13:56:38 <sblanc> #startmeeting
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13:57:00 <sblanc> #chair abstractj balunasj corinnekrych cvasilak dbevenius edewit kborchers lholmquist matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
13:57:00 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj balunasj corinnekrych cvasilak dbevenius edewit kborchers lholmquist matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
13:57:24 <sblanc> #topic UnifiedPush
13:57:26 <kborchers> #chair kpiwko
13:57:33 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj balunasj corinnekrych cvasilak dbevenius edewit kborchers kpiwko lholmquist matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
13:57:42 <matzew> # broadcast removed (PR sent)
13:57:42 <matzew> ## Sender/Client APIs: to be done (they need to reflect the change)
13:57:45 <matzew> ## Spec/Doc: same.... neeed to reflect the change.
13:57:46 <kpiwko> kborchers: thanks
13:57:46 <matzew> # looking into 'silent' send for iOS7
13:57:48 <matzew> # Database change: perhaps a CLI will be added (see AGPUSH-275)
13:57:51 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-275] UnifiedPush Server: Add database CLI [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Matthias Wessendorf] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-275
13:57:51 <matzew> whoops
13:57:52 <matzew> :)
13:58:07 <matzew> #info broadcast removed (PR sent)
13:58:08 <matzew> ## Sender/Client APIs: to be done (they need to reflect the change)
13:58:10 <matzew> ## Spec/Doc: same.... neeed to reflect the change.
13:58:12 <matzew> #info looking into 'silent' send for iOS7
13:58:14 <matzew> #info Database change: perhaps a CLI will be added (see AGPUSH-275)
13:58:21 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-275] UnifiedPush Server: Add database CLI [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Matthias Wessendorf] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-275
13:58:31 <lholmquist> #chair qmx
13:58:31 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj balunasj corinnekrych cvasilak dbevenius edewit kborchers kpiwko lholmquist matzew passos qmx sblanc summersp
13:58:50 <kborchers> lholmquist: he was already there
13:59:11 <balunasj> matzew: are their jira's for the sender/client/spec updates arleady?
13:59:12 <matzew> any questions ?
13:59:21 <matzew> balunasj yep
13:59:23 <passos> matzew: You will create issues with the necessary changes to in examples?
13:59:25 <matzew> sub tasks
13:59:46 <corinnekrych> what is silent send for io7 matzew
13:59:51 <sblanc> #action sblanc create jira for aerodoc update to reflect api change
14:00:02 <matzew> corinnekrych let's wait for iOS ...
14:00:04 <corinnekrych> oki
14:00:11 <matzew> passos the internals of the java sender is the only changes - not the out bound …
14:00:20 <matzew> perhaps a method name might change
14:00:23 <passos> ok
14:00:29 <matzew> so that's pretty much the only real change on the demos / examples
14:00:32 <balunasj> matzew: I'll review the cli jira more and ask on ml if I have questions
14:00:43 <sblanc> next ?
14:00:44 <matzew> balunasj that is perfect
14:01:06 <abstractj> .next
14:01:06 <matzew> sblanc ok
14:01:16 <matzew> #topic iOS
14:01:20 <matzew> #info Xcode template: Push related iOS (for iOS7 ONLY): A new delegate function should be generated for iOS7
14:01:57 <matzew> #info: iOS 7 has silent messages (aps:{content-available:1}} - can trigger logic in a different (new) callback, while the app is NOT active (in foreground)
14:02:32 <matzew> #info: worked locally already pretty good - but we need a) hook in the template and a little hook on the server; Once I get more time for that, there will be an email
14:02:46 <matzew> (later this week)
14:02:57 <matzew> corinnekrych does that answer your question ?
14:03:05 <corinnekrych> yes matzew
14:03:09 <matzew> corinnekrych great
14:03:10 <corinnekrych> JIRA? matzew
14:03:23 <matzew> corinnekrych there are already tickets
14:03:27 <matzew> server and iOS template
14:03:33 <corinnekrych> I mean do we have a JIRA in AGIOS
14:03:35 <corinnekrych> ok matzew
14:03:44 <matzew> corinnekrych for the template: yes
14:03:51 <matzew> corinnekrych the other item is on AGPUSH
14:04:02 <corinnekrych> ok thx matzew
14:04:05 <matzew> cool
14:04:13 <matzew> cvasilak wanna drive the rest of the iOS section ?
