13:59:44 <qmx> #startmeeting
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14:00:08 <hbons_> corinnekrych: i've done some spacing fixes to ag.o, but there header doesn't seem to work anymore. can you have look? https://github.com/hbons/aerogear.org/tree/AEROGEAR-1285
14:00:09 <jbossbot> jira [3AEROGEAR-1285] aerogear.org responsive ui [10Open (Unresolved) Enhancement,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-1285
14:00:23 <qmx> #chair matzew passos summersp sblanc cvasilak corinnekrych kborchers abstractj
14:00:23 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj corinnekrych cvasilak kborchers matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
14:00:43 <qmx> #chair hbons
14:00:43 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj corinnekrych cvasilak hbons kborchers matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
14:00:52 <qmx> oops
14:01:00 <qmx> #chair hbons_
14:01:00 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj corinnekrych cvasilak hbons hbons_ kborchers matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
14:01:07 <corinnekrych> will look at it hbons_  just after meeting
14:01:08 <qmx> #topic site
14:01:19 <dbevenius> qmx: I want to join too :(
14:01:21 <qmx> #info nice work from corinnekrych :)
14:01:26 <qmx> #chair dbevenius
14:01:26 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj corinnekrych cvasilak dbevenius hbons hbons_ kborchers matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
14:01:29 <qmx> qmx--
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14:01:35 <dbevenius> qmx++ thanks
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14:02:06 <abstractj> let the fun begin
14:02:06 <corinnekrych> #info woking with hbons_ to make final adjustments to PR AREOGEAR-1285
14:02:12 <qmx> #action qmx is helping corinnekrych to clean up the branches history
14:02:46 <corinnekrych> we need yours comments to make sure your all ok with responsiveness
14:03:05 <qmx> I'd like to have at least two more reviewers on this
14:03:07 <corinnekrych> I mean you need to test it on your devices
14:03:08 <qmx> volunteers?
14:03:20 <qmx> (for the action item)
14:03:20 <passos> I
14:03:34 <passos> To test responsiveness?
14:03:42 <sblanc> Me too
14:03:44 <qmx> passos: yup, and the new design overall
14:03:57 <corinnekrych> I tested it on iPhone, iPad, iPad minio
14:04:01 <matzew> qmx let's all take a few minutes to test on our devices
14:04:11 <balunasj> matzew: +1
14:04:11 * passos is a voluntary
14:04:12 <matzew> qmx everybody should be able to do that
14:04:14 <qmx> #action qmx sblanc passos to review AEROGEAR-1285 on all devices
14:04:14 <jbossbot> jira [3AEROGEAR-1285] aerogear.org responsive ui [10Open (Unresolved) Enhancement,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-1285
14:04:15 <balunasj> I can as well
14:04:17 <cvasilak> matzew: +1
14:04:20 <balunasj> just need the link
14:04:21 * summersp vulunteers
14:04:23 <cvasilak> me too can test too
14:04:41 <qmx> matzew: yeah, but something that everyone owns, is owned by no one
14:04:52 <corinnekrych> :)
14:05:07 <qmx> those listed can hassle the others ;)
14:05:08 <matzew> qmx ok
14:05:12 <qmx> anything else site?
14:05:16 <matzew> #action matzew test corinnekrych update on site
14:05:18 <corinnekrych> done for me
14:05:32 <qmx> #topic push
14:05:54 <matzew> #info overall looks good for the release
14:06:12 <matzew> I think the different components can give more detailed updates
14:06:22 <matzew> #topic UnifiedPush
14:06:28 <matzew> #info code stable. Let's do a 'freeze' and apply only "needed" updates
14:06:44 <qmx> #agreed
14:06:49 <matzew> #info the  Admin UI "Installed" v0.0.2  -> looks great and works very good
14:06:54 <abstractj> #action abstractj fix the admin stuff
14:07:08 <matzew> #info used it for my Webinar preparations already (the Admin UI)
14:07:22 <abstractj> we don't want to release something with "that" issues, right?
14:07:27 <qmx> indeed
14:07:32 <qmx> abstractj++ bughunter
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14:07:41 <matzew> abstractj right - that's why I said needed updates
14:07:42 <matzew> :)
14:07:49 <lholmquist> #agreed
14:07:56 <qmx> #chair lholmquist
14:07:56 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj corinnekrych cvasilak dbevenius hbons hbons_ kborchers lholmquist matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
14:08:11 <matzew> ok
14:08:12 <qmx> matzew: next?
