15:50:12 <gastaldi> #startmeeting
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15:50:13 <ivannov> hello :)
15:50:35 <gastaldi> Hello everyone to our weekly meeting
15:50:41 <gastaldi> #topic Agenda
15:50:46 <gastaldi> #info Forge 2 status
15:50:55 <gastaldi> #info Hack night outcome
15:51:00 <gastaldi> anything else?
15:51:00 <maxandersen> #action vineetreynolds let maxandersen know when we could revive that demo of scaffolding  ;)
15:51:07 <agoncal> Documentation
15:51:22 <agoncal> Scaffolding
15:51:23 <gastaldi> #info Documentation
15:51:27 <gastaldi> #info Scaffolding
15:51:30 <agoncal> Spreading the word
15:51:37 <vineetreynolds> maxandersen, sure
15:51:41 <gastaldi> #chair agoncal vineetreynolds koentsje
15:51:41 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi koentsje vineetreynolds
15:51:48 <gastaldi> #chair ivannov
15:51:48 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi ivannov koentsje vineetreynolds
15:52:01 <gastaldi> #info Spreading the word
15:52:09 <gastaldi> ok, let's get started then
15:52:10 <agoncal> Console ?
15:52:23 <gastaldi> what about it?
15:52:54 <agoncal> I just want to talk about the 2 issues : runing a forge script, and copy/pasting loc into the console
15:53:09 <gastaldi> ok, we can do that
15:53:14 <gastaldi> #info Console issues
15:53:31 <gastaldi> And noooowww, the first topic of the day
15:53:35 <gastaldi> #topic Forge 2 status
15:53:46 <ivannov> OK, I have a question here
15:53:52 <gastaldi> shoot
15:54:04 <ivannov> what are the most important plugins that need to be migrated? I know about arquillian
15:54:12 <gastaldi> that's an excellent question
15:54:42 <ivannov> maybe we could create JIRAs about that and group them somehow. these are perfect for the hack nights
15:54:59 <gastaldi> we migrated the JavaEE plugins, and added support to add Setup steps before execution of a plugin, but we still lack some essential plugins, like Arquillian
15:55:11 <gastaldi> ivannov, that is a great idea
15:55:31 <ivannov> yes, I don't expect to get an answer now, but maybe prepare for the next hack night?
15:55:43 <agoncal> I don't know all the plugins, but do all F1 plugins have to be migrated (http://forge.jboss.org/plugins.html) ?
15:55:55 <gastaldi> I think Openshift would be another good candidate, but I am not sure who could maintain it
15:56:10 <gastaldi> agoncal, not at all, just the ones you use most :)
15:56:15 <vineetreynolds> Is that supposed to be maintained by the OS team?
15:56:20 <ivannov> agoncal, there was a term "blessed plugins". I think those should be migrated for sure
15:56:48 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, if we find someone available to do that, absolutely
15:56:48 <agoncal> I like ivannov idea about a JIRA with sub-jiras for each addon
15:57:35 <gastaldi> we need to check which blessed plugins are we talking about
15:57:40 <ivannov> maybe I can help with that, will log on later this or next week and discuss it with gastaldi and lincolnthree before starting to create issues
15:57:49 <gastaldi> sounds good
15:58:03 <ivannov> #action ivannov will create JIRAs for migrating Forge 1 plugins
15:58:12 <agoncal> ivannov or you can start the discussion on the Mailing List
15:58:26 <ivannov> yes, that's even a better idea, agoncal
15:58:38 <gastaldi> yeah, this can tell us which plugins are used most
15:58:43 <gastaldi> hopefully :)
15:58:44 <ivannov> I just need some operational help from gastaldi and lincolnthree
15:58:55 <ivannov> but first: discuss on the mailing list
15:59:09 <gastaldi> awesome
15:59:18 <ivannov> OK, I will do it that way
15:59:30 <gastaldi> #action Forge 2.1.0.Final should be released soon
15:59:42 <gastaldi> in soon I mean, this or next week
16:00:30 <agoncal> gastaldi  2.10 or 2.0.1 ?
16:00:31 <ivannov> why 2.1 and not 2.0.2?
16:00:32 <gastaldi> We made some changes to the API, that's why the minor revision increment
16:00:40 <ivannov> ah, I see
16:00:48 <agoncal> ok
16:01:16 <gastaldi> I still want to fix more issues before we release it
16:01:24 <gastaldi> specially, I want to merge ivannov's work before that
16:02:08 <gastaldi> btw, have you detected what's wrong with your environment ivannov ?
