12:08:56 <cvasilak> #startmeeting
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12:09:04 <cvasilak> #chair corinnekrych cvasilak passos abstractj
12:09:04 <jbott> Current chairs: abstractj corinnekrych cvasilak passos
12:09:09 <cvasilak> anyone else joining ?
12:09:32 <cvasilak> #meetingtopic AeroGear iOS Team Meeting
12:09:42 <cvasilak> #addtopic Release 2.0
12:09:42 <cvasilak> #addtopic Travis-CI
12:09:42 <cvasilak> #addtopic Http module
12:09:42 <cvasilak> #addtopic Documentation
12:09:52 <cvasilak> #addtopic Release 1.6.1
12:09:56 <cvasilak> #addtopic Misc
12:10:00 <cvasilak> #nexttopic
12:10:00 <jbott> #topic Release 2.0
12:10:13 <cvasilak> #info JIRA issues
12:10:13 <cvasilak> #link https://issues.jboss.org/issues/?filter=12322213
12:10:37 <cvasilak> basically travis, multipart work and docs which will be discussed later on
12:10:42 <cvasilak> #nexttopc
12:10:44 <cvasilak> #nexttopic
12:10:44 <jbott> #topic Travis-CI
12:10:49 <cvasilak> #info there are some critical issues after xcode 6 roll out, in which travis-ci is still investigating (as of 2 days ago)
12:10:49 <cvasilak> #link http://status.travis-ci.com/incidents/y9pysslbxb79
12:10:50 <cvasilak> #info let's wait for travis-ci integration until issues are fixed, not blocker can always be done after release
12:10:50 <jbossbot> Title:3 Travis CI Status - Issues following rollout of Xcode 6
12:11:09 <cvasilak> corinnekrych yesterday night they release a workaround need to check with it
12:11:17 <corinnekrych> i wish we had a Travis build so hard
12:11:24 <corinnekrych> oki
12:11:28 <cvasilak> yeap
12:11:28 <corinnekrych> there is hope
12:11:43 <cvasilak> #action cvasilak is looking the travis-ci issue
12:11:48 <cvasilak> #nexttopic
12:11:48 <jbott> #topic Http module
12:11:55 <cvasilak> #lnfo background upload/download integration with background transfer service
12:11:55 <cvasilak> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS-233
12:11:55 <cvasilak> #info Allow multipart data parts without specifying name/filename combo
12:11:55 <cvasilak> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS-208
12:11:55 <cvasilak> #info cvasilak still working on both of these, plan to sort out this week
12:11:56 <jbossbot> jira [3AGIOS-233] Support for background upload/download task [10Open (Unresolved) Task,7 Major,6 Christos Vasilakis] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS-233
12:11:56 <jbossbot> jira [3AGIOS-208] Allow multipart data parts without specifying name/filename combo [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Christos Vasilakis] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS-208
12:12:07 <corinnekrych> do you need help on those cvasilak ?
12:12:13 <cvasilak> yeap keeps bugging me but hopefully it will be shorted shoon
12:12:40 <corinnekrych> cvasilak: you have a sh- in your tongue
12:12:45 <corinnekrych> :)
12:13:03 <cvasilak> corinnekrych thank you blocked by some silly stuff but will workaround it
12:13:11 <cvasilak> #nexttopic
12:13:11 <jbott> #topic Documentation
12:13:16 <cvasilak> #info API class documentation polish
12:13:16 <cvasilak> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS-273
12:13:16 <cvasilak> #action corinnekrych to take ticket
12:13:17 <jbossbot> jira [3AGIOS-273] Polish API documentation for client-libs http-oauth libraries [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Christos Vasilakis] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS-273
12:13:40 <corinnekrych> let me assign the ticket right now
12:13:57 <corinnekrych> ah already mine cool
12:14:01 <cvasilak> corinnekrych have assigned to you to look at, I think this tool jazzy migtht be handy
12:14:22 <cvasilak> corinnekrych basiclly mimis the l&f of the newest api documentation
12:14:27 <corinnekrych> ah
12:14:30 <corinnekrych> interesting
12:14:33 <cvasilak> yeap
12:15:11 <cvasilak> ok great moving next
12:15:16 <corinnekrych> a soulful way to generate docs for Swift & Objective-C analytics
12:16:00 <jbossbot> new jira [3AEROGEAR-1522] Wrong port listed in webapp README [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-1522
12:16:10 <cvasilak> corinnekrych yeap nice description
12:16:13 <cvasilak> #nexttopic
12:16:13 <jbott> #topic Release 1.6.1
12:16:28 <cvasilak> #action corinnekrych to do her first release this week
12:16:35 <passos> Link for 1.6.1 jiras?
