14:49:29 <lincolnthree1> #startmeeting
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14:49:33 <lincolnthree1> #chair gastaldi koentsje
14:49:33 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi koentsje lincolnthree1
14:49:54 <lincolnthree1> Hey everyone, welcome to our meeting today :) Let's set up the Agenda
14:49:56 <gastaldi> jbott pingall Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen for the Forge meeting just started
14:49:56 <jbott> Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen for the Forge meeting just started
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14:49:56 <jbott> Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen for the Forge meeting just started
14:50:03 <lincolnthree1> #topic Agenda
14:50:12 <lincolnthree1> bye bleathem
14:50:28 <gastaldi> lol, he always leaves when that happens
14:51:00 <gastaldi> Forge 2.5.0.Final release date?
14:51:07 <lincolnthree1> #info Forge 2.5.0.Final Release
14:51:11 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: it's today isn't it ? :)
14:51:29 <gastaldi> hopefully :)
14:51:50 <lincolnthree1> #info Website Progress
14:51:54 <gastaldi> #addtopic Forge 2.5.0.Final release
14:52:00 <lincolnthree1> oh
14:52:01 <gastaldi> #addtopic Website Progress
14:52:03 <lincolnthree1> right
14:52:15 <gastaldi> don't worry, you're doing right
14:52:28 <gastaldi> addtopics won't appear in the final minutes
14:53:11 <lincolnthree1> ah
14:53:11 <lincolnthree1> anything else? other issues people want to discuss?
14:53:11 <gastaldi> agoncal, ?
14:53:24 <gastaldi> koentsje, ?
14:53:34 <koentsje> hey guys
14:53:37 <lincolnthree1> hey koentsje
14:53:39 <gastaldi> hi koentsje
14:53:52 <gastaldi> koentsje, anything to discuss in our meeting?
14:53:53 <koentsje> yes maxandersen, mentioned the status of scaffold again
14:54:08 <gastaldi> ah the AngularJS scaffold
14:54:14 <koentsje> yep
14:54:24 <gastaldi> np, we can discuss that
14:54:36 <gastaldi> #addtopic AngularJS scaffold
14:54:47 <koentsje> and there is also the problem of how will we make sure that addons have the right version when installed in jbt
14:55:03 <gastaldi> #addtopic JBT-related issues
14:55:13 <gastaldi> anything else?
14:55:24 <lincolnthree1> sounds good.
14:55:29 <gastaldi> let's start
14:55:29 <lincolnthree1> let's go!
14:55:31 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
14:55:31 <jbott> #topic Forge 2.5.0.Final release
14:56:09 <lincolnthree1> So I figured this would go out today. You mentioned something about that in the last meeting gastaldi
14:56:09 <gastaldi> #info Forge 2.5.0.Final is scheduled to be released today
14:56:09 <gastaldi> is that FreemarkerTemplate issue fixed?
14:56:20 <gastaldi> the one that agoncal was struggling with?
14:56:21 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: ah good question
14:56:23 <lincolnthree1> let me check
14:56:37 <lincolnthree1> no its not
14:56:40 <gastaldi> :(
14:56:47 <lincolnthree1> i can fix that quickly, probably
14:56:50 <gastaldi> cool
14:56:56 <gastaldi> That's important
14:57:02 * maxandersen is now somewhat alive.
14:57:12 <gastaldi> maxandersen, welcome
14:58:34 <gastaldi> are there any outstanding issues that would prevent Forge 2.5.0.Final from being released today?
14:59:08 <agoncal> gastaldi lincolnthree1 Yes, fixing the issue with Freemarker would be great
14:59:26 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: I'll try to fix the issue with all template types if possible
15:00:41 <gastaldi> mbriskar, I want to include your PR too, can you add the JIRA key to the commit message?
15:00:52 <agoncal> Question : any new command in 2.5.0 ? (I was busy with DevoxxFR and didn't follow the JIRAs latelly)
15:00:57 <mbriskar> gastaldi: working on the tests currently
15:01:06 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: I wanted to work on eclipse performance, but I don't think that will really affect the release
15:01:13 <gastaldi> agoncal, yes, New Annotated UI Command and WebSockets:Setup
15:01:32 <gastaldi> lincolnthree1, probably not
15:01:47 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: well it may affect the ProjectLocator algorithm
15:01:59 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: but that's ok, no APi breaking changes afaik
15:01:59 <gastaldi> right
15:02:03 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: except maybe ProjectCache
15:02:07 <lincolnthree1> but i'll try not to :)
15:02:08 <gastaldi> we can hold the release if you want
15:02:15 <lincolnthree1> nah
15:02:24 <gastaldi> you're the leader, you decide :)
15:02:27 <lincolnthree1> there's a lot in this release
15:02:33 <lincolnthree1> we're late on this months' release
15:02:34 <lincolnthree1> let's release it
15:02:38 <gastaldi> okeydokey
15:02:49 <gastaldi> so it's settled
15:02:55 <gastaldi> next topic?