16:02:14 <agoncal> gastaldi Sorry, what was ivannov's work ?
16:02:26 <ivannov> last night I tried to run it on Windows 8. installed it in a VM, but couldn't even download Java
16:02:57 <ivannov> tonight will try to set everything up in Fedora VM
16:03:01 <gastaldi> agoncal, FORGE-1561
16:03:01 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1561] Migrate the list-config command from Forge 1 [10Coding In Progress (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Ivan St. Ivanov] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1561
16:03:14 <gastaldi> it's from the first Hack night :)
16:03:22 <ivannov> one of the "blessed" plugins, agoncal :)
16:03:25 <gastaldi> yes
16:03:44 <gastaldi> or "built-in" plugins, per say
16:04:06 <ivannov> yes, they were built-in in Forge 1
16:05:08 <gastaldi> awesome, if you guys find any other issue which may be worth implementing for 2.1.0 let me know
16:05:53 <gastaldi> next topic?
16:06:00 <ivannov> let's do it :)
16:06:07 <gastaldi> #topic Hack night outcome
16:06:19 <gastaldi> ivannov, want to say something about that?
16:06:26 <ivannov> already said it
16:06:35 <gastaldi> ok, then the topic is done :)
16:06:36 <gastaldi> hehe
16:06:39 <agoncal> Sorry, back again, lost connection
16:07:01 <gastaldi> The Hack night was good, we fixed some minor issues
16:07:06 <ivannov> agoncal, anything from you about the hack nights?
16:07:15 <ivannov> how did you find them?
16:07:35 <agoncal> ivannov I love them... I just need to be a bit more accurate with GIT ;o)
16:07:52 <gastaldi> hehe np, we just want your contribution
16:08:01 <gastaldi> we can fix that before merging
16:08:07 <ivannov> I usually do git fetch upstream, then git rebase upstream/master and then I do whatever I have to do
16:08:10 <agoncal> gastaldi always tells me I didn't rebase... and I always think I did :o(
16:08:17 <gastaldi> :)
16:08:33 <ivannov> that's what he used to tell me a couple of years ago, too
16:08:48 <ivannov> lol, he was not at red had back then ;)
16:08:50 <agoncal> But I think it's a fantastic way to get confident with Forge code
16:09:00 <gastaldi> this is a good tip to resync your repo: http://ocpsoft.org/tutorials/git/reset-and-sync-local-respository-with-remote-branch/
16:09:45 <gastaldi> (nevermind the typo in "repository")
16:09:48 <agoncal> I will not be able to attend all the Hack Nights, but I love them
16:10:04 <gastaldi> in fact, every day (or night) is a hack night
16:10:11 <gastaldi> at least for me :)
16:10:12 <ivannov> agree :)
16:10:34 <agoncal> Well, I have a real job to do to pay for my bills... so I only hack at night ;o)
16:10:39 <gastaldi> hehe
16:10:57 <gastaldi> ok, let's skip to the next topic?
16:11:34 <gastaldi> btw, have you guys received the russian invitation from ivannov?
16:11:43 <agoncal> ???
16:11:47 <ivannov> it's Bulgarian, not Russian :)
16:11:50 <gastaldi> ah sorry
16:12:17 <gastaldi> about the Hack nights
16:12:30 <gastaldi> it was sent to forge-dev afaik
16:12:43 <koentsje> gastaldi, next time you are in bulgaria you will be found with a knife between your ribs ;)
16:12:44 <ivannov> yes, I got even some people accepting it :)
16:12:54 <gastaldi> koentsje, LOL!
16:13:10 <ivannov> hahaha, koentsje is already half Bulgarian ;)
16:13:26 <koentsje> sht, i won't leave any fingerprints :)
16:13:40 <gastaldi> hehehe
16:13:48 <ivannov> OK, let's move on?
16:13:52 <ivannov> :)
16:13:58 <gastaldi> ok, let me stop laughing for a min
16:14:07 <gastaldi> ok, stopped, let's carry on
16:14:23 <gastaldi> #topic Documentation
16:14:39 <agoncal> Yes, documentation... Devs hate it, users love it ;o)
16:14:42 <gastaldi> as many of you already know, we created a separate repository for the docs
16:15:12 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds contributed with something to start up
16:15:15 <ivannov> does it have anything to do with the README.asciidoc files that we create?
