15:02:01 <gastaldi> #startmeeting
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15:02:13 <gastaldi> Hello everyone and welcome to our weekly meeting
15:02:18 <gastaldi> #topic Agenda
15:02:32 <gastaldi> #chair lincolnthree vineetreynolds ivannov
15:02:32 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi ivannov lincolnthree vineetreynolds
15:02:51 <gastaldi> #addtopic JBoss Developer Studio issues
15:03:00 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Website Status
15:03:23 <gastaldi> anyhting else?
15:05:08 <gastaldi> ok, let's begin
15:05:10 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:05:10 <jbott> #topic JBoss Developer Studio issues
15:05:32 <gastaldi> #info So far we're down to 37 open issues: https://issues.jboss.org/issues/?filter=12322097
15:05:33 * maxandersen on overlapping eclipse board meeting.  sorry.
15:06:03 <gastaldi> still a long road, but we're killing the elephant in pieces ;)
15:06:47 <lincolnthree> 37 issues!
15:07:01 <lincolnthree> any new ones that are major?
15:07:21 <maxandersen> gastaldi: not all of these needs fixing btw. should be triaged.
15:07:42 <gastaldi> maxandersen, great, let's triage them today then
15:08:19 <gastaldi> #info the Forge team will triage the issues that needs fixing from the remaining issues
15:08:49 <lincolnthree> we may need help from someone on JBDS to confirm
15:08:51 <gastaldi> #info with the JBossTools/DevStudio team
15:09:09 <gastaldi> yeah
15:09:48 <gastaldi> I think some issues are already resolved, just needs re-testing
15:10:01 <gastaldi> like JBIDE-14375
15:10:02 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-14375] Forge should reuse proxy settings from Eclipse [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Koen Aers] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-14375
15:11:46 <gastaldi> there are some major issues with the Create Connection Profile command and consequently the JPA: Generate Entities from Tables command
15:12:09 <gastaldi> I think they should not be left out of the triage
15:13:35 <maxandersen> make sure those have cr1 as target and critical or blocker so they dont get missed.
15:13:56 <gastaldi> maxandersen, can you help us on this triage?
15:14:03 <gastaldi> after the meeting is over, of course ;)
15:14:21 <maxandersen> gastaldi: not today - on board meeting ;/
15:14:40 <gastaldi> tomorrow then?
15:18:56 <gastaldi> ok, hopefully this week
15:18:58 <lincolnthree> lol
15:18:58 <lincolnthree> yea
15:19:10 <gastaldi> next topic
15:19:14 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:19:14 <jbott> #topic Website Status
15:19:47 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, any news from the web designer?
15:19:49 <lincolnthree> yeah
15:19:52 <lincolnthree> so this is going pretty well.
15:19:56 <lincolnthree> we have 5 designs to review
15:20:05 <lincolnthree> I will be meeting with her tomorrow (i think) to discuss further
15:20:10 <lincolnthree> maybe could bring you in via hangout
15:20:33 <gastaldi> sure, that would be nice
15:23:45 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, these designs are different from the ones you last sent?
15:23:55 <lincolnthree> same ones
15:24:00 <lincolnthree> i havent reviewed them with her yet
15:24:05 <gastaldi> ok
15:24:09 <lincolnthree> so any feedback you have would be great (more than just "I like C"
15:24:10 <lincolnthree> )
15:24:22 <gastaldi> right, will do my best
15:25:11 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: thx :)
15:25:15 <lincolnthree> ok that's all I had on the site
15:25:18 <gastaldi> great
15:25:25 <lincolnthree> i really want to finish it this year. kinda slow progress :)
15:25:29 <lincolnthree> before javaone would be great
15:25:42 <gastaldi> btw, we need to start preparing the talks :P
15:25:49 <gastaldi> I haven't started mine yet :(
15:26:25 <gastaldi> cool, let's move on to the next topic
15:26:28 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:26:28 <jbott> No next topic. Use #addtopic to add topics.
15:26:32 <gastaldi> oh, no more topics
15:26:47 <gastaldi> does anyone wants to discuss anything else?
15:26:50 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, ?
15:27:18 <gastaldi> well, that was a quick meeting
15:27:28 <gastaldi> let's wrap it up
15:27:32 <gastaldi> #endmeeting