13:32:12 <qmx> #startmeeting
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13:32:55 <qmx> #topic adminstrivia
13:33:42 <qmx> #info I have some special tasks to share with y'all - docs and showcase-app related
13:33:53 <qmx> would love some #help on it
13:34:34 <qmx> #info for our sanity, let's make sure of running mvn java-formatter-format on all the java projects before committing stuff
13:34:46 <abstractj> #agreed
13:34:48 <sblanc> #agreed
13:34:50 <summersp> #agreed
13:34:52 <dbevenius> #agreed
13:34:53 <kpiwko> #agreed
13:34:55 <matzew> #agreed
13:34:57 * qmx doesn't want to have to put checkstyle on the build
13:34:59 <cvasilak> #agreed
13:35:02 <matzew> qmx noo ?????
13:35:03 <matzew> :)
13:35:14 <qmx> #topic site updates
13:35:15 <kborchers> qmx: JS doesn :)
13:35:16 * summersp goes into the box of shame
13:35:19 <kborchers> does*
13:35:20 <lholmquist> ;)
13:35:22 <matzew> mimimi
13:35:23 <matzew> :)
13:35:27 <qmx> kborchers: one step at a time ;)
13:35:42 <qmx> #info master is de-embargoed - push freeely ;)
13:36:04 <qmx> #info still waiting for news about that design PR
13:36:17 <qmx> #topic Unified Push
13:36:22 <abstractj> qmx are you talking about restyle?
13:36:29 <qmx> abstractj: yup
13:36:43 <matzew> qmx let's close the design PR, if nothing comes around (responsiveness etc)
13:36:45 <abstractj> #action hbons provide feedback on restyle pr
13:36:45 <matzew> no ?
13:37:00 <abstractj> matzew #agreed
13:37:06 <lholmquist> #agreed
13:37:12 <passos> #agreed
13:37:14 <qmx> #agreed
13:37:17 <dbevenius> #agreed
13:37:17 <cvasilak> #agreed
13:37:28 <qmx> #action close that PR and start another discussion on the ML
13:37:33 <matzew> qmx moving on ? :) with UP ?
13:37:38 <qmx> matzew: go for it
13:37:41 <matzew> \o.
13:37:45 <matzew> # info making TEST(DEVELOPMENT) and PRODUCTION/DISTRIBUTE certs available on the iOS variant
13:38:07 <abstractj> #info making TEST(DEVELOPMENT) and PRODUCTION/DISTRIBUTE certs available on the iOS variant
13:38:12 <matzew> #info my PR was some issue - closed it. Local test case (Junit) works - will get at it later this week
13:38:18 <matzew> abstractj :)
13:38:31 <matzew> #info Refactorings of the (server side) Sender API code
13:38:36 <matzew> https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unified-push-server/pull/31
13:38:36 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-unified-push-server] (7open) 6matzew Moving query criterias into its own class11 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unified-push-server/pull/31
13:38:39 <matzew> #info https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unified-push-server/pull/31
13:38:39 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-unified-push-server] (7open) 6matzew Moving query criterias into its own class11 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unified-push-server/pull/31
13:38:52 <sblanc> #action sblanc will review this PR
13:38:54 <matzew> #info based on that PR…. Adding new query arguments (for variantID and category), as discussed on ML last week
13:39:09 <matzew> I guess these above are all no brainers
13:39:14 <matzew> #info Integration testing: Let's use Java, instead of Groovy/Spock or what ever. Lowers the bar for new contributors
13:39:20 <qmx> #agreed
13:39:33 <abstractj> #agreed
13:39:38 <corinnekrych> #disagreed
13:39:43 <sblanc> #idea let's keep this discussion on the ML as there already a lot of arguments on both sides
13:39:46 <kpiwko> #disagreed
13:39:51 <passos> #agreed
13:39:52 <qmx> #idea we can use any framework - but language is a no-go
13:39:57 <matzew> #info - I am happy to help merging/porting over to vanilla Java, after the August community release.
13:40:23 <matzew> #info I feel this is more mailing list - but I strongly would recommend sticking with one language for the tests, in that REPO
13:40:28 <summersp> #disagreed aren't we supposed to embrace polyglot after all?
13:40:51 <corinnekrych> yep summersp
13:40:52 <sblanc> let's keep that for the ML as I said above
13:40:59 <kborchers> summersp: yes but i don't think it's a good idea to have the code base in one language and the tests in another :/
13:41:07 <kpiwko> if we want to lower entrance barrier, why do you want to disable CI by default on the same time?