16:15:25 <ivannov> for every addon I mean
16:15:39 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi, I didnt stop ;) I'll be adding more
16:16:16 <gastaldi> ivannov, the idea is to provide some tutorials, FAQs and how to get started
16:16:23 <ivannov> ah, OK
16:16:37 <vineetreynolds> ivannov, They're in the forge/docs repo
16:16:46 <ivannov> I mentioned already that I plan to blog about my addon dev experience
16:16:50 <vineetreynolds> They're not the same as the README.adoc files in forge/core repo
16:17:05 <ivannov> I see, vineetreynolds
16:17:06 <vineetreynolds> The guides are segregated at various levels of experience
16:17:13 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, that's right, it's in https://github.com/forge/docs for the records
16:17:55 <gastaldi> we'll try to provide some advanced tutorials asap
16:17:56 <vineetreynolds> I commit there when I have the time, or when I intend to document something that should not be glossed over
16:18:12 <vineetreynolds> For now I'm focussing on writing guides around addon development
16:18:43 <agoncal> But really, what we need is documentation for users : how do I create an app with F2
16:18:48 <gastaldi> I think you should merge your work with master, so we won't step into other toes
16:19:16 <ivannov> I think you need to spend some time on describing the two types of addon dependencies in the tests
16:19:39 <ivannov> agree with agoncal
16:19:47 <gastaldi> ivannov, you mean @AddonDependency and AddonDependencyEntry?
16:19:58 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, That would also be addressed. It's just that if we dont help with addon development, people wouldnt migrate their F1 plugins
16:20:00 <ivannov> something like Forge Users Guide (as opposed to Forge Dev Guide_
16:20:21 <ivannov> yes, gastaldi, that's what I always have problems with
16:20:43 <gastaldi> ivannov, right, we have a command that creates this class fyi
16:21:00 <agoncal> vineetreynolds Agre, but that's another "chicken and egg" issue. People need to feel in love with F2, use it extensivelly and then develop add-ons
16:21:26 <gastaldi> addon-test-new
16:21:33 <ivannov> that's fine, gastaldi, but it's always good to know the nuts and bolts :)
16:21:37 <gastaldi> agoncal, right
16:21:41 <vineetreynolds> ivannov, that diff is covered in this guide (in WIP): https://github.com/forge/docs/blob/testing-guide/advanced/Testing-your-addons.asciidoc
16:22:18 <vineetreynolds> Just a small note in there for now
16:22:23 <gastaldi> #action gastaldi will spend some time on improving the docs
16:22:25 <vineetreynolds> We could obviously expand such stuff
16:22:27 <agoncal> Like for the Plugins, is there a JIRA with sub-jiras about the topics to be documented (and also migrate doc from F1) ?
16:22:35 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, nope
16:22:38 <vineetreynolds> makes sense to have one
16:22:58 <gastaldi> agoncal, the topics follow the structure in our new website
16:23:14 <gastaldi> like, Advanced, Get Started and Tutorials
16:23:39 <ivannov> gastaldi, I know that doc, I've read it a few times. and still I think we (or you) need to write something for dummies :)
16:23:46 <gastaldi> ivannov, +1000
16:24:00 <vineetreynolds> ivannov, that would happen when gastaldi works on documenting Furnace ;)
16:24:05 <agoncal> gastaldi Ok, so we don't use JIRAs but the new website ?
16:24:48 <gastaldi> agoncal, we could add JIRAs to structure our docs, but the main topics should be these
16:25:13 <ivannov> for example, I don't know why should I always add the furnace cdi addon as one type of addon dependency (I don't remember which)
16:25:22 <agoncal> gastaldi Ok. So who can start the JIRA process ? Someone who already knows the existing doc ?
16:25:30 <gastaldi> in fact, I think having JIRAs would be  a nice way to expand the docs
16:25:42 <agoncal> gastaldi +1
16:26:22 <gastaldi> I can create an umbrella JIRA
16:26:29 <gastaldi> and we can create subtasks around it
16:26:47 <gastaldi> s/around/under
16:26:53 <gastaldi> wdyt?
