14:52:02 <cvasilak> #startmeeting
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14:52:16 <cvasilak> #chair abstractj balunasj matzew sblanc lholmquist edewit cvasilak corinnekrych passos summersp
14:52:16 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj balunasj corinnekrych cvasilak edewit lholmquist matzew passos sblanc summersp
14:52:34 <cvasilak> #topic Android
14:52:41 <passos> #info AeroGear Android 1.3.1 blog post
14:52:42 <passos> #link http://blog.passos.me/aerogear-android-1_3_1-release/
14:52:55 <summersp> \0/
14:52:56 <summersp> passos++
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14:53:17 <balunasj|mtg> yay!
14:53:18 <matzew> passos++
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14:53:38 <matzew> summersp++
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14:53:48 <passos> summersp: something to add?
14:53:59 <summersp> passos, My devnexus workshop will be accepted this afternoon
14:54:09 <passos> next?
14:54:12 <summersp> next!
14:54:16 <passos> #topic iOS
14:54:17 <cvasilak> #info OAuth2 under review
14:54:29 <cvasilak> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-ios/pull/101
14:54:38 <cvasilak> #info GooggleDrive demo in cookbook (PR sent, under review)
14:54:49 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-ios] (7open) 6corinnekrych Agios 138 and Agios 137: first draft of OAuth211 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-ios/pull/101
14:54:50 <cvasilak> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-ios-cookbook/pull/1
14:54:56 <jbossbot> git pull req [12aerogear-ios-cookbook] (7open) 6corinnekrych add Google Drive demo11 https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-ios-cookbook/pull/1
14:54:56 <cvasilak> #action cvasilak review PRs
14:54:57 <cvasilak> #info multi-part upload updated to support more types, Files, Streams, NSData
14:54:58 <cvasilak> #link https://github.com/cvasilak/aerogear-ios/blob/60db78a071c3eec8be2e2358c5849ef8de8a6424/AeroGear-iOS/AeroGear-iOS/pipeline/AGPipe.h#L123
14:55:08 <jbossbot> git [12aerogear-ios]7 60db78a.. 6Christos Vasilakis updated api doc for multipart
14:55:14 <cvasilak> any questions/comments?
14:55:15 <summersp> Quick question about the Oauth2 thing, I'm not sure I see the need for AGAuth and AGAuthz, what does Authz add that wasn't able to be handled by Auth?
14:55:43 <abstractj> summersp authz was supposed to be for authorization, no?
14:55:51 <abstractj> auth - authentication
14:55:54 <corinnekrych> yep abstractj I took naming convention from Js code
14:55:54 <summersp> abstractj, Right.  I'm just wondering what it does that wasn't handled by the auht module already (which was handling the tokens and such for things it authed)
14:56:15 <summersp> abstractj, I suppose my point is If we are making this break here and now, perhaps we should retrofit the old auth modules to have authz and auth instead of doing it all themselves
14:56:22 <abstractj> summersp auth will handle everything related to authentication, authz anything related to authorization, is my gut
14:56:26 <lholmquist> well our auth adapters have login/logout/enroll,   but 0auth is more than that i think,  since it has scopes
14:57:11 <balunasj|mtg> As long as we're consistent across libs with naming I'm fine with either
14:57:12 <balunasj|mtg> summersp: is that you concern?
14:57:28 <corinnekrych> yep for OAuth2 we don't have login but for now one method authorize
14:57:36 <lholmquist> for JS we integrated authz into pipeline
14:57:38 <corinnekrych> same for iOs
14:57:43 <summersp> lholmquist, Right I saw that and had the same concern but was busy wandering into sync and security land :)
14:57:55 <summersp> lholmquist, abstractj I actually LIKE adding in AuthZ, but I am worried about having two systems now
14:58:07 <summersp> Old Auth stuff where auth and authz are in the AuthModule
14:58:25 <summersp> and new Auth stuff which has Auth and Authz in separat emodules
14:58:39 <lholmquist> i think this is a good discussion for the ML
14:58:44 <abstractj> I think it can be refactored if we strongly agree on the opposite
14:58:59 <summersp> abstractj, lholmquist Ok.
14:59:11 <summersp> #action summersp whine about Auth and Authz on ML
14:59:19 <corinnekrych> #agreed
14:59:30 <cvasilak> #agreed
14:59:36 <sblanc> #agreed
14:59:44 <abstractj> #agreed
15:00:11 <cvasilak> any other questions/concerns?
