15:04:31 <lincolnthree> #startmeeting
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15:04:42 <lincolnthree> #chair gastaldi koentsje vineetreynolds agoncal maxandersen
15:04:42 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi koentsje lincolnthree maxandersen vineetreynolds
15:04:48 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi Why a facet?
15:05:03 <vineetreynolds> I know the underlying issue, but why a facet
15:05:11 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi eh well, after the meeting
15:05:23 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, because that would be the best way to get this information bound to the project afaik
15:05:33 <vineetreynolds> ah ok
15:05:38 <lincolnthree> #topic Agenda
15:05:51 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Status Reports & JBDS status
15:06:27 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Website Status
15:06:30 <lincolnthree> other topics?
15:06:38 <lincolnthree> #topic Conference Prep Plans
15:06:41 <vineetreynolds> conferences/
15:07:47 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: yes, that was plural :)
15:07:54 <agoncal> Looks like I'll be on my own at Devoxx BE for the 3 hours lab :o(
15:07:55 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: you wouldn't say "Conferences prep plans"
15:07:56 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree stop being a tease :)
15:08:02 <lincolnthree> agoncal: what???
15:08:05 <lincolnthree> agoncal: what about koen??
15:08:12 <koentsje> agoncal, i’ll be there
15:08:21 <agoncal> koentsje GREAT !!!
15:08:33 <vineetreynolds> Are we in JavaOne?
15:08:40 <koentsje> agoncal: and afaik ivanov will be there as well
15:10:00 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, yes
15:10:05 <vineetreynolds> great
15:10:06 <agoncal> koentsje Good, then we should plan it
15:10:45 <lincolnthree> agoncal: I didn't think you'd be alone :)
15:11:12 <lincolnthree> agoncal: we wouldn't abandon you (unless our bosses say they won't pay for us to go… in which case not much choice)
15:11:12 <koentsje> agoncal: indeed, maybe a hangout together with ivanov sometime?
15:12:52 <agoncal> koentsje Ok, maybe after J1 then
15:13:07 <koentsje> right
15:16:25 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:16:25 <jbott> #topic Status Reports & JBDS status
15:16:33 <lincolnthree> Good, thanks gastaldi
15:16:40 <lincolnthree> my other meeting is running long as usual
15:17:30 <gastaldi> I am working on https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-17492
15:17:31 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-17492] Forge2: CLI appears to stall when project has errors [10Coding In Progress (Unresolved) Bug,7 Critical,6 George Gastaldi] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-17492
15:17:57 <gastaldi> Some new features in Forge may be introduced after this
15:18:04 <gastaldi> Like, a BuildStatusFacet
15:18:16 <vineetreynolds> Great
15:18:29 <vineetreynolds> Why dont we use an attribute for project instead?
15:18:46 <vineetreynolds> A proxied object I mean
15:19:07 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds: You mean project.getAttribute?
15:19:24 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi not really, an attribute in the Project class
15:19:46 <vineetreynolds> A Facet looks out of place
15:19:51 <vineetreynolds> but thats imho
15:20:16 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi Was enquring if project.getBuildStatus() made sense
15:20:16 <gastaldi> Why? The idea of a facet is to extend the Project to another orthogonal feature
15:20:18 <lincolnthree> #info I'm working on FORGE-2003, we dont want to release to the public with this kind of bug in the core resolver
15:20:19 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-2003] Forge workspace resolver fails to resolve local resource dependencies that are specified as <optional> [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Blocker,6 Lincoln Baxter III] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-2003
15:20:31 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi ok we should discuss this outside the meeting
15:20:47 <gastaldi> lincolnthree: +1
15:24:28 <gastaldi> Anything else?
15:24:46 <vineetreynolds> JBIDE-18284
15:24:46 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18284] Broken history in Forge console [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Critical,6 Vineet Reynolds] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18284
15:24:56 <vineetreynolds> I just issued a PR to Aesh a few hours ago
15:25:02 <gastaldi> Cool
15:25:11 <vineetreynolds> And stalep might help with porting to Aesh 0.57
15:25:15 <lincolnthree> any other blocking issues for JBDS?
15:25:25 <vineetreynolds> Either way the fix is small enough that a patch can be done on 0.56
15:26:00 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree Define 'blocking'. Critical and higher?