12:17:23 <corinnekrych> good point passos
12:17:24 <cvasilak> corinnekrych let me know when u start and we can coordinate on this if there are issues but in-general their new publish method is far better and easier than doing PRs
12:17:53 <corinnekrych> actually it’s only one JIRA if I remember let me find it
12:18:33 <abstractj> cvasilak corinnekrych question to you guys. For the keycloak integration, do you guys make use of http-oauth2 library?
12:19:02 <corinnekrych> yes abstractj
12:19:20 <passos> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGIOS/fixforversion/12325601
12:19:28 <abstractj> corinnekrych so technically the library to integrate with keycloak is http-oauth2, right?
12:19:33 <cvasilak> passos basically this minor release fixes an issue with xcode 6, upgrads all dependant libs (afnet, httpsttub) to their latest vers
12:19:41 <abstractj> ooops sorry for interrupt
12:19:50 <passos> cvasilak: I just find and link that ;)
12:19:51 <corinnekrych> yes abstractj although
12:20:04 <cvasilak> passos++
12:20:04 <aerobot> passos gained a level! (Karma: 392)
12:20:05 <corinnekrych> the 1.6 already have soem integration with KC
12:20:10 <cvasilak> passos thanks you
12:20:22 <corinnekrych> but i think we missed refresh and revoke grant in 1.6
12:20:33 <abstractj> corinnekrych I will open a new topic when you guys are done
12:20:37 <abstractj> sorry for the interruption
12:20:53 <corinnekrych> basically with ios-oauth2, we rewrite all with http (without pipe) and
12:21:15 <corinnekrych> use extract oauth2 and carry on the work on oauth2 features
12:21:42 <abstractj> are we done with the other topics?
12:21:54 <abstractj> into this way we can talk a bit about KC
12:22:11 <corinnekrych> one last topic
12:22:17 <abstractj> corinnekrych go ahead
12:22:20 <corinnekrych> is about aeorgear-ios
12:22:23 <cvasilak> #nexttopic
12:22:23 <jbott> #topic Misc
12:22:27 <corinnekrych> question for passos
12:22:28 <passos> #addtopic Keycloak
12:22:35 <cvasilak> #info move backend-cookbook to official repo
12:22:35 <cvasilak> #link https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-1518
12:22:36 <jbossbot> jira [3AEROGEAR-1518] Move aerogear-backend-cookbook [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Matthias Wessendorf] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-1518
12:22:54 <corinnekrych> this one ^^ is important too
12:22:57 <cvasilak> corinnekrych I think this can be moved at this state now right ?
12:23:04 <passos> #agreed
12:23:04 <corinnekrych> who can move the repo to ag organizatipn?
12:23:20 <corinnekrych> the ticket is assigned to matzew|BRB
12:23:34 <corinnekrych> for our 2.0 i’d like to have it to central repo
12:23:36 <passos> corinnekrych: I think yes. Just wait matzew create a new repo and send a PR to team review that
12:24:04 <corinnekrych> action corinnekrych to ask matzew|BRB about moving repo
12:24:10 <passos> corinnekrych: I'd like to see some project in our Openshift account too. For the communite use it. wdyt?
12:24:17 <cvasilak> #action corinnekrych to ask matzew|BRB about moving repo
12:24:23 <corinnekrych> good idea passos
12:24:26 <corinnekrych> #agreed
12:24:33 <corinnekrych> do you take the point passos ?
12:24:36 <abstractj> #addtopic demos
12:25:16 <cvasilak> #agreed that will be a good idea since mainly was done to be reused hosted them would be nice and convenient
12:25:43 <corinnekrych> although this demo is doing real file upload…
12:25:45 <passos> #action passos ask matzew relase backend projects in our openshift account
12:26:01 <passos> next?