15:00:18 <corinnekrych> there is similarity in token but interfaces are diffrent
15:00:32 <corinnekrych> to be discussed
15:00:33 <corinnekrych> next
15:00:36 <summersp> next
15:00:38 <abstractj> nex
15:00:39 <abstractj> t
15:00:39 <matzew> NeXT
15:00:47 <cvasilak> #topic UnifiedPush
15:00:56 <matzew> #info evaluation for Jan. release (e.g. what makes it - what not)
15:01:06 <matzew> #link http://bit.ly/1klX90Q
15:01:08 <matzew> #action sblanc will update the roadmap based on the evaluation
15:01:08 <matzew> #info What to do for User Management in the short term ? Deliver own solution without keycloak or release the whole stuff later with keycloak ?
15:01:30 <sblanc> matzew: shall we start a thread to discuss what to put in the next release or discuss this here ?
15:01:38 <abstractj> sblanc matzew IMO, deliver our own solution and keep it simple, until we think we are fine with keycloak
15:01:41 <matzew> @Keycloak: I think sblanc added the question; I am not sure. It also increasees the hassle of installing the UPS - since a Keycloak server is also needed
15:01:42 <corinnekrych> how fare are we in the implementation without kC
15:01:42 <corinnekrych> ?
15:01:43 <matzew> abstractj yep
15:01:49 <matzew> that is my feeling as well
15:01:49 <abstractj> first we need to be very comfortable with keycloak
15:01:52 <matzew> abstractj +9001
15:01:56 <sblanc> corinnekrych: almost there, some polishing left
15:02:06 <sblanc> abstractj: matzew: kk
15:02:15 <sblanc> #action deliver user management PRs this week
15:02:20 <corinnekrych> so it's worth having a version withotu
15:02:29 <corinnekrych> without
15:02:43 <matzew> sblanc yeah :-)
15:02:50 <sblanc> corinnekrych: ok cool, I wanted to have the opinions of the team and I have it by now :)
15:02:54 <matzew> Are there any more questions or so ?
15:03:00 <balunasj|mtg> sblanc:  if we can have some minimal acceptable management without, and then upgrade when needed I'm good with that
15:03:01 <matzew> otherwise, Id' do NEXT :)
15:03:29 <matzew> sblanc a thread on the ML would be still appropriate, I guess
15:03:43 <matzew> for now and future reference
15:03:46 <sblanc> balunasj|mtg: yep, but keycloak could bring some Flow / changes
15:04:00 <abstractj> sblanc we can discuss the phase out of ag-sec, when and how on the ML
15:04:02 <matzew> balunasj|mtg pain point: A server is needed; brings more hassle
15:04:15 <balunasj|mtg> matzew: +1 on more hassle
15:04:26 <abstractj> sblanc I don't bother about the flow changes and I feel very comfortable if necessary to send some code to keycloak
15:04:33 <sblanc> #action starts ML threads for 0.10.0 release scope and for  keycloak stuff
15:04:51 <balunasj|mtg> sblanc: We can discuss more on ml +1
15:04:55 <matzew> yep
15:05:01 <abstractj> #agreed
15:05:14 <matzew> #topic JS
15:05:20 <lholmquist> #info OAuth2 Adapter is now in the master branch
15:05:20 <lholmquist> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js/commit/df8bc98f9304b3ac8306f76f53316d0726e9e6af
15:05:21 <jbossbot> git [12aerogear-js]7 df8bc98.. 6Lucas Holmquist AUTHZ - Addition of  OAuth2 Adapter. AGJS-72
15:05:21 <jbossbot> jira [3AGJS-72] Add OAuth2 Adapter [10Resolved (Done) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Lucas Holmquist] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-72
15:05:22 <lholmquist> abstractj++ for the review
15:05:22 <aerobot> abstractj gained a level! (Karma: 131)
15:05:32 <lholmquist> #info a small example on how to use it here
15:05:33 <lholmquist> #link https://github.com/lholmquist/ag-google-drive
15:05:33 <lholmquist> #info will be moved to the cookbook
15:05:51 <lholmquist> #info some JIRA's for non standard options that might be useful
15:05:52 <lholmquist> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-119
15:05:52 <lholmquist> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-120
15:05:53 <jbossbot> jira [3AGJS-119] OAuth2 adapter - add Some Non standard options [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-119
15:05:54 <jbossbot> jira [3AGJS-120] Add Validate Token endpoint option [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-120
15:05:55 <lholmquist> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-121
15:05:55 <jbossbot> jira [3AGJS-121] Add "Scopes" parsing option [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-121
15:06:02 <lholmquist> #info JS cookbook repo created
15:06:06 <lholmquist> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js-cookbook
15:06:07 <lholmquist> #info JIRA's for Recipes
15:06:07 <lholmquist> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-104
15:06:09 <jbossbot> jira [3AGJS-104] Create a AeroGear JavaScript Cookbook [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Lucas Holmquist] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGJS-104
15:06:45 <abstractj> sweet
15:06:55 <corinnekrych> nice to have a JS cookbook
15:07:18 <lholmquist> there is a basic pipeline example there now
15:08:19 <lholmquist> anything else?