14:04:18 <cvasilak> #info familiarizing with security under iOS pointing some notes during my dive in the iOS sec land (disclaimer: security is hard :)
14:04:19 <cvasilak> #link https://gist.github.com/cvasilak/e20f353e85e57e875a93
14:04:27 <abstractj> #action cvasilak schedule a meeting to discuss how to move forward with crypto
14:04:37 <abstractj> #info abstractj will help/assist as needed
14:04:49 <cvasilak> abstractj: thank you
14:04:49 <cvasilak> #info corinne implementing an SQLite store extension for Data Manager
14:04:50 <cvasilak> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-ios/pull/80
14:04:51 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-ios] (7open) 6corinnekrych Agios 2511 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-ios/pull/80
14:05:01 <matzew> abstractj perhaps we can use the 'coffee time' this Wednesday for that ?
14:05:04 <matzew> cvasilak ^^
14:05:08 <abstractj> cvasilak I will also try to help with some jiras
14:05:22 <abstractj> matzew let's do it tomorrow morning
14:05:31 <matzew> abstractj that's fine as well :-)
14:05:43 <cvasilak> abstractj: matzew that's fine for me too
14:05:47 <matzew> awesome
14:06:08 <cvasilak> #info fixing iOS 7 issues e.g. TODO demo
14:06:09 <matzew> corinnekrych works for you too? iOS crypto party tomorrow ?
14:06:21 <corinnekrych> yes!
14:06:33 <matzew> nice
14:06:38 <corinnekrych> the more the better
14:06:45 <corinnekrych> :)
14:07:19 <cvasilak> abstractj: mind to schedule a meeting  when it fits you best if that's ok with you
14:07:29 <cvasilak> abstractj: for tomorrow
14:07:43 <abstractj> cvasilak sure
14:07:53 <abstractj> #action abstractj schedule a meeting with iOS team about crypto
14:08:08 <cvasilak> #action cvasilak will prepare an agenda and circulate with the team prior to the meeting
14:08:31 <corinnekrych> #agreed
14:08:57 <cvasilak> ok moving forward with the mtg
14:09:21 <cvasilak> #info fixing iOS 7 issues e.g. TODO demo
14:09:21 <cvasilak> #info multipart upload and "PList store handling of NSNull" are now merged into master. Both PList and JSON serialization store is supported
14:09:36 <cvasilak> #info new AeroDoc look is merged
14:09:42 <cvasilak> #info Cookbook for iOS to start with SQLite recipe
14:09:47 <cvasilak> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS-74
14:09:48 <jbossbot> jira [3AGIOS-74] Cookbook for SQLiteStore [10Open (Unresolved) Enhancement,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS-74
14:10:23 <cvasilak> any comments on the issues raised?
14:10:31 <sblanc> nope
14:10:33 <dbevenius> nope
14:10:41 <matzew> nice Look and Feel, corinnekrych !
14:10:54 <sblanc> indeed ! corinnekrych++
14:10:54 <aerobot> corinnekrych gained a level! (Karma: 27)
14:10:58 <corinnekrych> yes matzew  forgot part of the sentence
14:11:04 <corinnekrych> look and feel
14:11:09 <matzew> :-)
14:11:13 <sblanc> next ?
14:11:24 <cvasilak> #topic Android
14:11:25 <passos> #info 1.2.1 is done and we will release it in this week
14:11:59 <passos> That's all :D
14:12:02 <passos> summersp: Something to add?
14:12:14 <summersp> passos, That is it for now :)
14:12:31 <passos> Any questions?
14:12:35 <sblanc> nope
14:12:35 <abstractj> nope
14:12:43 <passos> #topic JS
14:12:44 <dbevenius> nope
14:12:53 <kborchers> #info Good progress on security/crypto
14:12:53 <kborchers> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js/pull/57
14:12:53 <kborchers> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js/pull/62
14:12:53 <kborchers> abstractj++ JS Guru
14:12:53 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-js] (7closed) 6abstractj GCM mode for symmetric encryption and also PBKDF2 for password key derivation11 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js/pull/57
14:12:55 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-js] (7open) 6abstractj Asymmetric encryption11 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js/pull/62
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14:13:03 <abstractj> lol
14:13:15 <sblanc> embedded karmas lol
14:13:18 <lholmquist> abstractj++
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14:13:23 <abstractj> kborchers++ JS master
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14:13:28 <abstractj> lholmquist++ JS master
14:13:28 <aerobot> lholmquist gained a level! (Karma: 58)
14:13:42 <kborchers> #info lholmquist added support for callbacks to the UnifiedPush client
14:13:42 <kborchers> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-69
14:13:42 <kborchers> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js/pull/59
14:13:44 <jbossbot> jira [3AGJS-69] Accept success/error/complete callback on the unifiedPushClient.registerWithPushServer function [10Resolved (Done) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Lucas Holmquist] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-69
14:13:48 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-js] (7closed) 6lholmquist UnifiedPush - add callback options - AGJS-6911 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js/pull/59
14:14:03 <kborchers> #info still researching and thinking about data sync. pouchdb may not be good enough since it only supports IE10+. thinking about maybe wrapping something around it but not sure how and not too crazy about that either
14:14:37 <matzew> kborchers oh, interesting
14:14:50 <matzew> lholmquist++ added callbacks
14:14:50 <aerobot> lholmquist gained a level! (Karma: 59)
14:15:28 <kborchers> sblanc: says ...