13:41:09 <abstractj> summersp polyglot not mess up with project environments :) Or I would stick with Ruby
13:41:10 <summersp> kborchers, I'll see you on the ML!
13:41:15 <kborchers> :)
13:41:19 <abstractj> #agreed on ML
13:41:20 <matzew> summersp kborchers I guess that's the point
13:41:22 <qmx> kpiwko: different topics
13:41:30 <matzew> #agreed on NEW thread
13:41:32 <matzew> OK ?
13:41:36 <kpiwko> qmx: yes, but related
13:41:39 <matzew> not hijacking the existing :)
13:41:40 <dbevenius> #agreed on new ML thread
13:41:46 <qmx> next topic?
13:41:47 <lholmquist> #info Admin UI - JIRA's to track section CRUDS
13:41:47 <lholmquist> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-172
13:41:47 <lholmquist> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-173
13:41:48 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-172] CRUD for Push Applications [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Lucas Holmquist] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-172
13:41:48 <kpiwko> matzew: #agreed
13:41:48 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-173] CRUD for Application Variant [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Lucas Holmquist] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-173
13:41:49 <lholmquist> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-174
13:41:49 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-174] RUD for Variant Instances [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Lucas Holmquist] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-174
13:41:51 <lholmquist> #info Sebi helping with the Management UI
13:42:02 * sblanc smells some flamewars incoming on the ML
13:42:03 <matzew> qmx UP is done
13:42:12 <qmx> #topic SimplePush
13:42:17 <qmx> go dbevenius go
13:42:18 <dbevenius> #info Getting help from OpenShift team to investigate WebSocket issue
13:42:40 <matzew> lholmquist Oh :) wanna move the Admin UI to a separate topic ?
13:42:42 <dbevenius> just that we have got a resource from the openshift team that is looking into the websocket issue we are having.
13:42:50 <matzew> lholmquist just now realised it;s "just" a sub item
13:42:51 <matzew> :()
13:42:52 <qmx> matzew: it's related
13:42:55 <qmx> dbevenius: awesome
13:43:01 <abstractj> dbevenius resource, like a printer?
13:43:07 <lholmquist> matzew: no, it's ok.  not much to report,  just some info
13:43:08 <qmx> ROFL
13:43:15 <dbevenius> abstractj: lol
13:43:15 <qmx> #topic Java Sender API
13:43:17 <sblanc> #info Moved to "old school" HttpUrlConnection
13:43:18 <kborchers> lholmquist: you need to wait for or do topic change :/
13:43:18 <matzew> qmx ok - after SP, let's go back to the Admin UI, if lholmquist needs to have some discussions
13:43:24 <qmx> abstractj++
13:43:24 <aerobot> abstractj leveled up! (Karma: 25)
13:43:38 <sblanc> We had some issues with ahc and resteasy client with embedding in JBoss AS,
13:43:40 <kborchers> dbevenius: can you give a tl;dr on that issue … i am not sure of what it is
13:43:44 <sblanc> httpurlconnection solve this
13:43:54 <sblanc> #info Fluent API work starting this week
13:44:04 <kborchers> i guess i don't get my question answered
13:44:05 * kborchers votes that IRC meetings suck like this
13:44:06 <qmx> dang, I need to go slower with the topic changes ;)
13:44:12 <qmx> kborchers: that's my fault
13:44:12 <sblanc> once httpurlconnection ismerged the work on the lfuent api will start
13:44:17 <abstractj> qmx #agreed
13:44:27 <sblanc> #info Documentation work starting this week
13:44:34 <sblanc> qmx: done for java sender
13:44:43 <qmx> any comments?
13:44:51 <qmx> please say no
13:44:56 <qmx> or yes :)
13:44:57 <summersp> no
13:44:59 <passos> no
13:45:05 <dbevenius> kborchers: basically it is that WebSocket support does not seem to work when using an AS7 based cartridge. More info can be found here: https://gist.github.com/danbev/5bfb139a873871cc64ce or ping me later.
13:45:14 <sblanc> #info prodoctor renaming : aerodoc
13:45:17 <sblanc> oups too soon
13:45:18 <abstractj> qmx wait
13:45:23 <sblanc> ROFL
13:45:26 <qmx> abstractj: I'm waiting
13:45:42 <abstractj> #info quickstart doesn't compile and we're skipping our CI :)
13:46:03 <matzew> abstractj meh, still ?
