15:06:31 <lincolnthree> #startmeeting
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15:06:41 <lincolnthree> #chair vineetreynolds gastaldi koentsje maxandersen
15:06:41 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi koentsje lincolnthree maxandersen vineetreynolds
15:06:46 <lincolnthree> #topic Agenda
15:06:51 <lincolnthree> #addtopic JBDS status
15:06:57 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Website status
15:07:01 <lincolnthree> #addtopic J1 / Conf status
15:07:04 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:07:04 <jbott> #topic JBDS status
15:07:17 <lincolnthree> maxandersen:  koentsje any new issues for us to know about ?
15:07:24 <lincolnthree> maxandersen: still on schedule for monday release?
15:07:42 <vineetreynolds> maxandersen is probably away
15:07:52 <lincolnthree> that's what it says :)
15:08:02 <koentsje> lincolnthree: i have seen that mmurray has opened a few new issues
15:08:19 <koentsje> not sure, they might be related to forge core
15:08:42 <koentsje> JBIDE-18414, JBIDE-18415, JBIDE-18416
15:08:42 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18414] Forge 'New Project' wizard - 'From Archetype' option broken [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18414
15:08:43 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18415] Forge New Project wizard - no Archetype catalogues listed [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18415
15:08:43 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18416] Forge New Project wizard - field names should have the same case [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18416
15:09:10 <gastaldi> oh
15:09:37 <gastaldi> well, for 18415, you need to explicitly add an archetype catalog for it to work
15:09:45 <koentsje> also JBIDE-18400
15:09:45 <jbossbot> jira [3JBIDE-18400] Show In > Forge Console option not always visible [10Open (Unresolved) Bug,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18400
15:10:01 <vineetreynolds> 18414 is weird
15:10:09 <lincolnthree> koentsje: can you work on 18400 ?
15:10:29 <koentsje> lincolnthree: yes i can take a look at it
15:10:58 <lincolnthree> koentsje: needs to be fixed by friday :) (but you know that) so if you can't for some reason or don't think you'll get it done, please let me know ASAP
15:11:22 <koentsje> lincolnthree: you mean next friday, right?
15:11:31 <koentsje> i mean friday and another week
15:11:31 <lincolnthree> isn't it this coming monday the release?
15:11:46 <lincolnthree> oh… i guess i got a bit mixed up. this damn conference :)
15:11:51 <lincolnthree> ok cool
15:11:53 <koentsje> no the CR2 code freeze is planned on 29th afaik
15:12:02 <lincolnthree> oh, ok. yes i'd like to make it for that
15:12:32 <vineetreynolds> If I get time, I'll take a look at some
15:13:08 <vineetreynolds> Does this mean we do a Forge release on 29th?
15:13:25 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: on Friday
15:13:25 <gastaldi> we do a Forge release on 26th
15:13:28 <vineetreynolds> Or, are we sticking to tomorrow?
15:13:29 <lincolnthree> this friday
15:13:30 <vineetreynolds> hmm ok
15:13:32 <lincolnthree> at latest
15:13:45 <vineetreynolds> I could do this on Sunday, you know.
15:13:46 <koentsje> vineetreynolds: probably 3 releases ;)
15:13:57 <lincolnthree> #info will be doing a forge release on Friday the 26th to get into JBDS CR2
15:15:03 <lincolnthree> 18416 should be easy to fix.. though i'm not sure if it conflicts with a standard we have or not
15:15:03 <vineetreynolds> next topic?
15:15:15 <lincolnthree> probably doesn't but I think we need to review. alas
15:15:18 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:15:18 <jbott> #topic Website status
15:15:36 <lincolnthree> This should be in progress. We handed off the designs to the website guy
15:15:51 <lincolnthree> i haven't heard from him since, so I may do a check-in and see whats up
15:16:02 <lincolnthree> the mobile and table responsive designs are also handed over afaik
15:16:12 <lincolnthree> we'll begin designing the documentation and community pages next
15:16:15 <lincolnthree> that's all
15:16:19 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:16:19 <jbott> #topic J1 / Conf status
15:16:23 <vineetreynolds> They look cool btw. I just saw them today
15:16:32 <lincolnthree> #info george and i are still working on our J1 presos like madmen
15:16:36 <lincolnthree> thanks vineetreynolds!
15:17:19 <vineetreynolds> Is there anything you can share? Because if you need an extra hand, I'm there
15:17:32 <vineetreynolds> It's a matter of prioritizing CR2 vs J1
15:18:11 <gastaldi> CR2 is more important
15:18:18 <lincolnthree> yeah, keep focus on CR2
15:18:22 <lincolnthree> that's the biggest concern
15:18:23 <vineetreynolds> ok, no help for you then ;)
15:18:27 <lincolnthree> if we give a shitty preso, nobody will care
15:18:34 <lincolnthree> if we screw up this release, our project dies :)
15:18:43 <lincolnthree> #endmeeting