14:15:28 <kborchers> #info Maybe take a look at this project for Data Sync ( we know the developers ;) )
14:15:43 <kborchers> #link https://github.com/3musket33rs/sync
14:15:45 <kborchers> i took a look and i don't get it
14:15:59 <kborchers> i don't see any client side code to do the sync
14:16:01 <sblanc> kborchers: it's really early stages, I think corinnekrych can tell us more about this
14:16:03 <edewit> kborchers: with Errai we also made the sync server side...
14:16:33 <corinnekrych> sblanc: too daly stage tbh sblanc
14:16:49 <corinnekrych> edewit: what was it?
14:16:52 <sblanc> corinnekrych: kk, so just keep an eye on it
14:17:18 <edewit> corinnekrych: ahh... client - server data sync
14:17:38 <abstractj> nice discussion to the ML, I guess
14:17:42 <kborchers> agree
14:17:45 <matzew> #agreed
14:17:46 <sblanc> #agree
14:17:46 <kborchers> #agreed
14:17:47 <corinnekrych> #agreed
14:17:51 <lholmquist> #agreed
14:17:51 <dbevenius> #agreed
14:17:57 <cvasilak> #agreed
14:17:57 <abstractj> .next?
14:18:03 <kborchers> any questions?
14:18:03 <sblanc> nope
14:18:03 <abstractj> nope
14:18:07 <dbevenius> nope
14:18:10 <lholmquist> negative
14:18:11 <kborchers> #topic Security
14:18:15 <abstractj> #info Security roadmap is available feel free to start to create or link Jiras
14:18:15 <abstractj> #link http://staging.aerogear.org/docs/planning/roadmaps/AeroGearSecurity/
14:18:16 <abstractj> https://issues.jboss.org/issues/?jql=project%20%3D%20AGSEC%20AND%20fixVersion%20%3D%20%221.3.0%22%20AND%20status%20%3D%20Open%20ORDER%20BY%20priority%20DESC
14:18:16 <abstractj> #info I strongly recommend you to read those Jiras and start to link it to your project if you think it's necessary
14:18:16 <abstractj> #info abstractj started to describe AeroGear Crypto in a gist and will send the heads up to the mailing list after our meeting
14:18:16 <qmx> nope
14:18:17 <abstractj> #link https://gist.github.com/abstractj/f1229ae075f8e6688c75
14:18:18 <abstractj> #info abstractj will start to work on the server side to try the integration with JS and encrypted storage
14:18:19 <abstractj> #info after the first draft we can start to think about the specs around it
14:18:20 <abstractj> #info abstractj is not sure about how much time he might have available this week to dedicate to iOS and Android. So any help would be appreciated
14:18:21 <abstractj> #info during abstractj's vacations qmx will be in charge of security OH SHIT!
14:18:24 <abstractj> questions?
14:18:26 * qmx runs
14:18:30 <abstractj> lol
14:18:44 <matzew> :-)
14:19:06 <matzew> qmx u can do it ! :-)
14:19:18 <summersp> abstractj, Just let us know.  I've started taking a look at the android side of things and with 1.2.1 done I finally have all my focus back
14:19:46 <abstractj> summersp perfect! I will try to finish that gist and we can coordinate tomorrow? //cc passos
14:19:59 <summersp> abstractj, Sounds good
14:20:07 <passos> Ok
14:20:09 <abstractj> any more questions?