13:46:14 <abstractj> #info fixed here https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-push-quickstart-backend/pull/4
13:46:15 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-push-quickstart-backend] (7open) 6abstractj Fixes compilation issues11 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-push-quickstart-backend/pull/4
13:46:18 <qmx> #info I missed that in administrivia - this thing is broken for 20 days - not happy
13:46:55 <qmx> we can do a better job on ensuring CI is happy
13:46:59 <sblanc> did we already move to the aerodoc topic ?
13:47:02 <qmx> sblanc: nope
13:47:07 <matzew> oh
13:47:17 <matzew> the Java Sender is already out on 0.10. ….
13:47:19 <matzew> :-(
13:47:41 <sblanc> #action I will take a look into that
13:47:48 <qmx> anything else for the JavaSender?
13:48:19 <sblanc> no
13:48:23 <abstractj> nope
13:48:31 <matzew> move on :)
13:48:54 <qmx> #topic AeroDoc
13:48:56 <sblanc> #info prodoctor renaming to aeroDoc , PRs are ready
13:49:06 <sblanc> Prodoctor will soon be able to play with his mate AerogearUser when all the PR will be merged
13:49:07 <passos> #info Working to end definitely the android client. Fixing some problems, polishing the code / interface and updating to work with the master (using HTTP Basic)
13:49:11 <sblanc> #info Moved SimplePush client to its own repo
13:49:17 <abstractj> sblanc wait, what?
13:49:25 <abstractj> AeroGearUser? A class?
13:49:31 <qmx> O_o
13:49:47 <sblanc> sorry french humour, prodoctor has name has gone
13:50:00 <sblanc> he can play with his friend AeorgearUser in no man land
13:50:02 <abstractj> probably AeroGearUser was bitten by a zombie?
13:50:06 <passos> #info Android client has been renamed aerodoc
13:50:10 <sblanc> #info Document Polishing TBD
13:50:16 <matzew> sblanc AGUser is gone, right ?
13:50:20 <matzew> sblanc u mean SimpleUser ?
13:50:24 <matzew> abstractj ^
13:50:37 <abstractj> matzew from my understanding, gone and should never exist
13:50:38 <qmx> sblanc: please, no jokes on serious topics - that was confusing as hell
13:50:46 * sblanc omg I created a monster, no forget about what I said about aerogearuser, bad joke
13:50:47 <abstractj> qmx #agreed
13:50:48 <passos> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-53
13:50:49 <jbossbot> jira [3AGDROID-53] Add HTTP Basic to Push-SDK [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-53
13:50:50 <lholmquist> #jokefail
13:50:53 <sblanc> done for aerodoc
13:50:54 <matzew> LOL
13:51:06 <qmx> passos: summersp anything else on aerodoc:android?
13:51:07 <corinnekrych> need to do it for iOS client, will do do it after meeting
13:51:21 <passos> qmx: Nope
13:51:24 <matzew> corinnekrych cool - there is already a JIRA
13:51:25 <matzew> :)
13:51:31 <summersp> qmx, nope
13:51:35 <sblanc> #action corinnekrych will take action to rename iOs client
13:52:17 <sblanc> next topic
13:52:22 <qmx> no comments?
13:52:32 <matzew> qmx noep
13:52:33 <qmx> moving!
13:52:41 <qmx> #topic JS
13:53:22 <matzew> horse_js
13:53:41 <kborchers> #info this week will be focused on testing/syncing SimplePush with the Mozilla spec
13:54:06 <kborchers> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-52
13:54:07 <jbossbot> jira [3AGJS-52] Sync SimplePush with Mozilla spec [10Open (Unresolved) Task,7 Blocker,6 Kris Borchers] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-52
13:54:08 <matzew> #info matzew will file JIRAs from the weekend playings
13:54:11 <matzew> kborchers ^
13:54:23 <kborchers> won't be fun as i'll probably have to dig through the C++ source to see what's going on since there are no docs yet for desktop
13:54:26 <matzew> #action matzew will file JIRAs from the weekend playings
13:54:44 <kborchers> matzew: JIRAs for what?
13:54:51 <qmx> kborchers: lemme know if you need help on this
13:55:01 <abstractj> kborchers same here
13:55:07 <matzew> kborchers the tokenID hack, on the UnifiedPush client (u asked for a JIRA ticket)
13:55:14 <matzew> but haven't done that, on the weekend
13:55:20 <kborchers> matzew: oh right! thanks!
13:55:31 <matzew> kborchers I have no JIRA on weekend policy
13:55:34 <matzew> :-P
13:55:43 <kborchers> #info build fails pretty much every time now due to integration tests failing
13:56:05 <kborchers> i really wanted to have them on by default but looks like OpenShift is preventing that since the instances go to sleep and kill the build
13:56:07 <qmx> kborchers: that openshift bug?