16:27:47 <agoncal> +1
16:28:52 <gastaldi> #action gastaldi will create an umbrella JIRA to accommodate doc related issues
16:29:09 <gastaldi> next topic, shall we?
16:29:24 <gastaldi> ivannov, this should be explained in the docs
16:29:43 <gastaldi> which is not written yet :)
16:29:57 <ivannov> +1 :)
16:30:11 <gastaldi> #topic Scaffolding
16:30:14 <gastaldi> #chair vineetreynolds
16:30:14 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi ivannov koentsje vineetreynolds
16:30:52 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds has been working in the scaffold lately
16:31:08 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, wanna say a few words?
16:31:23 <gastaldi> I think maxandersen is also waiting for a demo :)
16:31:38 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi, yeah
16:31:53 <agoncal> Sorry to bring that again, but I don't see the difference between generation and scaffolding
16:32:00 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi, I'll probably schedule that demo some time next week
16:32:03 <agoncal> I just want to stress out that the generated code (entity, rest, jsf...) is what's important for users
16:32:14 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, I agree and thats why the current work is in that area
16:32:37 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, We're moving the faces scaffold from the scaffold addon to the javaee addon
16:32:40 <ivannov> agoncal, I think we use 'scaffolding' as this term is used in other platforms like RoR, Grails, etc.
16:32:50 <agoncal> For users F2 should generate more stuff (eg. https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1561)
16:32:51 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1561] Migrate the list-config command from Forge 1 [10Coding In Progress (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Ivan St. Ivanov] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1561
16:32:55 <ivannov> so we are consistent with the terms
16:33:06 <vineetreynolds> Not that it doesnt make a lot of difference to users, but the idea is to now have the faces scaffold obtain the constituent parts from the javaee addon
16:33:36 <vineetreynolds> So managed beans would be created by services in the javaee addon, and the faces scaffolding would just combine these services together in a coherent manner
16:33:48 <agoncal> As an outsider, F2 is mostly about writing the engine. But what's important is the generated code
16:34:29 <agoncal> Sorry, this one : https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1576
16:34:30 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1576] Generating a transactional layer [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1576
16:34:34 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, right. Scaffolding is a term we'd now reserve for actions that result in complete apps being generated
16:34:48 <agoncal> vineetreynolds good
16:34:59 <gastaldi> here is the umbrella issue btw: FORGE-1020
16:35:00 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1020] Create a documentation plan and outline for Forge 2 [10Open (Unresolved) Task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1020
16:35:22 <ivannov> that was about the last topic, right, gastaldi?
16:35:30 <gastaldi> yes, sorry
16:35:38 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, Relevant to 1576, you could have multiple scaffold providers that generate apps with different architectural styles
16:35:45 <ivannov> about scaffolding....
16:35:51 <agoncal> vineetreynolds exactly
16:35:58 <vineetreynolds> It's just that we now prefer the scaffold providers to no longer perform all of the generation on their own
16:36:05 <ivannov> I've demoed Forge a lot of times: at conferences, at the Universities to my students
16:36:10 <vineetreynolds> They should reuse services (aka other Forge commands)
16:36:15 <agoncal> One very important thing too is : how do I customize the generated code ?
16:36:21 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, working on that
16:36:29 <ivannov> and I like the idea of three step demo: new-project -> create-entities -> scaffold entities
16:36:54 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, I'm currently exploring the use of Xtend. We might do away with Freemarker where it doesnt make sense (like in JSF scaffolding)
16:37:17 <agoncal> vineetreynolds Good. So users will be able to change the templates and so on ?
16:37:18 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, and with Xtend it might be possible to carry over some logic into the xtend files
16:37:47 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, hopefully, that's under investigation. If users can modify the xtend files at runtime then it would suit our purpose
16:37:54 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, Otherwise I'd be looking at Drools
16:38:00 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, Xtend is not related to Xtext, is it?
16:38:14 <agoncal> https://www.eclipse.org/xtend/
16:38:16 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi, it is related, but I've also looked at Xtext
16:38:21 <gastaldi> ah ok
16:38:28 <vineetreynolds> Xtext is basically used for generating DSLs
16:38:37 <vineetreynolds> So it doesnt help us a lot unless we need a DSL
16:39:00 <vineetreynolds> We're right now trying to make it easier to write the templates themselves instead of writing a new templating language on our own
16:39:02 <lincolnthree> hey folks, sorry i am late
16:39:07 <gastaldi> ok, you mean the templates feature
16:39:08 <vineetreynolds> So Xtext is out of the picture for the moment
16:39:13 <vineetreynolds> #chair lincolnthree
16:39:13 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi ivannov koentsje lincolnthree vineetreynolds
16:39:15 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, hey, welcome!