14:20:15 <sblanc> nope
14:20:16 <balunasj> abstractj: can't wait to see it
14:20:17 <qmx> nope
14:20:19 <dbevenius> nope
14:20:29 <abstractj> balunasj you won't be able to see, it's encrypted
14:20:35 * abstractj runs
14:20:37 <balunasj> LOL
14:20:39 <matzew> :-D
14:20:49 <abstractj> #topic SimplePush
14:20:50 <dbevenius> #info Currently investigating AGPUSH-337
14:20:51 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-337] OpenShift issue when xhr_streaming protocol is used [10Coding In Progress (Unresolved) Bug,7 Critical,6 Daniel Bevenius] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-337
14:20:51 <dbevenius> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-337
14:21:16 <dbevenius> any questions?
14:21:41 <sblanc> nope
14:21:43 <dbevenius> #topic QE
14:21:50 <kpiwko> #info pending tasks from previous week
14:21:50 <kpiwko> #info gathering more details about qe repositories in aerogear on GH
14:21:51 <kpiwko> #info disappointing Groovy fans - we need to switch to Java for integration tests due to code coverage (bytecode differences)
14:21:58 <matzew> dbevenius still debating if it's a proxy issue ? :)
14:22:24 <qmx> kpiwko: yay! :P
14:22:30 <dbevenius> matzew: I think it is...just need to confirm the actual issue. Got it running locally now so should be possible
14:22:41 <matzew> dbevenius thanks!
14:22:57 <kpiwko> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-117
14:22:57 <kpiwko> #info conclusion on AGDROID-117? Stefan would like to fix that and send PR
14:22:59 <jbossbot> jira [3AGDROID-117] Authentication is failing in the cookbook demo [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-117
14:23:02 <matzew> kpiwko interesting :-)
14:23:30 <kpiwko> matzew: do you rememeber you offered us to rewrite it to java after 0.8.0 was out? ;-)
14:23:50 <matzew> kpiwko somewhat, but mostly to make peace :-)
14:23:58 <matzew> at least I am willing to help with it
14:24:15 <qmx> kpiwko: we all can help
14:24:16 <qmx> right? RIGHT? :D
14:24:22 <matzew> qmx yup
14:24:26 <kpiwko> thanks! I think it's mostly done at this moment anyway :-P
14:24:39 <matzew> kpiwko even better :-)
14:24:55 <kpiwko> yep
14:24:55 <qmx> kpiwko++
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14:24:57 <kpiwko> aemmanou++
14:25:01 <aerobot> aemmanou gained a level! (Karma: 2)
14:25:02 <kpiwko> kpiwko--
14:25:06 <aerobot> kpiwko lost a level! (Karma: 7)
14:25:09 <corinnekrych> what's the issue kpiwko in more details?
14:25:17 <corinnekrych> me being curious
14:25:25 <kpiwko> corinnekrych: basically groovy compiler does not generate the same bytecode as javac
14:25:25 <summersp> kpiwko, As far as AGDROID-117 goes no no resolution.
14:25:31 <jbossbot> jira [3AGDROID-117] Authentication is failing in the cookbook demo [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-117
14:25:37 <matzew> grLOLvy :-)
14:25:47 <matzew> kpiwko it's interesting to hear
14:25:55 <kpiwko> so, when running itegration tests code coverage, we'd need to have agpush compiled by groovy compiler
14:25:56 <summersp> passos, Any comment on AGDROID-117
14:25:57 <jbossbot> jira [3AGDROID-117] Authentication is failing in the cookbook demo [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-117
14:25:58 <kpiwko> in order to measure cc
14:26:09 <matzew> kpiwko o_O
14:26:25 <kpiwko> otherwise bytecode would not match and jacoco will give 0%
14:26:26 <passos> summersp: I'll look at it after release 1.2.1. It's priority now
14:26:42 <kpiwko> so, we did compiler agpush by groovy
14:27:06 <corinnekrych> and?
14:27:07 <kpiwko> but it does not scale for more complicated tests, where agpush bit are fetched via maven
14:27:13 <kpiwko> *bits
14:27:54 <passos> corinnekrych kpiwko ML?
14:28:04 <kpiwko> can do
14:28:10 <kpiwko> passos: w.r.t. AGDROID-117
14:28:10 <jbossbot> jira [3AGDROID-117] Authentication is failing in the cookbook demo [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-117
14:28:11 <corinnekrych> ok
14:28:19 <corinnekrych> thanks for sharing kpiwko
14:28:25 <passos> kpiwko:  I'll look at it after release 1.2.1. It's priority now
14:28:29 <kpiwko> just get it tough with smikloso, he's eager to make it work
14:28:38 <passos> kpiwko: Sure
14:28:50 <kpiwko> I'm actually not sure wheter this should be fixed on AGDROID side
14:29:00 <kpiwko> hence the need for conclusion where is the bug
14:29:23 <kpiwko> any questions for QE?
