcwit's 4:30 on a friday21:33
lanceballbobmcw: I was just going to say, "but not tonight" :)21:33
* bobmcw is just waiting for CI21:33
lanceballsince git bisect on this means...21:33
lanceballmvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip for all of wf-s ever time21:34
bobmcw-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-21:34
lanceballplus mvn clean package for all of booker21:34
lanceballevery time21:34
bobmcwskipTests skips harder than maven.test.skip21:34
bobmcwthere's some skipIntegTests or somesuch also21:34
lanceballanyhoo that's a lot of sitting around and watching maven21:34
bobmcwbut I've not figured that one out21:34
lanceballwhich I'd rather just do Monday21:35
bobmcwright on21:35
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master 63a3497.. Lance Ball Don't fail a ribbon request if not authed21:38
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
projectodd-ciStarting build #394 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)21:41
bobmcwlanceball: btw21:44
bobmcwI think you should assign the Bearer token header *after* refresh has succeeded21:44
bobmcwbecause it might swap tokens21:44
bobmcwmove line 44 to inside the post-refresh fn21:45
bobmcwerr, 4521:45
bobmcwwtf is lanceball?21:45
lanceballbobmcw: makes sense22:08
*** bbrowning is now known as bbrowning_away22:10
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master a2f7b6d.. Lance Ball Set the Bearer token after keycloak refresh in ribbon.js22:12
jbossbotgit [wildfly-swarm] push master URL:
*** lanceball is now known as lance|afk22:13
*** enebo <enebo!> has joined #wildfly-swarm22:16
projectodd-ciYippee, build fixed!22:22
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #75: FIXED in 55 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Get the secured Ribbon example actually testing.22:22
projectodd-ciYippee, build fixed!22:22
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #34: FIXED in 57 min:
projectodd-ciBob McWhirter: Get the secured Ribbon example actually testing.22:22
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*** tcrawley is now known as tcrawley-away22:29
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projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #394: SUCCESS in 1 hr 11 min:
projectodd-ciLance Ball: Don't fail a ribbon request if not authed22:52
projectodd-ciStarting build #395 for job wildfly-swarm (previous build: SUCCESS)22:52
projectodd-ciStarting build #76 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: FIXED)22:54
projectodd-ciStarting build #35 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: FIXED)22:54
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #35: SUCCESS in 16 min:
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #76: SUCCESS in 17 min:
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projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm build #395: SUCCESS in 29 min:
projectodd-ciLance Ball: Set the Bearer token after keycloak refresh in ribbon.js23:22
projectodd-ciStarting build #77 for job wildfly-swarm-examples (previous build: SUCCESS)23:23
projectodd-ciStarting build #36 for job wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar (previous build: SUCCESS)23:25
bobmcwhave a great weekend yinz23:30
*** bobmcw <bobmcw!~bobmcw@redhat/jboss/bobmcw> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:30
*** enebo <enebo!> has joined #wildfly-swarm23:34
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples build #77: SUCCESS in 13 min:
projectodd-ciProject wildfly-swarm-examples-uberjar build #36: SUCCESS in 11 min:
*** jclingan <jclingan!~jclingan@redhat/jclingan> has joined #wildfly-swarm23:39
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