14:08:16 <matzew> #topic SimplePush Server
14:08:20 <dbevenius> #info No outstanding code changing tasks (though two documentation related tasks https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-237, https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-238)
14:08:20 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-237] Update vert.x documentation [10Pull Request Sent (Unresolved) Task,7 Major,6 Daniel Bevenius] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-237
14:08:21 <qmx> go dbevenius go
14:08:21 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-238] Remove duplicate protocol description from SimplePush server [10Pull Request Sent (Unresolved) Task,7 Major,6 Daniel Bevenius] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-238
14:08:29 <dbevenius> #info Code freeze if https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=987810 passes
14:08:32 <jbossbot> bugzilla [3OpenShift Online #987810] [fork][origin_runtime_186]some service can't start normally when create an apaerogear-push-0.8.0 app [10ASSIGNED Bug,7 medium,6 Farah Juma] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=987810
14:09:10 <dbevenius> waiting for that last test. There was an issue building but the issue was not to do with the cartridge or our bits.
14:09:16 <qmx> dbevenius: about the netty subsystem, want to talk about it too?
14:09:27 <dbevenius> sure...
14:09:58 <dbevenius> so we have been using the separate Netty subsystem which was a nice idea but more work than it's worth I think...
14:10:25 <dbevenius> I suggest that we take the code we need an stick it into the wildfly module in the SimplePush server project...
14:10:50 <matzew> dbevenius sounds good
14:10:56 <dbevenius> this way it will be specific for the SimplePush server and the configuration will be nicer..it's own schema with nice descipitve names etc.
14:11:21 <qmx> #info dbevenius is wondering to get rid of the netty subsystem and use a more simplepush specific one
14:11:22 <dbevenius> that's it :)
14:11:40 <dbevenius> qmx: thanks!
14:11:46 <qmx> next?
14:11:53 <dbevenius> #topic JS
14:11:55 <qmx> since the robot is back
14:11:56 <qmx> :P
14:12:02 <lholmquist> #info  Notifier Branch now in Master
14:12:17 <lholmquist> #info Advanced Apology - http://aerogear-dev.1069024.n5.nabble.com/aerogear-dev-Advance-Apology-tt4324.html
14:12:28 <qmx> :)
14:12:32 <qmx> kborchers++
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14:12:47 <lholmquist> #info kborchers working on AGJS-52
14:12:47 <jbossbot> jira [3AGJS-52] Sync SimplePush with Mozilla spec [10Coding In Progress (Unresolved) Task,7 Blocker,6 Kris Borchers] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-52
14:13:03 <lholmquist> #info docs are basically let for 1.2.0 release
14:13:33 <lholmquist> #topic iOS
14:13:49 <matzew> #info Today: Push SDK 0.6.0 released + Template update
14:14:02 <matzew> #info iOS client lib ready for 1.2.0
14:14:36 <matzew> #topic Android
14:14:58 <qmx> go summersp passos go!
14:15:18 <summersp> #info feature complete, but todo is some api cleanup
14:15:29 <summersp> I'm 90% done, tossing a PR out this morning for comments
14:15:53 <summersp> Big issues blocking 1.2 are docs and automated tests
14:15:59 <summersp> passos, Anything to add?
14:16:08 <passos> Nopz.
14:16:13 <sblanc> summersp: passos: Give me a sign when you want to release
14:16:26 <summersp> sblanc, We will :)
14:16:26 <qmx> #action sblanc will do the actual release, assisted by qmx
14:16:29 <qmx> sblanc++ maven all the things
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14:16:36 <qmx> next?
14:16:54 <summersp> #topic misc
14:16:57 <lholmquist> #info GCM For Chrome expirement - sent to ML
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14:17:10 <dbevenius> #info Need a JBoss Nexus account? Talk to qmx
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14:17:21 <matzew> ZOMG
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14:17:26 <qmx> anything else all?
14:17:26 <lholmquist> ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG
14:17:28 <summersp> karma best
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14:17:28 <aerobot> qmx           20
14:17:28 <aerobot> abstractj     19
14:17:28 <aerobot> dbevenius     18
14:17:28 <aerobot> summersp      12
14:17:30 <matzew> :)
14:17:39 <balunasj> lholmquist: nice!!
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14:17:57 <abstractj> karma best
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14:17:58 <aerobot> dbevenius     18
14:17:58 <aerobot> kborchers     13
14:18:00 <qmx> #endmeeting