12:26:20 <cvasilak> #info what do we do with aerogear-ios?
12:26:20 <cvasilak> #action cvasilak to ask mailing list to agree with android team
12:26:50 <corinnekrych> what are we going to do with aerogear-ios/android
12:26:51 <cvasilak> will be more detailed on the email so everyone can have a view, basically...
12:26:54 <corinnekrych> that is the question
12:27:04 <passos> #agreed
12:27:19 <corinnekrych> is it goign to be deprecated or it is goign to be reuse for umbrella project listing all sub-module?
12:27:29 <corinnekrych> #agreed
12:27:45 <corinnekrych> important topic to be cleared for 2.0 release
12:28:03 <cvasilak> since 2.0 for us will be separate libraries http-oauth and as in android, what will be the faith of the parent pre 2.0 library
12:28:12 <cvasilak> #agreed kk will send on the ML
12:28:38 <abstractj> cvasilak part of my next questions, to the next topic and also one of the subjects for tomorrow
12:28:40 <abstractj> :)
12:28:48 <cvasilak> :)
12:28:55 <cvasilak> #nexttopic
12:28:55 <jbott> #topic Keycloak
12:28:58 <abstractj> yay
12:29:07 <abstractj> #info Currently to integrate with Keycloak the main library is http-oauth2
12:29:07 <abstractj> #info with ios-oauth2, we rewrite all with http (without pipe)
12:29:12 <abstractj> question to you guys
12:29:30 <abstractj> today, if I want to integrate with keycloak. Where am I supposed to go?
12:30:31 <abstractj> as developer, I want to write a dummy app and integrate with KC
12:30:58 <corinnekrych> you have sample demo in ios-cookbook
12:31:10 <corinnekrych> I agree it’s confusing because of the naming
12:31:25 <corinnekrych> aerogear client sdk for keycloak project for ios and android
12:31:27 <abstractj> corinnekrych nah, it's not anyones fault. I'm trying to understand what do we have today
12:31:33 <corinnekrych> and for js you go keycloak.js
12:31:53 <passos> #info KC iOS demo
12:31:56 <passos> #link https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-ios-cookbook/tree/master/ProductInventory
12:32:04 <corinnekrych> yeap the demo is good starting point
12:32:09 <abstractj> corinnekrych so the cookbook already have the KC showcase for iOS and also for Android passos?
12:32:12 <corinnekrych> we deleted this one
12:32:23 <corinnekrych> because cvasilak didn’t like it :P
12:32:28 <abstractj> next question
12:32:33 <corinnekrych> but i want a helloworld keycloak demo back
12:32:56 <corinnekrych> one which will just demo authz code grant revoke/refresh, openid etc…
12:33:01 <passos> abstractj: We don't have it yet on Android land. In our task list for after release 2.0
12:33:06 <abstractj> the ios-oauth2 library is the core for the integration with KC?
12:33:06 <corinnekrych> simple helloworl dedicated to keyclao
12:33:15 <corinnekrych> yes
12:33:21 <abstractj> passos only checking, and if you guys don't have bandwidth, is on me
12:33:33 <corinnekrych> basically oauth2 provide KC and oauth2 other providers like
12:33:37 <corinnekrych> facebook and google
12:33:42 <corinnekrych> it’s not just KC
12:33:45 <corinnekrych> it’s oauth2
12:33:52 <abstractj> corinnekrych sorry for the ultra dumb question. So if I want to get started, I download oauth2 lib and call it a day, right?
12:33:52 <passos> abstractj: Go ahead :)
12:34:04 <abstractj> following all the steps at cookbooks
12:34:09 <corinnekrych> oauth2 has a dependecy on http
12:34:20 <corinnekrych> yes abstractj
12:34:22 <abstractj> corinnekrych totally fair
12:34:30 <abstractj> corinnekrych also, I wouldn't call KC
12:34:32 <abstractj> but bearer
12:34:33 <corinnekrych> from a developer it’s pretty easy to use
12:34:45 <abstractj> didn't get the chance to look at the library
12:35:08 <abstractj> but if we have the class names with KC, would be better to rename to bearer
12:35:19 <abstractj> more specific to the protocol than technology
12:35:24 <corinnekrych> i don’t follow you on KC
12:35:34 <corinnekrych> KC ==keyclaok in short when i write
12:35:59 <abstractj> corinnekrych correct, you mentioned that we have KC integration inside oauth2 library, right?
