14:53:32 <gastaldi> #startmeeting
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14:53:51 <gastaldi> Greetings everyone! This is our Nth Forge meeting! :)
14:54:14 <gastaldi> #addtopic Forge 2 Status
14:54:29 <gastaldi> #addtopic Interns introduction
14:54:43 <vineetreynolds> GSoC interns?
14:54:46 <gastaldi> no
14:54:50 <vineetreynolds> oh
14:55:10 <gastaldi> #addtopic Future plans
14:55:25 <gastaldi> anything else??
14:55:39 <gastaldi> #addtopic Conferences about JBoss Forge 2
14:56:28 <vineetreynolds> oh yeah
14:56:28 <gastaldi> #chair vineetreynolds
14:56:28 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
14:56:28 <gastaldi> hello jbott ?
14:56:28 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi vineetreynolds
14:56:28 <jbott> #topic Forge 2 Status
14:56:35 <gastaldi> lazy bot
14:57:05 <gastaldi> #info Next version is Forge 2.5.0.Final
14:57:15 <gastaldi> I think we should release it next week
14:57:34 <vineetreynolds> What API(s) does this break?
14:57:48 <gastaldi> Lincoln changed some stuff in Furnace
14:57:52 <gastaldi> added some methods
14:58:18 <gastaldi> and changed the return type of other methods :P
14:58:31 <gastaldi> I added WebSocket: Setup in javaee
14:59:44 <gastaldi> one thing that Lincoln mentioned is that we'll not forget about the contributors for each release
14:59:51 <gastaldi> they will be mentioned in the blog post
15:00:13 <gastaldi> git short-log allows us to get this information
15:00:18 <jbossbot> git [12roaster] push 10master7 51ec05d.. 6Matt Benson simplify
15:00:18 <jbossbot> git [12roaster] push 10master URL: http://github.com/forge/roaster/commit/51ec05ddf
15:00:31 <mbenson> (sorry ;) )
15:00:34 <gastaldi> mbenson, thanks
15:00:44 <gastaldi> I was thinking of doing that :)
15:01:03 <vineetreynolds> I see what mbenson's doing there :)
15:02:19 <gastaldi> that is, removing the commented out code, but that was smarter
15:02:59 <gastaldi> Any objections on the Forge 2.5.0.Final release next week?
15:03:43 <gastaldi> any outstanding issues to consider?
15:03:43 <vineetreynolds> None from me. I might fix something by then, but not sure. Dont hold the train for me
15:04:02 <gastaldi> #info Forge 2.5.0.Final will be released on April 23rd, 2014
15:04:50 <gastaldi> ok, let's go on
15:04:54 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:04:54 <jbott> #topic Interns introduction
15:05:16 <vineetreynolds> We have interns? This is good news :)
15:05:21 <gastaldi> #info big welcome to sbain and mbriska
15:05:33 <gastaldi> #info big welcome to sbain and mbriskar
15:05:35 <gastaldi> sorry
15:05:51 <vineetreynolds> Well there are two of them..so there's that :)
15:05:57 <gastaldi> mbriskar, sbain would you like to introduce yourselves?
15:06:09 <gastaldi> #chair mbriskar
15:06:09 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi mbriskar vineetreynolds
15:06:31 <gastaldi> #chair sbain
15:06:31 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi mbriskar sbain vineetreynolds
15:07:21 <gastaldi> I can do the introductions otherwise :)
15:07:56 * vineetreynolds pokes mbriskar sbain
15:08:03 <gastaldi> #info mbriskar worked with the Weld team. He is helping us with our daily tasks and may be a future Red Hatter
15:08:55 <mbriskar> gastaldi, thanks ... correct :-)
15:08:55 <gastaldi> #info sbain is an intern referenced by Paul Robinson and it's working in the IntelliJ integration as his scholarship thesis
15:09:28 <vineetreynolds> So I cant work help with the integration? :(
15:09:35 <gastaldi> of course you can
15:09:50 <gastaldi> but don't you have a lot of other tasks? :)
15:10:08 <vineetreynolds> Yeah I do. But I thought of helping
15:10:17 <gastaldi> absolutely :)
15:10:53 <gastaldi> yeah, knowledge of the IntelliJ environment is a must to accomplish this task
15:11:54 <gastaldi> ok, Interns introduced. Any questions?
15:12:49 <gastaldi> moving on.