15:26:01 <gastaldi> If time is a constraint, I'd rather have a 0.56.1 instead
15:26:07 <lincolnthree> yes
15:26:35 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree well let me check one thing on Windows. This may need a new bug to be raised. Again a console issue
15:26:41 <lincolnthree> ok :/
15:26:47 <lincolnthree> we can move on in the mean time
15:26:49 <lincolnthree> no need to keep everyone waiting
15:26:53 <vineetreynolds> But no other blockers
15:26:56 <lincolnthree> ok good
15:27:03 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree Why the face? I can handle this
15:27:04 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:27:04 <jbott> #topic Website Status
15:27:10 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: windows is why
15:27:18 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: windows makes me :/
15:27:21 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: you make me :)
15:27:33 <vineetreynolds> Yeah I would suggest we work on Windows for a week as atonement
15:27:33 <koentsje> regarding jbds, it’s important that all the changes are in by friday morning
15:27:47 <lincolnthree> koentsje: ok. good to know. thank you
15:27:51 <lincolnthree> koentsje: morning your time?
15:27:54 <lincolnthree> koentsje: or morning EST?
15:28:06 <lincolnthree> koentsje: morning your time means thursdya night for us here on teh east coast and BR
15:28:08 <koentsje> morning my time actually
15:28:19 <gastaldi> :P
15:28:19 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: note that? :)
15:28:21 <lincolnthree> hehe
15:28:27 <gastaldi> Got it
15:28:29 <lincolnthree> ok. so thursday night is our lockdown
15:28:31 <koentsje> that leaves me time to gather the changes on pr’s that still can be approved during friday
15:28:32 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: note that? :)
15:28:46 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree got it
15:28:55 <gastaldi> That will be dawn to vineet
15:29:03 <gastaldi> Or dusk?
15:29:09 <koentsje> because last week the changes didn’t make it into the respin because they were not included in the 4.2.x branch
15:29:11 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: dawn till dusk ;)
15:29:13 <vineetreynolds> I was looking at JBIDE-18178, which is of lesser importance, so I'll punt it
15:29:13 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18178] Forge Console throws exception when UP is kept pressed for some time [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Vineet Reynolds] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18178
15:29:25 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: isn't that oen finished?
15:29:43 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree well no, thats a related issue you're referring to
15:29:48 <vineetreynolds> 18178 is harmless
15:29:52 <lincolnthree> ah ok
15:30:02 <lincolnthree> its' just a non-crashing exception?
15:30:06 <vineetreynolds> Yes
15:30:19 <lincolnthree> good, ok.
15:30:24 <lincolnthree> let me know if you need anything
15:30:27 <vineetreynolds> In fact no exception at all. Just created and logged by Aesh
15:30:30 <vineetreynolds> Sure
15:30:31 <lincolnthree> gotcha
15:30:35 <vineetreynolds> We should talk about website
15:30:37 <lincolnthree> yeah that should be reduced to minor
15:30:47 <vineetreynolds> With pleasure :p
15:30:52 <lincolnthree> done
15:31:43 <gastaldi> #info all changes to JBDS should be done by Thursday night (GMT-4)
15:31:48 <vineetreynolds> If Friday is when we items for need respin-a, then we need Aesh 0.57 or 0.56.1 by then
15:31:54 <vineetreynolds> stalep ^
15:32:21 <gastaldi> Yeah, release 0.56.1 and we can migrate later
15:32:24 <lincolnthree> our list of issues is very short!
15:32:26 <lincolnthree> this is good
15:32:29 <lincolnthree> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18223?filter=12321870&jql=project%20%3D%20JBIDE%20AND%20affectedVersion%20%3E%3D%204.2.0.Beta1%20AND%20status%20not%20in%20(Closed)%20AND%20component%20%3D%20forge%20ORDER%20BY%20status%20ASC
15:32:29 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18223] Forge context should be set to the 'new project location' after 'project-new' command [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 George Gastaldi] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18223
15:32:54 <lincolnthree> isn't 	.	https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18224
15:32:55 <lincolnthree> done ?
15:32:55 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18224] Table Selection has poor performance if "Verify Database Connection" is checked in previous step [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Critical,6 George Gastaldi] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18224
15:32:56 <vineetreynolds> I just wiped a tear
15:33:13 <lincolnthree> ah, no, sorry, this is different than what i was thining
15:33:16 <lincolnthree> nm
15:33:22 <lincolnthree> this is excellent!
15:33:24 <lincolnthree> you guys are killing it!
15:33:32 <vineetreynolds> Mostly gastaldi
15:33:33 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: wipe away :)
15:33:35 <lincolnthree> ok. website?