12:36:07 <corinnekrych> ues
12:36:28 <abstractj> corinnekrych here's my point and suggestion as well
12:36:50 <abstractj> facebook, google, KC, they are all technologies in the end
12:37:02 <abstractj> corinnekrych not sure about the final developer
12:37:11 <corinnekrych> eventually i’d liek to have a social lib
12:37:14 <abstractj> but in the end we're speaking about protocols
12:37:15 <corinnekrych> like
12:37:32 <abstractj> corinnekrych I would separate social and you can name Facebook, ....etc
12:37:40 <abstractj> and oauth2 with bearer tokens
12:37:57 <passos> Gotcha
12:37:59 <corinnekrych> it’s not just bearer token support
12:38:46 <corinnekrych> #agreed on separing, it’s always being the plan
12:38:57 <abstractj> corinnekrych I know, but I think if you got what I meant. If I'm a node.js developer and I see Keycloak at iOS, I mistakenly think that your library does not support bearer tokens
12:39:11 <corinnekrych> let’s add Twitter as refence provider and we’ll create anew lib to host all different provider impl
12:39:41 <passos> Good topic to ML
12:40:02 <abstractj> passos yep, just checking with corinnekrych if my concern is valid
12:40:11 <abstractj> let's move to the next topic
12:40:47 <corinnekrych> abstractj: your point is to have a sparate aerogear-ios-keyclok, ag-ios-facebook and a plain ag-ios-oauth2, tight?
12:40:48 <jbossbot> new jira [3AEROGEAR-1523] Cordova applications should inform users if push plugin is not installed [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-1523
12:40:58 <corinnekrych> right*
12:40:59 <cvasilak> abstractj if I understand correctly differentiate social support modules from generic oauth with bearer, extract those in a separate lib 'social' lib right ?
12:41:05 <abstractj> corinnekrych social separated from oauth2, but let's move to the ML
12:41:16 <abstractj> and we can have a hangouts if it's not totally clear
12:41:17 <corinnekrych> I always agree with that abstractj
12:41:25 <corinnekrych> we’ll move them in 2.1
12:41:30 <corinnekrych> ML topic
12:41:33 <corinnekrych> #agreed
12:41:46 <abstractj> #action abstractj start a thread about social and security libraries
12:42:40 <corinnekrych> is it all?
12:42:52 <abstractj> #nexttopic
12:42:52 <jbott> #topic demos
12:42:52 <passos> No next topic?
12:42:54 <abstractj> yay
12:43:09 <abstractj> #info currently we have a gazillion of amazing demos on GH
12:43:22 <abstractj> #info TOTP, oauth2 integration and etc
12:43:53 <abstractj> #info would be nice if us as a team could at least release one of our demos on iTunes. Suggestion: TOTP
12:43:57 <abstractj> thoughts?
12:44:10 <abstractj> we have to eat our own dogfood
12:44:22 <corinnekrych> oh yeah i’d love to release shoot too
12:44:35 <passos> +9001
12:44:35 <cvasilak> +1
12:44:36 <passos> #agreed
12:44:40 <corinnekrych> plus i want to add photo extension sharing to it
12:44:58 <corinnekrych> good idea
12:45:00 <corinnekrych> +1
12:45:02 <abstractj> #action abstractj or corinnekrych start a thread on the mailing list to release some of our demos on iTunes and other medias
12:45:03 <corinnekrych> #agreed
12:45:07 <abstractj> coolio
12:45:20 <cvasilak> #agreed
12:45:25 <abstractj> I think I'm fine now, good discussion
12:45:36 <passos> corinnekrych++ cvasilak ++ abstractj ++
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12:46:22 <abstractj> yay
12:46:24 <cvasilak> thank you pasos++ and abstractj++ for participating good points
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12:46:38 <cvasilak> #endmeeting