15:00:59 <gastaldi> #startmeeting
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15:01:05 <gastaldi> #topic Agenda
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15:01:30 <gastaldi> #addtopic JBDS issues status
15:01:42 <ivannov> I have some general questions, not really a topic for the meeting
15:01:58 <gastaldi> #addtopic Windows build issues
15:02:13 <gastaldi> adamw_, want to discuss something?
15:02:19 <gastaldi> #chair vineetreynolds koentsje
15:02:19 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi koentsje vineetreynolds
15:02:40 <gastaldi> #addtopic Roadmap
15:03:01 <gastaldi> anything else?
15:03:33 <koentsje> gastaldi: nothing for me
15:03:44 <gastaldi> ok, let's do it
15:03:47 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:03:47 <jbott> #topic JBDS issues status
15:03:51 <vineetreynolds> nope, we could discuss cordova support, but I guess we should do that some other time
15:04:04 <gastaldi> #addtopic Cordova Support
15:04:27 * maxandersen somewhat here.
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15:04:55 <gastaldi> #info gastaldi managed to resolve 11 issues so far
15:05:08 * maxandersen noticed gastaldi was on fire ;)
15:05:38 <gastaldi> we're down to 40 issues : https://issues.jboss.org/issues/?filter=12322097
15:05:47 <koentsje> yes gastaldi, you’re the man :)
15:05:47 <maxandersen> gastaldi: btw. to help QE its good to let them know what actually was changed/fixed so they can test/verify. (not needed on all issues but some of them I wasn't sure)
15:06:13 <gastaldi> maxandersen,right, what is the best way to do that? Write in the Release Notes field in JIRA?
15:06:53 <maxandersen> gastaldi: when you resolve, put comment what was done/changed and if any special steps need to to test.
15:07:01 <gastaldi> gotcha
15:07:54 <gastaldi> #info when an issue is fixed for QE, put comments about what was done/changed and if any special steps needed to test
15:08:36 <gastaldi> maxandersen, are there tests for the GUI in Eclipse?
15:08:56 <maxandersen> gastaldi: you can use swt bot for it.
15:09:07 <gastaldi> do you guys use that in other JBT plugins?
15:09:15 <maxandersen> gastaldi: but mostly we write tests for the core parts - but not sure how much forge tools has that.
15:09:32 <maxandersen> gastaldi: yes - but we mainly have QE doingn the swt bot tests since they are sloow.
15:09:39 <gastaldi> right
15:10:31 <gastaldi> #addtopic Outstanding issues
15:12:33 <gastaldi> #info the issues in JBIDE and JBDS are our top priority items to fix
15:14:00 <adamw_> gastaldi: nothing at the moment
15:14:00 <vineetreynolds> btw I’ve raised JBIDE-18003 and JBIDE-18004, but those are minor
15:14:01 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18003] Forge quick access menu loses focus and closes when executed in the context of a cheatsheet command/action [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Minor,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18003
15:14:01 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18004] Support launch/execution of specific Forge UICommands or UIWizards from Eclipse cheat sheets [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Minor,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18004
15:14:23 <vineetreynolds> We’ve already discussed this a couple of hours ago
15:14:31 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, great, let's set the Fix Version to 4.2.0.CR1
15:14:58 <gastaldi> btw, I think JBIDE-9641 is already solved, no?
15:14:59 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-9641] Allow plugins to contribute Forge components [10Open (Unresolved) Enhancement,7 Major,6 Koen Aers] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-9641
15:16:33 <gastaldi> there is already an extension point to add repository paths. Let's close it
15:18:23 <gastaldi> JBIDE-17930
15:18:24 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-17930] Expose Forge APIs to downstream Plugins [10Closed (Done) Feature Request,7 Critical,6 Lincoln Baxter III] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-17930
15:19:52 <gastaldi> ok, anything else?
15:20:37 <vineetreynolds> not from me
15:20:41 <gastaldi> maxandersen, just to clarify things, when we resolve issues, should we close them directly or should we just mark as resolved and then QE closes it after?
15:21:42 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi: QE closes it later
15:21:59 <vineetreynolds> They verify that it is fixed in the JBDS build
15:22:09 <gastaldi> got it
15:22:35 <gastaldi> ok, let's carry on
15:22:38 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:22:38 <jbott> #topic Windows build issues
15:22:39 <vineetreynolds> At least thats what I usually do - report an issue, wait for fix and verify it myself, but leave for QE to confirm everything in a JBDS drop
15:22:48 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, great
15:22:54 <vineetreynolds> Windows ? Sigh.. Ok.
15:23:05 <gastaldi> Our CI server is always failing on Windows builds for forge/core
15:23:23 <maxandersen> gastaldi: the build or the tests ?
15:23:40 <gastaldi> maxandersen, the build fails because the tests fail :)
15:24:05 <gastaldi> so yeah, the tests
15:24:11 <ivannov> I've also noticed that. even in times when the build passes on my Windows box
15:24:34 <gastaldi> this is annoying and we need to resolve it asap
15:24:42 <vineetreynolds> Why do the tests fail? Maven dep resolution?