13:56:21 <qmx> gotcha
13:56:35 <kborchers> #action kborchers to file JIRA to add a flag to the build for integration tests
13:56:36 <matzew> kborchers want to file a OS bug ? I could do it for you, I do have a bugzilla account
13:56:58 <kborchers> matzew: still trying to figure out with them if it's a bug
13:57:07 <matzew> kborchers ah - gotcha
13:57:09 <matzew> kk
13:57:16 <kborchers> they claim it idles after 2 days but i see it idle after an hour
13:57:48 <kborchers> i think
13:57:48 <kborchers> still tracking it down
13:57:53 <kborchers> lholmquist: anything else? otherwise JS is done
13:57:53 <matzew> geeksphone--
13:57:53 <aerobot> geeksphone took a dive. (Karma: -1)
13:57:56 <lholmquist> negative
13:58:21 <qmx> #topic Android
13:58:37 <passos> #action summersp update multipart PR about matzew sugestions
13:58:37 <passos> #action abstractj review multipart PR after summersp update this
13:58:40 <passos> #info multipart PR is ok for me
13:58:41 <passos> #info 1.1.0 release planned to next Tuesday
13:58:46 <abstractj> #agreed
13:58:51 <kborchers> #topic Android
13:59:01 <summersp> #agreed
13:59:22 <summersp> comments?
13:59:23 <matzew> passos summersp yo
13:59:30 <matzew> summersp I gave PR feedback :)
13:59:36 <summersp> matzew++
13:59:36 <aerobot> matzew gained a level! (Karma: 28)
13:59:45 <summersp> matzew, There happy now? :-p
13:59:47 <matzew> summersp :-P not that was not what I said
13:59:56 <matzew> summersp I said +1 on moving on, with AGDroid
13:59:57 <matzew> :)
14:00:03 <summersp> matzew, Ahhh gotcha
14:00:07 <passos> Next topic?
14:00:15 <qmx> summersp: not talking about dallas?
14:00:24 <summersp> qmx, Dallas is the next topic
14:00:30 <passos> :P
14:00:43 <summersp> Anyway Dallas Android User group was a hug success
14:00:52 <sblanc> summersp++
14:00:58 <aerobot> summersp leveled up! (Karma: 23)
14:00:58 <summersp> huge success even
14:00:59 <matzew> summersp++
14:01:00 <aerobot> summersp +1! (Karma: 24)
14:01:14 <qmx> #info Dallas preso was a success!
14:01:19 <matzew> :-)
14:01:24 <qmx> anything else android?
14:01:39 <summersp> #action host a Dallas Hangout for people who want to attend
14:01:54 <qmx> #agreed
14:02:00 <summersp> I don't want to bog this meting down
14:02:04 <abstractj> #action summersp file jiras based on Dallas feedback
14:02:06 <abstractj> :)
14:02:08 <matzew> :D
14:02:20 <qmx> android done?
14:02:20 <summersp> #agreed
14:02:23 <summersp> Android Done
14:02:39 <qmx> #topic iOS
14:02:43 <matzew> #info minor updates to doc and SDK/demos (e.g. reflecting the naming)
14:02:49 <matzew> #info minor updates to doc and SDK/demos (e.g. reflecting the naming of the spec )
14:03:26 <qmx> anything else iOS?
14:03:34 <matzew> #info nothing really special - push bits are ready (besides the little renaming) and just a small thing is missing for the 1.2.0
14:03:51 <matzew> #info "overhaul" on Store (could be done for the Offline / Data sync release as well)
14:03:57 <matzew> any comments ?
14:04:00 <qmx> no
14:04:04 <matzew> :-)
14:04:16 <qmx> next topic?
14:04:28 <passos> Go ahead
14:04:28 <qmx> #topic integration tests
14:04:56 <qmx> go corinnekrych go!
14:05:27 <corinnekrych> #info  register push app CRUD covered
14:05:49 <corinnekrych> #info UTF-8 and mobile variants CRUD covered
14:06:29 <corinnekrych> one question to answer that was asked on ML by Karel on mvn default choice
14:06:59 <corinnekrych> we need to take decision on that one
14:07:13 <qmx> corinnekrych: the voting on the ML is still going, isn't it?