16:39:21 <lincolnthree> woah big crowd :)
16:39:24 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, sorry, we started in time :)
16:39:25 <ivannov> hey, lincolnthree :)
16:39:34 <ivannov> lol
16:39:35 <vineetreynolds> hey lincolnthree
16:39:36 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: no worries, glad you were puctual :)
16:40:16 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, we'll eventually consider xtext as well, but thats for areas like describing the app/site layout using a DSL
16:40:43 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, I'm considering Drools primarily so that users can modify the rules for scaffolding themselves
16:40:52 <gastaldi> I'd like to discuss about which Scaffold technology to use after the meeting is over.
16:40:52 <agoncal> vineetreynolds and what about something basic : I take the pageTemplate.xhtml, copy it into my own classpath, and this overrides the default pagesTemplate ?
16:41:12 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, that would be retained if it serves some purpose
16:41:27 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, I think we support it in a different form, just not via the classpath way
16:41:55 <agoncal> vineetreynolds For me, it's good enough. If there's one template I don't like, I overwrite it, commit it into my own team repos, and that's it
16:42:52 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, sure. Makes sense to modify only the faces template in such a case
16:43:23 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, I was speaking more on the lines of allowing users to modify even the layout - like whether to generate create,search,view xhtml files
16:43:35 <agoncal> vineetreynolds or anything else : not happy with the BackingBean.jv, I copy it, overwrite it, that's it
16:43:51 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, That should now move into a command
16:44:19 <agoncal> vineetreynolds a command, what do you mean ?
16:44:46 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, Well, the faces scaffolding will hopefully consume services like I discussed above.
16:45:05 <vineetreynolds> One command I'd introduce would be to create Managed beans to modify JPA entities
16:45:22 <vineetreynolds> Another would be to generate a transation layer from jpa entities
16:45:57 <gastaldi> that would follow the scenarios agoncal described in FORGE-1576
16:46:00 <vineetreynolds> I prefer using the latter in scaffolding, but for the sake of continuity it might make sense to use the former (which correlates to BackingBean.jv)
16:46:05 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi, yes
16:46:26 <agoncal> vineetreynolds Let's say a company want's to use F2, but the generated code doesn't follow their coding convention : they take all the .jv, template files, overwrite everything, now they have their own templates for everything (JPA, JSF...)
16:46:44 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1576] Generating a transactional layer [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1576
16:46:44 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1576] Generating a transactional layer [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1576
16:46:53 <gastaldi> just in time jbossbot
16:47:16 <gastaldi> agoncal, I think they will need to create their own scaffold
16:47:31 <gastaldi> possibly based on faces-scaffold
16:47:50 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, gastaldi yes, it's just that we're hoping to introduce a glide slope for making it easier
16:48:02 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, The idea is to ensure that minor changes can be done within the templates
16:48:18 <vineetreynolds> and major ones like whether to add new templates etc. can be done in Drools
16:48:45 <agoncal> vineetreynolds ok, makes sense
16:48:59 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, And I'm not sure if you've seen the f1 AngularJS plugin, but the idea there is a lot closer to what you ask for
16:49:12 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, in that plugin, the templates used can be installed into src/main/templates
16:49:28 <vineetreynolds> At runtime, these templates would take precedence over the ones supplied by Forge
16:49:51 <agoncal> vineetreynolds Interesting, that's exactly what I'm talking about... I'll have a look at it
16:49:58 <vineetreynolds> We should be moving to that model for all addons. Controversial yes, since I'll be doing this for even the javaee addon
16:50:17 <lincolnthree> stepping out again for a bit guys
16:50:21 <lincolnthree> continue :)
16:50:39 <agoncal> vineetreynolds a big +1 to have this model of precedence
16:51:51 <gastaldi> sweet
16:51:54 <vineetreynolds> Looks like we need to track this in JIRA for faces-scaffolding
16:52:11 <gastaldi> yup
16:52:51 <agoncal> BTW, talking about Scaffolding, there's that :
16:52:52 <agoncal> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1542
16:52:52 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1542] Migrate from Twitter Bootstrap 2 to 3 [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Minor,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1542
16:53:09 <vineetreynolds> eh yea, will do :p
16:53:18 <vineetreynolds> I did it for AngularJS not for this
16:53:24 <agoncal> I tried for a few hours to migrate to Bootstrap3.... but I miserably fail (I'm not a Front-end guy I have to admit)
16:53:27 <vineetreynolds> will also look at bringing in webjrs
16:54:01 <agoncal> vineetreynolds Webjars would be great (I know lincoln didn't want it... wonder if he has changed his mind)
16:54:19 <vineetreynolds> Well we can optionally add it
16:54:23 <gastaldi> I love WebJars too
16:54:36 <agoncal> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1067
16:54:37 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1067] Adopt WebJars as encapsulation for Bootstrap and JQuery resources [10Open (Unresolved) Enhancement,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1067
16:54:37 <vineetreynolds> Doesn't have to be added to the POM always
16:55:32 <gastaldi> I think it's better than the mess of having separate JS files spread all over your project
16:56:06 <ivannov> I have a question about the angularjs scaffolding
16:56:19 <ivannov> it creates RESTful web services, right?