15:02:57 <lincolnthree1> next topic
15:02:59 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:02:59 <jbott> #topic Website Progress
15:03:49 <gastaldi> I should resume the work on the website after the holidays
15:03:49 <lincolnthree1> so i haven't been able to work on this at all, but i was able to talk with pete and ray
15:03:59 <lincolnthree1> they should have some money to donate to get us a web designer to finish crobson_'s UX layout
15:04:06 <lincolnthree1> and make it sparkle
15:04:08 <gastaldi> I think we should reuse some services from GoldenGate
15:04:16 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: 	like what?
15:04:17 <gastaldi> like the search feature that vineet mentioned
15:04:29 <gastaldi> let me see from the last meeting...
15:04:56 <gastaldi> https://github.com/searchisko/searchisko
15:05:33 <lincolnthree1> that looks useful
15:05:33 <lincolnthree1> yes
15:05:37 <gastaldi> http://dcp.jboss.org/
15:06:53 <gastaldi> I am a bit worried that JSF may be too much for this
15:07:51 <gastaldi> The website is mostly static and maybe we don't need a DB for it
15:08:05 <gastaldi> I like the idea of having the data in a YAML file
15:08:34 <gastaldi> or maybe several files under a github repository
15:08:38 <gastaldi> like homebrew does
15:09:40 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: the website isn't static
15:10:12 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: but if we want to go with JS/REST that's fine too
15:10:24 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: that might make it easier to use the designs
15:10:33 <gastaldi> yeah, that's my primary concern
15:10:52 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: Ember JS seems interesting, personally
15:10:57 <lincolnthree1> i dont really care how it's built
15:11:02 <gastaldi> I haven't used it
15:11:03 <lincolnthree1> as long as it does what we need
15:11:06 <gastaldi> sure
15:11:18 <agoncal> Technical details are fine, but I'm more worried about the content
15:11:30 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: how so?
15:11:52 <agoncal> I did my talk at Devoxx FR last week, everybody thought Forge was great, and when I pointed to the website.... people where a bit disapointed
15:12:24 <agoncal> Forge website should be more about doc/tutorials/how tos...
15:12:45 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: forge-lincolnbaxter.rhcloud.com
15:12:47 <gastaldi> well, yeah, that's what github.com/forge/docs is targeted to
15:13:53 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: once the gear comes out of suspend...
15:13:53 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: http://forge-lincolnbaxter.rhcloud.com/faces/documentation.xhtml
15:13:54 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: this is what we are working on
15:13:54 <gastaldi> yup
15:13:59 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: the website currently disappoints me too :)
15:14:44 <agoncal> lincolnthree1 http://forge-lincolnbaxter.rhcloud.com/faces/documentation.xhtml is a very nice start, would it be live for 2.5.0 ?
15:14:57 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: no, it's a long way away, notice the links don't work at all
15:15:01 <gastaldi> agoncal, not yet, we're working on it
15:15:18 <agoncal> Ok. Any road map for the website ?
15:15:25 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: should be live in a few months
15:15:45 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: actually I think we probably could launch with this design as a stop-gap, if we get the remaining functionality done
15:15:46 <mbriskar> I can help you with that in August if needed
15:15:54 <lincolnthree1> mbriskar: we may need a lot of help, thank you!
15:16:28 <mbriskar> I already did some websites for my brother, so at least I know how these things work :-)
15:16:48 <agoncal> lincolnthree1 A shame to wait that long. What about putting it live and adding content as we go ?