14:29:31 <summersp> kpiwko, passos So the server side changed out from under the library.  The question is is the server side change a regression or the android lib out of date
14:29:33 <summersp> IIRC
14:29:43 <sblanc> well that make a nice transition for the misc topic which about the same problem no ?
14:29:46 <passos> kpiwko: This has already been discussed and the problem is on the server side
14:30:12 <abstractj> I hear someone screaming at the end of the room "ML!"
14:30:16 <kpiwko> passos: ok
14:30:40 <kpiwko> next?
14:30:46 <sblanc> yep
14:30:46 <passos> yes
14:31:05 <kpiwko> #action kpiwko send some details on ML about groovy + cc issues
14:31:28 <kpiwko> #action smikloso raise discussion about AGPUSH-117 on ML from dust
14:31:29 <jbossbot> jira [3AGPUSH-117] Example for storing geo-data a business backend [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Matthias Wessendorf] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-117
14:31:31 <abstractj> #agreed
14:31:33 <corinnekrych> #agreed
14:31:46 <edewit> kpiwko: just for the groovy love it must be solvable ;)
14:31:53 <qmx> good
14:32:02 <kpiwko> edewit: it would be if maven-compiler-plugin would not be broken as well :-)
14:32:07 <sblanc> next ?
14:32:21 <abstractj> next next
14:32:30 <passos> next next next
14:32:30 <abstractj> 36 minutes, we can do it!
14:32:40 <edewit> kpiwko: maven is a broken concept
14:32:53 <abstractj> edewit let's talk about maven religion after our meeting
14:32:53 <qmx> #topic Misc
14:32:59 <abstractj> please please
14:33:00 <sblanc> #info What to do about the aerogear-controller-demo repo ? Currently broken for OTP testingyep.
14:33:11 <sblanc> #link http://aerogear-dev.1069024.n5.nabble.com/aerogear-dev-Authentication-issues-td4621.html
14:33:15 <kpiwko> sblanc: I like the topic!
14:33:16 <qmx> sblanc: ag controller is effectively dead
14:33:28 <sblanc> related somehow to previous discussion
14:33:38 <sblanc> but we have already a ML thread, now we have to make a decision
14:33:47 <qmx> we need to spin a new backend, don't we?
14:33:56 <sblanc> qmx: yep , full jax-rs
14:34:01 <smikloso> qmx: why it is dead?
14:34:28 <abstractj> any bits from ag-controller should be ported to JAX-RS IMO
14:34:46 <abstractj> or node, or whatever
14:34:47 <sblanc> #agreed
14:34:52 <dbevenius> #agreed
14:35:02 <kpiwko> smikloso: there was some discussion about that on ML
14:35:02 <abstractj> any volunteers?
14:35:19 <summersp> abstractj, I'll take a look.
14:35:19 <qmx> smikloso: we discussed this some months ago on the mailing list - high unlikely to gain traction + web development moving away from EE + entire team agreement
14:35:20 <sblanc> and in the same time we need a backend to do test for OTP / paging etc ...
14:35:23 <sblanc> I can also help
14:35:31 <passos> abstractj: I'll work on it
14:35:44 <summersp> abstractj, passos sblanc I have a small test harness for serverside stuff I started up a while a go
14:35:46 <summersp> ago*
14:35:53 <sblanc> maybe start a frsh thread on the ML ?
14:35:57 <summersp> It may not be useful but it may be a start
14:35:57 <sblanc> fresh]
14:36:05 <summersp> jFresh EE
14:36:22 <corinnekrych> :)
14:36:30 <sblanc> ok any questions ?
14:36:33 <abstractj> summersp++
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14:36:44 <abstractj> sblanc++
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14:36:57 <qmx> summersp --
14:36:57 <qmx> :P
14:37:01 <summersp> #action summersp passos sblanc move ag-controller-demo to jax-rs
14:37:02 <qmx> nope
14:37:04 <qmx> sblanc++
14:37:04 <aerobot> sblanc gained a level! (Karma: 29)
14:37:05 <qmx> summersp++
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14:37:07 * passos start google effects
14:37:07 <sblanc> #endmeeting