15:25:31 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, I think it's related to Maven, yes, but probably something that requires the artifacts to be pre-installed before running the tests
15:25:38 <vineetreynolds> uhh
15:25:51 <vineetreynolds> I remember filing an issue, but I’m not sure if it’s related
15:25:52 <gastaldi> not sure though
15:26:29 <gastaldi> we need to a) set up a Windows box b) run the builds c) try to reproduce the build errors d) fix them :)
15:26:46 <vineetreynolds> FORGE-1811 looks related?
15:26:47 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1811] Version ranges from Maven Central cannot be obtained when other repositories are activated [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1811
15:26:56 <gastaldi> I need a volunteer, anyone? :)
15:27:11 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, yes, looks so
15:27:23 <vineetreynolds> Then I know why it fails. Read the description
15:27:46 <vineetreynolds> You need a settings.xml file that does not have JBoss Nexus repos in it (I think)
15:27:55 <gastaldi> hmm
15:28:20 <vineetreynolds> It can occur on an OS, but I think in this case the Windows agent in TeamCity is not configured the same way as the Linux one
15:28:21 <gastaldi> actually I think the error description is a bit different
15:28:40 <vineetreynolds> :))
15:29:07 <gastaldi> [CDIConverterTest] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not resolve the version for [org.jboss.forge.addon:convert]. Either specify the version for this @AddonDependency in [org.jboss.forge.addon.convert.CDIConverterTest] or add it to pom.xml located at [C:\BuildAgent\work\e67e9c93ae1afa82\convert\tests\pom.xml]
15:29:09 <vineetreynolds> Ok I should probably see the log
15:30:21 <gastaldi> it would be nice if we could make the builds pass in a local Windows box and then we'd have arguments to ask ctomc to have a look at it
15:31:45 <gastaldi> however the builds must run in an empty m2 repo to reproduce that
15:32:20 <gastaldi> eg: delete ~/.m2/repository/org/jboss/forge and run furnace, furnace-simple, furnace-cdi and forge/core builds respectively
15:33:09 <ivannov> I will simulate this tonight on my Windows laptop
15:34:04 <ivannov> #action ivannov will run clean build of Forge (furnace + core) on Windows
15:34:27 <gastaldi> ivannov, excellent! :D
15:34:48 <gastaldi> #action ivannov will run clean build of Forge (furnace + core) on Windows
15:34:52 <gastaldi> #chair ivannov
15:34:52 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi ivannov koentsje vineetreynolds
15:35:08 <ivannov> great :)
15:35:11 <ivannov> next topic?
15:35:13 <gastaldi> #info To reproduce the build issue, delete ~/.m2/repository/org/jboss/forge and run furnace, furnace-simple, furnace-cdi and forge/core builds respectively
15:35:16 <gastaldi> yes
15:35:21 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:35:21 <jbott> #topic Roadmap
15:35:29 <jbossbot> teamcity [9Core 2.0] Build Forge :: Core 2.0 :: Deploy snapshots has started. This is build number 275, has a status of "running" and was triggered by Forge :: Core 2.0 :: Linux, build #1204
15:35:46 <gastaldi> Alright, we had 2 releases in the same month (2.7.1 and 2.7.2)
15:35:57 <gastaldi> 2.7.3 should be out in the middle of August
15:36:43 <gastaldi> As I said before we're giving priority to JBIDE and JBDS issues, so we're holding new features for now
15:36:55 <ivannov> I will make sure that the JUnit issue is done before that. I will work on in tonight
15:37:07 <gastaldi> ivannov, ah cool, that's awesome
15:38:03 <ivannov> I had some technical questions here
15:38:31 <gastaldi> we'll be pleased to answer them :)
15:38:58 <ivannov> I see very often in our addons that we do common things like getting current selection, or creating new class. for those simple tasks we make long chain of methods (which we usually copy from other addons that we have written before)
15:39:35 <ivannov> can't we just have some utility methods, either in the abstract classes or as static methods in helper classes that we can later statically import?
15:39:44 <gastaldi> yes, we can
15:39:45 <ivannov> or maybe we already have some?
15:40:10 <ivannov> I think it is better to bring this topic to the mailing list with some examples?
15:40:16 <ivannov> I mean, I can do that ;)
15:40:47 <gastaldi> that would be nice. One thing that annoys me is the boilerplate when you create a new facet that installs some dependency
15:41:16 <gastaldi> we should have some abstract/utility classes to avoid these boilerplate codes
15:41:47 <jbossbot> teamcity [9Core 2.0] (10pull/492) Build Forge :: Core 2.0 :: Linux - Pull Requests has finished. This is build number 627, has a status of "failure" and was triggered by Git
15:41:47 <ivannov> yes, maybe we can use that mail thread to collect all such cases, then maybe cathegorize them and create the necessary utility classes or add some methods in the abstract classes
15:41:47 <gastaldi> yes, the mailing list is a good choice to discuss that
15:41:57 <gastaldi> +1
15:42:14 <ivannov> OK, that's all that I had to ask :)
15:42:22 <gastaldi> excellent, anything else?
