15:10:41 <lincolnthree> #startmeeting
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15:10:45 <lincolnthree> #chiar agoncal
15:10:47 <lincolnthree> #topic Agenda
15:10:50 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Status reports
15:11:01 <lincolnthree> #addtopic HoL Devoxx BE
15:11:06 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Refactoring UI Commands
15:11:16 <lincolnthree> #chair agoncal gastaldi
15:11:16 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi lincolnthree
15:11:19 <agoncal> Road map ?
15:11:43 <lincolnthree> agoncal: our road map is documentation, the website, and working on the netbeans plugin (and other smaller issues as they come up) afaik
15:11:50 <gastaldi> Yup
15:12:04 <gastaldi> This is what we are working now
15:12:14 <agoncal> I was just concerned about the next releases date
15:12:31 <lincolnthree> agoncal: whenever we need it, or the 15th of Nov
15:12:38 <agoncal> ok
15:12:46 <lincolnthree> agoncal: this hsould be in JIRA afaik
15:12:48 <gastaldi> agoncal: We always release on the 15th
15:13:05 <agoncal> (Our hands-on lab is on the 11 ;o)
15:13:32 <gastaldi> Is there any fix that needs to be on the HoL?
15:13:50 <gastaldi> Well, let's follow the topics
15:13:58 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:13:58 <jbott> #topic Status reports
15:14:00 <agoncal> gastaldi Not really, I was just thinking of improving a few commands... but I'll see if I have time
15:14:26 <gastaldi> i am currently working in the NetBeans plugin
15:14:31 <lincolnthree> #info Last week I worked on some evangelization, and trying to work with the Netbeans guys and a few other teams to get forge promoted into some other technologies
15:14:45 <lincolnthree> #this week I am continuing that and helping as issues arise
15:15:09 <soro> Update aesh to 0.57
15:15:36 <agoncal> Gave a talk on CDI using Forge last week in a JUG... doing the same next week in another JUG ;o)
15:15:46 <gastaldi> Nice
15:16:03 <soro> I started update at home, we have some changes.. stalep will create some test to push a new version. I think that we can group commands.
15:16:23 <gastaldi> soro: nice, but we don't use that in forge
15:17:34 <lincolnthree> agoncal: gastaldi use #info :)
15:17:46 <lincolnthree> agoncal: i saw tweets from your talk!
15:17:50 <lincolnthree> agoncal: that was awesome!
15:17:53 <agoncal> #info Gave a talk on CDI using Forge last week in a JUG... doing the same next week in another JUG
15:18:12 <gastaldi> #info gastaldi is working in the Forge 2 NetBeans plugin
15:18:25 <agoncal> lincolnthree Yes, I'm quite happy with this talk : half slides, half coding with Forge, 100% CDI
15:18:55 <agoncal> #info Working on the Hands on Lab for Devoxx BE
15:19:24 <lincolnthree> nice :)
15:19:29 <lincolnthree> #that it for statuses I think?
15:19:51 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:19:51 <jbott> #topic HoL Devoxx BE
15:20:23 <agoncal> On Tuesday the 11th we have a 3 hours hands on lab at Devoxx BE
15:20:44 <agoncal> We will be four "instructors" and up to 60 attendees (the size of the room)
15:21:12 <agoncal> So we need a nice step by step tutorial so the attendees can follow and learn about :
15:21:18 <agoncal> 1) What is Forge
15:21:24 <agoncal> 2) How to use it
15:21:35 <agoncal> 3) How to develop an addon
15:22:12 <agoncal> We are creating this tutorial material under : https://github.com/forge/docs/tree/master/tutorials/forge-hol
15:22:37 <agoncal> And to split the work and get going, we have a few JIRAs under : Using JIRAs  : https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-2102
15:22:38 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-2102] Creating the Hands on Lab material for Devoxx BE 2014 [10Open (Unresolved) Task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-2102
15:22:58 <agoncal> So now it's just a matter of creating the sub-tasks, affecting them, and close them ;o)
15:23:10 <lincolnthree> agoncal: this is excelent. fantastic organization, thank you for leading this (and for doing the whole lab!)
15:23:20 <soro> Great!
15:23:29 <agoncal> We will be 4 : soro, ivan, koern and my self
15:23:46 <soro> agoncal: how tasks will be separated?
15:23:59 <agoncal> The idea is to have it in the documentation, have a self-explanatory lab so anybody can use it
15:24:32 <agoncal> soro I think we (I ?) need to create sub-tasks and directly affect them
15:24:49 <soro> Cool!
15:25:07 <soro> I started the first item of the documentation.
15:25:28 <agoncal> soro is there a JIRA associate to that ?
15:25:59 <soro> Not yet. I'll create the Jira issue.
15:26:07 <agoncal> Cool
15:26:20 <agoncal> Voilà for this topic. Any other question ?
15:26:41 <lincolnthree> agoncal: no questions here. just let me know if you need any help from me :)
15:26:44 <soro> I created a PR, but I didn't know the flow. :)
15:27:21 <agoncal> soro that's fine, but I think we just have to trust each other, work on our tasks, and have a final review all together
15:27:36 <soro> agoncal: sure.
15:28:00 <agoncal> lincolnthree If I have time to work on a few commands I might ask you to release before the 11th (but still not sure about this)
15:28:20 <lincolnthree> agoncal: absolutely! can do that :)
15:28:24 <lincolnthree> alright, moving on
15:28:26 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:28:26 <jbott> #topic Refactoring UI Commands
15:28:30 <lincolnthree> what's this all about?