15:12:51 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:12:51 <jbott> #topic Future plans
15:13:21 <gastaldi> #info work in the new Forge website is going on
15:13:43 <vineetreynolds> Need help with that?
15:14:30 <vineetreynolds> From what I'm beginning to see, we need to publish this site as early as possible to help users write addons
15:15:10 <gastaldi> well, I probably need some feedback on the background behavior
15:15:15 <gastaldi> like, should we store the info we get from Github in the DB? etc
15:15:24 <vineetreynolds> Yes, we should
15:15:42 <vineetreynolds> There's a similar project underway in JBoss that does the same.
15:15:46 <gastaldi> which info should be stored, how should we manage the documentation rendering, etc
15:15:49 <gastaldi> oh
15:15:50 <vineetreynolds> We can talk about this later
15:15:53 <gastaldi> sure
15:16:07 <gastaldi> the doc rendering is using Redoculous at
15:16:08 <gastaldi> atm
15:16:27 <gastaldi> it may be ok, but we might need to index stuff
15:19:17 <vineetreynolds> #idea we could reference https://github.com/searchisko/searchisko/ as an app that we could model this on
15:19:17 <gastaldi> thanks
15:19:47 <gastaldi> ok, we can discuss more about this after the meeting is over
15:20:27 <gastaldi> let's proceed, sorry I am running this meeting in "Turbo" mode :)
15:20:31 <vineetreynolds> Info on how it manages project contributor info can be found here: https://github.com/searchisko/searchisko/blob/master/documentation/basic_principles_and_architecture.md
15:20:32 <vineetreynolds> Sure
15:20:43 <gastaldi> ah sweet
15:20:59 <gastaldi> we should definitely use it
15:21:17 <gastaldi> it would be a pain to maintain that for ourselves
15:21:48 <mbriskar> gastaldi: what does the validationWarning do? I thought it will stop the execution somehow
15:21:54 <vineetreynolds> yeah, but this is usually meant for rich JS clients, not jSF
15:22:08 <gastaldi> mbriskar, it will show a warning message in the Eclipse dialog
15:22:19 <gastaldi> warnings don't stop execution
15:22:40 <gastaldi> unless you want that, then you need to use a error message
15:23:16 <mbriskar> gastaldi: but still, the method is called just before the execute right? How it helps when it still will fail?
15:23:36 <gastaldi> yes, it is called before execute. Maybe it needs to be an error message
15:23:44 <gastaldi> If overwrite flag is set, then the error is gone
15:24:14 <mbriskar> gastaldi: I am just asking because I will fail in the execute method with the same reason with which I raise the warning in the validation :-)
15:26:05 <gastaldi> sorry, got disconnected
15:26:59 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:26:59 <jbott> #topic Conferences about JBoss Forge 2
15:26:59 <gastaldi> jbott, ?
15:26:59 <jbott> gastaldi: Error: "?" is not a valid command.
15:27:21 <gastaldi> Forge 2 was just introduced in RedHat summit yesterday
15:27:31 <gastaldi> based on Lincoln's feedback, it was well received
15:27:44 <gastaldi> let's wait until he is back so we can tell us more about this
15:27:58 <vineetreynolds> Isnt it also being shown today in Devoxx France?
15:28:07 <gastaldi> ah, I think so
15:28:23 <vineetreynolds> And also next week in GIDS 2014
15:28:43 <gastaldi> I'll be presenting Forge 2 in The Developer's Conference in Brazil: http://www.thedevelopersconference.com.br/tdc/2014/florianopolis/trilha-javaee
15:28:56 <gastaldi> we need to add these events to the Forge calendar
15:29:00 <vineetreynolds> when is that?
15:29:12 <gastaldi> May 15th-18th
15:29:21 <gastaldi> My talk will be on 16th
15:30:15 <gastaldi> #info make sure the talks are added to Forge calendar (Lincoln?) http://forge.jboss.org/events.html
15:30:16 <vineetreynolds> http://www.developermarch.com/developersummit/session.html?insert=VineetReynolds1
15:30:21 <vineetreynolds> excuse the bad photo
15:30:32 <vineetreynolds> The talk is on 24th April
15:31:17 <gastaldi> awesome
15:31:26 <gastaldi> Forge 2 I suppose
15:31:39 <vineetreynolds> Yes
15:33:12 <gastaldi> cool
15:33:12 <gastaldi> anything else?
15:33:28 <vineetreynolds> Did we have another topic?
15:35:12 <gastaldi> nope
15:35:14 <gastaldi> #endmeeting