15:17:10 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: if we can get the documentation section to work, then yes, I'm cool with that
15:17:56 <gastaldi> it works now
15:18:07 <gastaldi> we just need to add the URLs
15:18:11 <gastaldi> in the DB
15:18:17 <gastaldi> and let redoculous render it
15:18:27 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: it works? but the links don't work for me
15:18:31 <lincolnthree1> maybe i haven't tried recently
15:19:24 <gastaldi> http://website-forge.rhcloud.com/
15:19:24 <crobson_> gastaldi: I created a layout for the docs - if you go to document.xhtml rather than documentation.xhtml
15:19:24 <gastaldi> crobson_, I saw that, thanks
15:19:24 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: i'd also like an XML export feature (via REST endpoint) so that we can dump all the data and re-populate it when we push a new version
15:19:24 <crobson_> gastaldi: we just need to fill it in with real content
15:19:25 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: awesome!!!
15:19:25 <crobson_> gastaldi: cool
15:19:26 <agoncal> It's up to you guys, but a website (even with not much content at first) would help people to get into Forge
15:19:43 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: yeah, definitely
15:19:49 <agoncal> Just add a link at the top pointing to Forge 1
15:19:53 <gastaldi> lincolnthree1, yeah, that's why I think we don't need a DB
15:20:04 <gastaldi> a file or a set of files would do
15:20:21 <crobson> gastaldi: I've been working on creating one for add ons as well - but have some questions to go over with you and lincoln before bringing it to completion
15:20:59 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: i disagree in the long run
15:21:17 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: I don't want to have to re-deploy the site every time someone registers an addon or a document
15:21:57 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: the github yaml technique is a possibility, but that still leaves it difficult for us to let people add things from our site without doing a PR on github
15:24:28 <lincolnthree1> next topic?
15:24:28 <lincolnthree1> are we good on the website? we'll try to get it hosted once the docs section works?
15:24:39 <lincolnthree1> and the addon page is kinda there or at least stubbed out with the info (even if the layout is not there)
15:25:16 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: i want to add a feature in redoculous to generate a ToC even if none existsin the HTML (using the H tags)
15:25:19 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: http://redoculous-lincolnbaxter.rhcloud.com/api/v1/serve?repo=https://github.com/forge/core.git&path=README&ref=master
15:25:26 <lincolnthree1> http://redoculous-lincolnbaxter.rhcloud.com/api/v1/serve/toc?repo=https://github.com/forge/core.git&path=README&ref=master
15:25:35 <lincolnthree1> currently the ToC is served empty if no toc tag exists in the HTML
15:25:37 <lincolnthree1> for example:
15:26:30 <lincolnthree1> http://redoculous-lincolnbaxter.rhcloud.com/api/v1/serve?repo=https://github.com/ocpsoft/rewrite.git&ref=master&path=documentation/src/main/asciidoc/configuration/annotations/
15:26:31 <lincolnthree1> and
15:26:40 <lincolnthree1> http://redoculous-lincolnbaxter.rhcloud.com/api/v1/serve/toc?repo=https://github.com/ocpsoft/rewrite.git&ref=master&path=documentation/src/main/asciidoc/configuration/annotations/
15:26:52 <lincolnthree1> works because there is an existing ToC in the HTML
15:27:11 <gastaldi> nice
15:27:18 <lincolnthree1> but this could also be done via javascript
15:27:51 <lincolnthree1> anyway.
15:27:52 <lincolnthree1> moving on?
15:28:00 <gastaldi> I don't see redeployment of the website as a burden, it can be part of our CI job
15:28:07 <lincolnthree1> #info we will try to get the new website hosted with basic functionality asap
15:28:07 <gastaldi> anyway, let's move on
15:28:17 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:28:17 <jbott> #topic AngularJS scaffold
15:28:40 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: it just means the site goes down while we rebuild
15:28:47 <lincolnthree1> too bad vineet is not here atm
15:29:56 <agoncal> I'm using AngularJS scaffold to understand how Angular works. It helps me a lot... thanks Forge ;o)
15:29:56 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: nice!
15:31:03 <koentsje> this was specifically to have it installed in eclipse as far as i understand
15:31:37 <koentsje> apparently there is a long wait or something stalls when trying to do vineets tutorial
15:31:49 <koentsje> but i haven’t had time myself to investigate
15:32:06 <koentsje> (yet)
15:32:35 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: okay. we can add that to the runtime addon repository
15:32:41 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: do you know how to do that?