16:56:55 <vineetreynolds> ivannov, nope, not for now
16:57:01 <ivannov> ah, OK
16:57:05 <vineetreynolds> ivannov, The F2 addon will do that however
16:57:25 <vineetreynolds> I'll be working on that after the Faces scaffold re-org is done
16:57:49 <ivannov> but make sure that you add the jax-rs libs in webinf/lib of the war if the target container is web profile only
16:57:49 <agoncal> vineetreynolds I was also experimenting having JSF backing bean using the REST enpoints... works kind of ok.
16:58:21 <agoncal> vineetreynolds Would it make sense to have both Angular and JSF using the already generated REST endpoints ? Doable ?
16:59:04 <vineetreynolds> ivannov, Want to raise that in JIRA? We dont check if the container is web-profile only.
16:59:21 <ivannov> sure, vineetreynolds
16:59:51 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, Makes perfect sense.
16:59:57 <ivannov> #action ivannov will create a JIRA about checking the target container when generating REST endpoints
17:00:38 <agoncal> vineetreynolds I've implemented the "Rest Centric Style" on my blog (http://antoniogoncalves.org/2013/10/29/several-architectural-styles-with-java-ee-7/). It was quite easy (except the Query by example bit)
17:00:48 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, In the AngularJS plugin, I prompt the user for the REST API URLs for every resource. Thats how the wiriing is done with existing REST resources
17:01:15 <agoncal> vineetreynolds Brilliant, I really need to have a look at it. BTW, will this plugin be migrate to F2 ?
17:01:25 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, hopefully in two weeks
17:01:32 <agoncal> vineetreynolds YES !
17:03:18 <ivannov> is there anything else to discuss or we can move on? :)
17:03:43 <vineetreynolds> Dont think so. We've beaten this topic dry I think
17:04:25 <ivannov> fine
17:04:43 <ivannov> #topic Spreading the word
17:04:48 <gastaldi> thanks ivannov
17:05:12 <agoncal> My Tools in action talk have been accepted at Devoxx France : http://cfp.devoxx.fr/devoxxfr2014/speaker/2b935a5bfa04635d2e4c196afa7385ee2d254dde/Antonio%20Goncalves
17:05:17 <gastaldi> yay!
17:05:22 <ivannov> great!
17:05:22 <vineetreynolds> great
17:05:24 <agoncal> And I've sumitted to Devoxx UK... fingers crossed ;o)
17:05:49 <ivannov> we have an SAP dev conference next months. and they accepting my Forge 2 talk
17:05:51 <agoncal> I'll also be writing an article in April for Java Magazine (the magazine in June)
17:06:23 <ivannov> you are going to mention Forge, agoncal?
17:06:39 <agoncal> ivannov It's an article just on Forge !
17:06:52 <ivannov> just on Forge? great!!!!
17:06:59 <agoncal> Yes
17:07:02 <gastaldi> I submitted a talk to FISL (http://softwarelivre.org/fisl15) but haven't received a reply yet
17:07:10 <gastaldi> agoncal, amazing!!
17:07:23 <ivannov> is someone of you coming to JavaLand?