15:08:28 <sblanc> nope
15:08:40 <matzew> lholmquist++ cookbook
15:08:40 <aerobot> lholmquist gained a level! (Karma: 103)
15:08:42 <lholmquist> #topic Security
15:08:43 <abstractj> #info R&D on Key exchange: ephemeral DH and ECDH
15:08:43 <abstractj> #link http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2631.txt
15:08:44 <abstractj> #info AeroGear Security 1.3.1 is the latest stable releae for AG
15:08:44 <abstractj> #link http://search.maven.org/#search%7Cga%7C1%7Caerogear-security
15:08:46 <abstractj> #info AeroGear Crypto 0.1.2 was released with digital signatures sauce
15:08:47 <abstractj> #link http://search.maven.org/#search%7Cga%7C1%7Caerogear-crypto
15:08:48 <abstractj> #info I would like to close some crypto related tasks
15:08:48 <abstractj> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGSEC-147
15:08:49 <jbossbot> jira [3AGSEC-147] Provide easy to use API interface for advanced encryption [10Reopened (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Bruno Oliveira] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGSEC-147
15:08:51 <abstractj> #action team review what can be closed and where abstractj could help you
15:08:53 <abstractj> questions, tomatoes....snowballs ?
15:09:11 <matzew> snowballs :-)
15:09:20 <abstractj> \o/
15:09:42 <matzew> oh, cool on the digital signatures release
15:09:42 <matzew> abstractj++
15:09:52 <aerobot> abstractj gained a level! (Karma: 132)
15:10:16 <abstractj> any questions? objections? otherwise I will move to the next topic
15:10:31 <sblanc> nope
15:10:32 <passos> next
15:10:33 <matzew> next
15:10:34 <lholmquist> net
15:10:34 <corinnekrych> next
15:10:34 <lholmquist> xt
15:10:35 <abstractj> #topic Data sync
15:10:48 <abstractj> #info Use cases posted on the mailing list
15:11:00 <abstractj> #link https://gist.github.com/qmx/8278287
15:11:01 <abstractj> #link http://aerogear-dev.1069024.n5.nabble.com/aerogear-dev-sync-td5661.html
15:11:02 <abstractj> #info Are we fine with it? What's missing?
15:11:02 <abstractj> #info Jiras! Jiras! Jiras!
15:11:06 <abstractj> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-1374
15:11:40 <jbossbot> jira [3AEROGEAR-1374] Data Synchronization [10Open (Unresolved) Epic,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-1374
15:12:24 <summersp> abstractj, I'm working on a response to the ML :)
15:12:32 <matzew> #action matzew review mailing list thread and the gist
15:12:33 <abstractj> #info summersp is working on a response to the ML
15:12:34 <balunasj|mtg> matzew: ditto for me on ml review
15:12:34 <balunasj|mtg> now that I'm back
15:12:35 <matzew> balunasj|mtg :-) yeah - catching up takes some time :-)
15:12:35 <sblanc> cool let the sync fury start !
15:12:45 <abstractj> is healthy to review the jiras too and check what's missing
15:12:50 <abstractj> just a suggestion
15:12:54 <abstractj> questions?
15:13:29 <sblanc> nope
15:14:12 <corinnekrych> will review it too
15:14:19 <abstractj> #topic Misc
15:14:19 <abstractj> #info Happy new year
15:14:24 <abstractj> #info Getting started experience review
15:14:26 <corinnekrych> I bump into https://ietf.org/doc/rfc6902/
15:14:39 <corinnekrych> and thought we might use it for sync
15:14:39 <balunasj|mtg> I added the last bit there on the getting start review
15:15:08 <corinnekrych> what is it for balunasj|mtg ?
15:15:08 <balunasj|mtg> This is something I think we've been improving on, but for the new year want to focus on this more - personally so if you start to see
15:15:46 <balunasj|mtg> me ask stupid questions and poking around I'll be creating some apps, and reviews, and jira's around this :-)
15:16:00 <balunasj|mtg> Thats all, nothing major :-)
15:16:27 <cvasilak> for the record
15:16:37 <cvasilak> #info JSON Patch
15:16:42 <cvasilak> #link https://ietf.org/doc/rfc6902/
15:17:02 <balunasj|mtg> next?
15:17:28 <cvasilak> I think we can end here anything else?
15:17:41 <sblanc> balunasj|mtg: next throws endOfMeeting Exception
15:17:55 <matzew> BOOOM
15:18:05 <balunasj|mtg> #endmeeting
15:18:08 <balunasj|mtg> ;-)
15:18:50 <baulnasj> #endmeeting
15:19:22 <cvasilak> #endmeeting