15:33:44 <koentsje> lincolnthree1, yes i have done it before
15:33:58 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: ok. if that's what we need to do for now, please do so :)
15:34:03 <gastaldi> lincolnthree1, about the website, it is not a problem if the site goes down while we rebuild, the website is not that critical that people will feel bad if the site goes down for a few secs
15:34:17 <koentsje> lincolnthree1, ok
15:34:20 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: it just feels bad
15:34:32 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: i'd rather compromise on github yaml if necessary
15:34:55 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: we can even put the file in the website repo itself
15:35:12 <gastaldi> I know, but we are using that strategy in F1 and no one complained so far :)
15:35:12 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: it can be included in the deployment and if github goes down, we can just fall back to the file that's bundled within the app
15:35:37 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: yeah… but it's not very automatable
15:35:52 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: unless we add a git client to the website and authenticate with github credentials
15:37:10 <lincolnthree1> but that's nasty
15:37:10 <gastaldi> well, I still not convinced that static generation shouldn't be used :)
15:37:10 <gastaldi> get all the stuff, generate, deploy
15:37:14 <lincolnthree1> meh
15:37:17 <lincolnthree1> let's discuss more later
15:37:19 <gastaldi> ok
15:37:56 <gastaldi> about the AngularJS, yeah, adding it to the runtime addon repository would solve the problem
15:38:12 <gastaldi> but we need to release the AngularJS addon first
15:38:28 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: right
15:38:44 <gastaldi> perhaps make it part of core?
15:39:18 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: it could be done, yes, but not a huuuuge fan of that idea. i don't want core to get too insane
15:39:25 <gastaldi> agreed
15:42:35 <lincolnthree1> for now lets add it to the eclipse repo
15:42:35 <lincolnthree1> next topic?
15:43:17 <gastaldi> ok
15:43:19 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:43:19 <jbott> #topic JBT-related issues
15:43:54 <gastaldi> koentsje said that there is the problem of how will we make sure that addons have the right version when installed in jbt
15:44:09 <koentsje> yes :)
15:44:49 <koentsje> right now all the addons in the ‚global repo’ are visible to the eclipse embedded f2
15:45:41 <koentsje> i think that’s probably not the desired behaviour
15:45:41 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: I suggest adding a toggle in the preferences to enable/disable the feature.
15:45:41 <gastaldi> +1
15:45:41 <koentsje> which feature?
15:45:48 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: "all the addons in the ‚global repo’ are visible to the eclipse embedded f2"
15:45:59 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: this is something that is explicitly configured in the Eclipse plugin code
15:46:04 <koentsje> ah, but what’s going to happen if somebody installs a new addon?
15:46:25 <gastaldi> if the toggle is off, it won't be seen in the eclipse runtime
15:46:25 <koentsje> will it be installed in the eclipse repo?
15:46:27 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: https://github.com/jbosstools/jbosstools-forge/blob/master/plugins/org.jboss.tools.forge.core.ext/src/org/jboss/tools/forge/core/furnace/FurnaceProvider.java#L76
15:46:35 <gastaldi> no, the eclipse repo is read-only
15:46:44 <gastaldi> immutable
15:46:50 <koentsje> but i imagine that eclipse users also will want to install the addons they develop
15:46:52 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: we'd have to make the eclipse repo mutable, which is not a good idea IMO
15:47:01 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: we'll just need to set up a separate location
15:47:10 <koentsje> couldn’t that be solved
15:47:11 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: of course
15:47:11 <koentsje> right, i was going to say that
15:47:12 <gastaldi> koentsje, correct, then a separate location would be needed
15:47:23 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: just add a third location AFTER the global one.
15:47:30 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: if the global one is enabled, it should take priority
15:47:35 <koentsje> ok great, that was my idea
15:47:42 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: if not, it will fall back to the eclipse-only mutable one
15:47:55 <koentsje> right
15:49:02 <koentsje> ok, i’ll take care of it
15:49:02 <gastaldi> the problem is that if you execute F2 outside eclipse you won't have the addons installed through eclipse
15:49:26 <gastaldi> unless it was installed in ~/.forge/addons
15:49:29 <koentsje> gastaldi, but that can be a feature as well
15:50:08 <gastaldi> ok,then it's solved?
15:50:27 <gastaldi> do we have any other topics?
15:50:27 <koentsje> yes but there is something related
15:50:31 <gastaldi> oh
15:50:33 <lincolnthree> go on :)
15:50:38 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:50:38 <jbott> No next topic. Use #addtopic to add topics.
15:51:06 <gastaldi> what's related?
15:51:15 <koentsje> how do we make sure that addons developed against version x.y.z do not work when x.y+1.w is used?
15:51:33 <gastaldi> Furnace should take care of this?
15:51:41 <koentsje> is that the case?
15:51:42 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: it does not
15:51:54 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, I know, but it should?