15:29:11 <jbossbot> new jira [3FORGE-2106] Expose the underlying Project's ClassLoader via a new ProjectFacet [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-2106
15:29:13 <agoncal> Well, basically, I have 1000 ideas of adding new Java EE commands to Forge.... but I have to say, I find it difficult
15:29:30 <agoncal> Difficult to create new commands, difficult to test these commands
15:29:43 <jbossbot> new jira [3FORGE-2107] [ Introduction ] JBoss Forge [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-2107
15:29:46 <agoncal> When you look at the code of the UI Commands, you see different patterns
15:30:00 <nchal> agoncal: Will you upload the HoL on parleys ?
15:30:06 <nchal> damn, iam late, sry ...
15:30:07 <agoncal> I've sent an email on the ML : https://developer.jboss.org/thread/249733
15:30:09 <jbossbot> Title:3 [forge-dev]  Getting lost in UICommands cl... | JBoss Developer
15:30:37 <agoncal> To this email I've attached a few Class Diagrams (of some UI Commands) to show that there are few patterns use :
15:30:39 <lincolnthree> agoncal: agreed. it's not the easiest. We have an annotation API for commands, but testing is also still painful, and doing simpler things needs to be… even simpler.
15:30:53 <agoncal> Some commands inherit from an abstract one (FacesAbstractCommand)
15:31:04 <agoncal> Some EE commands inherit from AbtractJavaEECommand
15:31:13 <agoncal> and other EE commands inherit from JavaSourceCommand
15:31:49 <agoncal> All in all, it's difficult to say "let's create a new CDI command, I just copy the one next door, change it, test it, and bam, it works"
15:32:00 <lincolnthree> agoncal: agreed.
15:32:06 <gastaldi> +1
15:32:08 <lincolnthree> agoncal: how can we improve?
15:32:14 <agoncal> That's why I launch this idea of refactoring
15:32:32 <soro> lincolnthree: Can we use Annotation to create new commands? (It's more simple)
15:32:38 <lincolnthree> soro: you can
15:33:00 <agoncal> lincolnthree Not sure. But in the last class diagram I suggested that, let's say, NewCDIBean extends AbstractCDICommand extends AbstractJavaEECommand
15:33:15 <soro> agoncal: Maybe this way is more simple: https://github.com/gastaldi/twitter-addon/blob/master/src/main/java/org/george/twitter/TwitterCommand.java
15:33:22 <agoncal> soro Yes, I discovered the @Command annotation but never used it
15:33:54 <gastaldi> agoncal: I am fine with that, as long as it doesn't break the command names
15:34:04 <soro> lincolnthree: Can we intergrate the extensions with annotation commands?
15:34:21 <agoncal> gastaldi Again, naming is a bit funny, I don't understand how it works
15:34:42 <lincolnthree> soro: what do you mean?
15:34:47 <lincolnthree> agoncal: what don't you understand?
15:34:58 <agoncal> I've created a NewListenerCommand and it ends up being called jpa-new-entity-listener (don't know where "entity" comes from)
15:35:25 <agoncal> All in all, a bit of refactoring, a bit of documenting, and refactoring some tests would help
15:35:27 <gastaldi> agoncal: Probably because of the getMetadata
15:35:38 <agoncal> (again, here, I'm talking for myself, I don't know how other feel about this)
15:35:48 <lincolnthree> agoncal: getMetadata()
15:35:56 <gastaldi> You might be calling super.getMetadata() in this method
15:36:53 <agoncal> .category(Categories.create(super.getMetadata(context).getCategory(), "JPA"));
15:37:03 <gastaldi> No, the name
15:37:08 <gastaldi> Not the category
15:37:37 <agoncal> Do you want me to create a JIRA about this topic, and we will use it to brainstorm and see if this needs refactoring, and how we could do it ?
15:38:01 <gastaldi> Can you paste the whole getMetadata method?
15:38:16 <agoncal> Metadata.from(super.getMetadata(context), getClass()).name("JPA: New Entity Listener")
15:38:18 <lincolnthree> agoncal: a JIRA about command refactoring? Sure.
15:38:21 <lincolnthree> agoncal: that's why..
15:38:26 <lincolnthree> agoncal: Metadata.from(super.getMetadata(context),
15:38:26 <gastaldi> There you go
15:38:34 <lincolnthree> oh
15:38:35 <lincolnthree> olol
15:38:40 <lincolnthree> agoncal: .name("JPA: New Entity Listener")
15:38:43 <gastaldi> JPA: New Entity Listener
15:39:00 <gastaldi> Turns to: jpa-new-entity-listener in the shell
15:39:11 <agoncal> Easy ;o)
15:40:04 <agoncal> lincolnthree So, shall I create the JIRA about command refactoring ? And once we have enough inputs we'll see what to do ?
15:40:15 <lincolnthree> agoncal: sure
15:40:19 <lincolnthree> agoncal: i think that's a good idea
15:40:29 <gastaldi> +1
15:40:33 <agoncal> ok
15:41:57 <soro> lincolnthree: I'll explain more that agoncal's issue. I have some ideas. ^^
15:42:13 <soro> agoncal: +1
15:42:39 <agoncal> soro yes, let's use the JIRA to write about several ideas
15:45:07 <soro> agoncal: sure.
15:45:24 <lincolnthree> soro: okay great!
15:45:26 <lincolnthree> lets move on
15:45:29 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
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15:45:33 <lincolnthree> I guess that's it!
15:46:19 <gastaldi> #endmeeting