15:33:42 <gastaldi> Yeah, we need beers after this
15:33:57 <vineetreynolds> I dont drink, sorry, but I would start now
15:34:10 <gastaldi> Or tea
15:34:18 <gastaldi> Chai
15:34:45 <vineetreynolds> I'm a coffee guy, but I'd prefer wine for this occasion :)
15:34:47 <vineetreynolds> Website status btw
15:34:55 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:34:55 <jbott> No next topic. Use #addtopic to add topics.
15:35:11 <vineetreynolds> We're already in the final topic - website
15:35:19 <gastaldi> Oh, sorry
15:36:12 <gastaldi> lincolnthree: Any feedback from erin?
15:36:18 <lincolnthree> ah ok
15:36:31 <lincolnthree> Yes, we have received the final pages for the homepage and addons page :)
15:36:37 <gastaldi> Yaay
15:36:39 <lincolnthree> just a little work to do on the icons
15:36:48 <lincolnthree> i will be forwarding them out after the meeting
15:36:51 <lincolnthree> they look GOOD
15:37:12 <gastaldi> Are you sure they don't look FANTASTIC?
15:37:38 <lincolnthree> they look F$%^&ing amazing
15:37:40 <lincolnthree> seriously
15:37:45 <gastaldi> Great :)
15:37:54 <lincolnthree> hang on, let me paste a link
15:37:54 <gastaldi> Because good is not enough :)
15:38:27 <lincolnthree> nah i can't
15:38:28 <lincolnthree> have to email
15:38:32 <lincolnthree> damn pdfs
15:38:32 <gastaldi> np
15:38:58 <gastaldi> Ok, so we're done?
15:38:59 <lincolnthree> let me try imgur
15:39:11 <lincolnthree> aw yea!
15:39:11 <lincolnthree> http://imgur.com/0V8meQM
15:39:12 <jbossbot> Title:3 imgur: the simple image sharer
15:39:13 <lincolnthree> #info http://imgur.com/0V8meQM
15:39:13 <jbossbot> Title:3 imgur: the simple image sharer
15:39:51 <gastaldi> Loved it!
15:40:02 <lincolnthree> SO GOOD
15:40:18 <gastaldi> We'll keep the carreers
15:40:24 <gastaldi> Careers?
15:40:53 <lincolnthree> no
15:40:56 <lincolnthree> that's just placeholder text
15:40:57 <lincolnthree> lol
15:40:59 <lincolnthree> :)
15:41:03 <gastaldi> Lol, ok :(
15:41:03 <lincolnthree> we can change any text we want
15:41:11 <lincolnthree> i mean… we could
15:41:22 <lincolnthree> we probably should ;)
15:41:24 <lincolnthree> we'll see
15:41:31 <gastaldi> We must :)
15:41:43 <gastaldi> Ok, anything else?
15:41:51 <lincolnthree> nope!
15:41:58 <lincolnthree> just conf planning but i think we resolved that
15:42:04 <lincolnthree> you and i will work on our talk next week
15:42:09 <gastaldi> Yup
15:42:09 <lincolnthree> btw i have a plan for a video demo
15:42:16 <gastaldi> 66 atendees
15:42:19 <lincolnthree> nice!!!
15:42:24 <gastaldi> And 13 on our session
15:42:28 <lincolnthree> F%^&
15:42:30 <gastaldi> In a new room
15:42:32 <lincolnthree> yea
15:42:34 <lincolnthree> i saw that
15:42:38 <vineetreynolds> If you need help, do ask me (about the talks)
15:42:45 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds: Will do
15:42:45 <vineetreynolds> maybe even the video
15:42:50 <gastaldi> Video?
15:42:54 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: ok, thanks
15:42:59 <vineetreynolds> "video demo"
15:43:06 <gastaldi> Ah ok
15:43:06 <vineetreynolds> I dont know what it entails though
15:43:10 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: i am writing an addon to control my stereo receiver from a web-app
15:43:19 <gastaldi> lincolnthree: Haha nice!!!
15:43:19 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: just to demo what can be done with forge
15:43:25 <gastaldi> Internet of things
15:43:31 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: i will probably write a forge back-end to schedule alarms
15:43:34 <vineetreynolds> I have to start some soon, especially in the context of Java EE 7. Will be speaking to Arun soon
15:43:45 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: right
15:43:47 <gastaldi> lincolnthree: Great! :)
15:43:54 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: i hope we work with EE7 well enough….
15:44:00 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: we haven't done much with it yet
15:44:02 <gastaldi> I should do some stuff like that too
15:44:07 <gastaldi> I need gadgets,
15:44:18 <lincolnthree> :)
15:44:19 <gastaldi> :)
15:44:24 <lincolnthree> ok.
15:44:25 <lincolnthree> #endmeeting