15:51:57 <koentsje> ok, so i just wanted to raise that issue
15:52:00 <lincolnthree> koentsje: but i guarantee you that they probably won't work ;)
15:52:04 <koentsje> lol
15:52:19 <koentsje> maybe i can create an eclipse popup
15:52:31 <lincolnthree> koentsje: right now there is no enforcement afaik. let me check
15:52:33 <koentsje> „lincoln says this shouldn’t work"
15:52:38 <gastaldi> lol
15:52:41 <lincolnthree> haha
15:52:42 <lincolnthree> nice
15:53:33 <gastaldi> And add a GIF with Lincoln nodding his head
15:53:38 <koentsje> haha
15:53:59 <lincolnthree> koentsje: actually i was wrong. it might actually be doing that now
15:54:00 <koentsje> and a sound ‚uh-oh'
15:54:03 <gastaldi> lol
15:54:11 <lincolnthree> yes i thsould be
15:54:20 <koentsje> ok, that’s great
15:54:23 <lincolnthree> AddonRepositoryImpl.isEnabled()
15:55:05 <lincolnthree> yes it is afaik
15:55:05 <lincolnthree> that method is used in AddonLoader
15:55:05 <lincolnthree> there's currently no warning logged, however
15:55:05 <koentsje> ok the addon is just not loaded?
15:55:05 <lincolnthree> so it will silently fail to load the addon
15:55:07 <lincolnthree> right
15:55:15 <koentsje> that’s ok behaviour
15:55:26 <lincolnthree> and it all comes down to Versions.isApiCompatible()
15:55:34 <koentsje> maybe indeed a warning should be written somewhere
15:55:47 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: however, the question is… is the addon API version actually recorded in installed.xml by addon-manager?
15:55:59 <gastaldi> hm good question
15:56:29 <gastaldi> let me see
15:56:57 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: no it is not
15:56:59 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: it needs to be
15:57:02 <gastaldi> right
15:57:06 <lincolnthree> 3   <addon api-version="" name="org.jboss.forge.addon:shell-spi" version="2.4.2-SNAPSHOT"/>
15:57:06 <lincolnthree> 4   <addon api-version="" name="org.jboss.forge.addon:shell" version="2.4.2-SNAPSHOT"/>
15:57:06 <lincolnthree> 5   <addon api-version="" name="org.jboss.forge.addon:scaffold-spi" version="2.4.2-SNAPSHOT"/>
15:57:06 <lincolnthree> 6   <addon api-version="" name="org.jboss.forge.addon:scaffold" version="2.4.2-SNAPSHOT"/>
15:57:12 <lincolnthree> then the feature will start working
15:57:19 <gastaldi> excellent
15:57:24 <gastaldi> is there a JIRA for this?
15:57:27 <lincolnthree> so basically gastaldi, the addon-manager needs to populate that value based on the furnace-api version found in the dependency hierarchy
15:57:30 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: probably not
15:59:08 <gastaldi> org.jboss.forge.furnace.manager.maven.addon.MavenAddonDependencyResolver.resolveAPIVersion(AddonId)
16:00:29 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: looks like it is checking during installation but not recording it?
16:00:42 <gastaldi> or not even using this method
16:01:45 <lincolnthree> it's used in Bootstrap
16:01:59 <lincolnthree> in the install() method
16:02:06 <gastaldi> right
16:03:34 <lincolnthree> but it needs to be used in addon-manager during the actual install
16:03:44 <lincolnthree> actually not sure it needs to be
16:03:44 <gastaldi> ah it's not being set in the AddonId
16:03:47 <lincolnthree> right
16:04:08 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: let's fix this now
16:04:15 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: this should be a blocker for 2.5
16:04:19 <gastaldi> let's end the meeting first?
16:04:41 <koentsje> it’s way cooler to fix issues during meetings ;)
16:04:54 <gastaldi> lol, because otherwise it would be too mainstream
16:05:31 <koentsje> agile development anyone? ;)
16:06:23 <gastaldi> let me create the JIRA
16:07:53 <lincolnthree> end it
16:07:54 <lincolnthree> :)
16:07:59 <lincolnthree> #endmeeting
16:08:16 <jbossbot> new jira [3FORGE-1769] API version is not being set in the addon registry file when an addon is installed [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Blocker,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1769
16:14:34 <lincolnthree> hmm i can't end the meeting
16:14:38 <lincolnthree> wrong username
16:14:40 <gastaldi> #endmeeting