17:07:37 <ivannov> i just registered yesterday (as attendee, not speaker)
17:08:56 <agoncal> And what about blogging ? It's a good way to spread the word. I'm running out of time but do you know any bloggers who could help  ?
17:09:19 <gastaldi> good question
17:09:50 <ivannov> I plan to write a blog after I finish my SAP Cloud plugin migration
17:10:03 <ivannov> but I am not the blogger that everyone follows ;)
17:10:10 <gastaldi> we could try to contact the owner of http://mastertheboss.com/
17:10:18 <vineetreynolds> ivannov, you're being modest ;)
17:10:52 <gastaldi> ivannov, just write in English and people would read, not Russian (oops) :)
17:10:53 <ivannov> well, that's the reality, vineetreynolds
17:11:02 <ivannov> lol, gastaldi :)
17:11:17 <agoncal> gastaldi You could try to tweet and ask for help ("Anybody interested in bloging an article on F2 ? Let us know if we can help you to start")
17:11:20 <gastaldi> that will be two knives now
17:11:26 <gastaldi> agoncal, absolutely
17:11:40 <gastaldi> in fact I am doing that right now
17:11:52 <agoncal> gastaldi I'll retweet it then ;o)
17:12:07 <ivannov> me too ;)
17:12:36 <ivannov> but don't write F2, use Forge 2 ;)
17:13:02 <agoncal> Doine ;o)
17:13:05 <agoncal> Done ;o)
17:13:12 <gastaldi> https://twitter.com/JBossForge/status/436189383348060160
17:13:13 <ivannov> Done
17:13:17 <gastaldi> thanks :)
17:13:50 <gastaldi> oh, I published with a typo in the "Blogging" work
17:13:52 <gastaldi> word
17:14:02 <gastaldi> well, no one will notice :)
17:14:04 <ivannov> I didn't notice it ;)
17:14:12 <agoncal> gastaldi You saved a character ;o)
17:14:15 <gastaldi> hehe
17:14:37 <gastaldi> Ok, guys that's a wrap! Thanks for coming
17:14:53 <ivannov> I think agoncal had a topic about the console?
17:14:55 <agoncal> gastaldi No, console
17:14:57 <gastaldi> ahhhhh
17:14:58 <gastaldi> sorry
17:15:02 <gastaldi> #topic Console issues
17:15:09 <agoncal> Basically it's about this :
17:15:13 <gastaldi> glad I didn't end the meeting :)
17:15:16 <agoncal> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1449
17:15:17 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1449] Copy/pasting several line in the Forge only pastes and executes the 1st line [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1449
17:15:17 <agoncal> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1432
17:15:18 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1432] run command is missing (and with it, scripting) [10Reopened (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Lincoln Baxter III] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1432
17:15:24 <agoncal> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1531
17:15:25 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1531] Aesh Read Loop [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Critical,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1531
17:15:35 <gastaldi> right, stalep, do you wanna say something about that:
17:15:36 <gastaldi> ?
17:15:41 <gastaldi> #chair stalep
17:15:41 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi ivannov koentsje lincolnthree stalep vineetreynolds
17:16:47 <ivannov> hmm
17:16:53 <gastaldi> probably not :)
17:17:26 <gastaldi> agoncal, afaik this is an Aesh issue, and we'll try to figure that out
17:17:28 <agoncal> Well, we can leave if for next time maybe. It's just that copy/paste and run command are important I think
17:17:52 <gastaldi> sure, once we fix that in Aesh, it should (hopefully) work in Forge
17:18:02 <ivannov> I don't want to mention about my Windows 7 issues. I hoped that I could run Forge on Windows 8, but my VM betrayed me. and Windows 8 is soooo much different
17:18:08 <ivannov> :)
17:18:15 <gastaldi> :)
17:18:16 <ivannov> agoncal, what OS are you using?
17:18:23 <agoncal> ivannov OS X
17:18:27 <ivannov> sure
17:18:35 <ivannov> I am the only idiot with Windows :)
17:18:53 <agoncal> ivannov God will kill a Kitten each time a developer uses Windows !
17:19:11 <ivannov> right :(
17:19:26 <ivannov> OK, so we can finally wrap this up?
17:19:35 <agoncal> yes
17:19:42 <ivannov> it was a long, but very good meeting I guess
17:20:14 <ivannov> gastaldi, will you end the meeting? :)
17:20:20 <gastaldi> #endmeeting