14:07:37 <corinnekrych> right qmx will be for next meeting i guess
14:07:51 <kpiwko> so far it seems that people like to keep in in the repository but disable by default, enable only on Travis
14:07:51 <matzew> +1
14:08:06 <corinnekrych> +1
14:08:17 <qmx> kpiwko: not only on travis, but only for a final run before pushing
14:08:31 <qmx> the problem is downloading an entire container on the normal workflow ;)
14:08:32 <kpiwko> qmx: right
14:08:40 * qmx does that
14:09:38 <qmx> #action qmx will take care of wrapping the integration-tests-by-default discussion on the ML
14:09:40 <kpiwko> so I'm taking a non action here, waiting for discussion on ML to finish
14:09:57 <matzew> OK
14:09:57 <matzew> :)
14:09:59 <corinnekrych> kpiwko: we're missing test coverage for variant registration isn't it?
14:10:00 <qmx> kpiwko: let's sort this out sooner rather than later
14:10:00 <matzew> #agreed
14:10:01 <kpiwko> qmx: thanks! ;-)
14:10:16 <kpiwko> corinnekrych: I have it in my branch on gh
14:10:35 <corinnekrych> I will push PR today so you can do your kpiwko
14:10:36 <kpiwko> corinnekrych: waiting for your PR to be pushed upstream
14:10:39 <kpiwko> great
14:10:42 <qmx> anything else?
14:10:58 <corinnekrych> on android kpiwko ?
14:11:34 <kpiwko> #info we created a simple app for android (iOS upcoming) to run integration test part of unified server push on clients as well
14:12:01 <summersp> kpiwko, Cool.  gh link?
14:12:15 <corinnekrych> another demo app kpiwko ?
14:12:29 <corinnekrych> like quick start?
14:12:31 <tkriz> summersp: not yet
14:12:48 <matzew> share often, share early :)
14:12:54 <kpiwko> tkriz: ^
14:12:58 <kpiwko> corinnekrych: it's rather a testing app
14:13:16 <qmx> next topic?
14:13:22 <tkriz> corinnekrych: yes, it's definitely not a quickstart app :)
14:13:22 <kpiwko> corinnekrych: very simple, does nothing but registers itself and waits for push message
14:13:32 <matzew> qmx yes… :)
14:13:35 <qmx> #topic QE
14:13:39 <qmx> go kpiwko go
14:13:44 <kpiwko> #info Arquillian Android goodies
14:14:05 <kpiwko> logcat support
14:14:05 <kpiwko> #info logcat support in Droidium
14:14:49 <tkriz> #link info about configuration/features https://github.com/arquillian/arquillian-droidium/tree/master/droidium-container#logcat-logging-configuration
14:15:06 <qmx> nice!
14:15:13 <kpiwko> we're working towards controlling android env from tests
14:15:24 <kpiwko> + nice reporting what actually happens there
14:15:41 <matzew> kpiwko  cool stuff
14:15:43 <kpiwko> that's all from qe, rest was covered in previous discussions
14:15:49 <qmx> coolio
14:15:52 <qmx> questions?
14:16:17 <qmx> #topic misc
14:16:28 <lholmquist> #info  Luke at Phone Gap Day this week - Wednesday to Friday
14:16:31 <matzew> lholmquist "Day" ? :)
14:16:35 <qmx> #info qmx is sorry about ruining the meeting by trying to go too fast - lesson learned
14:16:45 <matzew> qmx :-)
14:16:57 <lholmquist> matzew: ;)  workshop on thursday
14:17:09 <qmx> #info kborchers gave a good idea for controlling the flow - the topic owner kicks the next topic
14:17:13 <matzew> lholmquist an interesting one, that contains push :)
14:17:28 <matzew> lholmquist any chance to reply on my plugin thoughts ?
14:17:29 <sblanc> qmx: +1 , that is the flow in forge meetings
14:17:44 <qmx> #info for this to happen I need to make everyone chair before the meeting starts ;)
14:17:46 <lholmquist> matzew: i'll try today, maybe
14:17:51 <matzew> qmx sblanc kpiwko  I guess that makes sense
14:17:54 <matzew> lholmquist :-P
14:18:05 <qmx> any last minute misc topics?
14:18:10 <matzew> qmx hrn
14:18:13 <matzew> NO
14:18:15 <abstractj> nope
14:18:17 <summersp> NOPE
14:18:18 <matzew> NOT HERE
14:18:19 <matzew> :)
14:18:19 <dbevenius> nope
14:18:22 <sblanc> nope
14:18:22 <qmx> say now or mute forever
14:18:24 <corinnekrych> all done
14:18:29 <qmx> #endmeeting