15:42:26 <ivannov> you can go on with the roadmap topic ;)
15:42:28 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:42:28 <jbott> #topic Cordova Support
15:42:32 <gastaldi> Ah, that was it :)
15:43:10 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, want to say something?
15:43:50 <vineetreynolds> Well not much, except that we should be looking at adding a “no build system” project type to support Cordova style projects
15:44:14 <vineetreynolds> We should aim to do this only after JBDS 8 is out, or at least when the Forge version in it is frozen
15:44:58 <maxandersen> gastaldi: i thought you and lincoln scoffed at me saying forge 2 already supported not being dependent on maven ? :)
15:45:29 <vineetreynolds> I think we’ll run into several new ‘issues’ we havent thought about, especially around facets, since Cordova projects are likely to have a different understanding of what facets really mean
15:45:31 <maxandersen> gastaldi: vineetreynolds: does this mean there is no chance of having any scaffolding targeting a cordova style project ?
15:46:01 <gastaldi> maxandersen, there is, we just need to implement a new Build system that does nothing
15:46:04 <vineetreynolds> maxandersen: For now, yes. We need a few things to be fixed in Forge
15:46:11 <vineetreynolds> FORGE-1960
15:46:11 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1960] Support creation and management of Cordova projects [10Pull Request Sent (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1960
15:46:18 <vineetreynolds> Thats the issue to watch
15:46:38 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi has already pushed some changes to a branch where we’ll work on it
15:47:47 <gastaldi> maxandersen, we currently support Maven and Gradle as the build systems. We haven't yet faced a usecase where no build system is used
15:48:17 <gastaldi> that's why we're testing in a separate branch
15:48:54 <gastaldi> can't we make a Cordova app build in Maven?
15:49:17 <gastaldi> http://www.scottlogic.com/blog/2012/06/29/using-phonegap-build-with-maven.html
15:49:17 <jbossbot> Title:3 Using PhoneGap Build with Maven
15:49:43 <vineetreynolds> I suspect I will be looking at a butchered POM
15:50:06 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi: ok, I dont think we should do that
15:50:27 <vineetreynolds> It’s mostly because Cordova devs tend to change the project structure
15:50:59 <vineetreynolds> 3.2.0 IIRC saw the config.xml file being moved from <ROOT>/www/config.xml to <ROOT>/config.xml
15:51:21 <vineetreynolds> So we should not have Maven dictate the project structure or even control it
15:52:24 <vineetreynolds> btw this is another reason to not rush through this support. We may need to support multiple versions of Cordova
15:52:39 <vineetreynolds> s/may need/will need
15:53:08 <gastaldi> ok, for some reason I see maven archetypes when you talk about multiple version of Cordova projects, but let's discuss about it later or in the ML
15:53:17 <vineetreynolds> No!
15:53:43 <vineetreynolds> I mean, archetypes would be a bad idea. And yes, let’s discuss on ML or later on chat
15:54:05 <gastaldi> hehe, just teasing :)
15:54:31 <gastaldi> ok, let's carry on
15:54:34 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:54:34 <jbott> #topic Outstanding issues
15:54:54 <gastaldi> Are there any outstanding issues to be fixed in the next release?
15:55:01 <gastaldi> in forge/core I mean
15:55:36 <vineetreynolds> I think I need to cut an AngularJS release tomorrow
15:55:52 <vineetreynolds> Just checking - Forge 2.7.2 is in JBDS 8 Beta3, right?
15:55:56 <gastaldi> yes
15:56:10 <vineetreynolds> Ok, looks like I need to cut a new release
15:56:24 <vineetreynolds> Some API changed in 2.7.1
15:57:04 <vineetreynolds> I’m hesitant to answer how scaffolding is working in Beta3
15:57:11 <gastaldi> yeah, but not something that may break things
15:57:28 <gastaldi> afaik we added things, not changed
15:57:40 <vineetreynolds> It was a change in some API involving REST resource generation
15:57:48 <vineetreynolds> That is in turn used by AngularJS
15:58:25 <vineetreynolds> anyway, I’ll cut the release tomorrow
15:58:43 <vineetreynolds> I dont know about any other outstanding issues
15:58:55 <gastaldi> #action vineetreynolds will release a new version of the AngularJS addon using Forge 2.7.2.Final
15:59:06 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:59:06 <jbott> No next topic. Use #addtopic to add topics.
15:59:12 <gastaldi> ok, we're done
15:59:27 <vineetreynolds> This was again, not a short meeting :)
15:59:30 <gastaldi> 1 minute left :)
15:59:42 <ivannov> no, we are 14 minutes overtime ;)
15:59:58 <gastaldi> hehe
16:00:05 <ivannov> anyway, see you later, guys!
16:00:07 <gastaldi> so it was a short meeting after all ;)
16:00:08 <vineetreynolds> cya
16:00:10 <gastaldi> #endmeeting